Rogue River Rafting Guidebook

The Nugget Section of the Rogue River is a mix of scenic flatwater, mellow rapids, and major rapids. It’s tough to have a bad time out on this section of the river. Generally there is enough water flowing through this stretch of the Rogue River for year-round runs to be done, but watch out for big winter flows. It’s an easy shuttle, and only a short drive away from Ashland, Oregon, this can be a high-octane add-on to your Shakespeare tour.

Upper Rogue River Information

About this guide

This guide outlines the most common run on the Rogue River.

All data points were collected using GPS. These locations were checked against Google Earth for accuracy. Distances are the averages of repeated trips that were GPSed.

Put-ins and take-outs include links to their Google Map locations. Use this to accurately build shuttle directions.

River Info

The Nugget Run of the Rogue River is a quick 5.5 mile section, mostly with calm water, but 2 formidable Class IV rapids to end this scenic section with a bang!


The Nugget Section of the Rogue River is an intermediate to advanced river run. While there are sections that are mellow Class II, take into account numerous other challenges such as strainers, and sieves. As a private boater, make sure you join a party that has recent Rogue River experience.


A Rogue River Use Permit is not required for this section.

Ti’lomikh Falls / Powerhouse Rapid

Ti’lomikh Falls, before gaining notoriety fun Class IV Rapid, is a site of historical interest for the native Takelma people, who had a small village here. It is also the site of the Salmon Ceremony, which the Takelma people have been celebrating at this site for thousands of years. Click here to read more.

Rogue River Flow

The Nugget Section of the Rogue River is runnable from 1,100 To 6,000 CFS. Below 2,000 CFS, this section can become quite rocky, and these flows are referred to as the “Terrible Twos”. High water is considered around 5,000 CFS. This section can sometimes reach flows of >10,000 CFS, and we do not recommend a run at these flows without a member of your party having seen this section at these extreme high flows. Sometimes USGS flow images break. If that is the case, click here to access it directly.

Gauge data provided by the USGS

Preferred Partner

Based in Southern Oregon, Indigo Creek Outfitters is the closest outfitter to the Nugget section on the Rogue river. In addition to the Nugget run they operate on the Upper and Lower Klamath and Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue.

Download this guidebook

Our Nugget guidebook is available for download and offline use through our app partner, FarOut. Click here to download the guidebook.

Nugget – Rogue River Comprehensive Guide

WARNING: Conditions change frequently and may make this guide useless. This guide is NOT a replacement for sound judgment or experience.

Class II Rapid

Class II rapid or river feature.

Class III Rapid

Class III rapid or river feature.

Class IV Rapid

Class IV rapid or river feature.

Put-In / Take-Out

The most commonly used access points.

Point of Interest

These include creeks.

Fun Zone

Well known surf waves, jump rock locations, and safe swim areas

Nugget Run – Class II & IV

The Nugget Run is a scenic section beginning at Fisher’s Ferry County Park Put-In, to Gold Hill Park Take-Out. It begins with calm Class I water, and increases in difficulty until the Class IV Powerhouse / Ti’lomikh Falls Rapid finale. Lots of wildlife to be seen in this section so be sure to keep your head on a swivel for Bald Eagles, Osprey and other avian friends.


Fisher’s Ferry to Gold Hill Park is 5.5 miles.


Beginner to Advanced.

Feet per Mile

Fisher’s Ferry County Park to Gold Hill Sports Park is 15 FPM

Shuttle Time

Fisher’s Ferry County Park to Gold Hill Sports Park is 32 minutes round trip. Google Map directions.

Mile 0.0 – Fisher’s Ferry County Park Put-in: River Left. This is a popular put-in on weekends. Learn more about Fisher’s Ferry.

Mile 0.82 – Romeo Riffle: Class I. Romeo Riffle is a straightforward rapid, but at lower flows the river splits around a shallow section, where you could get stuck. Go left or right for this easy rapid.

Mile 1.33 – The Squeeze Rapid: Class II. Read-and-run rapid, some fun and splashy waves.

Mile 1.58 – Surprise Rapid: Class II. Read-and-run rapid, fun wave train left of center.

Mile 2.01 – Sam’s Creek: River Right. Sam’s Creek enters the Rogue River from river right. Just downstream is Lyman’s Surf Wave.

Mile 2.20 – Lyman’s Surf Wave: Class II. Surf wave on river right. There’s a large eddy to catch on river right. Mellow but splashy fun if you can catch this wave. Learn more about Lyman’s Surf Wave.

