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Hawaii Trip Costs in 2022 – 2023

Hawaii Vacation Costs for Couples, Families, and Groups

2022 – 2023 Hawaii Budget Calculator & Cheapest Times to visit

The first step toward planning a great vacation is to budget for it. That way, you can ensure that you have enough to spend to make the vacation worthwhile and possibly save some money in the process. There are many things to budget for any vacation, and Hawaii is no different.

You will have to budget everything from airfare to food costs for a Hawaii vacation. There are also some essential things that you will need to budget for, such as attractions and where you will stay.

The following article is a detailed description of everything you need to know when budgeting for a trip to Hawaii. It covers everything from when you leave for the airport the morning of the trip to returning home once it is over.

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Hawaii Trip Costs Summary

This article has the general expenses for planning a trip to the Hawaiian islands. It also has a calculator to help you with an estimated total cost amount.

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How Much Airport Expenses Cost

Airport expenses can vary depending on multiple factors, such as what airline you choose and if you purchase any snacks or meals. There are also parking fees and baggage fees to consider.

Airport expenses are one of the most expensive things to budget for on a trip to Hawaii, aside from the hotel or vacation home you decide to stay at. Since there are multiple airlines to choose from, it’s difficult to pinpoint precisely how much airport expenses will cost.

The main things to consider when budgeting for the airport are:
* The plane tickets
* The baggage fees
* Any snacks or meals
* Parking fees

There are also ways to save money on each of these expenses.

Plane Tickets

The average prices for flights to Hawaii are:

* $905 for the East Coast
* $480 for the West Coast
* $780 for the Midwest
* $1,060 for international flights
However, ticket prices can still vary depending on multiple factors.

When planning a trip to Hawaii, the first thing you should purchase is airplane tickets. Purchasing them two or three months in advance will save you a significant amount of money and ensure you have a flight when you plan to go.

If you are traveling from anywhere on the East Coast of the United States, tickets usually cost about $905 per person for a round-trip flight. If you are traveling from the West Coast or the Midwest, they are slightly less expensive. Flying from the West Coast costs about $480 per person round trip, while Midwest flights cost about $780 per person round trip.

Landing an Inexpensive Flight

The highest flight prices are for those traveling internationally to Hawaii. If you are traveling to Hawaii from somewhere outside of the United States, then the average cost of round-trip airfare is about $1,060 per person. However, the ticket prices can fluctuate depending on two main things, the airline you purchase from and when you purchase the tickets.

The majority of inexpensive flights to Hawaii land in Honolulu or Maui. As for which cities have the most affordable flights heading towards Hawaii, California, and other West Coast states, they are the ones to go for. If you want to save money, you could drive to California and fly to Honolulu or Maui from there. It’s also recommended to search multiple airline websites for ticket prices to find those that fit your budget.

The other main factor that can help you save money on plane tickets is the time you buy them. It is recommended to buy them at least two months in advance of when you plan to leave, but there are also certain times of the year that are better for a Hawaii vacation than others. The worst and most expensive times to go to Hawaii are during its peak seasons during the summer months and major United States holidays.

Everything is much more expensive during the peak seasons, not just airfare tickets. To save money and time, the best times to fly to Hawaii include:
* Mid-April
* Late summer
* After the winter holidays
* Before Thanksgiving

Not only will you have a higher chance of booking a flight for a reasonable price, but you will also be able to save money and time on other vacation expenses.

Baggage Fees

The average cost of airport baggage fees is around $50 per bag. These fees must be paid if you have bags that exceed a specific weight limit or have more than two bags. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid paying this fee or save money on the cost if you need extra bags.

If you have a bag over a specific weight limit or more than two bags, you will need to pay an airport baggage fee. The average cost of airport baggage fees is about $50, but it can vary depending on how heavy your bag is or how many you have.

The best way to avoid paying this fee is to pack light. Having a personal item that you keep with you at your seat and a small carry-on bag that can fit in the overhead compartment is the best way to ensure you don’t have to pay for baggage fees. You can also include more items into your bag to avoid having to check a bag if it’s over a certain weight.

