Great Plateau

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The Great Plateau is a large region of land that is secluded from other parts of Hyrule, as its steep slopes prevent anyone from traveling to and from it without special equipment, such as the Paraglider. [2] The only active inhabitant is the Old Man, a mysterious elderly fellow with a deep knowledge of the Sheikah. [3]

According to the Old Man, the Great Plateau is the location where the Kingdom of Hyrule was founded. [4] As such, it is a sacred place where no monsters are meant to roam. [5] However, due to the Calamity Ganon’s growing influence, it has been corrupted by enemies. The Great Plateau features numerous changes in Master Mode, such as the inclusion of a White-Maned Lynel in the forest north of the Old Man’s Cabin as well as the addition of several Treasure Chests guarded by Sky Octoroks. When traversing, you will find several camps with no inhabitants.

Eastern Abbey

The Eastern Abbey is a ruin surrounding Ja Baij Shrine on the eastern edge of the Great Plateau. The Eastern Abbey contains several broken down Guardians, three of which are still active and will come alive to attack Link if he comes within range of them. The formal entryway to the Ja Baij Shrine is blocked by a bombable wall, which can be broken with a Guardian’s laser, Bomb Arrows or with the Remote Bomb Rune after retrieving it from inside the Shrine. There is also a metal wall you can lift with Magnesis, with which you can place it on top of the wall to make a ramp.

Forest of Spirits

The Forest of Spirits is a heavily-wooded area in the north of the Great Plateau. It is lush with wildlife, inhabited by Boars and birds as well as a plethora of organic plant-based Materials. An uninhabited camp containing a campfire and a Cooking Pot can be found in the eastern reaches of the Forest of Spirits, allowing Link to cook various Foods with the Materials littered across the Forest floor. This camp also contains basic weaponry, such as the Traveler’s Bow and a Torch. Also found in the Forest of Spirits is an enormous hollow log with the top rotted away, inside which a tall yellow flower can be found. If Link tries to approach this flower, it will vanish, and reappear a short distance away. After it does this several times, it reveals itself to be a Korok. Another Korok can be found by lifting the rock on the top of the small, strangely shaped hill.

A Stone Talus can be found in a rocky clearing in the Forest.

Great Plateau Tower

The Great Plateau Tower is a Sheikah Tower situated in the northeastern region of the Great Plateau. Initially, it is buried beneath the surface of the Great Plateau, requiring Link to use his Sheikah Slate to reactivate it. Upon reactivation, it causes a chain reaction across Hyrule, raising Sheikah Towers across all of Hyrule and activating all Ancient Shrines throughout Hyrule. [6]

Hopper Pond

The Hopper Pond is a small body of water found west of the Forest of Spirits. A group of Bokoblins have established an encampment beside the Pond, guarding their treasure. Due west of Hopper Pond is another Bokoblin encampment.

King’s Tomb

The King’s Tomb is a small burial site and Tombstone found at the peak of Mount Hylia. It is where King Rhoam is buried. [7] A semi-random Material can be taken from inside.

Mount Hylia

Mount Hylia is a cold and snowy region in the Great Plateau, based beside the River of the Dead. It is dotted with several Bokoblin camps, and is inhabited with ice-themed enemies. Keh Namut Shrine lays near a frigid pond in northwestern region, and Owa Daim Shrine rests on the far eastern border of the mountain. After raising the Great Plateau Tower, if Link climbs up to its peak in the center, he is greeted by the Old Man, who teaches him about the Scope ability on Link’s Sheikah Slate. [8] If Link has climbed to the peak using only Foods that give him Cold Resistance, the Old Man will be impressed with his ability to travel so far in the cold without proper attire, and gives Link the Warm Doublet. [9] On the stone wall near Keh Namut Shrine, a Korok can be found hiding inside a chunk of ice.

At the top of the peak is the King’s Tomb, a cairn marking the burial site of King Rhoam.

River of the Dead

The River of the Dead is a frigid body of water fed by Mount Hylia. It is located on the western portion of the Great Plateau. There are two magnetic pieces, which can be used to make a makeshift bridge. There are some chests in the up the River.

Shrine of Resurrection

The Shrine of Resurrection is where Link first awakens, upon hearing a voice pleading for his return to save Hyrule. It is situated in the center of the Great Plateau.