Mile 2.61 – Son of Nugget Rapid: Class II. Not really much of a rapid, but big indicator that you’ve arrived to Nugget Falls Rapid. Stay right here to avoid the man-made wall blocking off the left channel.

Mile 2.73 – Nugget Falls Rapid: Class IV. After dodging boulders for the Class II entrance of this rapid, work your way to river left. The current is pushed into a narrow chute, with a left lateral coming off the left wall then into a sizable hole on the right side. This is a quick rapid – work hard to stay left. At lower flows, a pourover called the Monkey’s Fist shows up. Going over this is considered a success, and will keep you left of the wave downstream, but it has been known to launch a guide or two. Learn more about Nugget Falls Rapid.

Mile 4.22 – Powerhouse / Ti’lomikh Falls Rapid: Class IV. Enter river right through a small channel. Once channel joins main current, work your way hard to river left (you may have to upstream ferry) to the Class IV section of Powerhouse. Enter this, and stay right once in the current, and bounce your way through some waves until the big drop. Learn more about Powerhouse Rapid.

Mile 4.62 – Gold Hill Powerhouse: River Right. On the right-hand side, after passing through Ti’lomikh Falls, you will pass the old Gold Hill Powerhouse, which became defunct after the removal of the Gold Hill Dam in 2008.

Mile 4.75 – Gold Hill Sports Park Take Out: River Right. There is a large parking lot and a well-paved road leading directly to the river, making this an easy take-out. Learn more about Gold Hill Sports Park river access.

Rogue River Rafting


Back in 1968, Congress protected the famous Rogue River as one of the original eight “Wild and Scenic Rivers.” It’s easy to see why. Winding through a canyon full of dense forests, wildlife, fish, and volcanic geology, the Rogue serves up some jaw-dropping scenery. We are proud to outfit Rogue River rafting trips that are perfect for first-timers and veteran river runners. Everyone loves the Rogue!

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Each summer, families return to share their favorite spots and river traditions with their kids and grandkids. By switching between oar rafts, paddle rafts, and inflatable kayaks, you get to enjoy a choice of activity and challenge levels. What’s more, the Rogue’s warm water, great summer weather, and reliable flows make these trips comfortable and fun.

Wild and Scenic Rogue River Rafting Trips

Starting in the Cascades of Oregon near Crater Lake, the Rogue River travels west through the gentle, green wilds of the Klamath Mountains. First, it weaves through lush slopes of pine, cedar, and fir, before spilling over boulders and into narrow canyon gorges. Then it passes through the town of Grants Pass and into Hellgate Canyon, and finally enters the wild area at Grave Creek.

Our multi-day rafting trips travel through the rugged Siskiyou Mountains, away from roads and civilization. As well as many Class II and Class III Rapids, the river boasts one Class IV rapid, Blossom Bar (that you have the option to walk around). This popular overnight camping trip usually takes 4 days and ends at Foster Bar, about 30 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Osprey | Rogue River

Along the way, you can often spy osprey, bald eagles, and great blue herons overhead. Even better, we typically see river otters, deer, and bear along the riverbanks. But it’s not just the wildlife that gets visitors inspired! The rugged landscape, with its beautiful rocky gorges, makes a great backdrop to your rafting adventure. Moreover, the iconic Rogue River Ranch, Mule Creek Canyon, and Whiskey Creek Cabin are some of the scenic stops en route.

Boat Options

During the trip, you have a few boat options, not just one. Therefore, a lot of our visitors like to like to mix it up in a variety of boat types for a blend of exhilaration and chill.

Paddle Boat The guide sits in the back and gives paddle commands to the four to seven crew members.

Oar Boat Oar boats carry gear and supplies as well as up to four passengers. As a result, the oar boat is the most stable way to travel. A ride on an oar boat is a chance to relax, take in the views, watch for wildlife, or chat with friends and family.

Inflatable Kayak (“Ducky”) The duckies are the ultimate vessel for the active river runner. This is your chance to run the Rogue River rapids under your own steam! Before heading onto the water, the guides will give you a pre-trip briefing. On the river, they will direct you through the rapids. Helmets must be worn at all times in the duckies.

When you register for your trip, we ask you how much time you see yourself spending in each boat type. Your answers help us bring the right number of boats along.

