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Average Paramotor Cost (With Top 21 New And Used Paramotor Packages)

Average Paramotor Cost

If you are just getting started with paramotoring, it can get challenging to locate the best brands in one go. Paramotoring as a sport is expensive, which makes it essential to find the right package for you.

The market is flooded with a plethora of options when it comes to paramotors. It can confuse people regarding the cost of the machine. The real question is – how much do you need to spend to purchase a good paramotor.

The cost of buying a paramotor, on average, falls within the $6,969 range. However, if you surf the internet, you will hardly find a paramotor that comes within this range. But why?

New paramotors are pricier than the used one’s as the manufacturers tend to spend dollars on advertisement. New products won’t sell unless they are ranked higher on SERPs, which increases the overall cost of new paramotors.

More than 50% of the new paramotors in the market are priced within a $1000-$8000 range. There can be a few exceptions. However, you will find plenty of reputed models under this range. If you want something affordable, you can opt for used paramotors as they rank lower on the price range.

Most of the popular paramotors are priced less than their usual cost depending on the seller’s extent of usage.

You can easily find a second-hand paramotor under the 6 dollars range. The value of second-hand paramotors is determined by the age of the model, the period of the previous usage, and the seller’s profit margin.

The fluctuations in the cost price of different paramotors are due to certain features like the staying power of the paramotor up in the sky, the horsepower of the engine, and the construction of the frame and cage.

Let’s dive in and check out a few of the popular paramotors that have been acing most users’ flying experience game. These models are the most sought-after ones due to their features, functionality, and cost. We have curated a list of the best used and new paramotors in the market.

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Top 21 Paramotors You Can Choose From

There is no scope for recklessness while buying an expensive item, such as paramotors. Our list includes the top 21 parameters that will meet your specifications as well as your budget. Let’s meet the star products that have been ruling the market for a long time.

1. The Maverik Paramotor

The cost of a new model from The Maverik Paramotor will fall between $5-$9. The used cost will also be in the same range, more or less.

The Maverik ParamotorDescription and Features

Parajet engineers have used the best of technology and construction material to ensure customers of the quality of Maverik products. It uses high-quality Titanium Alloy and a concrete functional structure to provide an unmatched experience of flying.

This product will ensure that you are flying high without any disturbances. You can fly for 2-2.25 hours with approximately 10-12 liters of fuel.

The well-balanced and ingenious design will help you secure your position offering the greatest escapes up in the air. Fuel your thrill of adventure with this perfect flying partner from Parajet Maverik.

The fuss-free and reliable Vittorazi engines will allow you to explore the world like never before. The incredible versatility and snap-fit netting setup will remove the need for unnecessary faff.

My Judgement

Maverik believes in a simple design that delivers breathtaking performance. This brand is a good option, but they offer limited personalization in their products. Their classic, simple design is blended with uncompromising performance and quality.

They provide an easy and affordable opportunity for an adventurous session paramotoring. If you wish to explore the horizon beyond without a thought, then The Maverik will be an excellent choice for you.

However, The Maverik lacks in the department of customization and personalization. They have limited choices in respect of engines and colors. I would personally like to have more options when it comes to the choice of color for my paramotor. The Maverik makes up for its lack of versatility with efficient and outstanding performance.

If you wish to add some colors, you can paint it yourself using spray cans to customize your paramotor. You can either opt for a pre-owned Maverik or purchase your new model, depending on your budget.

2. Minari Paramotor – 180cc Engine and Wooden Propeller of 125cm

The Minari offers an engine with unique features, which makes it easy to start. The engine idles properly and delivers smooth power. It provides great access to your mid-range thrust to have incredible cruising.

Revving up the machine to its full capacity will deliver the most robust paramotor available in the market.

Description and Features

With a 180cc engine, The Minari can fly through the air quickly and efficiently adjust to the new speeds. The Minari paramotor is suited explicitly to certified paramotors pilots.

It boasts a manual start with F1-M9-F, Clutch, and a wooden propeller of 125 centimeters. It offers a professional flying experience and is one of the best paramotors in the market.

My Judgement

It is among the cheapest models of paramotor with 99.3% positive reviews and ratings on eBay. Though the incredibly low price may raise some probable doubt, we can assume its quality from the great reviews on used models.