Ancient Shrines

The Great Plateau bears four Ancient Shrines: Ja Baij Shrine, Keh Namut Shrine, Oman Au Shrine and Owa Daim Shrine. Link is tasked with the responsibility of clearing each of these Shrines in order to retrieve the treasure, the Spirit Orbs, granted by the eponymous Monks residing in each Shrine. In exchange for this treasure, the Old Man offers his Paraglider, [10] the only tool capable of allowing Link to leave the Great Plateau. After the Expansion Pass is purchased, three chests appear on the Great Plateau. One is found on the top of a wall within sight of Ja Baij Shrine, another to the left of Oman Au Shrine, and the third on the thick wall bordering the Plateau near Keh Namut Shrine. These chests are of a purple and silver coloration, and have the letters “EX” on the front. They contain the Nintendo Switch Shirt, a Ruby, and five Bomb Arrows, respectively.

Temple of Time

The Temple of Time is situated near the center of the Great Plateau, at the foot of the River of the Dead. With the decay of the Kingdom of Hyrule, it has fallen into disrepair, but it was once used frequently for sacred rites. [11] Inside rests a Statue of the Goddess, Hylia, which Link can pray to in order to receive her blessing. [12] After Link has four Spirit Orbs, he can receive a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel from the Goddess.

Old Man’s Cabin

The Old Man’s Cabin is a small building based in the southwestern region of the Great Plateau.



The Map of the Great Plateau

The eastern side of the Great Plateau, showing the Eastern Abbey and the Great Plateau Tower

An active Decayed Guardian in the Eastern Abbey attacking Link

The Forest of Spirits during the daytime

The Forest of Spirits at sunset

The pathway leading to the River of the Dead from the Temple of Time

The peak of Mount Hylia

The pond north of the Great Plateau Tower

The chest that appears near Ja Baij Shrine with the Expansion Pass

The Expansion Pass chest that is found next to Oman Au Shrine

The chest near Keh Namut Shrine that appears with the Expansion Pack

A promotional image from the Nintendo Magazine (Winter 2021) featuring the area underneath the Owa Daim Shrine on the Great Plateau from Breath of the Wild

A promotional image from the Nintendo Magazine (Winter 2021) featuring an eastern portion of the Great Plateau from Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild Walkthrough – Great Plateau

Great Plateau Walkthrough

The Great Plateau is the first region of the game where Link begins his quest. After awakening at the Shrine of Resurrection, Link ventures out into the Great Plateau and he must complete the first four Shrines to progress onward.

  • Chapter 1 – Great Plateau
    • 1.1 – Great Plateau Tower
    • 1.2 – Oman Au Shrine
    • 1.3 – Ja Baij Shrine
    • 1.4 – Owa Daim Shrine
    • 1.5 – Keh Namut Shrine
    • 1.6 – The Paraglider
    • 1.7 – Great Plateau Goodies

    1.1 Great Plateau Tower

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    The game begins with a voice summoning Link to awake in a desolate cave. Wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, Link will awake within the Shrine of Resurrection. Wander over to the nearby pedestal to collect the Sheikah Slate, a mysterious tablet that will guide you along on your quest. This will trigger a nearby door to open up, so run on through.

    Here you will find a pair of treasure chests containing an Old Shirt and some Well-Worn Trousers, giving our hero some much needed clothing. Run ahead and hold the Sheikah Slate up to the pedestal, causing the nearby door to open up. Run ahead and climb up the rock wall to get outside, and you’ll find yourself at the Great Plateau.

    After an overview of the world, Link will see an Old Man in the distance walking towards a camp fire. At this point you can navigate the world as you please; you can find some Tree Branches, Hylian Shrooms, climb up some rocks, interact with your environment, and just get used to your surroundings. You don’t even have to talk to the Old Man if you don’t want to, and he’ll react differently depending on whether you put on clothes yet or if you take things without asking. So begins the complete openness and freedom to do as you please and see what happens which this game offers! This walkthrough will feature our recommended path to take, however.

    After the title cutscene, make your way over and speak with the Old Man. He talks about the Great Plateau and how it is the birthplace of Hyrule. He gives you a glimpse of the nearby Temple in the distance. If you’d like to, you can run over to these ruins to find the Temple of Time, or continue and explore the world around you. To the northeast of the entrance to the Temple you will find some ruins containing a chest. This contains a pair of Hylian Trousers, which have a defense of three, two more than the previously obtained Well-Worn Trousers.

