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India is one of the oldest civilisations, steeped in culture and history. For thousands of years, it has witnessed the rise and fall of various empires and rulers, resulting in a plethora of magnificent monuments and sites of exquisite beauty. India’s two former princely states, Jaipur and Udaipur, are two of the most fascinating cities that form part of the ‘Golden Triangle’ – a popular tourist destination for those looking to explore India’s royal splendour. Both cities have stunning palaces, forts, lakes and vibrant bazaars which make them an ideal destination for a cultural and historical experience.

Discovering India’s Royal Splendour

To get a taste of India’s royal splendour, Jaipur and Udaipur are must-visit destinations. From intricately decorated palaces to exquisite temples and breathtaking views, these cities have a lot to offer.

Exploring Jaipur and Udaipur

Jaipur is known as the ‘Pink City’, due to the red-tinged sandstone used to construct many of its buildings. The iconic Hawa Mahal, the Amber Fort and Nahargarh Fort are all must-visit destinations in Jaipur, and are sure to transport visitors to a bygone era. Additionally, the city is well known for its vibrant markets and delicious cuisine, making it a great place to shop and sample some traditional Indian flavours.

Udaipur, also known as the ‘City of Lakes’, is renowned for its grand palaces, beautiful lakes and stunning views. The City Palace, the Lake Palace, and the Jag Mandir Palace are some of the most popular sights in the city. Udaipur is also a great place for art lovers, as it boasts some of the country’s best frescoes, sculptures and paintings.

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Uncovering Rich Culture and History

Both Jaipur and Udaipur offer visitors the chance to explore India’s vibrant culture and history. From its ancient forts and palaces to its unique cuisine and colourful markets, visitors can immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of these cities. Additionally, the cities are home to some of the best art and architecture in India, making them great destinations for art enthusiasts.

Visitors will also get the opportunity to learn about the incredible history of these cities, as many of the monuments are steeped in legend and mythology. The stories of how these cities were founded and how they developed over time will provide visitors with an interesting insight into India’s past.

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Whether you’re looking for an insight into India’s royal splendour or just a taste of the country’s rich culture and history, Jaipur and Udaipur are great destinations to explore. From centuries-old palaces and forts to vibrant markets and delicious cuisine, visitors to these cities will be able to experience the very best of India.