Blueflame ( 蒼 ( そう ) 炎 ( えん ) , Sōen ? ) is the Quirk used by Dabi.



Dabi unleashing a long-ranged wave of fire.

Like his father’s Quirk, Hellflame, Blueflame grants Dabi fire-based abilities, particularly creating and generating fire from his body at will. However, unlike Hellflame, Dabi’s are blue in color meaning that they burn much hotter.

The user can ignite blue fire anywhere on their body with minimal effort or movement almost instantaneously. They can also combust anything they touch almost instantly, including robust minerals and living creatures alike. For example, by touching a single tree in The Beast’s Forest, Dabi was able to set the majority of the forest ablaze, trapping everyone there in a ring of fire. [3]

The flames of this Quirk are extremely hot, [4] burning at a temperature of at least 2,000°C (3,632°F), [5] which is higher than that of lava and normal fire, signified by its blue coloration. Dabi’s flames were hot enough to burn an entire group of villains into ash in mere seconds. [6] They’re also quite bright, making them effective against Dark Shadow. [7]

His flames are powered by his hatred and rage, so the greater his anger, the hotter his flames are. [8]


The major drawback of Dabi’s ability is that his body can’t handle the heat due to inheriting his mother’s genes which grant resistance to freezing temperatures instead of intense heat. [9] Overusing his flames will cause his skin to swell, sizzle, and slowly burn over time. This prevents Dabi from fighting prolonged battles and severely limits his endurance. [1] As stated by Dabi upon overusing his Quirk, prolonged usage of it causes him to lose sensation in his body and possibly render himself completely numb. Losing control of his emotions will cause his flames to run wild or ignite hotter than his body can handle. [8]

During the Final War, the danger of this weakness has become more apparent as Dabi continues to abuse his Quirk. This has led to his already burned flesh beginning to crisp away and fall off, effectively destroying his body. [10]


Dabi unleashing a burst of blue fire.

Dabi primarily uses his Quirk to fight from a distance and burn his enemies using waves of fire and flamethrowers. He can also release a short burst of flames for roasting his targets at close range. [11] Dabi often relies on the brute force of his powerful Quirk to overwhelm his enemies. His fire blasts are powerful enough to collapse building walls [4] and were enough to completely repel Snatch’s Quirk. [12]

Dabi also uses his Quirk tactically, creating walls of fire to trap his targets within a fixed area or to propel himself in midair through the soles of his feet. [13] [7] This Quirk also combos well with Compress, as anyone compressed along with some of Dabi’s flames will be burned to death. [12]

Because Dabi’s flames tend to weaken his body with prolonged use, he is unable to release successive attacks for long. To counter this, he will often engage in rattling the enemy in order to buy himself some cooldown time. Additionally, Dabi has learned to take some heat off his attacks in order to reserve more power for himself for critical situations. [7]

Ultimate Moves

Flashfire Fist (Dabi).pngFlashfire Fist ( 赫灼熱拳 , Kaku Shakunekken ? ) : Endeavor’s signature technique, later passed down to Dabi himself. Dabi raises his fire’s temperature to its highest level and maximizes his power. Doing so, Dabi can unleash devastating flame attacks or increase his speed dramatically. [5]
Jet Burn ( ジェットバーン , Jettobān ? ) : Like his father, Dabi unleashes a powerful blast of fire at the enemy, although unlike him, Dabi only shoots his fire rather than punching toward his opponent. This was first seen used against his youngest brother, Shoto. [14]Dabi uses Jet Burn against Shoto.png
Prominence Burn ( プロミネンスバーン , Purominensu Bān ? ) : This attack allows Dabi to launch a massive, concentrated beam of fire from his entire body that is able to vaporize his target. [15] Dabi nearly used this move at full power against Endeavor but was intercepted by the sudden arrival of Best Jeanist on the battlefield. [5]NoPicAvailable.png
Hell Spider ( ヘルスパイダー , Heru Supaidā ? ) : Dabi shoots streams of fire from his fingertips, scorching his opponents. [16]Dabi's Hell Spider.png
Phosphor ( 燐 ( りん ) , Rin ? ) : Dabi copies Shoto’s Ultimate Move, originally designed to combine his fire and ice into one attack, and instead uses it to reinvigorate himself and his flames after the attempt to cool him down by Shoto. [17]Dabi's Phosphor.png


  • The flames of Dabi’s Quirk used to be red, and turned blue when Dabi hit puberty. [8] This implies that “Blueflame” is the current designation of the Quirk’s name, and that it was referred to as something else prior to becoming blue.