If you are looking for a great deal on paramotors with quality performance, then The Minari is your best buy. However, it is not as pristine as the premium brand, but it is an excellent steal for its price.

The Minari improved its safety ratings by only selling to certified pilots. People who have less or no training are often tempted to purchase The Minari Paramotor due to its affordability.

The sellers of this model are doing a great job by ensuring that the buyers have adequate training to fly this model.

3. BlackHawk Talon 3.0 190

The used model of Talon 3.0 190 falls within the $6 range while the new cost comes around $8. The prices will differ depending on the cage design and period of usage.

BlackHawk Talon 3.0 190Description and Features

The model brings the most durable and powerful paramotor to you. The cool motor, sleek design, and robust engine is a blessing for all users.

The motor cools down 40x times faster than any other available paramotor in the market. Heat can ruin the effectiveness of your engine, and hence the Talon 3.0 190 is a great choice.

It weighs around 54 pounds and can blast out 170-180 pounds of thrust approximately. The cooling of the engine boosts the efficiency and delivers an incredible ratio for power: weight.

It has a fuel capacity of 3.2 gallons and stays in the air for a maximum of 2.5 to 3 hours. It offers great customization options, including trike packages, frames, and glider options.

My Judgement

The product is a wonder given the price. With an incredible engine potential that lasts for the amount, you are paying for the paramotor. You should go for this paramotor to experience insane durability and performance.

4. BlackHawk 90 Paramotor

This is another commendable product from BlackHawk. It is more affordable than the BlackHawk Talon 3.0 190 models.

BlackHawk 90 ParamotorDescription and Features

BlackHawk 90 Paramotor brings a one-of-a-kind engine to the table. The power curve the engine offers allows it to stay cool even under too much heat and extreme temperature. This paramotor also comes along with a D.U.L.V certification.

It ensures the high standards of the paramotor in respect of noise, technical, and environmental rules. It complies with the procedures of the certifying and legal bodies in Germany.

The BlackHawk 90 offers the quietest paramotor with a thrust power of approximately 110 lbs. It has a fuel capacity of 3.2 gallons, allowing you to fly for around three hours. It is a pristine model with up-gradation options for the wing and frame.

My Judgement

If you are a seeker for customization and up-gradation, then BlackHawk 90 is a steal for you. It secures an A+ score when it comes to flying experience in populated areas or beaches.

The engine’s innovative cooling system makes it perfect for flying in different temperatures without any overheating issues.

With an easy centrifugal clutch and start mechanism, BlackHawk 90 is soon going to be your favorite paramotor. If you are a beginner pilot and worried about performance or safety measures, BlackHawk 90 is the most reliable option.

However, one important consideration is that their official website mentions weight criteria for this model. People weighing less than 190 lbs. or 86 kgs are only suited to fly this BlackHawk 90 paramotor. You should always take the manufacturer’s specifications strictly before buying a paramotor.

5. BlackHawk Banshee 190 4-Stroke Paramotor

Veterans and people involved in Active Duty and Law Enforcement will get a discount while purchasing the BlackHawk Banshee 190 4-Stroke Paramotor. People working as first responders in the line of firefighting and paramedics are also eligible for this discount.

BlackHawk Banshee 190 4-Stroke ParamotorDescription and Features

This BlackHawk Paramotor is higher on the price range, but it is a unique package. It ranks among the top-performing efficient engines in the range of 200 cc.

It delivers a 140 lbs. thrust at a capacity of 190 ccs. The fuel tank can hold around 3.2-3.5 gallons, which can be doubled if you buy a tribe with it.

It consumes about 1 gallon of fuel per hour, allowing you to stay up in the sky for approximately 3-3.5 hours. It is suited for pilots who weigh up to 250 lbs. The unique paramotor offers a dual system of cooling for oil and air.

My Judgement

These 4-stroke machines are a winner when it comes to power and thrust potential. However, they are usually gas guzzlers and can disappoint you in this area. BlackHawk made incredible innovations to overcome this problem.

If you want to rule the sky, then this model will be your best buy. Though it is a bit costly, it offers extraordinary performance. You can purchase the engine of the model separately by getting in touch with manufacturers directly.

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6. BlackHawk AirMax 220 Paramotor

The BlackHawk AirMax 220 falls within the affordable range. You can easily get a used model under the $5000 range.

