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## How to Use the Paraglider in Dying Light 2: A Beginner’s Guide

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the paraglider is an essential tool for traversal and exploration. Here’s a comprehensive guide to using it effectively:

### Acquiring the Paraglider

You will obtain the paraglider automatically during the “Broadcast” main mission. Aiden will climb a radio tower and activate a distress beacon, triggering the arrival of the paraglider.

### Activating the Paraglider

To deploy the paraglider, press and hold the LB (Xbox) / L1 (PlayStation) button while in mid-air. Aiden will automatically equip the paraglider and begin gliding.

### Controlling the Paraglider

While gliding, you can control Aiden’s direction and speed using the following methods:

– Left/Right Stick: Tilt the stick to steer left or right.
– LB (Xbox) / L1 (PlayStation): Hold to gain altitude.
– RB (Xbox) / R1 (PlayStation): Hold to descend rapidly.
– RT (Xbox) / R2 (PlayStation): Hold to dive and gain speed.
– Left/Right Trigger: Push gently to perform barrel rolls.

### Landing

To land, release the LB (Xbox) / L1 (PlayStation) button. Aiden will retract the paraglider and perform a controlled landing.

### Techniques

1. Grappling Hook Synergy

Combine the paraglider with the grappling hook to reach distant rooftops or platforms. Launch the grappling hook while gliding to attach to a target and propel yourself towards it.

2. Zipline Traversal

Paraglide towards ziplines to connect to them. You can ride ziplines while gliding to cover long distances quickly.

3. Air Jumps

While gliding, you can perform air jumps to gain additional height or change direction. Press the A (Xbox) / X (PlayStation) button to jump.

4. Parkour Integration

Paraglide seamlessly into parkour maneuvers. Deploy the paraglider while mid-way through a wall run or jump to extend your distance or reach higher platforms.

### Tips

– Practice gliding in safe areas before attempting risky maneuvers.
– Pay attention to the wind direction to avoid being blown off course.
– Use the environment to your advantage, such as jumping from tall structures or using updraft currents.
– Experiment with different control combinations to find what works best for your playstyle.
– Upgrade the paraglider at Quartermasters to improve its speed, altitude, and durability.

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