    After a while the voice who woke you will speak again and will highlight a spot on the map of your Sheikah Slate. Make your way over to the location and you’ll find various Bokoblins guarding the entry. You can battle them or just run by if you’d like. Place the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal. This will activate the Sheikah Towers found all throughout the land, soaring them into the skies and giving Link a grander view of the region. Link will then appear atop the Great Plateau Tower.

    Carefully drop down from the Great Plateau Tower and you will once again be joined by the Old Man. He gives you the backstory of Calamity Ganon, who appeared 100 years ago and brought ruin and destruction to the land. The Old Man indicates that you are not able to leave the Plateau unless you have a Paraglider. He offers to trade you as long as you acquire a treasure from a secret Shrine that has appeared in the distance.

    1.2 Oman Au Shrine

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    This is the first case where the main storyline can be “put on hold”: There are a total of four shrines on the Great Plateau, and while the Old Man is pointing you at the closest, all four will eventually be required, and can be completed in any order, so feel free to take the game how you please. However, the Oman Au Shrine is the closest, so we’ll start there. There are a number of ways to navigate towards the Shrine, but it is a fairly safe route no matter which path you choose.

    Shrines serve two main functions. Simply arriving at the shrine and putting the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal will unlock the shrine as a quick-warp location, which can be traveled to at any time (even when within a shrine). The secondary function is to enter the shrine and complete it. If you save the shrine for later, the inner portion of the icon will show as red on the map. When all treasure chests within the shrine are collected, a treasure chest icon will show next to its name on the map when it is selected. And finally, shrines that are not unlocked will show as red in the world, shrines that are unlocked but not completed will show as blue with a red top, and completed shrines show as blue.

    DLC NOTE: You may notice a purple treasure chest labelled ‘EX’ adjacent to the shrine. Open this up to obtain a Ruby.

    With everything set, go ahead and enter the Oman Au Shrine.

    Here you will find the Magnesis Trial. Run over to the pedestal and insert the Sheikah Slate to get the Magnesis Rune. This allows Link to interact with and move most metallic objects from a distance. When using the Magnesis Rune, targets made of metal will be highlighted to help find them. Use Magnesis to lift one or both of the two large metallic plates that are on the ground here, revealing a pathway. Drop down below and climb out of the water if you’ve fallen into it. Run ahead and climb the steps.

    Here you will find a large wall and looking at it, one of the blocks is different than the rest and is made of metal. Another metal block is also in the corner. The rest of the blocks can easily be maneuvered by pushing against them with a metal block using Magnesis. Move the blocks out of the way, or create a staircase over them, and continue.

    Watch out for the small Guardian Scout I that is roaming around. Guardian enemies do increased damage to any weapon or shield used against them, including bows. You can simply run over and slash away to defeat it, holding up your shield to block its laser beams. Alternatively, you can use Magnesis to control the block and push the enemy down into the water, or even use the large block to smash the guardian.

    There is one trick to finish off guardians of any type easily, though it requires heavy practice. If you stand in one spot long enough it will aim its focus and shoot a beam at you. The use of the Perfect Guard maneuver can reflect the beam back at it, but if this is not correctly timed, it will do considerable damage to your shield and stronger guardians will likely destroy weaker shields. To use the Perfect Guard Maneuver, focus the target with a shield in hand, and press A to swing your shield. If correctly timed, this will reflect attacks back at the attacker and can also create openings when fighting other enemies. This move is not vital at the start of the game, but quickly becomes so. It is best to practice as much as possible and master it quickly.

    There is a metal plate on the ground here and it serves as a bridge to the next platform. Run across and then use Magnesis to carry the metal plate over, using it as a bridge to get further across.

    If you turn to the left you can see a treasure chest on a higher platform. Use Magnesis to grab the treasure chest and pull it towards you. Open it up to get a Traveler’s Bow. Up ahead there are two massive metallic doors. Use Magnesis to pull the doors open, allowing you to pass.

    Run ahead and examine the altar to speak with the Monk, Oman Au. He is the Monk of this Shrine and as a reward for your completing his trial, he will give you a Spirit Orb. A Monk will be found at the end of every shrine.