BlackHawk AirMax 220 Paramotor

BlackHawk AirMax 220 Paramotor Powered Paraglider

Description and Features

The BlackHawk AirMax 220 is an incredibly versatile paramotor that serves as a powerhouse. It comes along with a crossover machine that experienced pilots can use to fuel their adventure spirit. You can mount the paramotor on a LowBoy II Quad from foot-launch within a few minutes.

It comes with 170 lbs. to 190 lbs. of thrust and 30 units of horsepower. Many loyal BlackHawk users are favoring this model because of its powerful features.

If you need a paramotor to support your strong wish to fly, this AirMax 220 is a great steal. People with a weight of 170 kg or 375lbs can easily fly this paramotor. It comes with two or three blades that can be attached to the prop.

My Judgement

The BlackHawk AirMax 220 is recommended for people who want easy transitions. In case you are a rookie pilot, you can quickly learn transitions between foot-launched flight and quad flight. If you are interested in both foot-launched and quad paramotoring, you should go for the AirMax 220.

7. BlackHawk 10kW Outrunner Electric Paramotor

You can get a package deal, including the Velocity Elektra Paraglider, AMP electric motor, and two years of standard warranty from BlackHawk.

BlackHawk 10kW Outrunner Electric Paramotor

Description and Features

While most of the electric motors can disappoint you, this model is an exception. It is always ready for a flight and incredibly low maintenance.

It is perfect for people who want suddenly unplanned flights or are not willing to spare extra pennies on maintenance.

It has a charge time of about two to three hours and comes with 1000 cycling rounds of robust battery life with it. You can enjoy a thousand hours of rides with prepaid fuel without the need to buy another battery.

It has a noiseless motor with a noise limit of 49 SB at around 200 feet. It delivers a thrust power of 120 pounds. The paramotor’s digital display shows the temperature, voltage, battery life, remaining and used flight time, motor speed, and other essential elements.

My Judgement

You may back off from BlackHawk purchasing this paramotor due to its expensive price tag and low flight duration. But it balances all the drawbacks by offering prepaid fuel and zero maintenance features for years.

Embark on an exciting joyride any time you want to without any additional cost with the BlackHawk 10kW Outrunner electric paramotor.

8. BFI 4-Stroke Paramotor

Veterans and people engaged in the departments of Life Savers, Law Enforcement, and Active Duty will get a discount.

BFI 4-Stroke ParamotorDescription and Features

BlackHawk Intruder 250 EFI 4-Stroke Paramotor has been designed for pilots whose goal is to fly the distance without stopping. This paramotor is a showstopper in the field of cross-country and long-distance paragliding.

It can stay up and fly for about 3.2 hours for people driving it without using the setup of the quad. If you use the unique double quad engine setup, you can extend the flight duration up to 6.4 hours.

It features an Electronic Automatic Fuel Injection option that adjusts according to the air density automatically. You don’t need to make carburetor adjustments continually.

The EFI delivers more power, greater fuel efficiency, and seamless engine function. It also provides unmatched water cooling, making the paramotor the best in the market.

My Judgement

You need to indulge in proper maintenance and change the oil after every 25-26 hours of travel. However, self-regulation and auto electronic fuel injection makes it ideal for long-distance race and cross-country paragliding.

It is better than the standard 2-stroke parameters while up in the sky. Down on the ground, it offers an engine rebuild after every 500 hours, which is rare for 2-stroke machines.

9. SCOUT EOS Booster Carbon Fiber Paramotor

SCOUT EOS Booster Carbon Fiber Paramotor offers the lightest built with a weight of only 48 lbs. It comes along with a horsepower of 21, delivering a propulsion of 121 lbs.

SCOUT EOS Booster Carbon Fiber Paramotor

The Top 80 engine is the standard for all light paramotors in the market. However, SCOUT EOS Booster Carbon Fiber Paramotor weighs less than it and generates more robust power.

Description and Features

It burns around three liters of fuel every hour of the flight. The SCOUT EOS Booster Carbon Fiber Paramotor comes with some unique optional and standard features, including –

  • It offers an optional feature of an incredible water rescue system with a floatation collar.
  • It comes along with a custom harness with a certified load of 15G’s
  • It had an under-seat reserve set up and a carbon fiber backplate to distribute the weight proportionately.
  • It features a carbon fiber propeller, Heli × 132 cm.
  • It features an aerodynamic carbon fiber and dynamic torque compensation.
  • If you are a right or left-handed pilot, you can adjust the proprietary throttle.
  • It provides an optional custom chameleon or carbon throttle.