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If you need to check a bag, then there are a few ways you can make it less expensive. One way is to check the bag at the airport gate rather than check-in for your flight. The airline might offer a free bag check to ensure everyone’s luggage gets on if your flight is full. This method isn’t guaranteed, but it’s worth a shot as long as your bag fits the weight requirements instituted by the airline.

Another way you can avoid paying the full baggage fee is to get a discount. Whether it’s a military discount or a discount through elite flight status, any deal can make a considerable cost difference in the long run.

Meals and Drinks

The price of snacks and meals at the airport varies depending on how much you purchase. The average price of snacks and meals is around ten dollars, which can add up fast if you buy a significant amount.

Snacks, meals, and drinks from the airport usually cost about ten dollars. Some airlines offer free snacks in flight, but you still have to pay for meals or drinks and snack packs. The cost of meals and snacks can rack up fast. Fortunately, there are ways to save money at the airport.

The main way to avoid buying meals and drinks at the airport is to bring your food. Most small snacks can get past security, such as fruits and vegetables, and having small snacks available will make you less tempted to purchase snacks from the airport and save you money in the process.

Another great way to stay full and save money on snacks is to eat lots of protein-filled snacks, such as protein bars. Protein will help you feel full for a more extended amount of time, lessening the chances of you getting hungry and buying food at the airport. If you need to stop at a layover, it’s recommended to pack snacks that can keep over time. The most popular snacks include nutrition bars and trail mix since they are filling and can last for days in a backpack.

Parking Fees

Parking at an airport isn’t ideal if you’re on a budget, but it’s doable with a few money-saving tips. The average cost for parking at an airport is anywhere from $42 to $273 for one week, and the prices vary depending on the airport and how long you want to park your car there.

It’s recommended that you have someone drive you to the airport or take a taxi to avoid airport parking fees altogether. But if you do end up needing to park your car at the airport, then you can expect to pay around $42 to $273 for one week of parking. The prices might be a little more or less expensive depending on the airport and how long you park there, but there are ways to save money on parking for any circumstance.

The best ways to save money on airport parking are to book parking in advance and look for any coupons. Reserving a long-term parking spot a month or so before your flight can save you a significant amount of money. It’s recommended that you contact the airport you plan to fly from to check advanced scheduling versus drive-up rates.

Another way to save money on airport parking is to look online for coupons. Even doing a Google search with the name of the airline you plan to park at and the word “coupons” after it can turn up some unexpected finds.

Hawaii Driving Tour Apps

Location-Based Applications

It’s like having a tour guide in your car! Listen to stories, legends, history, and what to do and see, at the right place and time.

Shaka Guide uses your GPS to guide you to interesting places along the way on each of the main Hawaiian islands. Automatic audio tours with turn-by-turn directions mean all you need to do is to turn on the tour and drive. Check out driving Tours for Circle Island Oahu, North Shore Kauai, and Waimea Canyon & Na Pali Coast.

2022-2023 Hawaii Budget Calculator

Estimate the Cost of your Hawaii Vacation

Aloha, guest readers can calculate five (5) trip cost estimates for Hawaii each day. Rates included within this calculator are based on projected Summer & Fall 2022 rates aggregated from current OTA pricing. Rates will be updated regularly.

HawaiiGuide Premium members can submit unlimited trip estimates each day.

Aloha, as a HawaiiGuide Premium member you can calculate unlimited Hawaii trip cost estimates each day. Mahalo for being a HawaiiGuide Premium member!

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost in Hawaii?

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost in Hawaii

86% of buyers who did a home inspection identified at least one problem that needed fixing.

A home inspection can save you the money you might have to spend on unexpected repairs. Home buyers can use home inspection reports to negotiate the sales price too. Let’s look at how much does a home inspection cost in Hawaii.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of a property. Home inspections reveal the true condition of the property that an untrained eye can miss. Sellers could be unaware of the issues in their property, and while it’s not intentional, it can cause the buyer to end up with a defective house.

Appearances can be deceptive. You don’t want to buy a house just because of the fancy the wallpaper is. What if the foundational wall is exposed to moisture, and you have mold on your new property?