On the River

In the mornings, our guides make coffee and breakfast before launching around 10 a.m. We typically cover 8–10 miles per day with a stop for lunch and a short hike. Around 3 or 4 p.m., we arrive in camp with plenty of time to enjoy life on land. Next, it’s time for a hearty meal cooked by our guides.

Each day of the trip has excitement built in, with the most difficult rapids tackled on day 3. After that, day 4 is a mellow drift down the river to close out your time in the wild.

At Camp on Rogue River rafting trips

A Rogue River rafting trip is a lot more than just time on the water. In camp, the guides lead hikes to historic sites and scenic viewpoints along the nearby Rogue River Trail.

If you need to cool off, there are great swimming holes (nature’s waterslides, anyone?). Afterward, you can join in some fun river games, work on your landscape photography, or maybe just fill out your journal by the water. At night, you can search for constellations and spot shooting stars.

All camping gear is free of charge, upon request.

Flora & Fauna

Bears are found on Rogue River rafting trips

Where to start? River Otters, Sturgeon, Salmon, Deer, Mergansers, Rattlesnakes, and Great Blue Herons. Ponderosa Pines, Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Madrone, Manzanita, Alder, and many wildflowers. Lots of Bald Eagles and Osprey and, of course, Bear! Bear encounters here are extra cool because the local bears rarely see people. That makes them truly curious.

Getting to the Rogue River

The Rogue River canyon is within driving distance of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. Airports in Portland, Oregon and Medford, Oregon serve the region.

Many of our guests fit their rafting into a week-long road trip to Southern Oregon. Attractions including Crater Lake, Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, California’s Redwoods, and the Oregon Coast are nearby.

Special Themed Trips

Gourmet Food and Memorable Music with Serenade Raft the Wild and Scenic Rogue River by day and gather for music and feasts around the fire at night. There is no better way to Serenade your senses than on this four-day adventure.

Class III Rowing School Learn how to maneuver oar rafts and catarafts on the Rogue River, where the class II and III rapids are ideal for beginner and intermediate boaters. Along with supervised practice, the safety training in this course gives you the skills you’ll need to read water.

Yoga & Rafting Retreats with Susan Fox Spend 5 days soaking up sun, fun and uplifting yoga sessions. Breathe deep and take a break from modern life. After all, isn’t the Rogue River one of nature’s most stunning yoga studios?

Bluegrass on Whitewater Join us for a 5-day Rogue River rafting trip with bluegrass musician Laurie Lewis. We have yet to find a better blend than rafting by day and kicking back to Laurie’s music by night.

Land Acknowledgement

Our trips on the Rogue River travel through the ancestral, traditional, and contemporary lands of the Shasta Costa and Takelma peoples. In particular, we we visit land ceded in the Treaty of 1853. We recognize current indigenous peoples and those who were removed from their homelands.

We operate under special use permits with the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management. Additionally, we are an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Rogue River Rafting

An approximation of what adventure level (from easier to challenging) you should expect to encounter under typical conditions on this trip. Note: Even an “easier” trip can become “challenging”due to weather, water level, or your personal choice of boat and/or hiking options.


Class III rapids; cold water with low to moderate flip/swim potential; moderate hiking

River Rating

River Rating –

Most rivers are rated on a scale of I – VI: from Class I, moving water with riffles and small waves, to Class VI, extreme whitewater not commercially navigable.


Quick Facts

Adventure Type
  • Whitewater Rafting
Adventure Level

Adventure level –

An approximation of what adventure level (from easier to challenging) you should expect to encounter under typical conditions on this trip. Note: Even an “easier” trip can become “challenging”due to weather, water level, or your personal choice of boat and/or hiking options.


Class III rapids; cold water with low to moderate flip/swim potential; moderate hiking

River Rating

River Rating –

Most rivers are rated on a scale of I – VI: from Class I, moving water with riffles and small waves, to Class VI, extreme whitewater not commercially navigable.



  • A Rogue River rafting trip is the ideal Oregon adventure vacation
  • Numerous adrenaline-infused rapids with just enough tranquil floating
  • Adult-Only, Wine on the River, Craft Beer Tasting & Gourmet trips available
  • Rogue River trips offer great hiking, fishing & swimming and are perfect for families
  • Waterfalls, historic sites & abundant wildlife, including black bear, otter, osprey & eagles
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Adventure Overview

Rafting on the Rogue River is the ideal start to an all encompassing Oregon adventure vacation. This 3-, 4- or 5-day Rogue River whitewater rafting journey down the 40 miles of this scenic waterway in southwestern Oregon, takes you through the storied Siskiyou Mountains, explored for centuries by Indians, trappers and gold prospectors. What’s more, the warm, gently surging waters of the Rogue River combine with “one-of-a-kind” rapids, which provide plenty of whitewater excitement – without an “extreme” element. Rogue River rapids such as Blossom Bar and Rainey Falls are sure to inspire a generous dose of adrenaline interspersed with lots of calm float time in between them. For the more adventurous, our inflatable kayaks provide an up-close and personal encounter with the rapids of the Rogue.

