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Discover And Relish These Best International New Years Destinations On Budget In 2023!

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Start your 2023 in style by traveling to one of the best international new years destinations on budget for a memorable vacation, under INR 80,000, unlike any other you’ve taken before. As another year draws to a close, the inevitable plans for a grand New Year celebration start to take center stage. Often is the case that for such an occasion, travelers get priced out or popular destinations get sold out in a hurry. Keeping that in mind, here is a scintillating compilation of the best international new year’s destinations on budget for 2023.

DISCLAIMER: All the details shared on our blog solely serves the purpose of providing information about the events. Travel Triangle does not hold any rights to book tickets for Christmas & New Year events listed on this blog. Readers can reach out to the respective booking links (if provided) or contact the respective event organizers outside Travel Triangle to book tickets.

20 Best International New Years Destinations On Budget 2023

Here’s a list of best destinations to pamper the traveler in you for a thrilling holiday experience even on New Years! Don’t believe us? Scroll down to know what awaits you here!

1. Thailand

new year in thailand

Thailand is probably the most famous place and also one of the cheap new year destinations among all the international new year holiday destinations in Asia. Tourists from all around the world flock to this tropical paradise that is home to picturesque beaches, artistic temples, and mouthwatering cuisine.

Return Flight Tickets: INR 16,000 per person (Kolkata Bangkok)

Recommended Places To Visit: Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi Island, Chiang Mai, and Krabi
Accommodation In Bangkok:

  • The Step Sathon (INR 1,200 per person) – Website | Reviews
  • Atelier Suites (INR 1,300 per person) – Website | Reviews

How To Reach: International airports are situated at Bangkok and Phuket. Major airlines that ply within the route include Air India, Thai Airways, SpiceJet, Druk Air, Bangkok Airways, IndiGo, AirAsia, etc.

Packages: Starting From INR 14,500 /-

2. Cambodia

new year in Cambodia

From the temples of Angkor Wat to the beaches of Sihanoukville, Cambodia is fast becoming a favorite and best international new years destinations on budget among tourists looking for other places for new year that are need to be explored in Asia. With the release of Angelina Jolie starrer Hollywood-action flick ‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider’- Cambodia quickly became a hotspot for tourists. Apart from that, it is also one of the cheap new year destinations.

Return Flight Tickets: INR 25,000 per person (Kolkata Phnom Penh)

Recommended Places To Visit: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, and Koh Rong Islands
Accommodation in Siem Reap:

  • Firefly Guesthouse (INR 500 per person) – Website | Reviews
  • Oriental Siem Reap (INR 800 per person) – Website | Reviews

How To Reach: Airlines that go from India to Cambodia are Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Bangkok Airways, etc. You won’t find any direct flights between the two countries.

Packages: Starting From INR 25,200/-

3. Vietnam

new year in Vietnam

Vietnam is not only a country in Southeast Asia but a story of a land that overcame hardships to blossom into a peaceful country with a warm and welcoming heart. From rivers, caves, temples, authentic cuisine, mountains and beaches- Vietnam has everything that the best budget destinations in New Year for an epic vacation.

Return Flight Tickets: INR 28,000 per person (Kolkata Ho Chi Minh)

Recommended Places To Visit: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Ha Long
Ho Chi Minh:

  • Saigon Inn (INR 900 per person/night on twin-sharing basis) – Reviews


  • Lavender Old Quarter Hotel – Website | Reviews

How To Reach: The best way to reach Vietnam from India is by taking a flight from Bangalore. The total distance covered in 4 hours and roughly 3,194 kilometers (1,985 miles).

Packages: Starting From INR 25,050/-

4. Dubai

new year in Dubai

Dubai is rightfully known as the epitome of luxury, entertainment, and adventure in Asia. There aren’t many places to celebrate new years eve like Dubai, the best international new years destinations on budget that would sweep you off your feet in awe and admiration of the style, and grandeur of any celebration in Dubai. Being one of the cheap new year destinations, be it the extreme adventures, nightlife, Dubai food, or culture- Dubai is fast winning over tourist from every corner of the world.

Return Flight Tickets: INR 19,000 per person (Mumbai Dubai)

Recommended Places To Visit: Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Accommodation in Dubai:

  • Midtown Furnished Apartments (INR 2,700 per person) – Reviews
  • Rayan Hotel Sharjah (INR 2,100 per person) – Website | Reviews

How To Reach: Airlines like Emirates, SpiceJet, Fly Dubai, Air India, Jet Airways, and Indigo take you to Dubai. There are regular flights plying from major Indian cities.

Packages: Starting From INR 17,000/-

5. Sri Lanka

new year in Sri Lanka

Located just south of India, the emerald island nation often surprises visitors with its depth in culture, variety in beautiful landscape, and tranquility in lifestyle. An experience that will help you rejuvenate, reconnect, and soak in the warmth of a country with a big heart. It is also one of the best places to travel in December on a budget.

Return Flight Tickets: INR 12,000 per person (Chennai Colombo)

Recommended Places To Visit: Colombo, Kandy, and Nuwara Eliya

  • Mahasen by Foozoo (INR 1,300 per person) – Website | Reviews


  • Sweet Lanka Kandy (INR 1400 per person) – Reviews

Nuwara Eliya:

  • China Red Manor (INR 1,400 per person) – Reviews

How To Reach: The easiest way to reach Sri Lanka is by taking a flight from India. Bandaranaike Internal Airport in Colombo is the most popular one. Flights from New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad are aplenty with major airlines plying day in and day out.

Packages: Starting From INR 12,000

6. Egypt

new year in Egypt

After initially gaining its popularity as the land of the pharaohs and pyramids, Egypt has now started to develop a dynamic tourist environment where travelers can not only watch the world heritage sites, but also enjoy the nightlife, immerse in the local culture, and enjoy delicious cuisine. This is considered to be one of the affordable destinations for New Year.

Different destinations like Alexandria, Abu Simbel, and Sharm El Sheikh have made a lot of efforts in a quest to make Egypt one of the best international new years destination on budget for a trip to Africa.

Return Flight Tickets: INR 27,000 per person (New Delhi Cairo)
Recommended Places To Visit: Cairo, Abu Simbel, and Alexandria
Accommodation in Cairo:

  • Pyramids Loft Homestay: (INR 1,200 per person/night on twin-sharing basis) – Reviews

How To Reach: The main airports in Egypt are Cairo International Airport and Luxor International Airport. You can catch non-stop flights, with most of them landing at Cairo International Airport.

Packages: Starting From INR 43,500/-

7. Jordan

new year in Jordan

Just like its Middle Eastern counterpart Egypt, the Jordanians have also made a host of changes in the past decade to make the country more tourist friendly. Along with an increasingly cosmopolitan crowd of travelers flocking into the country, Jordan has a rich source of natural and man-made wonders like the therapeutic Dead Sea, the ancient city of Petra, and vast and peaceful desert land of Wadi Rum to keep its visitors interested.

Return Flight Tickets: INR 26,000 per person (New Delhi Amman)

Recommended Places To Visit: Amman, Petra, and Wadi Rum
Accommodation in Amman:

  • Sydney Hotel (INR 1000 per person) – Website

How To Reach: There are no direct international flights to Jordan from India. You can opt for airlines with stopovers, such as Air India, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Air Arabia, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, etc.

Packages: Starting From INR 40,000

8. Malaysia

new year in Malaysia

Counted among the best destinations for cheap international family vacations, Malaysia should be on your list for sure! Known for a perfect mix of tropical forests, futuristic cities, unbelievable theme parks, and a thriving tourist economy- Malaysia has always been on the favorite new year vacation destinations for Indians looking for an international adventure on a smaller budget. It is one of the best international destinations in December.

Return Flight Tickets: INR 16,000 per person (Chennai Kuala Lumpur)

Recommended Places To Visit: Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, and Genting Highlands
Accommodation in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Bed & Breakfast Tiny Garden (INR 900 per person) – Reviews
  • Sarang Vacation Homes (INR 1,400 per person) – Website | Reviews

How To Reach: Kuala Lumpur International Airport is Malaysia’s main airport and one of the major airports in South East Asia. The distance between India to Malaysia is approximately 3000 km. Catch frequent flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta and Banglore, four major international airports of India.

Packages: Starting From INR 15,000

9. Russia

new year in Russia

Russia is one of the best international new years destinations on budget for all those who are looking options for affordable foreign trips from India. Lifting the air of suspicion and mystery from Russia is a very important step in making travelers see the real beauty and grandeur of the largest country in the world. Places like St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod highlight the long-forgotten Russian culture, hospitality, and royalty that is often overshadowed in the world media making it one of the best new year holiday destinations.

Return Flight Tickets: INR 25,000 per person (New Delhi Moscow)

Recommended Places To Visit: Moscow, St Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg
Accommodations in Moscow

  • Winterfell on Tsvetnoy Bulvar (INR 900 per person) – Website | Reviews

How To Reach: Air Astana, Air India, Emirates, and Aeroflot provide regular flights from India to Russia. A direct flight from Delhi to Russia may take up to 7 hours whereas connecting flights may take around 12 hours to complete the journey.

Packages: Starting From INR 30,250/-

10. Oman

new year in Oman

Creativity and an open-minded attitude are the two essentials that every traveler needs to have while on the lookout for new year holiday destinations. Earlier seen mainly as a business hub for oil, Oman is now slowly shedding its image of a businessmen only approach to a vibrant country that opens its doors to tourists that are curious to know more about the Bedouin culture. It is one of the cheapest places to travel for new years.

Return Flight Tickets: INR 14,000 per person (Mumbai Muscat)

Recommended Places To Visit: Muscat, Musandam Fjords, and Nizwa
Accommodations in Muscat:

  • Weekend Hotel & Apartments (INR 1,500 per person/night on twin-sharing basis) – Website | Reviews

How To Reach: Muscat International Airport is the largest airport in Oman. This airport has flights to and from Mumbai and Delhi. Some of the major airline carriers that serve the airport are Air Arabia, Air Blue, Air India, British Airways, Egypt Air, and Oman Air.

11. Singapore


Starting off from music, entertainment to the mind-blowing fireworks, Singapore is indeed a paradise for the party lovers where people can go and bid adieu to 2021 in style. Not just the streets of this island country bustle with all the best things to do, there are several reasons to plan a vacation at this Asian country during the new year.

Recommended Places To Visit: Marina Bay, Sentosa Islands, Esplanade Park, Merlion Park
Accommodations In Singapore:

How To Reach: Changi Airport of Singapore is the best way to travel to Singapore from India. Singapore is also well connected to India through regular flights from various cities.