Home Inspections: Everything you need to know about property inspections

What do Home Inspectors Look for in Hawaii?

A home inspector is a professional who will assess and evaluate the condition of the property.

Types of Home Inspections in Hawaii

Depending on the property’s condition and age, the home inspector will determine if you need to do specialized home inspections. This inspection report can help you escape a contract on a decaying house.

1. General Home Inspection

In a general home inspection, a home inspector looks for:

1. Exterior Home InspectionFoundation, Garage, Roof Inspection, Exterior Walls
2. Interior Home InspectionElectrical, Plumbing, Kitchen appliances, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

4-Point Inspection: Find out if your home needs a four-point inspection

2. Special Home Inspection

A home inspector may recommend specialized types of inspections for a property based on their assessment.

1. Asbestos Inspection:Check the suspected presence of ACM (Asbestos-containing material)
2. Radon Inspection:Assess the home for the presence of radon gas which is a highly toxic material
3. Lead-based Paint Inspection:Recommended for old homes, especially ones built before 1970
4. Termite Inspection:Check the house for wood-loving organisms like termites, pests, etc.
5. Mold:Assess the house for mold or moisture
6. Chimney Inspection:Evaluation of chimney to determine if its usable or not
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How Much is a Home Inspection in Hawaii?

The cost of a home inspection ranges between $400 – $700 in Hawaii, with an average cost of $550.

Prices may differ regionally and also depend on factors like the age of the property and the size of the property.

Cost of a Home Inspection

A general home inspection can cost around $100 to $500, depending on the size of the house.

# NoHome SizeHome Inspection Cost Per Square Foot
1.Less than 1,000 sft$100 to $400
2.1,000 sft to 2,000 sft$400 to $500
3.More than 2,000 sft$500+

Additional Home Inspection Costs: Inspectors charge extra for specialized home inspections. The home inspector may also charge for transportation if your house is remote or difficult to reach.

Cost of Special Home Inspections

Specialized or specialty home inspections can cost between $25 to $500, depending on the type of inspection.

All homeowners should consider getting the termite inspection done. It also depends on your geographical location. You might need multiple foundation-related inspections in cold-weather areas like Washington, Illinois.

In contrast, if you buy a property in flood-prone areas of Florida or Texas, you will need the flood-risk inspection/assessment.

Cost of Reinspection After Repairs

A re-inspection is done to verify whether the issues identified during the first inspection have been fixed. The home inspector will only check the areas tagged for repairs this time.

Home re-inspection costs can vary, but the average is usually $50 to $100.

Cash for Ugly Houses: Distressed sellers lack the motivation to do the repairs identified in the house inspection and may eventually sell to a cash home buyer.

Home Inspection Cost Estimates in Hawaii

Home Inspection TypeInspectionAverage Price of this Home Inspection
Exterior1. Foundation$300-$1,000
Exterior2. Garage$200 – $600
Exterior3. Roof$75-$200
Exterior4. Exterior Walls$200 – $800
Interior1. Electrical$150 – $200
Interior2. Plumbing$180 – $225
Interior3. Kitchen Appliances$200 – $400
Interior4. HVAC$100 – $400
Specialized1. Asbestos$229 – $791
Specialized2. Radon$145 – $700
Specialized3. Lead-based Paint$250 – $700
Specialized4. Wood-destroying organisms or Termite$230 – $930
Specialized5. Mold$200 – $1,000
Specialized6. Soil$700 – $2,000
Specialized7. Chimney$300 – $600

Who Pays for the Home Inspection in Hawaii?

The homebuyer typically pays for the home inspection in Hawaii.

The house inspection cost is included in the buyer’s closing costs, but this cost is paid at the time of the service.

Sellers Paying Inspection Fees: If a home seller does a pre-inspection, they incur the house inspection cost.

Do New Homes Need an Inspection in Hawaii?

Yes, new-construction homes should be inspected. The newly constructed property may not have cosmetic flaws or wiring issues, but it’s still uninhabited and brand new.