My Judgement

SCOUT EOS Booster Carbon Fiber Paramotor is incredibly lightweight with an amazing power capacity. If you face trouble with flying a bulky paramotor, you should go for this one. It facilitates easy take-off and comes with some unique specifications.

10. SCOUT Carbon Paramotor 185

The Scout Carbon Paramotor 185 comes with some innovative safety measures and sturdy built. It is lightweight and weighs around 53 lbs. It comes along with a 25 HP and can hold about 3.17 gallons of fuel. It facilitates installing engines of other brands except for the Vittorazi Moster 185.

SCOUT Carbon Paramotor 185Description and Features

The unique safety designs of The Scout Carbon Paramotor 185 includes –

  • Safe Start System
  • Integrated Water Rescue Setup with ready harness
  • Carbon Fiber Design
  • Carbon fiber shield
  • Unique under-seat reserve harness

My Judgement

The Scout Carbon Paramotor 185 has provided due attention to safety standards. It facilitates accessible reserve chutes and weight-shift sheer. It will keep you secure and comfortable up in the sky.

11. Flat Top 120 Paramotor

Flat Top 120 Paramotor is a unique product and has different features from the other models of the Flat Top. It is an incredibly affordable paramour with fewer specifications.

Flat Top 120 ParamotorDescription and Features

It comes along with a maximum horsepower of 14 and 120cc motor. It can deliver a maximum thrust of 130 lbs. It is a simpler paramotor with fewer features to suit beginner pilots.

It comes along with a standard fuel capacity of 4.7 gallons. This small beast offers an insane flight time of 2.5-5 hours.

The pilot weight limit for this model is 90-280 lbs. It provides a maximum altitude level of 10,000 ft in the sky.

My Judgement

This paramotor features a less powerful engine than the other models of the Flat Top. However, it is cheaper than the others. If you need a parameter that provides a value for its price, this one is a great choice.

You can enjoy the potential air time of 5 hours. Expensive paramotors are only capable of providing such a great flight time. However, Flat Top 120 Paramotor breaks the trend by offering an incredible travel time at such a low price.

12. Flat Top MZ 313 Paramotor

While being in the affordable range, the Flat Top MZ 313 Paramotor comes with a mega 313 cc motor. It provides a propulsion of 140 lbs. with an amazing horsepower of 30.

Flat Top MZ 313 ParamotorDescription and Features

It falls in the standard power and efficiency of Flat Top paramotor models. It comes along with a fuel capacity of 4.7 gallons. You can enjoy a flight of two to four hours every time.

It comes along with an electric automated starter and a ceiling of 10,000 ft. The weight limit of the pilot ranges from 140 to 260 lbs. However, the weight capacity is less than that of Flat Top 120.

My Judgement

The motor of Flat Top MZ 313 beats the power capacity of Flat Top 120. If you need a cost-effective paramotor with a decent lasting time and robust engine, opt for the Flat Top MZ.

Though it may lack features compared to the premium ones, it is a good deal considering the price. It is a trustworthy choice due to its powerful engine and sleek design.

13. Flat Top Ninja Paramotor

Some users have an issue with the promoter of Flat Top, Dell Schanze. However, you will experience a hassle-free flight of about two to four hours with the Flat Top Ninja Paramotor.

Flat Top Ninja ParamotorDescription and Features

It has an intuitive weight and incredible shift steering abilities. It also comes with face protection to keep you safe.

The Flat Top Ninja features propulsion of 200+ lbs. with a 29.5 HP and 185ccs capacity. It can fly as high as 18000 ft. It has an impressive weight capacity of 100 to 550 pounds to facilitate all pilots.

My Judgement

You are advised to run a thorough check before purchasing the Flat Top Ninja paramotor. The paramotor sector has some negative judgment regarding the model and its distributor, Dell Schanze. Read all the specifications and reviews well before going forward with the Flat Top Ninja.