Packages: Starting From INR 25,249/-

12. Bali


Whether it’s the nightclubs, or the fireworks, no matter what you want Bali has all of it at one place. The best international new years destinations on budget, the parties come in bigger and better forms and nothing can beat its extravaganza. There are enthralling music festivals and events hosted during this time which are not just exciting but makes the perfect place to welcome 2022 with a bash. Dance under the stars and go surfing before the year ends! It is indeed one of the best new year destinations outside India.

Recommended Places To Visit: Ubud, Kuta, Denpasar, Jimbaran
Accommodations In Bali:

How To Reach: The easiest way to travel to Bali from India is by flight. You can have a cost effective flight if bookings are made in advance. India to Bali distance by air is 5,829 km and it takes around 9 hours to reach Bali from India.

Packages: Starting From INR 13,999/-

13. Bangkok


Get yourself a new perspective to witness New Year only in Bangkok. With the well-lit streets welcoming, there is not just one but many reasons why Bangkok is a perfect destination to visit in New Years. Being one of the best places to travel in December on a budget, all the fun events and the festivals celebrated here during the New Year will keep you hooked throughout the time and let you enjoy the extravagant vibe in the air before 2022 arrives at the doorstep. Get ready for all the fun!

Recommended Places To Visit: Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho
Accommodations In Bangkok:

How To Reach: As Bangkok is a major tourist hotspot, there are multiple flights connecting India and Bangkok. They are easily accessible and major carriers include Air India, Thai Air, IndiGo, and Air Asia.

Packages: Starting From INR 14,500/-

14. Philippines

Bay City aerial view

The white beaches in the Philippines are famous all over the world. You can enjoy these beaches for a budget. The people celebrate through a midnight meal known as the Media Noche. There are a lot of fireworks characterized which in the traditional culture are known to drive away evil spirits. Other known ways to celebrate include Pool and Club Parties, grand Hotel buffets, and Countdown by the Beach.

Recommended Places To Visit : Boracay, Chocolate Hills, Siargao Island and Rizal Park.

Accommodation In Philippines:

  • Maayo Hotel (INR 5,000 per night) – Reviews | Website
  • Three Little Birds Resort (INR 8,000 per night) – Reviews | Website

How To Reach: Manilla International Airport is the most popular airport in the Philippines. You can book direct flights from major international airports. Some major airline carriers include Thai Airways, Air Asia, Air India and more.

Packages: Starting From INR 8,000/-

15. Scotland

City over the top

Scotland always has some interesting surprises planned for you during New Year. Be ready for a myriad of New Year’s Eve Parties, concerts, shows and fireworks. There is a 3-day event that takes place in the capital city of Edinburgh. There are plenty of live music concerts, theater shows and ceilidhs.

Recommended Places To Visit : Parliament Square, Carlton Hill, Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse and Edinburgh Old Town

Accommodation In Scotland:

  • Royal Mile Backpackers (INR 1,600 per night) – Reviews | Website
  • West End Hotel (INR 1,500 per night) – Reviews | Website

How To Reach: The air route between Delhi and Edinburgh is one of the busiest ones. This is the best option if any person from India is willing to go to Edinburgh. Various airline carriers include Air India, Air France, British Airways and Lufthansa Airlines.

Packages: Starting From INR 64,999/-

16. Austria

Cathedral In Vienna

Vienna, the capital city of Austria popular for the New Year celebrations that take place here. You can experience a lot of galas and storied balls here. Enjoy at parties with hot mulled wine and toffee apples which is one of the best activities to get involved during New Year in Vienna. The Silvesterpfad, which translates as the “New Year’s Eve trail” is a series of events and activities around the city center that typically begins at 2 PM on December 31st and runs through till 2 AM the next day.

Recommended Places To Visit: The Rathaus or the city hall, Vienna hills, Danube Tower restaurants and Schönbrunn Palace

Accommodation In Austria:

  • Hotel Brauhof Wien (INR 5,000 per night) – Reviews | Website
  • Parks 73 The Townhouse Hotel (INR 6,000 per night) – Reviews | Website

How To Reach: Indian carrier Air India operates regular afternoon flights between New Delhi and Vienna. International airlines such as Air France, KLM, and Emirates also have connecting flights to Vienna from New Delhi. The flight duration is usually of 10 hours.

Packages: Start From INR 35,000

17. South Africa

City With a Mountainous View

South Africa is one of the best, if not the best places to be around New Year. Cape Town, the administrative capital of South Africa is the only city throughout the world that offers you with the option to celebrate New Year at the top of one of the most popular natural wonders, the Table Mountain. You can also catch the V&A waterfront fireworks at midnight; it’s truly mesmerizing.

Recommended Places To Visit: Three Pacha Parties at Beachsides, Cape Town Comedy Club, Rezonance Trance Party and Nederburg Wine Estate

Accommodation In South Africa:

  • Hippo Pod Hotel (INR 1000 per night) – Reviews
  • Westcoast Inn (INR 1100 per night) – Reviews

How To Reach: Cape Town International Airport majorly serves as the city of Cape Town. There are both domestic as well as international terminals. Flights ply from major Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Packages: Start From INR 39,600/-

18. Netherlands

Aerial View of a city

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is a compact destination for New Year. It is easy to catch one of the abundant fireworks displays at the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The celebration begins 2-3 days earlier just after Christmas so there is a great festive spirit in the air. Soak up the madness of the city with deep fried dough balls and champagne.

Recommended Places To Visit: Magere Brug, Gashouder, Ratatouille’s mini winter festival, Dam Square, Nieuwmarkt and Museumplein

Accommodation In Netherlands:

  • Lloyd Hotel (INR 7,000 per night) – Website | Reviews

How To Reach: International flights can be taken from Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. There are around 2-3 daily direct flights by Air India and KLM to Amsterdam.

Packages: Start From INR 18,000/-

19. Turkey

City of Istanbul

Turkey has a lot of reasons to make it to the list due to its vibrant tourist culture. Home to stunning destinations like Istanbul and Troy, the country boasts of encouraging historical, leisure and cultural tourism. New Year’s Eve is a very most popular holiday in Turkey. The traditions in this country include a family dinner, a national lottery drawing and a countdown to midnight. New Year’s Eve falls on December 31 in the Gregorian calendar.

Recommended Places To Visit: Istanbul, Bosphorus, Ankara, Troy, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Trabzon and Antalya

Accommodation In Turkey:

  • Artemis Princess Hotel (INR 1,200 per night) – Reviews
  • Marti Beach Hotel (INR 1,000 per night) – Reviews

How To Reach : Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport will be your landing spot when you fly from Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore. There are options of direct as well as stopover flights with the shortest travel time being only 6 hours from Mumbai.

Packages: Start From INR 20,999/-

20. Spain

European City

Explore Spain which is the best international new years destinations on budget and get enriched with illustrious art, marvelous architecture, bustling streets, crazy carnivals, and lip-smacking cuisine. On 31 December, the fun and partying go on well into the early hours. If you want to get the year off to a good start, come and celebrate New Year’s Eve in Spain. You will have a great time eating the traditional ‘lucky grapes’ – and on into the small hours! Some popular traditions include wearing red underwear, drinking Cava, eat New Year’s day lentils and start with your right foot.

Recommended Places To Visit : Puerta del Sol Square, Plaza España, Plaza de Ayuntamiento and Plaza del Carmen

Accommodation In Spain :

Hotel Betania (INR 1,700 per night) – Reviews

Albergue Das Animas (INR 1,400 per night) – Reviews

How To Reach : Cities such as Barcelona and Madrid are well-connected by flights from major Indian airports like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The distance from India to Spain by air is about 7,937 kilometers. It takes about 9 hours and 40 minutes to travel from New Delhi to Madrid for a nonstop flight.

Useful Tips For Traveling To New Year Holiday Destinations

  • Make sure to regularly check airline websites as they often run Diwali sale, and pre-new year flash discount offers that generally don’t last more than 1 or 2 days.
  • Flexibility with dates and an open-mind for exploration generally gets you to the best international new years destinations on budget.
  • Make sure to finish all your flight and hotel bookings at least 45 days before leaving for New Years as prices for accommodation and travel can often seem extortionary when done at the last minute.
  • Always keep an eye on accommodations that offer breakfast and free WiFi. That will reduce your overall trip cost significantly.
  • Price of flight tickets tends to vary drastically depending upon the season. The estimate taken below is for tickets booked two months in advance for dates ranging between December 27 and January 6.
  • Hotel and flight prices are always at a 2x premium for dates around Christmas and the New Year. Keeping that in mind, the cheapest and the most highly rated accommodations have been provided below.
  • All estimates have been calculated by including all expenses for a stay lasting between 4 nights – 6 nights for the best international new year’s destination on budget.

The holiday season is almost upon us, and the best international new years destinations on budget are waiting for your arrival. Enjoy a memorable new year vacation and plan your international trip with TravelTriangle as this detailed list will go a long way in helping you take a call on where to go for New Year’s Eve 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions About International New Year Destinations

Which foreign tour is cheapest?

You can book a tour to Vietnam which is the cheapest destination to visit in the world.

Which is the cheapest country to travel for Indians?

Nepal is the cheapest country to travel to for Indians.

Which is the cheapest international tour you can take this new year?

Some of the cheapest international trips you can take for a fantastic new year celebration are: Vietnam Thailand Bali Sri Lanka Prague

Which are the best places to spend New Year’s eve?

Las Vegas, Bangkok, Sydney, Singapore are some of the great places to spend an amazing new year’s eve.

Where is the best new year in Vietnam?

If you want to experience the best new year in Vietnam then you can plan a visit to any of the places – Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Phu Quoc Island and Ha Long.

How is new year celebrated in Singapore?

New year celebration in Singapore is all about music, entertainment and the amazing firework. Marina Bay, Sentosa Islands, Esplanade Park are some of the places in Singapore bustling with amazing things to do during this time of the year. This island country is indeed a paradise for the party lovers

Which are the best new year destinations outside India?

Here are the best places for new year eve parties outside India: Bangkok Dubai Singapore Hong Kong

32 Best CHEAP Places To Travel in 2022

Cheap places to travel in the world

If you think traveling is always expensive, think again. There are more than a fair share of cheap places to travel and visit. Some of the cheapest places to travel to are the most beautiful, too!

We’ve traveled to over 85 countries, and while many may think only rich people can accomplish this, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Across every continent are places that budget travelers can easily enjoy.

So which countries offer the most value to visitors? Where can you get the most bang for your buck? Let’s dig into these fun, cheap places to travel.

How to Save Money (so You Can Enjoy These Places to Travel for Cheap)

While this post is about the cheapest places to travel around the world, there are some things to note.