The structure and foundation, plumbing, and HVAC should be evaluated. Contractors and sub-contractors that work fast only follow the bare minimum requirements of house building. It is possible that an issue with your new property exists because it is a new construction!

Do not assume that a new home will be unblemished!

How to Choose the Right Home Inspector in Hawaii?

Only a credible and diligent home inspector can identify the flaws in your property. Before scheduling a home inspection, you should check out:

  • Home Inspector’s Credentials: Check if your home inspector is licensed and whether they are a member of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) or NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors)
  • Training and Experience: How many certifications have they done? How many homes were inspected in their tenure? Do they perform specialized home inspections?
  • Pricing: Verify if the home inspector is charging as per the average house inspection costs in your area. It is likely that an experienced inspector may charge more for inspections.
  • Quality of home inspection reports: Is the inspection report detailed and specific? How meticulously has the home been inspected?

Do You Need a Home Inspection?

Yes, you need a home inspection!

Buying a house is probably one of the biggest transactions of your life. A home inspection gives you a preview of the house you will move into, and the average cost is just $550 in Hawaii. You can save yourself unexpected repairs in the future!

Home Inspection reveals potentially life-threatening issues in a house. As a home buyer, you can negotiate with the seller to fix the issues identified in the home inspection report.

Recommended Articles for Buying a House

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  • Selling a House in Hawaii: Selling a house in Hawaii is complex and requires a good understanding of the real estate market.
  • Closing Costs: Find costs associated with buying or selling a house & whether you can negotiate them.
    • Closing Costs for Sellers in Hawaii: What are the closing costs as a seller in Hawaii? See the real cost and how you can negotiate your closing costs as a seller.
    • Closing Costs for Buyers: Check out real costs related to buying a house and see if you can negotiate your closing costs as a buyer.

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    Hawaii Island Hopping – Inter-Island Flights

    One of the most common groups of questions I get is about inter-island flights between the Hawaiian Islands. Click below to read answers to island hopping questions.

    NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Please know I’m conscious of what’s happening with COVID-19 Coronavirus and mean no disrespect in updating information on this site while we’re in crisis. Eventually, travel will be back to normal and safe again, so I’m trying to be proactive during this downtime. I hope this finds you safe, healthy, and filled with ALOHA!

    Inter-island Hawaii flights

    I’m still waiting to hear back from Hawaiian Airlines, Ohana Airlines, Mokulele Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Makani Kai Airlines to see how routes have changed from the Coronavirus before editing this route map.

    What’s the best way to travel between Maui and Oahu (Honolulu) or Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, and the Big Island of Hawaii?

    There are six major islands of Hawaii that you can visit when you are Hawaii island hopping. By far the best way to get from one island of Hawaii to another is to fly. You’ll easily find frequent flights on full-sized airplanes between those four largest islands. For the two smaller inhabited Maui County Islands of Molokai and Lanai, both boats and planes are available.

    Hawaii airport flights

    You can book your flights between the islands as part of your air tickets from home to Hawaii, or you can buy the flights between the islands separately. But either way, you’ll want to buy all of the flights before you leave home.

    Does Hawaii have an inter-island ferry?

    There aren’t any regularly scheduled boats between the four largest and most popular islands (Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii). For a very brief time, we had the controversial Hawaii Superferry. It was quickly shut down and sold off due to it not having adequately moved through the process of obtaining environmental impact reports.

    Hawaii Superferry

    You can, however, take a ferry to Lanai Island from Lahaina Harbor on the west coast of Maui. on occasion, weather or mechanical issues can cancel trips, but this is really the easiest and cheapest way to travel between these two Hawaiian Islands.

    How long does it take to get between each Hawaiian Island?

    You may be surprised just how quick a flight between each Hawaiian Island is. Most of the time, you’ll be waiting at the airport longer than you will in the air.