Oregon’s Rogue River winds its way through one of the most beautiful pine-forested canyons in North America and gained federal “Wild & Scenic” wilderness designation in 1968. This OARS adventure vacation in Oregon shows off this river’s best features as it flows from its headwaters high in the Cascades near Crater Lake National Park towards the incomparable Oregon coast through the Rogue River National Forest. A great family rafting tour that works perfectly into trips to the state’s untouched ocean beaches and nearby national parks.

Itinerary & Map

  • Meet at Galice Resort for a pre-trip meeting the evening before the trip begins
  • Shuttle to the Rogue River to board rafts or inflatable kayaks
  • Warm up rapids lead to Rainey Falls and a bit further downriver, a possible hike to Whiskey Creek Cabin
  • Camp on a sandy beach alongside the river and enjoy a tantalizing meal and some time for relaxation
  • Inflatable kayaks are put to use as the most adventurous take control of their own crafts in exciting rapids like Tyee and Wildcat
  • Hike to Kelsey Creek, go swimming, exploring, or fish for trout
  • Spot myriad wildlife including turtles, deer, bear, otter, osprey, great blue heron and bald eagles
  • Hike up lush Dulog Creek and play under a refreshing waterfall, visit historic Rogue River Ranch
  • Raft through Mule Creek Canyon with steep basalt sides towering above and invigorating rapids like the swirling Coffeepot
  • Scout and run the notorious Blossom Bar Rapid
  • After lunch on the final day, raft to the take-out at Foster Bar and board a shuttle for a scenic drive back to Galice

Meeting Place

Galice Resort in Merlin, Oregon

Information for this Mile-by-Mile guide was gathered from photographer and river guide, Matt Leidecker’s “The Rogue River – A Comprehensive Guide from Prospect to Gold Beach”, the BLM’s Rogue River Float Guide, in-house knowledge and a from a variety of sources on the Internet.

Put-in (start) at Almeda Bar or nearby launch site for OARS Rogue River rafting trips.

Smullin Visitors Center (III). We may pause here for a brief rest stop to check-in at the center and pick up our permit to enter the Wild & Scenic corridor.

ALMEDA MINE. Exciting volcanic ledge drop with waves just below Almeda Park with formations rich with mineral deposits. Miners discovered gold here in 1852, in addition to copper, silver and lead.

ARGO FALLS (III). Biggest rapid between Grants Pass and Grave Creek, we’ll avoid rocks in the channel as the river winds us right.

GRAVE CREEK FALLS. We’ll pass under Grave Creek bridge as we enjoy beautiful surrounding scenery and prepare to tackle some strong hydraulics.

RAINIE FALLS (III-V). This is typically a rapid we’ll scout along the left bank before either walking around or running the “fish ladder” on the right, depending on the water level.

TYEE RAPIDS (III). The gravel bar pushes water towards the right bank while a small bedrock island splits the channel. At low flows, we’ll enter with caution as waves can push our rafts towards a large hole at center right.

WILDCAT RAPIDS (III). Splitting around a center divide, the river accelerates into a boulder-clogged right turn at the confluence of Wildcat Creek.

SLIM PICKINS RAPID (III). An old dredging platform used in mining days can be seen here on the left.

Black Bar Lodge. You reach this riverside resort on river left after charging through some Class III whitewater. In the late 40s, gold hunters frequented this spot. Today, the lodge is a popular rest stop for rafters in the summer and hikers each spring.

HORSESHOE BEND RAPID (III). This rapid encompasses the outside of right-hand bend as the river completes a 180-degree turn.

Dulog Creek. Up this creek is a beautiful waterfall, which we sometimes scramble up to if the trail isn’t blocked by windfall.

KELSEY FALLS (III). This rapid is divided by a Giant Flat Boulder, which was located of the left bank prior to a dynamite blast by boatman Glen Wooldridge in the early 1900s.