Traveling on a budget is all about how you travel

That’s right. Even the cheapest place in the entire world can turn expensive if you eat in the nicest restaurants, stay in the nicest areas, fly business class, and are out on a paid activity every day. Staying cheap is all about how you go about saving your money.

This post is all about maximizing your dollar in the most affordable destinations around the world. Because $50 spent in the Philippines goes a lot further than $50 spent in the USA. Here are some money-saving tips that apply to saving money wherever you are at. And when we say the bare-bones price you can get by on in some destinations, it’s by using these tips.

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Share your expenses

Traveling with a companion is not always possible, but you’ll save money on just about everything if you can expand your group. While you don’t save money on individual bus tickets, car rental costs are lower, as well as splitting gas prices.

Don’t want to sleep in the dorm bed of a hostel? Splitting a private room is cheaper than just one person staying in a private room. This is where traveling as a couple has its advantages.

And then, of course, if you are with a group, you’ll be more likely to go to the grocery store on your travels and cook a larger meal rather than always going out to eat and spending money on each plate.

Stay in hostels

We were in and out of hostels for the first three years of our travels. If you are a solo traveler especially, staying in a hostel is the best way to keep your accommodation expense down, plus it’s an excellent way to meet people! A hostel bed usually costs anywhere from $10-30 per bed, depending on where you are, which is often far cheaper than a private ensuite.

Eat local

Eating street food is the best way to save money on food when you travel; it’s also delicious and a good representation of local food. If you go out to eat at a nice restaurant every time it’s mealtime, you will increase your expenses no matter where you are in the world.

Take local transit

Taking local transit like buses and trains is far cheaper than always hopping in a cab, especially if you are a solo traveler. It’s also the more adventurous way to travel!

Travel in the Off Season

The best way to score deals on accommodation, rental cars, and flights is to travel in the shoulder or off-season. Make sure you plan out when you will be visiting accordingly. Most places have an ideal time to visit and a less desirable time to visit. The less desirable time is typically the cheaper time.

Travel Slower

Egypt Travel

Transportation is one of the most significant expenses you can incur when you travel. The more you hop around a destination, the more money you will spend moving from place to place. Staying in one destination longer helps you gather a deeper meaning for a place and will save you money.

This also goes for country hopping. Traveling from Vietnam to Greece will be very expensive (and bad for the environment). Try to focus on regional travel. Rather than flying worldwide and spending a lot on airfare, focus on local and regional. If you’re already in Vietnam, see the cost of getting to Laos or somewhere closer rather than jet-setting across the globe.

Finally, without further adieu, the cheapest places to visit worldwide. We’ll be breaking it down by continent. *For simplicity purposes, most prices here will be noted in USD and are not factoring in the airfare to get there and back.

Get Travel Insurance

Protect yourself from theft, injury, illness, or the unexpected. Heymondo has great short-term travel insurance plans!

Cheap Places to Travel in North America

I’m not going to lie; North America is one of the world’s most expensive places to travel. The US and Canada are up there with Australia and Western Europe, but not quite as expensive as Scandinavia. Still, it is possible to have a cheap (ish) vacation in North America. Though if you are truly looking for places to travel for cheap, it’s best to look beyond Canada and the USA.

If you camp and partake in an epic road trip traveling cheap is certainly possible! Don’t forget – there is always Mexico! Which does offer visitors fantastic food, drinks, and beaches for a very affordable price.


$40 a day

Mexico is an extraordinary country in North America that offers extensive coastlines, unique culture, and world-class food. It’s one of those classic North American cheap places to travel.

Many people visit Mexico for its warm weather and beautiful beaches. Places like Cancun and Tulum are well-known destinations in Mexico but are super touristy. Head to some other parts to get cheaper.

Areas around Oaxaca claim to have some of the best surfing in the world. This is where you find epic waves and golden sand beaches. If that sounds like your idea of heaven, there’s no place you should rather be.

Mexico is honestly about as cheap as you can get in North America. Think $1 tacos mixed with $2 margaritas, friendly accommodation for under $30 a night (and even cheaper if you go with hostels and fun activities for less than $20 a person.

  • Currency: Mexican Peso
  • Accommodation: $10-$15 per night in a hostel
  • Transport: $1-3 for bus rides, rental cars for $25 a day
  • Activities: Try surf camps for $100 a day (not the cheapest, but what can you expect with Americans flocking here in search of sun).
  • Meals: $5 per meal. Tacos and chips and salsa anyone?
  • Drinks: $1-2 for beer and happy hour cocktails
  • SIM card with data: Not cheap in Mexico. Tourist sim cards can be purchased for $10 for 2 GB
  • Flights: $300 Round trip from many North American destinations
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Snorkeling!

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $30-40 USD per person per day

Mid-budget travel: $60-$80 USD per person per day

High-budget travel: $100-$200 USD per person per day

Alberta, Canada

$70 a day

best things to do in banff

Far from the cheapest place to travel, but consider camping or visiting in the off season.

Canada is not a cheap destination in the world, but if you are dead set on heading to Canada on a budget, the best province to head might be Alberta. Mainly because at 5%, they easily have the cheapest tax rate across all of Canada.

If you’re coming from the USA, you may also benefit from the currency conversion rate. At the time of writing, it sits at about $1 USD = $1.40 CAD, so at times it feels like a 30-40% discount on everything.

The best way to do Canada at a low cost though? Grab a buddy, rent a car or campervan, get a tent, visit in the summer, and road trip around. Don’t spend money on indoor accommodation, instead pay for campsites along the way and get out on endless hikes. Besides the cost of a Parks Canada pass, nature is free!

  • Currency: Canadian Dollar
  • Accommodation: $15 for a campsite
  • Transport: Off season rental car for $30 a day
  • Activities: Tourist activities are expensive. It’s $60 to take the Banff Gondola up Sulphur Mountain
  • Meals: $30 per day if eating out. Go grocery store shopping to save money.
  • Drinks: $5-$10
  • SIM card with data: Some of the most expensive in the world ($5/100MB). Stick with free WiFi.
  • Flights: Deals to Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary can be found from many destinations.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Hiking and nature is free!

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $50-$70 USD per person per day

Mid-budget travel: $100-$150 USD per person per day

High-budget travel: $200+ USD per person per day

North Carolina

$80 a day

Our home state of North Carolina is one of the cheapest you can have an incredible vacation in! We particularly love Wilmington and Carolina Beach, where you can enjoy the beautiful North Carolina coastline at a very affordable cost.

It’s here where you can find a range of accommodation options for under $100, but to really go cheap on accommodation in the summer you’re going to have to camp. Thankfully you can do that right on the freaking beach with a proper 4×4. In other great news going to the beach is free, and so is exploring the historic waterfront in Downtown Wilmington.

Fancy some mountain adventures? Head to Asheville on a road trip (with a buddy to cut costs) and go hiking – all free!

  • Currency: USD
  • Accommodation: $50-$100 a night in budget hotel
  • Transport: $35 a day for a rental car
  • Activities: Enjoy the beaches for free!
  • Meals: $10-$15 per meal plus tip. Eat in to save money.
  • Drinks: $5-$10
  • SIM card with data: 5GB for $30
  • Flights: Deals can be found to Charlotte International Airport
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Hiking in the mountains

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $50-$70 USD per person per day

Mid-budget travel: $150-$200 USD per person per day

High-budget travel: $200+ USD per person per day

Cheap Places to Travel in Central America

Central America holds some of the cheapest travel you can find in the Americas. In many destinations, you can enjoy the fantastic beaches, jungle, and wildlife without a high cost.


$30 a day

cheap places to travel

I have a good friend that lives in Guatemala, and everytime we mention traveling to Costa Rica, she proclaims that Guatemala is just the same as Costa Rica except BETTER and loads cheaper. And to be honest, I can agree with her.

In Guatemala, you can have an epic time in the lush jungle, climb volcanos, and enjoy the coastline for a fraction of the cost of Costa Rica. They have unreal wildlife, surfing, amazing coffee, zip-lining, and ancient ruins. Don’t believe me? Just ask this guy.

In Costa Rica, a local meal of Casado (typical lunch with meat, salad, cheese, gallo pinta, tomato, salsa, and plantains) can set you back $10. In Guatemala, it can be had for half the cost.

Cheap buses can get you around the country for $1-3; just be careful they can be a bit sketchy. These are called “chicken buses,” and it’s hard to miss the colorful and decorated buses that crowd the streets of major cities and highways. These are a common way for locals and adventure tourists to travel, but they won’t precisely pass a safety test.

The safer buses are the intercity buses, and they are more like $10 to ride. If you’re with a group, it’s possible to rent a car to visit quiet and off-the-beaten path beaches and mountains.

  • Currency: Quetzal
  • Accommodation: $10-15 for a hostel
  • Transport: $1-3 for local buses, $25 a day for car rentals
  • Activities: Zip line tours for $60
  • Meals: Street food for $4-$5 a meal.
  • Drinks: Local beer for $2
  • SIM card with data: $4/500 MB
  • Flights: Budget flights available from the US or other Central American countries
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Enjoy the views at Lake Atitlan

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $25-$45 USD per person per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-$70 USD per person per day

High-budget travel: $80-$100 USD per person per day


$35 a day

cheap places to travel

Nicaragua is another wonderful country to visit in Central America and one of the cheapest international places to travel to. It’s similar to Costa Rica and Guatemala, but with more reasonable prices than Costa Rica and about on par with Guatemala.

Nicaragua has secluded and world-renowned beaches, a vibrant nightlife and has been focusing heavily on eco-tourism. Tourism has been rising in Nicaragua, but that hasn’t been reflected in the prices yet.

Food is probably some of the best value you can find. A plate of street food will cost you all of 75-100 Cordova ($2-$3). Also – if you like plantains and rum, you’re going to be in heaven here.

Accommodations are also a bargain in Nicaragua; it’s a country where you can rent out a hammock for $2 for the night if you prefer, or you can go large for a private room for under $30.

  • Currency: Nicaraguan córdoba
  • Accommodation: $5-$15 for hostels
  • Transport: $1-3 for local transport. Under $10 for rental cars
  • Activities: Volcano hike for $20
  • Meals: $3-$5 per meal
  • Drinks: $1-$2 for local trips
  • SIM card with data: 3GB/$7
  • Flights: Cheap flights can be found from Southern USA
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Chilling on the beaches

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $25-$40 USD per person per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-$60 USD per person per day

High-budget travel: $80-$100 USD per person per day


$45 a day

cheap places to travel

Panama is a popular destination for backpackers on a budget to head and is one of those classic cheap places to travel. From enjoying two different oceans, epic islands, the rainforest, and mountains, and learning about the native local people, it’s no wonder why Panama is so desirable to many.