    Flight Times:

    • Honolulu Oahu to Kahului Maui – 30 Minutes
    • Honolulu Oahu to Kapalua Maui – 35 Minutes
    • Honolulu Oahu to Lanai – 35 Minutes
    • Honolulu Oahu to Molokai – 35 Minutes
    • Honolulu Oahu to Lihue Kauai – 25 Minutes
    • Honolulu Oahu to Kona Big Island – 40 Minutes
    • Honolulu Oahu to Hilo Big Island – 45 Minutes

    Then, of course, tiny flights like Kahului to Hana only take 10 minutes or so. Another thing to keep in mind when planning your timing: Most inter-island flights leave from a commuter terminal. These tiny airport terminals allow for very quick security checks and onboarding.

    Mokulele Hawaii flights

    Another thing to keep in mind: the smaller airlines are known to be far less reliable when it comes to on-time departure. When Island Air was still in service, we had multiple terrible experiences until we finally learned better. We sat on runways and in airport terminals for hours on end (sometimes with the flight being canceled to boot!)

    How much does it cost to island-hop in Hawaii?

    Prices to fly from one to another island fluctuate depending on availability, seasonality, and competition. We find most roundtrip tickets from one Hawaiian Island to another cost anywhere from $75 to $125.

    That being said, we’ve spent as little as $29 and as much as $210. Of course, shorter flights are often cheaper (Maui to Hana.) Longer flights are more expensive (Kauai to Big Island.)

    What’s the cheapest way to travel between the Hawaiian Islands?

    The best way to find good prices on your flights from home to Hawaii, as well as your flights between the islands of Hawaii, is to compare prices using several travel websites, such as CheapTickets, Travelocity, Hotwire, Priceline, Expedia, Orbitz, and others. lately, I’ve been finding that searches directly in Google Flights are a powerful tool.

    I absolutely hate how some (if not ALL) of the airlines and travel aggregators will change prices for you personally after having done a few searches. I highly recommend searching within Chrome incognito and have multiple options open in different windows. Lately, I’ve also found that breaking up flights and buying each leg from different sources can make the overall flights to Hawaii cheaper. Sometimes.

    The best time for inexpensive flights to Hawaii and within Hawaii is during our off-season. Usually between late September to early December offers up some good deals. They also say buying your tickets on a Tuesday morning is best.

    Hawaiian Island Airport List with Airport Codes

    Flights between one island of Hawaii and another are called Inter-Island Flights, or Hawaii island hopping. The main airports and their codes for the six islands you can visit are:

    • Honolulu Airport on Oahu – HNL (see photo below) on Maui – OGG on Maui – JHM
    • Hana Airport on Maui – HNM
    • Lihue Airport on Kauai – LIH
    • Princeville Airport on Kauai – HPV
    • Kona Airport on Big Island – KOA
    • Hilo Airport on Big Island – ITO
    • Lanai Airport on Lanai- LNY
    • Molokai Airport on Molokai – MKK

    Runway at Honolulu Airport

    You’ll find that most airports in Hawaii are pretty small, with the exception of Honolulu, which is an international terminal. That being said, even Honolulu Airport has its charm!

    How big is the aircraft that I can fly between the Hawaiian islands?

    There are six Hawaiian islands that tourists can visit. There are three main airlines that fly passengers between those islands in Hawaii. Here are the types and sizes of the aircraft flown by those airlines. They are listed here in order of aircraft size, from small to large.

    Hawaiian Airlines is the largest and most popular airline for Hawaii island hopping, flying between the islands of Hawaii. They have numerous flights every day from each island to the other islands of Hawaii. Most of their flights are on modern Boeing 717 jets with two jet engines and 118 to 123 seats to Oahu (Honolulu), Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii. To the smaller islands of Molokai or Lanai, you will have to take a smaller plane or a boat.

    Mokulele Airlines flies the Cessna Grand Caravan with one propeller engine and 9 seats.

    Ohana Airlines (a division of Hawaiian Airlines) flies the ATR42-500 which has two propellers and 48 seats.

    Hawaii aircraft

    The above information is as of 2018. Airlines and aircraft can change, so call each airline to verify the types of airplanes that they are currently flying.

    For information about all of the airports on Maui, click on Maui Airports.

    Discover Flight – Kahului – Hana

    This video shows a recent flight we took learning to fly a cessna from Kahului Airport (OGG) to Hana Airport (HNM) and back. It was amazing! Learn more at Fly Maui Hi.




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