    You will then be warped back to outside of the Shrine. At this point, now that you have the Magnesis Rune, you can interact with all sorts of objects in the Overworld. You can control large boxes and toss them into the air, which upon destruction will give rewards. You can also pull up metallic treasure chests from underwater to uncover some more goodies. Some treasure chests, particularly in grassy areas, may be half buried, and can be pulled up with this rune. As always, the key here is explore, explore, explore!

    1.3 Ja Baij Shrine

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    Once you complete the first Shrine, the Old Man will paraglide over. He informs you that you can warp over to previous locations that you’ve uncovered with the Sheikah Slate, including the Great Plateau Tower, as well as Shrines. He tells you to meet him back up at the top of the tower, so pull out your Sheikah Slate and warp on over.

    The Old Man is already here. Odd? Talk to him and he’ll teach you about the scope ability of your Sheikah Slate. He suggests looking out into the distance so that you can pinpoint the location of the other three shrines in the area. All three of them are easily visible from the Great Plateau Tower, but they can also be easy to miss. Note that the scope does not have a zoom in or out function so often it’s better to use the normal camera for looking around and the scope specifically when you want to place a pin.

    Pins will automatically clear themselves when you reach them, and show up on your minimap to make them easy to orient towards, even at long distances. Glance around until you see the three remaining Shrines and be sure to pin them with your scope, so that it is easy to head towards them later. While it can be easy to lose your sense of direction, one of the shrines is at the east area of the map in the Eastern Abbey section. Another is at the south-central part of the map, just east of Mount Hylia, and another is at the far west of the map, just west of the River of the Dead.

    The closest of the shrines is nearby at the east end of the Great Plateau. It is located in a bit of a maze area that is surrounded by a couple of inactive Guardians. However, as you draw near, these Guardians will awaken and will shoot a massive beam of energy towards you after locking on. The path to the shrine is blocked off by a large boulder. The easiest way to access the shrine is to simply climb over the wall, though this can be tough if a Guardian has locked on to you. Alternatively, you can use the Guardian’s beam to blast through the boulder, but that is much more difficult.

    DLC NOTE: You will be able to find another purple chest on the wall just outside the shrine. Open it up to snag a Nintendo Switch Shirt.

    Once beyond the wall, place the Sheikah Stone into the pedestal to open the entrance to the next Shrine.

    Here we are at Ja Baij Shrine, also known as the Bomb Trial. Run over and place the Sheikah Stone into the pedestal and you’ll acquire the Remote Bomb Rune. This will allow Link to use Remote Bombs, in both the spherical form we all know and love, as well as a new cubic form. The difference between the two bombs is that spherical bombs will of course roll, and cubic bombs don’t. Use cubic bombs when you want to make sure the bomb doesn’t move out of place, for instance. Other than that there is no difference between either bomb. And for a final bonus, these bombs do not have a timed fuse like in previous games. Instead, they only explode when they are triggered remotely, by the rune. As these bombs are magical, they are infinite in supply, however a short cooldown is required between each use.

    As an advanced technique, it is possible to get a bomb out, switch to another rune, and then later switch back to the bomb rune and detonate it then. Since there are two bomb runes, this means you can have one of each out at a time, detonating one or the other as needed, by switching between the two Runes in the Sheikah Slate.

    In the first room there are a pair of boulders that can be blown up using your new rune. Take the path to the right and blow up some more boulders to find a treasure chest that contains a Traveler’s Claymore.

    Blow up up the boulders that were on the left and climb the ladder to progress onward to the next room. Here you will find a moving platform and there are some more large boulders that are blocking your path. You want to use a cube bomb here so that it won’t roll off the moving platform. Place the bomb at the edge of the moving platform and then return to a safe distance. When the platform moves next to the boulders, blow it up to get by.

    In the next area, you will see some devices that shoot out in a direction. The first one you see on the right has a small tunnel where you can drop a spherical bomb into. The bomb will launch across the room and you can detonate the bomb to blast away some blocks.

    Before progressing, head to the other side of the room where there are a pair of these launching devices. You can have one of them launch you to the other side to reach another treasure chest that contains a piece of Amber.

    Now drop down to the ground floor and make your way over to the ladder. With the boulders above now out of the way, climb on up and make your way over to the Monk. Just like the Monk from the previous Shrine, he will bestow upon you a Spirit Orb and return you to the surface.