The country is also home to world-class scuba diving, sport fishing, kayaking, and pretty much any water activity you could ever take part in. It’s also a country you can rock climb, horseback ride, enjoy hot springs, and go on some fantastic hikes.

The best part (you know I’m going to say it) it’s affordable! For Westerners, Panama will be a very cheap country to travel to, not as cheap as Nicaragua and Guatemala, but cheaper than Costa Rica.

Even a top-end luxury hotel room will only run you $120. Panamanian meals can easily be had at low prices, you’ll get full off of $3-$10, and if you want to have a meal at a nice restaurant, you can get by for under $40 for two people. However, you may find some food to be more expensive than even in the states if it is not produced in Panama, so stick to local products.

A really good deal is on public transport, where a Metro Bus costs $.25 in Panama City. However, you need to be extremely vigilant as this is where you may get pickpocketed. Outside the city, you can get safe and cheap public transport without much threat. Bartering is also standard practice here.

  • Currency: USD or (Panamanian Balboa)
  • Accommodation: $10-$20 for a hostel bed
  • Transport: Long distance bus for $10-$15, $5-$10 for car rentals
  • Activities: $30 for a hanging bridges tour
  • Meals: $5 per meal for cheap local food
  • Drinks: $1-$2 for local beer
  • SIM card with data: 2GB/$15
  • Flights: Cheap flights can be found from the Southern USA
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Explore the artisan markets for free

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $25-$40 USD per person per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-$70 USD per person per day

High-budget travel: $80-$100+ USD per person per day

Costa Rica

$50 per day

Costa Rica Packing List

While all the countries I mentioned previously are cheaper than Costa Rica, I’m not saying that Costa Rica is expensive. It’s just one of the higher-cost places to travel in Central America. Still, you can easily get by in beautiful Costa Rica for around $50/day; you’ll just have to work harder on your budget than some other places in the world.

One can easily get surf shack-style accommodation for $50, spit with someone else that’s only $25 for private accommodation. Meals generally cost less than $10 unless you want a hip vegan meal somewhere. If you surf, then make sure to bring your own surfboard and head out to catch some waves for free!

  • Currency: Costa Rican colón
  • Accommodation: $50 for shared private accommodation
  • Transport: Long distance bus for $10-$15, $25 per day for car rentals
  • Activities: $60 surf lesson
  • Meals: $5-10 per meal for cheap local food
  • Drinks: $2-3 for local beer
  • Flights: Cheap flights can be found from the Southern USA
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Enjoy the beaches for free!

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $45-55 USD per person per day

Mid-budget travel: $70-$100 USD per person per day

High-budget travel: $100+ USD per person per day

Cheap Places to Travel in South America

Depending on where you go and how you travel in South America, a good deal can be found to some cheap travel destinations!

$40 a day

Machu Picchu

Peru has it all and is a cheap destination to travel to. Peru blew us away the first time we visited as it’s a very biodiverse country. A hot and humid rainforest of the Amazon, the soaring peaks and mystifying history of the Andes, bustling cities, and a surfer-friendly coastline.

Then there’s also Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail, and learning about ancient civilizations. I don’t think there are many other destinations as popular as Peru right now, and that’s for good reason – they have a lot to offer travelers.

The best news is you can travel to Peru for a pretty affordable price. We were shocked by the value we were getting. We stayed at a lovely apartment Airbnb in Cusco for under $30 a night ($15/per person), lunch for under $5 per person, and sites like PeruHop will help you get around the country affordably!

  • Currency: Peruvian Sol
  • Accommodation: $15 for a hostel bed. $35 for private
  • Transport: Buses are a good value for a few dollars per ride, but safety is questionable, but some of the best transport options for tourists is PeruHop and Cruz Del Sur.
  • Activities: A one day permit to Machu Picchu will run you about $45.
  • Meals: Great meals can be found for $5-7.
  • Drinks: Local drinks can be had for $2-$3.
  • SIM card with data: 3GB/$3
  • Flights: There are many flights to Lima from around the world. Good deals for $500 can be found from North America.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Hiking parts of the Inca Trail on your own!

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $25-35 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $40-65 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD per day


$40 a day

what to do in Quito

Ecuador is one of the best places to travel to. I’ve now been twice and will happily return.

Besides traveling to the Galapagos, Ecuador is a pretty cheap destination in the world to visit. Whether your visit Quito or heading to the rainforest a good deal can be found almost anywhere. You can get buses that will take you across the country for between $5-10, a whole platter of fresh fruit for $3, chicken dinners for $2, and a hostel dorm room for under $15. To be honest, I backpacked the entire country for nine days for $400 total the first time I visited.

  • Currency: USD (Ecuador uses the USD as it’s currency)
  • Accommodation: $7-$15 for a hostel
  • Transport: $3-6 for local buses
  • Activities: Enjoy a Chocolate Making Tour for $6
  • Meals: $5-$10
  • Drinks: Smoothie for $1.50
  • SIM card with data: 3GB/$25
  • Flights: Round trip flights from NYC can be found for under $500
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Hiking around Banos!

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $35-$40 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD per day if going to the Galapagos over $200 a day

Cheap Travel Destinations in Europe

Europe may not be thought about as a cheap continent to visit. In general, the more Western Europe you go to, the more expensive. The more east you go, the cheaper it gets. Southern Europe is somewhere in the middle, and places in Northern Europe like Scandinavia are budget breakers. For more details, check out our guide to backpacking Europe.


$50 a day

The islands of Greece are a long-time favorite of travelers. Greece has well over a hundred inhabited islands to explore. There is an island in Greece for everybody and every budget.

The historic Greek islands are full of epic beaches, charming seaside towns, delicious food, and rich culture. Speaking of that culture, it’s tough to find a more hospitable or proud bunch than the Greeks. Romance is alive and well in Greece.

Aside from Mykonos and Santorini, Greece is a pretty affordable vacation for young travelers. We particularly loved our time on Milos, Paros, and Naxos! Where you can find seaside accommodation for under $60 a night, and eat all the olives and tzatziki you want for a few euros! Even getting around the Greek islands is relatively affordable and efficient with an awesome ferry system. You can get from Rhodes to Kos for €25 and rent a car for a whole week for just €120 – €150.

Greece has long been known as a cheap beach destination for Europeans so you can find some great value on the islands, especially if you travel in the shoulder season like May and September. See the full breakdown of how much it costs to travel Greece here.

  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Accommodation: $15 for hostel rooms, $25 in the summer on more popular islands
  • Transport: $30 a day for car rental in Greece, $15 for am moped, $50 for a quad (a popular way to get around the Greek islands). Ferries between the islands range from $10-$150.
  • Activities: Rent your own boat for $160, plus $50 for gas. (Split this cost)
  • Meals: $5 for Gyros, $12 for fish dinner by the sea
  • Drinks: $4 for Greek wine
  • SIM card with data: 3GB/$12
  • Flights: It’s easy to get to many Greek islands for under $100 from mainland Europe with low cost carriers
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Beach time for free!

Average Day Costs

Low-budget travel: $50-65 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $70-100 USD per day

High-budget travel: $150 + USD


$50 a day

Rock Climbing in Hvar

Croatia is a big draw for many honeymooners and even backpackers. It’s easy to see why! The country packs a whole lot of history, beautiful beaches, surreal sunsets, and outdoor activities for a fraction of the cost of other destinations in Western Europe.

We’ve done a few Croatian road trips and can recommend Istria for great food, wine, and scenery, while towns like Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik in Southern Croatia are great for a beach getaway. As mentioned, Croatia is one of the more budget-friendly beach destinations in Europe.

It’s where one can soak up the sun in Split, enjoy a coffee, wander the old town, and have a great meal with wine, and stay at a friendly guesthouse for under $60 per person per day!

  • Currency: Croatian Kuna
  • Accommodation: $15-20 for hostel bed
  • Transport: Croatia has a great bus network $10-$15 for a ride
  • Activities: $50 a day for kayaking adventure
  • Meals: $6 for lunch, $10 for dinner
  • Drinks: $3 glasses of wine!
  • SIM card with data: 6GB/$15
  • Flights: There are regular flights to Zagreb and Dubrovnik for cheap around Europe
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Walk around the old cities of Dubrovnik and Split

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $40-55 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $70-90 USD per day

High-budget travel: $100 + USD


$35 a day

Things to know in Serbia

Hiking in Serbia

Serbia, a country that was part of former Yugoslavia, in Eastern Europe is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. While you may not think of Serbia as an ideal travel destination, it actually has a lot going for it. For one, the Serbian countryside, a part of the beautiful Balkans, remains relatively untouched by tourism. You might be alone with the locals drinking cheap wine and eating delicious food in a small town. It’s where one can have a truly authentic travel experience.

Belgrade is also one of the most interesting capitals in Europe. The Balkan city has much more than first meets the eye. Once you delve deeper you’ll find a thriving arts community, awesome cafes, history, and an intense nightlife scene. To top it off, it is one of Europe’s most affordable cities.

We spent a month in the city and never ran out of things to do for crazy low prices. How low? Well, our month-long two-bedroom apartment in one of Belgrade’s hippest neighborhoods cost us a whopping $550. Tickets to the ballet set us back $3 apiece, and we had more than our fair share of cheap sushi.

Thanks to affordable flight connections within Europe, a weekend in Belgrade less expensive than just one day in common tourist staples like Paris or London.

  • Currency: Serbian Dinar
  • Accommodation: $7-10 a night in hostel $20 a night private
  • Transport: $5-10 bus and train travel
  • Activities: $3 for a ballet ticket – doesn’t get much better!
  • Meals: $5 per meal. $10 for a nice dinner
  • Drinks: $2-$3 for beer and cocktails
  • SIM card with data: 4GB/$4
  • Flights: Cheap flights via low cost carriers from Europe
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Hiking in Vojvodina

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $35-50 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD


$30 a day

Exploring Albania

Albania may be one of the most underrated destinations in Europe and should be a stop on the itinerary for anyone traveling the Balkan region. It may even be the number one cheap European destination and one of the cheapest countries to travel to!

Unlike France or Germany, Albania feels like a stepping foot onto a whole new continent – surely not Europe. This means a unique visit that not many get to say they’ve had.

Don’t know much about Albania? Neither did we, but here are some things we found out. Not many people in Albania speak English, transportation is a complete mystery and pain, and it is one of the least developed countries in Europe. Regardless of these minor setbacks, Albania simply amazed us and is single-handedly one of the best Eastern European cities to visit and the cheapest.

