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Power cut: I wanted to work but Malta had other plans


I and my boyfriend both work from home and as we have just eaten pasta and drank wine in Sicily for four days, I really wanted to catch up with the rest of my work this Sunday. Last thing I would need was a distraction. Last thing I would need is a massive power cut.

But Malta had made other plans for the two of us. This morning we were extremely lucky to have made a full cafetiere of coffee, before the plans changed. I had just finished browsing my social media for the morning and had got about 20 minutes of work done, when the internet cut us off. Trying to stay positive, we kept working offline for a short while and then I got up to make some Yorkshire tea. I got a reminder of our situation when the kettle didn’t start boiling. Duh. It was time for a plan B.



My attempt to make a cup of tea during a power cut

My attempt to make a cup of tea during a power cut. I didn’t get very far.


We walked down to the strand to buy Italian coffee and some lasagne and killed some time. After we had finished those, the clouds were drifting away so we thought we’d extend our lunch with a couple of beers. There was no way of knowing whether the power had switched back on at home. We wandered down to a lovely little place on the Maltese Gzira strand called the Bus Stop Lounge and had a two Heinekens for total of 3€. We sat by the sea and relaxed watching fish nibble on some bread in the water. As in Malta the water is very clear, we were able to stare at those fish for an hour or so, it was like watching an outdoor fish tank.


The view from the bar called Bus Stop Lounge at the Gzira strand, Malta

The view from the bar called Bus Stop Lounge at the Gzira strand, Malta


At this point we had lost over two hours of our working day. Finally we thought the power should be back on, so we started heading back slowly. As if to kill some more time, we stopped to look at some little ducklings too on the way, as if we were delaying the inevitable start of our working day.


The little ducklings we saw on our way home from the Gzira strand

The little ducklings we saw on our way home from the Gzira strand. They kept falling over!


When a power cut starts you really bug you

Downstairs at our apartment, we found that the power was still not back on, as the electric lock didn’t work. By this point we were getting somewhat anxious about the outcome of our working day! I even came up with this conspiracy theory that the strand restaurants probably have some big switch they can flip when they want more customers to visit them from the nearby apartment blocks. Surely an eight hour power cut on a lovely Sunday afternoon would be great for business when nobody is able to cook or even make a cup of tea at home..! So there we sat there reading our mail until on the doorstep, until our lovely neighbour heard our cries.

As time went by, we had to make plans for cooking everything in our freezer in one evening, once the power switches back on, as the freezer must be flooding with melting water. This means that one kilo of chicken, three kilos of vegetables and 8 cinnamon buns bought from Little Sweden need to be cooked in a hurry. Thanks Malta! I think we now know why our freezer compartment is so small in the first place. The Maltese landlords know better!


Dream Work and banner


Finally upstairs, we compared notes with our balcony neighbour. He had already run out of tap water and heading out to buy water was risky, thanks to the broken downstairs lock. So he was having beer instead. The last power cut had been just five days before and on that day it hit us when I was in the shower. The running water turned into a cool drizzle. Now I was becoming increasingly aware that the work I was meant to put in today was evaporating as the gods of Malta had inflicted this unwanted day off on me. I swear could hear the Italian red wine call my name in the cupboard.

Now I’m going to switch off my laptop as the battery is running out. By now we haven’t been able to use the wifi, the cooking facilities or charge our phones for eight hours. Better stop trying and accept that today we were meant to socialise with the neighbour over a glass or two and forget about being so damn effective!


Power cut equals WINE

To lure our neighbour back out onto the balcony, we put a strategically placed glass of red wine on his balcony table as a bait and started timing our wine trap! When I post this text, we have probably finished the bottle between the three of us. Posting this also means that our power is back on. Hallelujah!


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