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As many of the services, such as Uber, Transferwise and Dropbox once disrupted the norm, they are now here to stay. In this article I’ll share a promo code for each of these services so you can get free taxi rides, international money transfers and free cloud storage space. I endorse all of these following services as I use them regularly myself and think they have made services like taxi rides and banking much better for us consumers. If you are new to Uber, Transferwise or Dropbox, you can try them out and also get something for free by using the promo codes below.


Uber promo code

Get your first lift free by using this code:


Uber offers rides via its mobile app. The mobile app is in my opinion fantastic and it really needed a San Francisco tech start up to make traditional taxi services to start improving their services too, as we consumers decided Uber’s app is something we favour over the traditional taxi booking systems. What I like about the Uber app is that you don’t need to call to make a booking. You see the available cars on a map and get an estimate of how quickly a car will get to you. I feel Uber is safe to use as both the driver’s and passenger’s apps follow the route on GPS and record every turn. I have once received a discount using the trip data when the driver didn’t take the turn I recommended. What is also fantastic about Uber is that you don’t handle money – your trip is charged on your credit card online. I have found that customer service with Uber is also much better than with traditional taxis as the drivers and passengers are both rated one out of five after the trip.

Use this promo code ks1k1ue to get your first Uber lift free.



cheap hotels

Transferwise promo code

Get your first money transfer free by using this code:

Transferwise has challenged traditional banks by offering cheaper and much faster international money transfer services. You can get your first transfer free from Transferwise by using the promo code above. The reason why I love Transferwise is the fact that not only it saves me money but also transfers the funds across a lot faster. I just made an international transfer yesterday, and the money appeared on the recipient’s account the very same day, although the account was in another country. I also saved about 16 GBP compared to using a bank transfer. The service has always been reliable when I have used it over the years.

Use the code to get your first international money transfer for free.


DropBox promo code

Get 500MG extra cloud storage space  by using this code:

Dropbox is a brilliant cloud storage service. I use it to transfer completed work over to my freelance clients online. Dropbox helps to keep your email cleaner as it removes the need to “send” your work to the recipient. You just share the access with the recipient from the Dropbox site once by typing their email address in.

Use the Dropbox promo code to get 500MG extra cloud storage space.


Are you looking for Free Wifi password apps?

If you are interested in how to get wifi password anywhere, you should read my review of free wifi password apps here. 

I hope these tips and promo codes have helped you save money and discover new, brilliant services. You may also like to read about how you can find wifi passwords for free when you are out and about.


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