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Thieves in Time

The paraglider is a purchasable parachute that allows Sly Cooper to glide through the air. It appears in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It is opened by holding while in mid-air.


History [ ]

Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves [ ]

Sly paragliding in Holland

In Sly 2 and Sly 3, the paraglider was purchasable through ThiefNet (“A Tangled Web” in Sly 2, and day two of “Rumble Down Under” in Sly 3). The paraglider was required for certain jobs throughout the game, so buying it was crucial, similar to the need to buy the Alarm Clock, Hover Pack and Grapple-Cam. Sly could control the paraglider by using to change direction and speed. After releasing , the paraglider breaks up into paper-like scraps.

Neyla also had a paraglider, and used it during “Operation: High Road” as Sly chased her.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time [ ]

The paraglider can be purchased in the first episode, “Turning Japanese,” for 100 coins, much earlier and for far cheaper than in the previous games.

The paraglider looks very similar to the original version, but rather than being flat and having a pointed elliptical shape, it has both an upper and lower surface, spanned by “ribs,” and has flat sides, giving it a look more closely related to its real world counterpart.

One visual difference in the way the paraglider behaves is, rather than breaking up into small paper-like scraps after the player releases , it floats up into the air and fades away.

At the end of the game, Cyrille Le Paradox steals Sly’s backpack, and therefore all of his paragliders, and uses them to escape his burning blimp, but is immediately hit by the vertical stabilizer of what appears to be a Learjet, causing him to release the paraglider and drop to the water below.

Pre-order bonuses for the game included access to two new paraglider skins. One dons the Sanzaru logo, and the other has blue camouflage with the Cooper logo. Both of these are also unlockable in-game; the Sanzaru logo paraglider can be unlocked after collecting five Sly Masks, and the camouflage paraglider can be unlocked after collecting ten Sly Masks.

Salim al-Kupar has a variant of the paraglider in the form of magic flying carpet. It is activated by holding in mid-air.

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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale [ ]

The following is based on non-canon content and is not considered to be part of the Sly Cooper continuity.

In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sly could use the paraglider by holding down while in the air, rather than . This is helpful to evade enemy attacks that are horizontal on the ground.

11 Blue Flame Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

11 Blue Flame Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

What is the blue flame spiritual meaning and symbolism? Whenever you see a blue flame, the first thing that comes to mind is fire. Therefore, you will either avoid it or make use of it for your benefit.

Now, blue flame is a high level of fire, which is believed to be hotter than red flame. In the spiritual world, a blue flame also represents a high level of spiritual hotness.

It represents protection from harm, and among other things, it represents spirituality.

Whenever you see a blue flame, take it as a sign from the universe. People have reached out to me concerning dreaming of a blue flame.

This is why I have decided to list the different spiritual meanings and symbolism of blue flame.

  • Whenever you see a blue flame, does it mean good luck or bad luck?
  • If you see a blue flame on your head, what does it mean?
  • How about cooking with a blue flame – what does it imply?

These are some of the questions we will answer in this article. In all, there are 11 blue flame spiritual meanings and symbolism. Therefore, let us get into this right away.

What does a blue flame mean spiritually?

What does a blue flame mean spiritually

In the spiritual world, blue flame means passion. Whenever you see a blue flame, it inspires passion in your heart. A blue flame is believed to be a sign of passion, and desire. Now, this can be channeled in any direction. It could be channeled towards your academics, career, finances, or relationship.

Represents the presence of God:

In the spiritual world, whenever you see a blue flame, it is believed to represent the presence of God.

In the old covenant, Moses saw the lord descend amid the fire. Several people have claimed that the fire at the burning bush was a blue flame.

This is why several Christians believe that a blue flame brings the presence of God to their lives, and physical environments.

Having an encounter with a blue flame is similar to having an encounter with God.

A blue flame also reveals the desire for transformation:

That is, it reveals your innermost desire to become a better version of yourself.

Now, if you have desired a change without knowing how to go about it, then, the blue flame will not only reveal your desire for transformation, but it will also show you how to become transformed.