When we arrived in the capital city, we felt like we had utterly departed Europe. Tirana feels more like a European Bangkok and is packed with things to do and see good eats and fantastic coffee shops (we are coffee snobs).

Tirana is a cheap European capital city, and you can easily live like a king here with a basic budget. Besides city life, the lakes and mountain regions are downright breathtaking and provide excellent hiking opportunities for the adventurous.

  • Currency: Albanian lek
  • Accommodation: $7-19 for hostel bed. $20-25 for private accommodation
  • Transport: $3-5 on local buses
  • Activities: Visit museums for $4
  • Meals: $5 per meal. $10 for nicer dinners
  • Drinks: $2-4 beer and cocktails
  • SIM card with data: 20GB/$15
  • Flights: Flights from around Europe can be found for under $50
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Hike in the Albanian Alps

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $30-45 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-65 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-95+ USD


$50 a day

Italy is one of my favorite countries of all time to travel to. Cameron and I have traveled there together on a romantic trip more than a few times. We have also toured with family before, and I even tackled the country on my own doing the solo female backpacker thing. There is nothing not to love about the beautiful country.

A stunning Mediterranean coastline, rolling hills with vineyards, world-class cuisine, skiing in the Dolomites, and €1.30 cappuccinos? Italy may sound like it’s going to be an expensive vacation, but in reality, you can enjoy an Italian vacation at an affordable price; you’re just going to have to work a bit harder to stay under budget than places in Eastern Europe.

First, you have the flights, which there are many from North America, making them cheaper. Then there is always a wide range of accommodation options, transport options (train, bus, car rentals), and don’t worry about the food.

One can have a fantastic pizza with wine for easily under €10 a person and you can easily get from Rome – Florence for €20 – €30 on the train or €10-€15 via bus. A hostel bed in one of the main Italian cities can easily run you €15 a night. We break down exactly how much it will cost to travel Italy here.

  • Currency: Euro
  • Accommodation: $15-20 for hostel, $40-50 for private accommodation
  • Transport: $15-50+ for train travel, rent a car for $35 a day
  • Activities: $5-10 for museum entry
  • Meals: $5 paninis, $4 Margherita pizzas in Naples!
  • Drinks: $3-5 for a glass of vino
  • SIM card with data: 1GB/$6
  • Flights: There are many international flights from around the world flying to Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Enjoy wandering the streets of Rome

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $75-100 USD per day

High-budget travel: $100-175+ USD

Bosnia & Herzegovina

$30 a day

cheap places to travel

There will be a few more former Yugoslav nations on this list of cheap destinations in the world. And that is because they are fun to travel and extremely affordable!

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Bosnia offers visitors a pleasant city experience in Sarajevo, as well as the stunning countryside that is home to medieval villages, rivers and lakes, and the Dinaric Alps.

It’s a tiny country that is culturally unique, has an awesome outdoor scene, and is very cheap to travel. You can easily have an awesome day in Bosnia for under $50. That includes drinks, food, activities, accommodation, and transport – talk about one of the best cheap places to travel!

  • Currency: Bosnian Mark
  • Accommodation: $10-13 for a hostel bed, $20-30 for private accommodation
  • Transport: Great bus network for $3-10
  • Activities: $5 walking tour around Sarajevo
  • Meals: $5 per meal
  • Drinks: $2-5 for drinks
  • SIM card with data: 15GB/$10
  • Flights: There are a few flights to Sarajevo that you can find at affordable prices from elsewhere in the Balkans
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Enjoy beautiful Mostar for free

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $30-50 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD


$40 a day

cheap places to travel

Montenegro is one of the best cheap places to travel!

Another former Yugoslav country is Montenegro, and it’s one of the best cheap places to travel. The first time I visited Montenegro, I was blown away by its beauty and couldn’t believe it wasn’t more touristed. Seriously, we were staying in seaside villages overlooking the Adriatic for under $30 a night.

You can easily have a culturally interesting beach holiday in Montenegro for a very affordable price. A seven-day beach vacation in Montenegro might only get you three days along the Almalfi Coast.

Another fantastic location to visit in Montenegro is Kotor, a must-visit for everyone. The travel buzz about Kotor, Montenegro is swirling. When considering where to spend a summer in Montenegro, Kotor is an easy choice. This Adriatic gem is appearing on everyone’s travel radar, and it was an easy destination decision for us on our Balkan tour. I’ve visited twice now and will happily return.

  • Currency: Euro
  • Accommodation: $10-15 for a hostel, $30 for private accommodation.
  • Transport: Main towns are connected with a great bus network! $5-10 for a ticket
  • Activities:
  • Meals: $20 per day
  • Drinks: $4-6 per cocktail
  • SIM card with data: 10GB/$10
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Climb Up to San Giovanni Fortress for free

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $35-50 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD

North Macedonia

$30 a day

Lake Ohrid Macedonia

I realized how much I love traveling in Macedonia on the short bus ride from Skopje to Ohrid. It’s safe to say that the Balkans are my favorite area to travel through in Europe because they are some of the cheapest places to travel right now. We almost had to be ripped away from Serbia and Bosnia with the friendly people, affordable prices, and awesome cafes. However, the good news is that it continues into Macedonia as well.

Macedonia, or now North Macedonia, is a small country that packs a whole lot of punch for visitors. They have stunning lakes and high mountains to hike in. You can enjoy a cheap outdoor vacation here for under $50 a day easily!

  • Currency: Macedonian Denar
  • Accommodation: $7-15 for a hostel. $25-35 for private accommodation
  • Transport: Main towns are connected with a great bus network! $5-10 for a ticket.
  • Activities: $70 for a paraglide over Lake Ohrid
  • Meals: $5-10 for delicious food.
  • Drinks: $3-4 for wine
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Enjoy beautiful Lake Ohrid for free

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $30-50 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD


$35 a day

Zakopane, Poland

Hiking in Zakopane

Poland is another one of those awesome cheap European vacation spots I have come to love. Unlike Macedonia, Bosnia, or Montenegro above, Poland is not located in the Balkans and is in Central Europe. Poland has a long and complex history, most recently WWII, where its economy was utterly destroyed.

But now it’s a lively country with a lot of things going for it. Cultural cities like Krakow make for interesting points to visit, while parks like Białowieża National Park are teeming with wildlife and nature. Zakopane has cheap skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer months.

Poland is one of the best places to travel on a budget. It’s where one can easily enjoy a beer in a stylish bar for under $4. Accommodation is cheap as well as transport around the country, which is safe and easy to navigate on modern buses.

  • Currency: Polish Zloty
  • Accommodation: $5-15 for a dorm bed. $30 for private
  • Transport: Train and bus tickets can be bought for $5-10
  • Activities: Go skiing for $35
  • Meals: $5-10 per meal
  • Drinks: $3-5 per drink
  • SIM card with data: 15BG/$8
  • Flights: Cheap flights from Europe can be found going into Krakow and Warsaw
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Hiking in the High Tatras!

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $30-50 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD

Cheap Places to Visit in Africa

Spoiler alert – most of Africa is not considered to be cheap. Especially if you want to do things like go on safari. However some countries are a bargain – here are the best cheap places to visit in Africa.

South Africa

$40 a day

cheap places to travel

On horseback safari in South Africa

We spent three months traveling around South Africa. Heck, we even bought a car there! The country is vast and extremely varied from region to region, making it one of the best places to visit in Africa.

A typical vacation in South Africa looks something like spending a few magical nights in a safari lodge only to be dining in one of the best wine regions in the world the next day – all at a low price!

Follow that up with a city escape in the iconic Cape Town and road trip down the wondrous Garden Route. There is just so much to explore in South Africa. We also love lesser-known destinations like the Drakensberg, Kalahari, and Sunshine Coast. To make matters better, traveling in South Africa makes for an affordable African trip as prices are some of the lowest in Africa.

I’m not joking. A safari in Kruger National Park is one of the most affordable places in all of Africa, one where you can go on a self drive safari for less than $25. Would you like to have a cheap beach and city escape? You can easily enjoy a beach holiday in Cape Town for under $50 a day! Would you like to buy a bottle of world class wine? That will cost you well under $15 in Stellenbosch or less than $5 at a restaurant.

  • Currency: South African Rand
  • Accommodation: $12-20 for hostel room, $40-50 for private room
  • Transport: Rental car is the main way to get around and you can get one for under $30 a day.
  • Activities: Self drive Kruger National Park for $25
  • Meals: $30 per day
  • Drinks: $4-5 for a glass of world class wine
  • SIM card with data: 2GB/$20
  • Flights: South Africa is far and cheap flights to Joburg or Cape Town may be hard to come by.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Hike up Lions Head

Average Travel Cost

Low-budget travel: $45-60 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $65-85 USD per day

High-budget travel: $100+ USD


$50 a day

Namibia -cheap places to travel

Another one of the best cheap places to travel is beautiful Namibia!

If you want to wake up among the world’s tallest and oldest sand dunes, then a trip to Namibia should be in order. Namibia is an epic African travel destination that many know nothing about; even my parents haven’t heard of it!

When we traveled there, we were blown away by the beauty of the country. It almost didn’t even feel real! It’s a great place to enjoy an affordable honeymoon and enjoy some romantic solitude in the African desert.

My favorite part about Namibia is that it’s budget-friendly to travel. You can go on safari in Etosha National Park for under $10 a day! And even a luxury lodge like Wolwedans will only set you back $300 per person per night (a steal when we’re talking about luxury lodges in Africa).

  • Currency: Namibian Dollar
  • Accommodation: Campsites for $15, Private rooms for $50
  • Transport: Self Drive rental car for $50 a day. Limited train travel available for $10-20 a ticket.
  • Activities: Enjoy Etosha National Park for under $10.
  • Meals: Enjoy a great meal for $10
  • Drinks: $2-4 for beer
  • SIM card with data: 1GB/$10
  • Flights: Flights to Windhoek can be found from Germany and a few other destinations in Europe
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Sunrise over Sossusvlei

Average Travel Cost

Low-budget travel: $45-60 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $65-85 USD per day

High-budget travel: $100+ USD


$40 a day

White Pearl Resort in Mozambique

Mozambique is truly one of the destinations in Africa. We have sung praises about Mozambique in the past. We went into the country uncertain of travel there and left with a strong desire to return immediately. Do you want to swim with whale sharks? Do you want to be a beach castaway in a faraway land without anyone else around? Then head to Mozambique!

Vilanculos, for example, is the gateway to the stunning Bazaruto Archipelago. It is here that some of the last dugongs reside (and you may even get lucky and see one). Bazaruto Island is an isolated white sand island offering incredible views of the bright blue Indian Ocean.