14. Flat Top 200 Paramotor

Like the Flat Top Ninja Paramotor built, the Flat Top 200 has great features and specifications. It comes with plant protection for the face and built-in safety features.

Flat Top 200 Paramotor

It costs less than Flat Top Ninja and can provide a flight of approximately 3 hours.

Description and Features

It has fewer features and capacities than the model of Flat Top Ninja Paramotor. It has a fuel capacity of 4.7 gallons and supports a weight limit of 120-425 lbs.

It delivers propulsion of 196 lbs. with a horsepower of 25.5. It has a weight of 65 pounds and features an electric motor. The 202-cc engine emits almost no noise and is a powerhouse of all great features. It can reach a maximum height of 18,000 ft, which is commendable considering the price.

My Judgement

The model boasts an incredible weight-bearing and thrust capacity. It ranks among the top paramotors in the market. It is similar to the Flat Top Ninja concerning build and specifications.

It is much more affordable but with fewer specifications. If you are interested in the robust power of Flat Top Ninja yet want an affordable one, then go for the Flat Top 200 Paramotor.

15. Flat Top EVO Paramotor

The Flat Top EVO paramotor is another masterpiece with top-notch features. It comes along with an electronically operated starter and can let you explore up to more than 18000 ft in the sky.

Flat Top EVO ParamotorDescription and Features

It has a fuel capacity of 4.7 gallons. The pilot has to be under 140-150 lbs. to fly with this paramotor. You can fly for around two to four hours without any hassle.

Flat Top EVO Paramotor has great power potential. It comes along with a maximum horsepower of 33 Hp and a 230-cc motor. You can get propulsion of a total of 215 lbs. with the Flat Top EVO Paramotor.

An increase in power will let you make easy escapes and fly through various kinds of winds or weather.

My Judgement

It is an exemplary product in the paramotor industry. Safely fly through treacherous winds with this paramotor from Flat Top.

The raw power of the engine can survive all weather and offers the longest-lasting period. If you want to get that extra kick, then opt for the Flat Top EVO Paramotor.

The Flat Top 200 Super also delivers a robust engine. However, it has fewer stats compared to the Flat Top EVO Paramotor. Tame the strong winds with the additional thrust of the Flat Top EVO. I would personally suggest this for the adventurous pilots out there.

16. Flat Top 200 Super Paramotor

The Flat Top 200 Super combines the ability of Flat Top Ninja and Flat Top 200 Paramotors. It has incredible specifications with the propulsion of 210 lbs. and a maximum horsepower of 30.

Flat Top 200 Super ParamotorDescription and Features

It has a weight capacity of 140-500 lbs. and suits all pilots around the globe.

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The Flat Top 200 Super is equipped with some similar specifications as the Flat Top 200. Both feature an electrical starter, a weight of 65 lbs., and a 200-cc motor.

The Flat Top 200, Flat Top 200 Super, and Flat Top Ninja Paramotors have a fuel capacity of 4.7 gallons. All these three paramotors deliver a quiet and robust engine.

The Flat Top 200 Super comes with more incredible features in comparison to the Flat Top Ninja. The Flat Top 200 Super can stay up in the sky for around three to six hours.

The ceiling of Flat Top 200 Super exceeds the height limitation of both the Flat Top Ninja and Flat Top 200 models. The Flat Top 200 Super delivers a ceiling of more than 18000 ft, which is noteworthy.

My Judgement

It is costlier compared to Flat Top 200 and Ninja. However, it offers a full justification for the price. It provides an unmatched flight time and an incredibly powerful engine. The flight time is among the best among all the paramotors in the market.

The Flat Top 200 Super draws attention due to its unique capabilities and raw ability. However, before exploring the world with this powerful paramotor, you need considerable training. Train yourself well and dive into the potential raw power of this beast.

17. Flat Top Rotary Paramotor

The Flat Top Rotary Paramotor lays a strong impact on people’s minds with an impressive horsepower of 48. The paramotor justifies its cost with its solid horsepower.

Flat Top Rotary Paramotor

The unimaginable amount of horsepower delivers propulsion of 215 lbs. It comes with a ceiling of 18000 ft and gives an edge over the other Flat Top paramotors.

Description and Features

It beats the Flat Top EVO paramotor with a solid difference of 15 HP. If you are looking for a beast of a machine, then Flat Top Rotary Paramotor should be your first choice. Following the fuel capacity standards of other Flat Top Paramotors, it has a similar fuel capacity of 4.7-4.8 gallons.