    With the Bomb Rune, another flood of possibilities is open to you in your exploration. You can now wander around the Great Plateau, using your Remote Bombs in various ways to find a wide variety of goodies.

    1.4 Owa Daim Shrine

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    The Owa Daim Shrine is located at the south-central portion of the Great Plateau, at the south-eastern edge of the Mount Hylia region of the map, and is our next destination. This shrine, along with the final shrine in this area, are both located near colder climates, and Link will begin to take damage if he doesn’t have the proper gear or food. In our walkthrough we will first head towards the Temple of Time near the center of the map and get what we need to resist the cold, in order to make it easier to get to the fourth shrine, later.

    (Note that the Owa Daim Shrine can be reached directly via other methods, such as cutting down a tree to fall across a chasm, as one example, and cold resistance is not required. There are various ways to get cold resistance for the fourth shrine along that route, too. But this walkthrough couldn’t possibly cover all the options you have in front of you! So as always, feel free to explore and find your own way whenever you please!)

    From the Temple of Time head westward and you will see an archway that leads to a snowy plain. Just next to the archway there are some Spicy Peppers, so be sure to grab them. Before heading into the snow, walk northward a bit and you’ll see a Bokoblin camp. It’s a good idea to get rid of these enemies so that you can do some cooking. There are more spicy peppers in this area and it is recommended to pick them up too. Use a Boko Club or a Tree Branch and light it on fire, and then use that flame to light up the fire beneath the pot.

    Go into your inventory and select those Spicy Peppers you just obtained. You can hold up to 5 of them at a time and if you throw them all into the pot you can cook up some Spicy Sautéed Peppers. Five of them will allow you to have low-level cold resistance for over 12 minutes, which should give you plenty of time to navigate through the higher elevation regions of the Great Plateau. You can also experiment and create other recipes as well by mixing and matching ingredients, however if you include at least one Spicy Pepper, your result is likely to still give some amount of cold resistance. Cooking is pretty self explanatory; reading the description of each cooking material will give you a pretty accurate idea of what the results will be for combining various items (or multiple of the same item, such as with Spicy Sautéed Peppers.)

    There are other ways to survive the cold, too! If in your travels you have come across a Warm Doublet (an option for how to get this item is later in this chapter), that will also provide cold resistance when worn. You can also carry a lit torch, although it is easy to accidentally put it away or break it when fighting, and then it may not be easy to light it again. Another option is to collect a lot of food and then continuously eat it all as you take damage from the cold while quickly traveling to your destination. This cannot be said enough, but there are many ways to accomplish objectives in this game, so feel free to come up with your own!

    For this guide though, cook and eat some food to get cold resistance, and then run through the gate to reach the colder area. It’s now time to make your way over to the Owa Daim Shrine. By coming from this direction, you can climb higher up and then strategically climb down right when you are near the shrine. Be sure to check our Interactive Map if you aren’t sure of the exact location of the shrine. As per usual, once you arrive use the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to open up the entrance.

    Inside, run over to the Pedestal and place your Sheikah Slate to get the Rune for this shrine. This will give you the Stasis ability, which allows Link to freeze objects in time for a short period. These objects can also be hit to store kinetic energy and when time resumes, this energy will be expelled all at once, which can cause even the largest of objects to get launched across a room.

    The massive gear on the left side of the room is causing the nearby platform to rotate. Wait until the platform is level and then use Stasis on the gear, freezing it in time momentarily. Quickly run across before the gear re-activates.

    Run ahead and you’ll see a massive ball rolling down a narrow bridge. Once the ball passes you, quickly run up the bridge. Look ahead and you’ll see a second ball ready to roll down. Use Stasis to freeze it momentarily and quickly run up the bridge and off to the side to avoid the ball.

    Before progressing further, there is still a treasure for us to find here. Wait until the ball rolls by and then quickly run up to the top of the ramp where the balls first appear. Here you will find a treasure chest containing a Traveler’s Shield.

    Run ahead and you’ll see a large Iron Sledgehammer sitting against the wall. Be sure to pick it up as we’ll need a heavy duty weapon. Up ahead the path is blocked off by a stationary ball in the middle of the ramp. Use Stasis to freeze the object. In the few moments before it re-activates, use the Iron Sledgehammer to hit the ball several times. This will store the energy and once time resumes, the ball will be launched ahead.

