Reduced. To the core.

The CORE is the ultimate lightweight harness, built to meet the high demands of mountaineers and Hike/Climb&Fly enthusiasts. In the development of the harness, which weighs only 410 grams, our focus was on: lightness, stability, intuition, and most of all comfort. And without sacrificing safety. The CORE has a modular design and can be equipped with an LTF91/09-approved PERMAIR protector in just a few steps. It weighs a total of only 800 grams, which makes it the lightest harness with permanent protector on the market and is aimed specifically at Hike&Fly-Race-Athletes.


The CORE is modular and available in two versions. The PURE Set accompanies you on fast Hike&Fly tours or difficult climbing routes. The PermAir Add-On turns the CORE into a PERMAIR Set and offers full protection even before launch. Also, thanks to its ultra compact packing size the CORE is the perfect travel companion and is further more ideal as a passenger harness for Hike&Fly tandem flying.


The CORE eliminates bulky buckles and adjustment straps. The elastic shoulder straps adapt to your size, ensure an optimal fit during the launch phase and rest comfortably on your shoulders in the air. Red and blue marked seams in the loops improve the overview while small SALEWA sling protectors prevent the carabiners from twisting in the straps. In flight, insulation foam in the complete seat and a PE board in the leg loops ensure an extremely comfortable fit and counteract the cold.


The packing size of the CORE is ultra-compact. A small, narrow pocket stores the ultra-lightweight harness and lets you pack it in even the smallest Hike&Fly rucksack with ease. Its unisize covers body sizes from 1,65 to 1,95 meters. That’s all you need.

PURE Set – 410 g
  • Storage bag
  • Seat shell
  • Speed system
  • Carabiner
  • Sternum Strap

PermAir Add-On

PERMAIR Set – 800 g
  • Storage bag
  • Seat shell
  • Speed system
  • Carabiner
  • Sternum Strap
  • PERMAIR Add-On
  • PERMAIR Mouthpiece
  • Inflation Bag
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The further development of our first PERMAIR protector generation has a practical inflate/deflate check valve that makes the filling of your protector significantly easier. PERMAIR 2.0 protectors can also be inflated in several ways. In addition to the previously common variant with the inflation bag and compression function, you now have the option to fill your protector in a minimalist way via the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece includes a moisture filter to minimize the introduction of moisture and is included in the PERMAIR Set scope of delivery.


The most common way to fill your PERMAIR protector with air is to use the Inflationbag. Connect the Inflationbag to the valve and blow into the opening. Close the bag by rolling it until pressure builds up in the Inflationbag. Apply more pressure by pumping on the Inflationbag to allow air to flow into the PERMAIR protector. You will feel a pressure increase in the Inflationbag when the protector is completely filled. After that, it is not possible to pump more air into the protector.

Inflationbag: Versatile use

The size of the Inflationbag was chosen that it fills your PERMAIR protector with one blow. You can also use it as a compression-innerbag for your glider. This guarantees an ascent-optimized way of packing in a very small Hike&Fly rucksack such as the HIKE35.


Connect the grey part of the mouth piece to the valve. Make sure the HME-filter (heat moisture exchanger) is inside the mouth piece (blue spongy) and start with inflating by blowing inside the transparent opening. The protector is fully inflated once you feel significant resistance of air pressure when blowing inside.

Grows with your skills.

Anyone who starts paragliding needs a very special wing: a glider that is particularly easy to handle and gives you a lot of confidence from the first moment. The MESCAL6 is just such a glider – and thanks to our revolutionary “AGILITY SYSTEM” it is also the first glider that grows with the skill of the pilot. This system allows you to adjust the brake line geometry individually to the pilot’s wishes in just a few simple steps, allowing you to refine your feeling for the paraglider and increase it step by step.

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But our new entry-level glider inspires not only with its adaptive handling. Student pilots, weekend and leisure pilots get a glider that is completely stress-free from pre-launch preparations to after-landing packing. The MESCAL6 comes equipped with all the latest technologies, placing you at the cutting-edge right from the start!

Unique through innovation!

The first glider that grows with your skills.


With the AGILITY SYSTEM you can switch between the two brake line geometries “Comfort-Mode” and “Sport-Mode”. The MESCAL6 reacts differently to brake input:

In “Comfort-Mode” the MESCAL6 is the perfect flight school glider. The brakes accentuate the center of the wing: Brake input is directly applied and the canopy turns flatter – perfect for flights on training slopes and the first mountain flights. Student pilots can concentrate fully on the unknown medium of air.

In “Sport-Mode” the handling becomes more lively and agile. The brakes accentuate the outer wing: the glider banks higher, the control pressure in the effective range is lower and you can optimize your bank angle in every position while turning – experienced pilots fly high wingovers with ease. The conversion between the two modes takes only a few minutes and can easily be done by the pilot without any tools.

Like its predecessor, the MESCAL6 is based on a compact wing shape with an aspect ratio of 4.8 and 38 cells, which is optimal for this class of glider and provides the best flying characteristics. For easy handling, the clearly arranged line setup and the ergonomic risers are color-coded to facilitate pre-launch preparations and inflation in all wind conditions. For big ears, important in training, we have included markings on the split A-risers. Another useful detail is our “ERGO Handles”: The size-adjustable brake handles allow you to adjust them to your personal favorite position. The materials used are very robust and are forgiving if you let the canopy touch the ground.

The MESCAL6 comes equipped with all the latest technologies, placing you at the cutting-edge right from the start. All five sizes are certified in the LTF /EN A category – whether you are flying in “Comfort-” or “Sport-Mode”.

Efficient. High-Performance. Ultralight.

Hike&Fly races place particularly high demands on a paraglider: The wing must be stress-free to fly for many hours, show maximum performance and also be ultralight so that it can fit into even the smallest Hike&Fly backpack. The X-ALPS5 combines all these criteria perfectly and was designed exactly for this purpose.

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The 2-liner technology, combined with the moderate aspect ratio and number of cells, as well as the ultralight construction result in a well-balanced high performer, which is not only the working tool of our X-Alps athletes, but is also perfectly suited for cross-country pilots, bivouac pilots and beginners in the 2-liner class. Therefore nothing stands in the way of your next adventure!

Conceived by professionals, developed for winners!

A new era of success.


The neat line setup and the 7mm lightweight riser, which is comparatively torsion-resistant for its light weight, make launch preparations shorter and much easier for the pilot. The X-ALPS5 has very easy launch behavior for its class and allows launches in very challenging terrain, even in tough conditions. The very precise canopy feedback makes the glider very intuitive to fly, which is what our athletes particularly like about the X-ALPS5 and establishes a quick familiarity with the wing. The X-APLPS5 responds directly to control impulses and turns smoothly due to the moderate aspect ratio of 6.57, while the bank angle is easy to control.

Due to the special manufacturing technology and the complex inside construction, the profile is extraordinarily dimensionally stable in trim as well as in accelerated flight. In addition, the 2-liner technology guarantees low line drag, giving the X-ALPS5 very high glide performance. The long accelerator way of 18cm provides a high speed increase. Combined with the smooth B-control, the pilot can fly very fast and efficiently in race mode for many hours.

The well-proven Porcher Skytex 27 double coated cloth material not only ensures an ultralight weight of 3.4kg, but also a long lifetime.

Efficient, high-performance, ultralight, simple – these words best describe the X-ALPS5.




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