The motor runs with an impressive quietness and offers a flight time of around 2-3.5 hours. It weighs 76 lbs. and can facilitate a pilot with a weight ranging from 140-500 lbs. The Flat Top Rotary Paramotor won’t disappoint you in any field.

My Judgement

If you need a paramotor that has all the top stats, then The Flat Top Rotary Paramotor is perhaps the best option. With a stout built and robust horsepower, this paramotor will awaken the beast within you.

Even after being a bit expensive, the Flat Top Rotary Paramotor comes with all the good features. It is the top model from the Flat Top range and will surpass your expectations.

18. Flat Top M25Y Paramotor

It comes along with a maximum horsepower of 25 and a 172-cc engine. The Flat Top M25Y delivers a decent thrust of around 160 lbs.

Flat Top M25Y Paramotor

It has high-quality features similar to the other models of the Flat Top. It can stay up for about one to two hours with a fuel capacity of 4.7 gallons.

Description and Features

However, it has some good specifications to set it apart from the other models. It can bear a maximum pilot weight of around 140 lbs. to 400 lbs.

A drawback of this Flat Top M25Y paramotor is that it is considerably louder than the Flat Top brand’s other paramotors. The Flat Top M25Y secures a six on a scale of ten.

My Judgement

If you weigh on the heavier side and want a paramotor that can fit your weight criteria but is also affordable, then the Flat Top M25Y paramotor has got you covered.

19. Parajet Zenith Moster Plus 185 Paramotor

Parajet Zenith Moster Plus 185 Paramotor is a powerful product in the range of 2-Stroke paramotors. It produces propulsion of 165 lbs. and a static thrust of 149 lbs. It is a lightweight paramotor weighing only 52 pounds.

Parajet Zenith Moster Plus 185 ParamotorDescription and Features

It is capable of a maximum horsepower of 25. It has incredible power: weight ratio and robust flying capacity. It delivers a generous fuel capacity, long-distance flights, and a choice of cool colors. It is worth every penny of your money and will boost your flight experience.

My Judgement

Parajet Zenith Moster Plus 185 Paramotor is a classic model. If you need a simple paramotor with no distinguishing abilities or design, then this one is tailor-made for you. It will provide a smooth flying experience without any hassle or fear of accidents.

It has a good blend of limitations and capabilities at an affordable price. If you need a not too restrictive or bulky paramotor, then this Parajet Zenith Moster Plus 185 Paramotor is a good buy. It provides considerable safety features and is neither too slow nor too fast.

20. Parajet V3 Moster Plus 185 Paramotor

The Parajet V3 Moster Plus 185 Paramotor is another star product in the range of lightweight products. It is a powerhouse of all the ideal specifications developed by Team Fly Halo.

Parajet V3 Moster Plus 185 ParamotorDescription and Features

Parajet V3 Moster Plus 185 Paramotor is an intelligent machine with incredible features, including —

  • Integrated weight distribution
  • Compact and sturdy built
  • Unique aero foil cage
  • Transportable ergonomic cage

This model will let you down and boost your confidence while flying. It is soon becoming a top favorite of all the users due to its compact design, good stats, and durability. It is crafted to empower pilots around the globe.

The Parajet V3 Moster Plus 185 Paramotor will be the most reliable choice. It comes along with an effortless setup, generous capacity, and a crescendo of thrust. It is designed for pilots who have limited physical strength to manage a heavy paramotor’s foot launch.

It gives you adequate freedom to bulk up your adventure spirit.

My Judgement

The Parajet V3 Moster Plus 185 Paramotor offers a similar flying experience as the Parajet Zenith Moster Plus 185. Both have the Moster engine and almost identical numbers. The Moster Engine has a capacity of 185 ccs and can offer a maximum horsepower of 25.

The Parajet V3 Moster Plus 185 Paramotor has decent stats with unique features. The Volution 3 Parajet offers the perfect blend of transportability and compactness. If you need a paramotor at a reasonable price that lasts long, opt for the Parajet V3 Moster Plus 185 Paramotor.

21. MiniPlane ABM Paramotor

The MiniPlane ABM is a blend of insane weight shift setup and simple design. It is perfect for anyone looking for an easy-to-handle yet effective paramotor.