It brings clarity to the minds of people:

Because the illumination from a blue flame is believed to bring clarity to the minds of people.

If you need clarity about an issue in your life, then, you should ask for the blue flame.

With the blue flame over your head, accuracy and precision will accompany your efforts, which will yield great results. I have experienced this countless times, and I can tell that the blue flame brings clarity to every confused mind.

Do you desire to be healed?

Then, ask for the blue flame. It is believed that the blue flame brings healing into the lives of anyone who ask for it. If you desire to be healed of any ailment, then, you should be ready to dream of the blue flame.

It is believed that the blue flame will burn away every sickness in your body.

What does the blue flame symbolize?

Blue flame symbolism

The blue flame symbolizes passion, creativity, influence, spirituality, and love. Let us explain this one after the other!


A blue flame brings passion into your heart.

In the Christian religion, a blue flame will inspire the passion for souls in the heart of every Christian.

It is said that people with strong evangelistic mantles are closely associated with the blue flame.

Now, apart from this, the blue flame will also affect every other aspect of your life by imbuing you with the passion to succeed.


It is believed that the blue flame’s pattern of burning reveals the creativity of the universe.

Furthermore, it is believed that everyone that opens his/her mind to this pattern will become creative. The creativity of the blue flame will call out the creativity in the mind of everyone that dreams of the blue flame.


The influence of a blue flame cannot be denied.

Therefore, you will become influential like the blue flame. If you dream of walking through a blue flame, then, expect to become very popular in a short while.

You will become influential, and spread across your sphere of influence.


Fire is physical, but not material. That is, it cannot be touched with the hands. Therefore, it is a symbol of spirituality. Seeing a blue flame brings your mind to the spiritual world, and contributes to your spiritual sensitivity.

Seeing a blue flame gives you the impression that someone is in love with you.

Also, it demonstrates how strongly you are in love with someone. A blue flame is a symbol of burning love and desire for someone special.

Blue Flame Spiritual Meaning: 11 messages for you

ue Flame Spiritual Meaning

1) Desire

The blue flame creates a desire for success in you.

Furthermore, it gives you a desire for something spiritual.

If you have desired to become successful, the blue flame will fuel that desire, make it stronger, and fill you with a strong determination to succeed.

However, it will also give you a fresh desire for spiritual activities. This can also be referred to as spiritual revival, and we will look into this shortly.

2) Spiritual awakening

A spiritual awakening is a high state of spiritual consciousness and sensitivity.

That is, if you are experiencing spiritual laxity and insensitivity, a spiritual awakening turns things around within a short while.

In the Christian religion, it is referred to as a revival.

Therefore, if you see a blue flame burning on your head, it is a sign of spiritual awakening or revival.

It means that your spiritual senses are heightened and active. It is a sign that you can easily pick up divine signals around you, easily get the message of the universe to your consciousness, and discover your spiritual destiny.

3) Healing

The blue flame brings a message of healing to you. If you have issues with your health, then, dreaming of a blue flame brings healing to your body.

It is believed that a blue flame will burn away every root of sickness from your body, and leave you warm and healed.

Therefore, seeing a blue flame when you are sick is a good sign. It gives you hope that healing has come. You have to be full of faith, courage, and boldness to see instant results.

4) Passion

Passion is different from desire. However, the universe can give you both messages.

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Whenever you see a huge burning blue fire, it brings a message of desire to you. This means that you have a desire to get something done within a short while.

Therefore, the universe has brought the blue fire to reveal that your desire can be accomplished, and your passion is rightly channeled.

5) Protection

Fire has both offensive and defensive qualities.

Therefore, if you dream of a blue flame, it carries a defensive meaning of protection.

  • If you dream of wearing a blue flame as apparel, then, it means that the universe has clothed you with fire as protection from the evil eye.
  • If you dream of holding a blue flame in your hands, then, it means that the universe has empowered you to strike back at your enemies without getting hurt.

The blue flame is around you as a sign of protection from evil spirits.

6) A higher spiritual purpose

Seeing a blue flame brings your attention to a higher spiritual purpose. It reminds you of spirituality and your part in it.

The world of spirituality believes that everyone has a physical and spiritual purpose to accomplish.

Therefore, if you have constantly paid attention to your physical purpose, the universe will send a blue flame to remind you of your spiritual purpose, which is higher than the physical.