Sturgeon Rock. Sports Illustrated Magazine wrote an article expressing how this large, high rock was a prime fishing spot along the Rogue; today, it is subsequently referred to as the Sports Illustrated Rock.

Zane Grey Cabin. After numerous visits to the region,writer Zane Grey built and settled here on Winkle Bar in 1927 with his family and resided along the river throughout the 30s. This estate was recently converted into public lands when the American River Group initiated a Land Trust.

Rogue River Ranch. This historic ranch – now currently managed by the BLM – is open to visitors and includes an optional tour of their small museum.

Marial Lodge. Originally owned by Tom Billings, this lodge was managed by his daughter Marial for many years before it was sold to Ted Camp just prior to the biggest flood on record (December 1964). This lodge is well known for its family hospitality and close proximity to the Rogue River trail.

Mule Creek Canyon. One of the most unique sections of the Rogue River, with narrow, sheeted dike walls on either side that make for a thrilling welcome into a corridor with extremely powerful, unpredictable hydraulics. Inflatable kayaks should especially watch out for large boils and surging whirlpools in Coffeepot

Stair Creek Falls. This dramatic waterfall cascades behind an alcove on river left. The view from the trail is called Inspiration Point.

BLOSSOM BAR (IV). The largest and most difficult rapid within the Wild & Scenic section. Many boulders cluster the river here at the end of two vertical drainages, demanding that guides take challenging lines to maneuver around them. Its name stems from the abundant pink azalea flowers that color the banks along the rapid in the spring.

Paradise Lodge. Situated high above Huggins Canyon, this rustic lodge sits on an expansive deck above the river and was originally built as a farm but began hosting guests overnight to cater to traveling hikers and passing boaters.

Half Moon Bar Lodge. This property was deeded to Andy Huggins, a miner and hunter in the early 1920s. Bill and Betty Norfleet were the third owners who maintained the property for over 20 years, maintaining good relations with the various outfitters that ran the river.

East Creek (The General’s Cabin). This is a small camp with concrete stairs that lead to a vacation cabin originally owned by WWII general Curtis LeMay.

Tate Creek Slide. Located at river right, you’ll find a sandbar pull-in that leads to a steep ravine with a trail heading up towards Tate Creek. In approximately one mile, you’ll reach a waterfall that pours into a crystal clear pool – the perfect natural waterslide!

Tacoma Camp. This camp contains an assortment of comfortable spots for your tent; our guides will cook dinner under a live oak tree as you make camp on top of a grassy hill overlooking the river.

Clay Hill Lodge. Although this lodge was used by Glen Wooldridge in the 40s as a private retreat for his river guests, it was originally homesteaded by the Thomas Family in 1914.

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UPPER CLAY HILL RAPID (III). Water drains to the right side of a rock located just below a large gravel island, creating the perfect surfing wave at some flows.

Flora Del Creek. This lovely waterfall and jump rock is a common play stop on our last day.

Illahe Lodge. Constructed in 1944 by Ernest Schneider, the Illahe’s ownership has successfully stayed in the family since its inception, and is a great casting spot for visiting fisherman. It also marks the end of the line for hikers along the Rogue River trail.

TAKE OUT (end) at Foster Bar for OARS Rogue River trips.

2023 Prices:

Premier Pricing: Save $100/person when you are one of the first four to book a 2023 departure by March 31, 2023 and reference “Premier Pricing” at time of booking.

*Youth pricing available only on trips departing prior to June 23rd and after August 7th

Deposit: $400
Additional Costs:
• $10 per person federal, state and local access fees
• Sleep Kit $40 | Tent included

2023 Departure Dates:

4 Days:
• May 14, 23
• June 3, 4, 8, 10, 20, 27
• July 10, 15, 22, 29
• August 5, 12, 19, 22
• September 8

2023 Specialty Departures:

4-Day All Adult: May 14; June 10; August 12
3-Day All Women: June 17
4-Day Wilderness Gourmet: September 1
4-Day Wine on the River: August 27; September 9
4-Day Craft Beer: September 18

O.A.R.S. West, Inc. operates on the Rogue River as a permitted outfitter of the Bureau of Land Management and the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest

Ancestral Lands Acknowledgement

We respect and recognize that many of the river canyons on state and federal lands where we operate are the ancestral homes of indigenous communities. Where we operate on the Rogue River between Almeda Bar and Foster Bar, we acknowledge the territories of the Tolowa Dee-ni’, Takelma, Modoc, Cow Creek Umpqua, Tututni, the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, and the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.