    At this point you can run ahead to reach the Monk. Like the previous ones, he will give you a Spirit Orb for completing the trial.

    Back in the Overworld, the Stasis ability can be used on a variety of objects. It’s fun to use it on the nearby rock and launch it all the way across the map, for instance, and be rewarded with the chest underneath. Once more the possibilities for exploration have opened up even further to you. Feel free to get sidetracked as much as you like (that’s what this whole game is about after all), and when you’re ready, we’ll move on to the next Shrine.

    1.5 Keh Namut Shrine

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    The Keh Namut Shrine is located at the west portion of the Great Plateau, just to the west of the River of the Dead and northwest of Mount Hylia. The Shrine is located at one of the local peaks of the mountain in this area, just near a small lake. The area around the Shrine is cold, so once again, be sure to get cold resistance in some way, such as cooking up some Spicy Sautéed Peppers. The River of the Dead is the biggest obstacle on the path to reach this shrine. All routes across the river are a tad bit difficult, so your best bet is to simply go around the south edge. But once more, feel free to find your own way, and continue this walkthrough once you reach the shrine however you like!

    If you are coming from the Owa Daim Shrine, immediately just climb the west wall to get to a much higher peak and it’s a pretty straight forward route from here. Otherwise, make your way to the Temple of Time near the center of the Great Plateau and travel westward through the archway. Travel around the south end of the River of the Dead and begin to scale the mountain.

    Before heading to Keh Namut Shrine, make your way up to the peak of Mount Hylia. At the top of the mountain you will find the Old Man. He is impressed that you were able to make it this far and he’ll give you the Warm Doublet, which is an upgraded tunic that is resistant to the colder environment that we mentioned earlier. Be sure to also examine the nearby rock to get some Amber. Now make your way over to the Keh Namut Shrine.

    (Note, this method of getting the Warm Doublet is only available during this chapter. Other methods are also available, for explorers intrepid enough to find them. After this chapter however, you can visit the log cabin south of the Owa Daim Shrine to get the Warm Doublet from a chest, or buy it from a store elsewhere in the world.)

    DLC NOTE: There is one more purple chest to find. The Keh Namut Shrine is located at the top of a peak, and at the base of that peak you’ll find some collapsed walls on the west side of the plateau. At the top of one of these walls is a chest containing some Bomb Arrows.

    The Isolated Plateau

    Welcome to IGN’s Walkthrough for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This page contains information on the second main quest – The Isolated Plateau.

    Breath of the Wild is a very open-ended game, a first for the series. As such, the guide below is just one of many possible ways you can experience the game. We recommend you take time to explore the world at large in-between the main objectives you are given.

    The Old Man’s Task

    Video Guide: The Isolated Plateau (Shrine Oman Au)

    Once you have completed the task to Follow the Sheikah Slate, you’ll witness a scene from Hyrule Castle, and learn your true goal – to stop Ganon at any cost.

    Plateau 1.jpg Plateau 2.jpg

    00:01 Climbing down from the Resurrection Tower, you’ll spot the Old Man floating down on a neat little contraption. After speaking with him, he’ll note that the only way down off the Great Plateau is with the Paraglider he owns. However, he won’t just hand it over for nothing. He wants something in return – something that resides in four Shrines that have opened up around the Great Plateau area. Only by seeking out and conquering these shrines can you get 4 Spirit Orbs to trade with him for the Paraglider.

    Plateau 4.jpg Plateau 3.jpg

    At this point, where you go and how you attempt these shrines is largely up to you. There’s a lot to explore here, enemies to fight, treasure chests to open, and much more. This walkthrough will give you the most direct route to each shrine and how to complete them.

    Shrine Oman Au

    Oman Au 1.jpg

    02:10 One of the first shrines you can undertake is pointed out to you by the Old Man. It’s located just North of the Resurrection Tower, just across a broken bridge and small pond.

    06:50 Entering the Shrine you’ll see a large locked gate before you, and several metal tiles on the floor. To the left of the gate is a pedestal you can place your Sheikah Slate on to gain access to the Magnesis Rune. With this rune, you’ll be able to manipulate metallic objects found both in the shrine and in the world at large.