Tofo Beach is where you can yourself swimming among whale sharks. And not at one of those over touristy animal exploited places either. Here it is truly wild.

Getting to Mozambique will probably be your most considerable expense. But once you get to where you’re going, you’ll find $1 beers, $4 crab curries, and heavenlike beaches. You can also find very affordable beach-chic lodges like Trevessia Beach Resort for under $200 a night, a resort that would easily cost you over $500 a night elsewhere in Africa.

  • Currency: Mozambican metical
  • Accommodation: $15-20 for hostel beds, $30-50 for private rooms
  • Transport: Chapas are the cheap transport here between $1-3, but they. are notoriously dangerous. Private transfers are expensive (over $100). If possible rent a car.
  • Activities: Excursions out to Vilankulos with snorkeling for $50.
  • Meals: $3 crab curry for lunch or diner
  • Drinks: $1 for a 2M (local beer)
  • SIM card with data: 5 GB/$7
  • Flights: Direct affordable flights can be found from Portugal to Maputo.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Lounging on the wonderful empty beaches

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $50-60 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $65-85 USD per day

High-budget travel: $100+ USD


$30 a day

Lake Malawi

Stand Up Paddling on Lake Malawi

Besides the fact that Malawi is one of the smallest countries in Africa and was directly on our overland route through Africa, Malawi was a country I knew little about. I’ve met people that had traveled to Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, and all the other “popular” African nations – but never had I met anyone that had been to Malawi. Little did I know it was going to be among the cheapest places to visit in the world.

I knew that I had to visit Malawi while we were venturing around Africa. We crossed over the Chitipa Border Post from Zambia with very few expectations, and what we found shouldn’t be missed by anyone traveling around Southern and Eastern Africa.

Malawi is dubbed the “warm heart of Africa,” Once you arrive, you will see why. The people here are known for being the friendliest in Africa. No one is pushy, most areas are safe, and locals walk around with a smile on their faces.

There’s also a lake, a big one at that, called Lake Malawi, where you’ll want to take a drip or go for a kayak. You may not consider this a dream destination, but once you see Lake Malawi for the first time, you will undoubtedly change your mind.

Malawi tops this list of cheap beautiful places to travel, although given its location, it most definitely is not one of the cheapest places to fly. You’ll likely have to combine it with another African country to get the best bang for buck. But once you get there, you’ll find private rooms for under $30 right on Lake Malawi, and delicious local meals for $2!

  • Currency: Malawian kwacha
  • Accommodation: $10 for a hostel bed, $15 for a campsite, $30 for a private room
  • Transport: Minibuses are cheap but can take forever
  • Activities: Stand Up Paddleboard on Lake Malawi for $5
  • Meals: $3 per meal
  • Drinks: $2-3
  • SIM card with data: 1 GB/$3
  • Flights: There are some regional flights from around Africa into Lilongwe, but like much of plane travel around Africa finding a deal can be tough.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Hike up to Livingstonia for free

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $30-40 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-60 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD


$40 a day

Egypt - cheap places to travel

Egypt has so many beautiful things to do, places to eat, and ancient tourist attractions to visit; it’s no wonder it’s at the top of everyone’s bucket list and is considered one of those fantastic cheap places to go. Being one of the main hubs on the African continent, it’s also one of the cheapest places to fly in Africa!

Egypt has a gorgeous coast and is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Ancient Egypt, the Pyramids, and mummies make Egypt an easy destination in the world to say yes to. It’s easy to see why the country receives over 10 million visits a year, planning out all their places to go to Egypt.

During and after the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, tourism plummeted to less than 9 million visitors. More than a 30% drop in the countries top sector hurt Egypt hard. What followed was a series of terrorist attacks that only crippled the country more. But now tourism is bouncing back. While it’s truly unfortunate news it does mean that prices to travel to Egypt are very low at the moment.

With Cairo being an international hub in Africa, there are many flight deals to be had. Once you land, you’ll find cheap food, coffee, and tours. Do you like scuba diving? The Red Sea is one of the cheapest places in the world to get certifications and enjoy! We spent full days in the Red Sea for under $100 with all equipment included!

  • Currency: Egyptian Pound
  • Accommodation: $30-50 for private accommodation
  • Transport: Ubers can be had around Cairo for under $2. Cross Country buses are cheap between $10-$15
  • Activities: Visit the Pyramids for $10
  • Meals: Delicious Egyptian for $5-10
  • Drinks: Alcohol can be tricky to find. In private bars you can find wine for $5-10 a glass
  • SIM card with data: 5 GB/$5
  • Flights: Cairo is well connected and you can find good deals on flights
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Snorkel in the Red Sea

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $40-55 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $60-80USD per day

High-budget travel: $100+ USD


$40 a day

Visit Morocco with your tax refund

From the moment you arrive in Morocco your senses are overwhelmed. The country is a dizzying array of faces, spices, details, and colors. It’s a country of contrasts moving from the scrambled maze of the medinas in Marrakesh and Fez to the silence of the Sahara desert. Motorbikes zip through narrow streets, hawkers sell their wares, and the sand blows across and an empty desert.

The landscape of the country is diverse and begs to be explored. It has wonderful beaches, rich valleys lined with quaint towns, and many mountain ranges such as the Rif and High Atlas Mountains. In many ways, Morocco feels as if you have stepped back in time to another world. Its medinas are a maze that has grown over several millennia, and the architecture is unique.

It comes with one caveat; Morocco has the ability to get under any traveler’s skin in both the best and worst of ways. Morocco will test you, but you’ll survive and will be a better traveler because of it.

Like Egypt, it’s the Arabic nation that many people enjoy traveling. Partially because it is so interesting, but also because it is a budget destination where you can enjoy surfing in Essaouira for out of this world prices, and after you can sip on Moroccan mint in the blue city of Chefchaouen for less than $2 and have your senses teased with downright amazing tagine for under $5.

  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham
  • Accommodation: $10-$15 for a hostel bed, $30-50 for a Riad
  • Transport: Trains, local buses, and luxury buses. All are affordable so it’s best to opt for the train or luxury bus – skip the local unless you want an adventure
  • Activities: $3-5 for entrance into cultural sights
  • Meals: Amazing Moroccan food can be had for $5
  • Drinks: Alcohol will be a tough find unless you are in a private hotel
  • SIM card with data: 5GB/$5
  • Flights: Great deals on flights from Europe can be found right to Marrakech, Fez, and Rabat
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Wander the medinas in Marrakech for free!

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $40-55 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $60-80USD per day

High-budget travel: $100+ USD

Cool Cheap Places to Travel in Asia

Asia, particularly Southeast Asia is where backpackers go in search of an affordable lifestyle and never leave. When I think of cheap travel destinations, I instantly think of Asia first.

The Philippines

$30 a day

cheap places to travel

The Philippines is a wonderful country to visit, and it’s super cheap by Western standards! There’s a vibrant culture to discover on its hundreds of islands, with huge cities and beaches comprising the places you should be exploring in this Southeast Asian nation.

Besides the beautiful beaches, the Filipinos are among some of the friendliest people we have ever met. Imagine staying at a beautiful private guesthouse on the beach, waking up to a smoothie bowl and coffee set up for $5, and then enjoying world-class beaches next to amazing people. It might be hard to imagine, but if it can happen somewhere, it’s The Philippines!

For those into surfing and other watersports, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Siargao, and places like Moalboal are great for waterfall exploring and scuba diving. Speaking of scuba diving, we were able to enjoy world-class diving in the Philippines for $30 a dive (including dive gear!). Yes, the Philippines are truly one of the cheapest places to travel in the world!

  • Currency: Philippine peso
  • Accommodation: $10 for a hostel, $30-50 for private accommodation
  • Transport: Buses are the cheapest way to get around and can cost from $30-10 depending on distance
  • Activities: Take surf lessons for $30
  • Meals: $20 a day
  • Drinks: $2-4 a drink
  • SIM card with data: 2GB/$2
  • Flights: Flights to Manila can be found a good deal around Asia, from there you are well connected to the many islands.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Go waterfall exploring!

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $30-40 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD

Sri Lanka

$30 a day

Tuk Tuks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka probably doesn’t come to mind when thinking about the cheapest countries to visit. When we were invited to explore Sri Lanka, it was an easy decision to go. For one, Sri Lanka was a new unexplored country for us, and we always love seeing new places.

Secondly, Sri Lanka sounded and looked downright incredible – full of hospitable people, tasty food, and unique landscapes. Guess what? All of these things are true! Sri Lanka is an incredible cheap travel destination with delicious food and absolutely epic beaches.

Backpackers flock to Sri Lanka because it is an affordable destination that provides unique experiences. Things like the Ancient city of Sigiriya, the Ancient city of Polonnaruwa, and Pidurangala Vihara are culturally interesting and beautiful while beaches in Mirissi provide backpackers the chance to enjoy the sea, the yoga, and the smoothie bowl! It’s a cheap place to visit that you will easily fall in love with.

  • Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee
  • Accommodation: $10 for hostel, $30-40 for a private room
  • Transport: $3-$5 for a second-class cabin train ride between cities
  • Activities: Enjoy the Kaudulla National Park for under $20
  • Meals: $3-5 per meal
  • Drinks: $2-3 a drink
  • SIM card with data: 2GB/$2
  • Flights: Flights to Colombo are easy to find. You can last get to the Maldives for cheap from Sri Lanka!
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Swim in the calm waters

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $30-40 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD


$25 a day

cheap places to travel

Cambodia, another amazing Asian country to travel that is cheap to enjoy! We first visited Cambodia in 2013 and fell in love. First with the people, then the beaches, and then the $5 crab dinners, and then the $15 double occupancy rooms we were able to score in beach towns.

If you’re on a big Southeast Asia trip, you have to add Cambodia to your list of budget destinations to visit. From seeing the sunrise at Angor Wat, to being humbled at the memorials in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is truly a special place to travel.

  • Currency: Cambodian riel
  • Accommodation: $10 for a dorm bed, $20-30 for a private room.
  • Transport: Long journeys in Cambodia can be taken by bus, pickup truck or shared taxi for $5, but don’t travel at night. Bus drivers are notorious for falling asleep at the wheel. I’ve had good friends injured in bus rides in Cambodia
  • Activities: $37 to visit Angkor Wat
  • Meals: $5 per meal
  • Drinks: $1 per beer
  • SIM card with data: 4GB/$1 (Whoa!)
  • Flights: Flights into Cambodia are cheap via Air Asia and other low cost carriers from other Southeast Asian countries.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Watch the Planktons Glow at Night in Koh Rong

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $30-40 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD


$25 a day

I’m not sure there is a more famous “cheap destination spot” than Thailand. Made famous by numerous travel movies and books, Thailand is a go-to beach spot for those looking to save money.