  • Trip Reviews
  • Testimonials

“I added up the number of OARS adventures I’ve been on through the years and came up with 10. It’s truly amazing that they just keep getting better and better! The customer service aspect is incredible, forget Marriott, you guys could teach the customer service course! (Marriott has long been considered the standard for customer service!) You’ve got them beat and camping no less! I can’t come up with a single thing to change! The guides truly made this trip; they went the extra mile and made the trip a ’10’ on the Richter scale! Our friends said it was the most relaxing, exciting, well organized, fun trip they’ve ever been on, being ‘unplugged’ is the best! Our other friend described it as ‘detox’ from TV, cell, fax, email etc!

If you were rated like the hotels this would have been a ‘five star’ trip. The head guide and his crew were OUTSTANDING. BRAVO.

Phenomenal! All our friends are ready to do it again (and they love luxury hotels but liked this better!) Brant was incredible! What a great, fabulous, fun, encouraging, organized, best guide ever. ”

-Carol Kurtz ~ Carmel Valley, CA

“Every day, every hour, every minute was filled with fun! Jess made the paddle boat “the place to be” with her constant stream of jokes, riddles and amazing amount of fun activities with all the boats. And Kate planned everything perfectly to keep all of us having the time of our lives! Very creative water and land activities – loved them all! Dwight and Andrew were at the ready to help any one of us with anything at any time. We think you definitely must have given us your A Team. Thank you, thank you! At their suggestion, we all slept outside and now find it hard to sleep without looking up at the incredible gallery of stars every night. The scenery was spectacular, the wildlife exciting to see, and the river difficulty perfect for all our duckies! We really appreciate your arranging it so that all the kids could have a ducky and all the adults could paddle and trade off (every once in a while!) with the duckies! IT WAS GREAT. Couldn’t possibly have been more fun. You guys are wonderful!”

-Sistie Moffitt ~ San Anselmo, CA

“Each trip we have taken with OARS has been fantastic. We have always been impressed. The Rogue River was absolutely beautiful and a phenomenal trip. The entire family enjoyed every aspect. We look forward to going on another OARS adventure soon!”

-Justina Codde ~ Woodland, CA

“My friends and I have talked and dreamed and planned this trip for over a year. We wanted an adventure, and we wanted “bragging rights” when people asked about our trip. We have gotten that and so much more. You all have kept us safe and entertained and well fed! Your expertise and guidance allowed us to just go beyond our comfort zone and to have the thrills and the lessons that go along with that. Thank you all for the experience of a lifetime, and the desire for more.”

Linda Smith ~Winston-Salem, NC

“We loved everything! The guides were wonderful, and sooo cute. They were calm and happy, and made sure that they explained the rapids to us, so that we felt safe. I did things that normally I wouldn’t have considered doing; nerve-wracking hikes to waterfalls, and jumping into the river off boulders, and floating through the rapids. Your guides calmed my fears, and I was so glad that I pushed my own personal envelope. The food was excellent, and they were so organized. We all had great fun, and were sorry to be off the river at the end of the trip, and I’m not even a camper usually. The trip leader was awesome, and never came across as bossy. We also learned a lot about river ecology, and geology. It was nice to have a woman as one of the guides; she took the women and girls off down river for a ‘spa night’, and we actually felt clean for a short while. The avocado facials were a blast. Everything was superior to what I was expecting. We were all thrilled.”

-Dionne, Steve and Meriel Bloomfield, and Martha ~ Reno, NV

“The food was fabulous & scenery beautiful, but our guides made the trip great. They gave us the best whitewater experience we could have ever asked for! We had 9 kids varying from ages 8 to 17 on our trip. The guides gave so much energy into making sure they were having a great experience, going to sleep at night was never a problem for them. Thanks for taking us away from computers, cell phones, and the LA freeways and replacing them with a wonderful whitewater experience that none of us will ever forget.”

-Cindy Ossello ~ Valencia, CA

“The beauty of the Rogue River Valley is breathtaking! The guides knowledge and hospitality made the trip so special. They were an absolute wealth of knowledge concerning the Rogue and the environment in general. A keen eye for wildlife combined with intelligence and the ability to read individuals and provide exactly what they may desire or require is such a special gift. It was so nice to have everything taken care of for us so we could relax and enjoy our vacation. The wine presentations and gourmet meals were outstanding additions to a great adventure. I totally loved the fact that there were no kids on this Wine on the River trip. ”




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