    OmanAu 2.jpg OmanAu 3.jpg

    07:40 Using the Rune, target the metal plates in the middle of the room to lift them off the floor to reveal a path below the gate. Follow the path along the water to climb stairs to the other room. Here you’ll find a large stone wall blocking your path, but checking your Magnesis Rune you’ll find one of the blocks is in fact metal. Wrangle it with the rune to push aside the blocks creating a new path.

    OmanAu 4.jpg

    08:40 On the other side of this path lurks a Mini Guardian. While not as imposing as the larger Guardians, this Mini Guardian can still deal major damage with its timed laser blast. Use the metal block as cover – at which point you can take it out either with your weapon, or by using the Magnesis Rune to send the block crashing into the Mini Guardian, or even shove it off into the water below causing it to explode.

    OmanAu 5.jpg

    09:05 With the defenses gone, cross the metal slab onto the next platform – though the platform beyond has no bridge. You can use the Magnesis Rune again to drag the plate from behind you to form a new path ahead. If you fall off into the water below – note that the walls are too smooth to climb, so you’ll have to create a bridge up using the slab.

    OmanAu 6.jpg

    09:16 Note: If you look to the left, you can spy a chest high up on a platform. There’s no feasible way to get to it – but why not bring the chest to you? Since it’s made of metal, you can target it with the Magenesis Rune and bring it down to you, where you can open it for a Traveler’s Bow.

    OmanAu 7.jpg

    09:35 In front of you lurks the last defense – a large metal door. Noting the marks on the floor, pull – don’t push – the doors open, and speak with the monk Oman Au to complete the shrine and gain a Spirit Orb.

    Shrine Ja Baij

    Video Guide: The Isolated Plateau (Shrine Ja Baij)

    Jabaij 1.jpg

    Shrine Ja Baij is located in the Eastern area of the Great Plateau, just to the South of the Resurrection Tower in the Eastern Abbey ruins. You can make your way there from the previous Shrine by either heading down past the tower into the side of the ruins, or back towards the Temple of Time to spot the abbey below.

    Jabaij 2.jpg Jabaij 3.jpg

    It is guarded by a half-functioning Guardian that cannot move but will shoot its laser for an extreme amount of damage. Since the shrine is located in an enclosed area behind it, you can either sneak past the Guardian and climb the walls, or trick the Guardian into blasting the walls apart.

    As you enter the Shrine, you’ll find a large sealed wall in front of you at the end of a slope. The cracks in the wall imply it can be destroyed – but you need something to do that with. Look for the pedestal on the left and place the Shiekah Slate to gain the ability to use Remote Bombs.

    Jabaij 4.jpg

    These bombs – that come in both sphere and cube form – can be placed and detonated at any time, although there is a small delay between detonation and being able to place a new bomb. Spherical bombs are great for throwing or rolling down slopes, while cubic bombs are better suited to precise locations where you need the bomb to stay. Place one at the end of the ramp to break the wall leading to a hallway.

    Jabaij 5.jpg

    Note: From the hallway, take a right first to find another small sealed and cracked wall. Detonate a bomb here to find a hidden alcove where a chest lies that holds a Traveler’s Sword.

    Jabaij 6.jpg

    Look for two large cracked stones on the left and detonate a bomb next to them to reveal a ladder going back up. Up in the next room you’ll find a moving platform that crosses a small gap over to a sheer wall with cracked stones. Since you can’t place a bomb at the foot of the wall, you’ll need to place a Cube Bomb at the end of the moving platform and wait back on the other side until the bomb is in place to blow it up.

    Jabaij 8.jpg Jabaij 7.jpg

    The next area is large and may look a little confusing. Small ramps lead to funnels that end up on slanted platforms with blocks that will burst out forcefully. Head up onto the platform on the right next to the first funnel, and place a Sphere Bomb into the funnel, which will place it on a ramp that gets shotput over to the other side – on top of a cracked stone blocking a ladder you can reveal by detonation.

    Note: Over on the opposite side are two more giant blocks that extend and retract. Stand on the furthest one to get launched to the other side of the pit where you can find a chest holding a Soldier’s Bow.

    Now you can jump into the pit and climb the ladder on the far side to reach the monk Ja Baij to get the next Spirit Orb.




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