MiniPlane ABM Paramotor

It has baseline features and some concerns about safety. But the pocket-friendly price often makes up for those if you want to compromise anyway.

Description and Features

The frame of the paramotor is incredibly lightweight but strong enough to cut through the winds. It features the Top 80 motor with a horsepower of 15.

It comes along with an open cage, which has garnered questions from users.

My Judgement

If you are interested in a lightweight, simple yet strong paramotor, then the MiniPlane ABM paramotor is ideal. It weighs around 43 lbs. and comes at a reasonable price.

However, there are some safety concerns regarding the paramotor. The open cage of the MiniPlane ABM may cause an accident.

But paramotoring as a sport is open to many safety concerns. This is a good paramotor if you want something cheap and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average cost for a paramotor wing?

If you are looking for a new paramotor wing, expect a price range of around $8,000 to $12,000. If you buy a pre-owned paramotor, it will cost you much cheaper. However, you should make sure that the product is reliable and safe.

2. Where are repair parts available for my paramotor?

Among the plethora of online websites that sell specific parts of paramotors. You can check the website of FootFlyer to find parts for your paramotor at affordable prices.

After reading our article, you should better grasp the average cost and qualities of paramotors. Our reviews will help you find the right paramotor that meets your specifications.

Used Paramotors: How Much Do They Cost?

I can remember looking at the market for new paramotors and being discouraged. “They cost so much,” I thought to myself. “How will I ever be able to afford one?” After digging a little deeper, I found buying a used paramotor was a more affordable alternative. Hopefully, the information I unearthed will help you find the paramotor of your dreams and find it at an all-time low price.

Used paramotors cost around $2,300 less than their original purchase price. However, this is a vast generalization. The cost of a used paramotor can be affected by multiple things; From how many miles the paramotor has on it, to how long ago the model was manufactured, to whether or not the seller thinks that they can overcharge.

Finding Used Paramotors for Sale

Perhaps you’re on the same quest I was on, and are looking for an affordable, safe, reliable paramotor. It can be a bit confusing at first, but finding and purchasing used paramotors, if done right, can be a cheap and easy way to get into the sport of paramotoring.

An excellent way to start searching for a used paramotor is to look for them on sites like eBay. On websites where people can rate the seller and their products, you’re less likely to get scammed by someone if you buy from someone with a good approval rating.

It’s also good to know what you want. If you narrow your search down to an exact make and model, you’ll have a manufacturer’s original price and be more able to compare used paramotors of the same model to while searching.

When You Find a Used Paramotor

When you find a used paramotor, contact the person selling it. Don’t seem too desperate; they might try to up the price. Instead, contact them and ask about the paramotor. Ask them some of the following questions:

  • What kind of engine does it have?
  • How has the engine deteriorated over the time you’ve had it?
  • How many flight hours does it have?
  • How well does the wing handle?
  • Are there any problems with the paramotor that you haven’t previously described on your website/ad?
  • What’s the best experience you’ve had on this paramotor?
  • What’s the worst experience you’ve had on this paramotor?

Asking about the engine is vital because engines do deteriorate over time. Knowing the engine type, you can do some research on it. Understanding the recent rate of deterioration can help you guesstimate how long you’ll be able to use said paramotor.

Asking about the wing will help you understand what kind of flights you should expect, as the seller will try to talk up different points of the wing, the ‘highlights’ of the wing if you will. “It climbs well!” and “It’s got awesome stability” are definitely green lights.

Asking about issues that the pilot hasn’t talked about can go one of two ways. They can be dodgy, or they can be open about any problems. If they seem reserved, you probably shouldn’t get the paramotor, as something will surprise you for sure. If they are open about any issues, then decide for yourself if you are still willing to get it.

If the seller claims that there aren’t any issues they haven’t covered, and they seem like they’re honest, that’s great! The point of this phone call is to decide if this paramotor will be worth the investment.

Asking about the worst and best experiences of the paramotor will give them a chance to talk more about their flight experience with it, and let you decide whether or not the paramotor is right for you.

Let’s see a few examples of used paramotors, taking a look at their manufacturer’s pricing, and the cost for a used model that I found online for each.