It’s here they have world class beaches, delicious Thai food, cheap massages, and mango sticky rice! Haven’t heard of mango sticky rice? Just get to Thailand and eat it all up.

In all seriousness though, couples can enjoy an affordable honeymoon to Thailand. We even stayed in a huge villa on in Koh Samui for under $100 a night! Don’t worry, it’s not all romance and for couples though. Groups of friends can party their days away on Haad Rin at their famous full moon parties, and older travelers will enjoy the Ancient history and architecture in Chaing Mai.

The big-budget breaker will be the flight to Bangkok, but its popularity means loads of flight options and varying price points on transport.

  • Currency: Thai Baht
  • Accommodation: $10 for a dorm bed, $30-$40 for private accommodation
  • Transport: Thailand has an efficient bus and train network. You can get across the country for less than $20
  • Activities: Get open water dive certified for $350
  • Meals: Delicious and healthy meals can. behad for $5 and under
  • Drinks: A bottle of Chang beer for $1
  • SIM card with data: 15GB/$9
  • Flights: Bangkok is a major destination and there are flights from around the world. It’s often used as a hub for getting around Asia, making flights very affordable.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Relaxing on the beaches for free!

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $25-35 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD

$35 a day

bali clothes

It’s no secret that Bali has been an awesome cheap travel destination for decades. With the rise of social media, just about everyone has seen videos and photos of the gorgeous island. The tiny Indonesian island is welcoming to foreigners and offers so much to tourists, it’s hard to say no to cheap vacations here.

The island is lovely, with lush green forests, clean beaches, and rich culture. It’s easy to escape to find your zen in places like Ubud while still enjoying the coastal vibes and party atmosphere that many go to Southeast Asia in search of fun. One of the best parts? Even with its popularity, Bali is still considered a cheap destination by Western standards to travel through, so it’s a great budget destination!

Seriously you could be staying in a jungle villa for $50 a night, enjoy delicious healthy smoothie bowls for $4, and have the best 1.5-hour Balinese massage of your life for under $10.

  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah
  • Accommodation: $10 dorm bed, $30-45 private accommodation
  • Transport: Perama bus company is good for budget travelers. You can grab a cross-island bus for $1, but taxis are the preferred method as they are cheap and easy. Grab is a reliable option in Bali.
  • Activities: Get a Balinese massage for under $10
  • Meals: $5 for the most healthy meal of your life
  • Drinks: We forgot about alcohol on Bali and drank all the smoothies we could for $2.
  • SIM card with data: 4GB/$10
  • Flights: Denpasar has become a major hub for travelers and good flight deals can be found year round.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Grab a motorbike and explore all the free things to do on Bali.

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $25-40 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD


$45 a day

Where to Stay Langkawi - Casa Del Mar Garden

Malaysia is one of the more developed countries in Southeast Asia, but that doesn’t mean it’s expensive. While it’s not as cheap as Thailand or Bali, good deals can still be had.

When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, I was unsure of what to expect but was surprised that even more a modern capital city, I was still finding good value on entertainment, food, and accommodation. I even enjoyed two date nights (with myself – ha) to enjoy the cinemas as it only cost me $4 to see a movie with popcorn at the nicest theatre in the city.

Besides the city, there is good value in the highlands and even at beach destinations like Langkawi (which is considered one of the more expensive places to travel in Malaysia). I found delicious seafood for under $5 and beachfront accommodation for under $50 a night. Hostels cost way less, which is great for solo travelers.

  • Currency: Malaysian ringgit
  • Accommodation: $10 for dorm bed, $30-50 for private accommodation in Airbnb
  • Transport: The cheapest way to travel Malaysia is via bus, where tickets are less than $5
  • Activities: Visit beautiful mosque for $3
  • Meals: Enjoy a Malay breakfast of nasi lemak and tea for $1
  • Drinks: Alcohol can be tough to find outside of private resorts and hotels. Find delicious fresh orange juice for $.25
  • SIM card with data: 1.5GB/$2
  • Flights: Thankfully KL is a major airport in Asia and hub for low-cost carrier Air Asia. This means tons of cheap flights around Asia.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Visit Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur for free

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $30-40 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD



Travel Taiwan - Temples

Taiwan is a true pleasure to travel around as it is a country that still feels unique and untouched. If we were to make a list of undiscovered destinations that beg for more international attention, Taiwan would be at the top of the list.

Read Post  25 Best Places to Visit in New Mexico

The original idea of Taiwan had been suggested to us by fellow digital nomads in a forum online. We’d been seeking a country in Asia that was developed, had natural beauty, an interesting culture, and was affordable to live in.

The one place that was repeated again and again to us was Taiwan. Truth be told, it was not a “country” that had ever popped up on our radar. I never daydreamed about travel in Taiwan nor given it much thought. The funny thing about Taiwan is that it’s not your typical travel destination that elicits envy or desire.

It’s where one can enjoy a tea in a traditional teahouse overlooking the mountains, or if you fancy, you can make a dash for $2 bubble tea – Taiwan is home to the bubble tea, after all. Many historic buildings are free to enter, and a Taiwanese treat at the night markets won’t cost more than $3. The truth is you don’t need to spend much money to enjoy Taipei at all, as just walking the streets is so darn mesmerizing.

  • Currency: New Taiwan dollar
  • Accommodation: $12-$18 for a dorm bed, $40-$50 for private accommodation.
  • Transport: Taiwan has an extensive train and bus network. Tickets range between $5-20+ depending on distance covered.
  • Activities: Hike the Xiangshan Trail for free
  • Meals: Street food is the way to go here! You can get great meals for under $6
  • Drinks: Bubble tea for $2!
  • SIM card with data: 6GB/$20
  • Flights: Taiwan is well connected with nearby Japan and Korea and you can often find good deals here.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Visit the many temples for a small donation

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $40-50 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $50-70 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD


$30 a day

Vietnam - cheap places to travel

Vietnam has so much to offer any traveler that ventures to it and is a mix of chaos and calm from the contrasts of Ho Chi Minh City to the mountainous regions of the Northern Highlands.

At one moment, you could find yourself cruising through the endless creeks and rivers of The Mekong Delta and, the next, sitting beachside at Hue or Nha Trang.

Vietnam, on a map, is somewhat squeezed to the edge of the South China Sea to the east, with China hugging the northernmost border of the country. While to the west, Laos and Cambodia both share a large border with Vietnam.

Despite its rough history, Vietnam’s popularity to travelers far and wide has soared in recent years, making it one of the most visited Southeast Asia countries.

At first glance, Vietnam might seem to be a place of constant activity, but if you go to the right places, you will find the most magnificent vistas, people, food, and a peaceful way of life. You’ll have a great time in Vietnam for under $50 a day easily.

We stayed in a private room on the water in Ninh Binh for $30 a day, enjoyed endless Vietnamese coffee for $2, favorable food for $5, and train and bus travel was easy and affordable. If you want to go more luxury, you can find great deals. We sailed Ha Long Bay on a luxury liner for under $500 for three days.

  • Currency: Vietnamese dong
  • Accommodation: $5-10 for hostel room, $30 for private accommodation
  • Transport: Vietnam has a great train network and bus network where you can easily get around $5-10.
  • Activities: Sail Ha Long Bay for under $100 a night in a great ship
  • Meals: So. much. good. food. Enjoy Phở for under $2.
  • Drinks: Vietnamese coffee is where it’s at. Get it for under $2.
  • SIM card with data: Unlimited data/$10! (So cheap)
  • Flights: Flights to Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi are easy to find elsewhere in Asia.
  • Fun and Cheap Activity: Explore Ben Thanh Market for cultural immersion.

Average Travel Costs

Low-budget travel: $25-35 USD per day

Mid-budget travel: $40-60 USD per day

High-budget travel: $70-100+ USD

Plan For Your Trip

  • Protect Your Trip: We don’t travel without travel insurance, nor should you. You never know what can happen while traveling, so it’s best to be prepared. HeyMondo provides excellent short-term and long-term travel insurance plans.
  • Find Cheap Flights: Sign up for Scotts Cheap Flights to get notified when prices get ultra low.
  • Travel Adapter: Make sure you find a good adapter to keep your personal electronics charged. Otherwise, you may be paying for a cheap one once you land. Purchase one here.
  • Travel Backpack: We like the Nomatic Travel Backpack for our travels. Check the price here.
  • Our Favorite Travel Shoes: Our answer to this question is always ALLBIRDS! Check them out on their site!
  • Get a Travel Credit Card: We travel worldwide for free because we have leveraged our spending into points. See why you should get a travel credit cardand how you can do the same with our favorite travel credit cards.
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25 Best Places to Visit on New Year’s Eve

Some people are happy to spend New Year’s Eve at home, but for most, the holiday comes with a high set of expectations that can only satisfied by planning a trip away from home. There are countless wonderful ways to ring in the new year without leaving the United States; depending on your budget, you can spend the last hours of the year skiing at a resort town, partying on a beautiful beach, or relaxing in a remote cabin with your loved ones. No matter what your perfect New Year’s Eve looks like, you’re sure to find it at one of these incredible places.

We recommend that you call the attractions and restaurants ahead of your visit to confirm current opening times.

1. Idaho Potato Drop in Boise

Idaho Potato Drop in Boise

The Idaho Potato Drop is a special and completely unique New Year celebration that only takes place in the city of Boise. Despite only being a recent innovation, the Idaho Potato Drop has charmed the city of Boise and become a hugely popular moment on the city’s calendar. There’s a family area, a VIP area for those who have chosen to pay for a VIP ticket, a main stage with headline musical acts, a snow park with all sorts of frosty winter fun activities, a wrestling ring, and so much more.

Fully free to attend, this special event lets Boise citizens and visitors to the area enjoy a New Year’s Eve they’ll never forget, complete with food, drinks, live entertainment, fireworks, and more, culminating with the dropping of the eponymous potato itself.

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2. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a party no matter what the time of year, but the city is particularly exciting on New Year’s Eve when the Strip is closed to traffic and given over entirely to the people determined to party. Shows and parties can be found in all the city’s casinos, bars, and showrooms, but even the streets are filled with people decked out in party hats and their finest cloths. As if that’s not enough, the midnight fireworks show is choreographed by the city’s casinos and is big enough to rival the show put on in Times Square.