7) Curb your anger

The blue flame is also associated with anger.

Therefore, seeing a blue flame is a warning sign from the universe to help you curb your anger.

For example: if you have anger issues, the blue flame will show up in your life to warn you against this. You might dream of the blue flame burning a car.

This reveals the destructive ability of anger, and it will help you to attain a level of emotional maturity.

8) Purification

A blue flame is a message of purification. It creates the sudden desire to purify your environment. It reveals that your environment has been contaminated by negativity, dark thoughts, and dark magic; thereby creating the need to purify it.

9) Clarity

Seeing a blue flame brings clarity to your mind.

If you are confused about anything, the blue flame will shine its light into your soul by bringing out the best answer to every question in your heart.

Furthermore, if you need to make a decision, the blue flame will give you the precision to take the right steps.

10) Your guardian angel is around

Seeing a blue flame in a picture on your wall means that your guardian angel has come to visit you.

This is good news because angels are known to bring a solution, provide protection, and attract good luck. Therefore, expect good things to happen.

11) A sense of urgency

If a spiritual message comes to you with a blue flame, then it is a sign of urgency.

This means that you need to carry out every instruction urgently. There should be no delay. Fire does things urgently. Therefore, you need to act on that message promptly.

Biblical Meaning of Blue Flame

Blue flame meaning in the Bible

Whenever you see a blue flame, the following are its biblical meanings:

  • A blue flame represents the presence of God.
  • If you dream of a blue flame in your house, it means that God is in your home. It’s a good sign.
  • If you dream of a blue flame in your church, it means that God will come down in his mighty power on Sunday.
  • If you dream of a blue flame in your office, it means that God will grant you favor at work. That’s a good sign too.
  • If you dream of throwing a blue flame into a dark space, it is a sign of fighting against dark forces, and prevailing over them.
  • If you dream of a blue flame on the palms of your hand, it is a sign of the healing anointing. That is, you have been called to heal sick people. You have been called to become a healer.
  • If you dream of a blue flame standing in front of you, then, it means that God has sent his special angel to protect you.
  • If you dream of a blue flame hanging on your doorpost, then, it is a sign of protection. That is, God has sent his angels to protect your home.
  • If you see a blue flame resting on your tongue, it is a sign of authority. This means that God has given you a special authority to decree a thing, and see it come to pass.
  • If you dream of a blue flame resting on your head, then, it is a symbol of the holy spirit’s baptism.
  • Whenever you see a blue flame burning, God is inspiring you to remain on fire for his glory. That is, you should remain passionate about spiritual things.

Blue Fire Dream Meaning

Blue fire

Whenever you dream of blue fire, it carries the same message in this article.

There are no different interpretations of the blue fire dream.

Therefore, always refer to the messages in this article for clarity about your dream about the blue fire.

Final Words

The blue fire is beautiful to behold but destructive to handle. This qualifies it to be a spiritual messenger from the universe and the holy spirit.

Therefore, rapt attention is required to get access to the mystery surrounding the blue flame for your transformation, and illumination.

So, do you already know what is the blue flame spiritual meaning and symbolism for your life? Please, feel free to use the comments below to share your opinion with us!

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6 thoughts on “11 Blue Flame Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism”

Thanks for your enlighten

Thanks very much for this article, it was truly helpful.

I have a question for the author:

I keep seeing blue flames in visions (not dreams). This is how God seems to wish to communicate with me (shrugs). While most of the time he shows me as a warrior woman (with white hair) surrounded by blue fire, he has shown me as a white lioness, a giant white bear, a white charger (horse), white eagle, snow leopard, white tiger, white wolf (snarling a black wolf into submission), and I could go on, but…time. All these animals are surrounded by blue fire or their eyes appear deep blue. I have had a few dreams where God’s eyes are a deep blue (I am not saying that I am God).

I guess my question is, “Do you think I am in his favor?” I once had a random guy walk up to me and tell me I shouldn’t be afraid, because I have very powerful angels looking after me. I have always felt a close connection to Saint Michael the Archangel and the other Seraphim. I feel like I am in God’s favor, but sometimes I doubt.

Thank you for your article. It was interesting.

I just saw a huge dancing blue flame that glowed bright in darkness. What does that mean?




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