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3. Florida Keys

Florida Keys

The beautiful Florida Keys are known for their tropical beaches and vibrant nightlife, and they’re the perfect place to spend your New Year’s Eve if you want to escape the cold. Visitors can end the year with a sunset sail, a rowdy beach party, or a tasty seafood dinner, but anyone looking for the biggest party in the Keys should head to Key West. Many of the other islands offer great celebrations as well; midnight fireworks are held on Islamorada and Key Largo, and a popular beach barbecue with live performers takes place on Morada Bay Beach.

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4. Aspen


Nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Aspen is a great place to spend New Year’s whether you’re interested in spending the day skiing with your loved ones, attending an exclusive concert, or enjoying an elegant champagne toast at midnight. Two sets of New Year’s Eve fireworks are held over Aspen Mountain. Most accommodation and event tickets typically sell out well in advance, so it’s best to plan your trip as soon as possible.

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Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Atlanta

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6. Atlantic City

Atlantic City

Known for its casinos, its lofty high-rise hotels, and its glitz and glamour, Atlantic City is one of the country’s best New Year’s destinations for anyone in search of a party. Most of the city’s hotels, casinos, and nightclubs host special New Year’s Eve events, some of which are themed and many of which include open bars. Fireworks can be seen from the boardwalk at midnight; you’ll need to show up well in advance if you’d like a prime viewing spot. An annual Polar Bear Plunge is held at noon on New Year’s Day for anyone willing to brave the cold.

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7. Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Charlotte

Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Charlotte

Charlotte is a fantastic destination no matter what the time of year, so it’s not surprising that it’s an ideal place to spend New Year’s Eve as well. The biggest event in the city is the annual celebration held in Romare Bearden Park; visitors will enjoy music by DJs and live bands, a wide selection of food trucks, and an exciting firework show that begins at midnight. A kid-friendly celebration begins at noon on New Year’s Eve in the same park, and plenty of adult-oriented celebrations are held in the city’s uptown clubs and bars.

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8. Chicago


As one of the biggest cities in the country, Chicago boasts plenty of things for visitors and locals to do on New Year’s Eve. Anyone looking to indulge won’t be disappointed; there are plenty of extravagant events to choose from, and many parties in the city include open bars, multiple dance floors, and even midnight buffets. Another highlight of a typical Chicago New Year’s Eve is the midnight fireworks held on the waterfront at Navy Pier; the pier also offers plenty of family-friendly rides and entertainment, making it a wonderful place for families to spend the whole evening.

9. Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Dallas

Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Dallas

Whether you’re planning to celebrate with your family, your friends, or your partner, Dallas offers a Texas-sized New Year’s Eve experience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The selection of parties ranges from boisterous to elegant to intimate, and a daytime event is held at the Dallas Arboretum for families with children. The rooftop of Saint Rocco’s is the city’s official firework viewing location, but you can also watch the show from Trinity Overlook Park, from the western bank of the Trinity River, or from one of the viewing parties held in the area.

10. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country, and the city certainly knows how to ring in the new year. The falls are spectacular enough during the day, but New Year’s Eve visitors will have the incredible opportunity to see the cascading water illuminated by the fireworks that go off over the falls at 9 p.m. and midnight. There are also plenty of parties and celebrations for people of all ages; some of the most popular include the guitar drop at the Hard Rock Cafe and a kid-friendly event held at the Conference & Event Center.

11. Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Lake Champlain

Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Lake Champlain

Tucked up right against the Canadian border, Lake Champlain is an affordable New Year’s destination perfect for nature lovers and people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are plenty of winter activities to keep you entertained during the day; popular options include ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and visiting the frozen Ausable Chasm. During the evening, ring in the new year by relaxing with your friends and family in a beautiful rental chalet or by visiting one of the area’s hotels to enjoy dinner and a midnight champagne toast.

12. Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Lake Tahoe

Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Lake Tahoe

Surrounded by beautiful beaches and excellent ski resorts, Lake Tahoe is a year-round destination that becomes even more lively and inviting over the holidays. One of the most exciting New Year’s Eve events that takes place here is the annual SnowGlobe music festival, which combines world-class skiing and snowboarding with performances by some of the world’s best musicians. Children are welcome at the SnowGlobe festival, but another great family-friendly event is the celebration held at Heavenly Village, which includes live music, fireworks, and a ball drop from the gondola.

13. Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Home to Hollywood and countless movie stars, Los Angeles is one of the country’s most important and exciting creative hubs. The New Year’s Eve celebrations held here rival those of New York City, ranging from exclusive parties held on floating hotels to laidback gatherings at craft breweries. A free celebration with DJs and food trucks is held in Grand Park every year; all ages are welcome. No matter where you’re celebrating, it’s well worth heading outside at midnight to watch the stunning fireworks show put on by the city.

14. Louisville


The biggest city in Kentucky, Louisville is a cultural hub with a surprising number of art galleries and performance spaces. However, most New Year’s Eve visitors come here to enjoy the nightlife rather than the culture. The city’s bars and clubs host parties and celebrations for all tastes and budgets. There are plenty of options for anyone looking for a more relaxed evening as well; special dinners are held at many of the top restaurants in the city, and a spectacular fireworks show takes place right at midnight.

15. Miami


No matter where in the country you might live, it’s worth making the trip down to the southeastern tip of Florida to spend New Year’s Eve in Miami. Not only will you be able to spend the evening outside without being bundled up in winter clothing, but the city also boasts some of the best fireworks and parties in the United States. Spend the evening partying on in a swanky nightclub, bring your family to the party on South Beach, or hop aboard a giant yacht to drink, dance, and get an excellent view of the midnight fireworks.

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16. Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Nashville

Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Nashville

With more than 180 recording studios spread throughout the city, Nashville is best known for its incredible music scene. Live music performances can be found somewhere in the city every day of the year, but the events held on New Year’s Eve are really something special. If you’re on a budget, the good news is that one of the best parties here is free to attend; held in Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, the New Year’s event put on by the city typically features live music performances by some of the biggest names in country music.

17. Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Washington, D.C.

Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Washington, D.C.

The country’s capital might not be the first destination to spring to mind when you’re trying to plan a fun New Year’s Eve, but Washington DC offers some of the best celebrations in the United States. Many of the city’s nightclubs host parties with open bars, but if you’re looking for a quieter evening, take a romantic cruise down the Potomac River or bring your family to the Capitol Riverfront to enjoy music, face painting, and other activities. Of course, the fireworks set off at midnight are spectacular, and they can be seen from various locations throughout the city.

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18. New York City

New York City

New York City is one of the most iconic places in the country to spend New Year’s Eve; almost everyone in the country has seen or at least heard of the ball drop in Times Square. Plenty of people visit the city with the intention of spending the entire evening in Times Square, but there are plenty of other things to do as well. You’ll be able to find a party at all of the city’s most famous bars, and anyone looking for a more family-friendly celebration can enjoy the live music and fireworks held every year at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

19. Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Newport

Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Newport

Set on Aquidneck Island, Newport is a tourist town with no shortage of things to do on New Year’s Eve. Glitzy parties and dinners are held at almost every restaurant and bar in the town, and lucky visitors will also be able to get tickets to a live music performance, an improv comedy show, or one of the many other special events held on the last night of the year. If your budget permits it, you can even attend a luxurious yacht party and spend the evening cruising around Newport while drinking champagne and enjoying gourmet cuisine.

20. Orlando


Best known as the home of more than a dozen giant theme parks including Universal Studios and Disney World, Orlando is one of the country’s best New Year’s destinations for the young and the young at heart. Head to one of the theme parks to celebrate with your family’s favorite characters and watch a spectacular midnight fireworks show, or party the night away in an elegant bar or an exclusive nightclub. If you really want to indulge, you can also book a stay at one of the city’s resorts and spend the holiday getting pampered with champagne and gourmet food.

21. Sun Valley, ID

Sun Valley, ID

Sun Valley was the first destination ski resort in the United States, and it’s still one of the country’s leading ski towns. New Year’s Eve is an ideal time of year to come and enjoy the excellent skiing and snowboarding that the area has to offer, but it’s also a terrific opportunity to pamper yourself with delicious meals, fantastic shopping, and spa treatments or massages. A delightful selection of celebrations take place throughout the town, but many of these events sell out well in advance, so it’s best to plan your trip here as soon as possible.

22. Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Portland, OR

Places to Go for New Year’s Eve: Portland, OR

Portland has a laidback and welcoming atmosphere that most visitors find irresistible, and it offers a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities all year long. The temperatures can get quite chilly during the winter, so bundle up and go tubing or ice skating or visit Pioneer Courthouse Square to admire the lights. When the evening comes around, hop aboard a ferry to participate in a dance party on one of the area’s two rivers, or take a more traditional approach and attend one of the celebrations that take place in the city’s many bars, nightclubs, and breweries.

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23. San Diego

San Diego

Sitting on the Pacific coast, San Diego boasts beautiful beaches, world-class golf courses, and plenty of sunshine. There are plenty of things to see and do here; some of the best include San Diego Zoo, the USS Midway Museum in the harbor, and the many art galleries and studios scattered throughout the streets. The nightlife here is especially vibrant on New Year’s Eve, and visitors won’t struggle to find a party, even at the last minute. The city is a great destination for families as well, and kid-friendly New Year’s celebrations are held at many museums and attractions.

24. Seattle


Nestled between Puget Sound and the beautiful mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is home to Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and some of the biggest tech companies in the country. However, the city still knows how to party; there’s a New Year’s Eve celebration here to suit every taste, from elegant five-course dinners to rowdy dance parties in the city’s top nightclubs. If you don’t want to blow your budget, check out the free party held at the Seattle Center. Everyone is welcome, and highlights include live music, a light show, and fireworks at midnight.

25. Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

Located on Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor provides access to beautiful Acadia National Park. Visitors come here all throughout the year to marvel at the town’s breathtaking views of the beaches and cliffs, but winter visitors have the special opportunity to enjoy activities like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. One of the most popular New Year’s events in the town is the family-friendly carnival held during the afternoon at the Criterion Theater, which offers games, fairground-style activities, and a comedic variety show. Celebrations are also held at many of the town’s restaurants and hotels.

25 Best Places to Go for New Year’s Eve

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Most people associate New Orleans with Mardi Gras, but the city can also provide a first-rate New Year’s Eve experience. The last night of the year turns the entire city into a party, with people drifting between elegant cocktail bars and grungy nightclubs. Many venues offer free entry, meaning that it’s relatively easy to spend New Year’s here, even if you’re making your plans at the last minute. At midnight, head to Jackson Square to watch the fireworks and the city’s trademark fleur de lis drop, which take place at midnight over the Mississippi River. Where to stay: Bourbon Orleans Hotel, Hotel Le Marais

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