Used Flat Top Ninja Paramotor

As a relatively popular model, the Flat Top Ninja is an incredibly easy paramotor to find for sale. Sold by the manufacturer for $7,900, this is a relatively standardly priced paramotor and is actually a few hundred dollars cheaper than the average pricing for new paramotors.

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Highly recommended by multi-World Record Holder Dell Schanze, the Flat Top Ninja is one of the best paramotors around. It’s a standard for comparison of other paramotors. With 4.7 gallons of fuel that it burns through with the silence of a ninja, you can expect awesome things from this paramotor.

Finding a used Flat Top paramotor shouldn’t take more than just a quick google search. That’s just how popular this paramotor is. However, it should also be noted that Flat Top, the manufacturer of the Ninja, sells used models as well.

All it takes is a call to their company, and they can sell you a used paramotor of any of their models, beating other online prices you may have found.

At this time, in mid 2020, You can buy a used Flat Top Ninja Paramotor for around ~$6,600.

Used BlackHawk AirMax 220 Paramotor

The BlackHawk AirMax 220 Paramotor is an extremely versatile powerhouse that was designed as a machine for pilots who want it all. Depending on the material of the cage you choose when purchasing from the manufacturer, the AirMax 220 can cost up to $7,295.

The AirMax 220 can go from being foot-launched to being mounted on a LowBoy II Quad in a matter of minutes. With 30HP (Horse Power), 170-190 lbs (77-86 kg) of thrust, and the seamless transition between foot-launched and quad flying styles, this machine is becoming a favorite to many of BlackHawk’s customers around the world.

I searched for a used BlackHawk AirMax 220 and found one for $4,300. However, I was skeptical. The seller was new and didn’t have any ratings. It’s always good to exercise caution when investing in something expensive.

Used Demo Scout Carbon 185 Paramotor

This is another paramotor that rightly puts safety first and foremost, with some innovative safety designs being:

  • SafeStart System
  • Integrated Water Rescue Ready Harness
  • Underseat Reserve Harness
  • and a Carbon Fiber Back Shield

It weighs 53 lbs and can get up to 25 HP. Its fuel tank can hold up to 3.17 gallons of fuel, and other engines besides the Vittorazi Moster 185 can be installed (but only with left turning props). With the manufacturers cost being $8,540, the value placed on safety can clearly be seen.

Related Questions

How much does a paramotor weigh?

Most paramotors weight about 50 pounds, with lighter models around 40 pounds, while heavier models weigh up to 75 pounds. Paramotors that are heavier tend to have a higher fuel allowance and greater horsepower than lighter paramotors.

Can You Paramotor at Night?

Flying a paramotor at night time is illegal. The parameters of nighttime (as defined by the FAA) span from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.

How Much Does a Paramotor Cost?

How Much Does a Paramotor Cost

Before you purchase a paramotor, you should know how much it will cost you. The costs can vary, but there are three main areas to consider. First, you need to buy a ground handling harness. Second, you should invest in ear defenders. All these items will ensure your safety. Lastly, you need to consider fuel. A paramotor will need fuel to reach its destination, and the distance traveled will determine how much fuel it will cost.

Table of Contents

Prices of various paramotors

New paramotors are more expensive than used ones, but there are exceptions to this rule. New products will not sell unless they are highly ranked in SERPs. Prices for used paramotors are often much cheaper than new paramotors. However, there are certain things to look for when comparing prices, and these should be considered when determining the right price for you. The first thing to consider is the model. A reputed brand will typically cost more than a hundred dollars, while an expensive second-hand model will cost around six hundred dollars.

The BlackHawk AirMax 220 is one of the most expensive paramotors, but it falls within the range of most budgets. Its powerful and versatile engine makes it a great choice for cross-country racing, as well as for long-distance paramotoring. Its separate engine can be purchased from the manufacturer to save you money. It has many advantages, including self-regulating technology and automatic electric fuel injection.

Another important feature to look for is the age of the product. If it is more than ten years old, it may have a significant torque twist, which could cause severe accidents. Likewise, newer paramotors focus on thrust and torque effects and hang points, which make them better suited to flying. However, you should also consider the size of the machine before making your purchase. Remember that the paramotor is only as good as its wing, and the wing makes it fly.

EFI engines deliver greater power and fuel efficiency and are a good choice for cross-country and long-distance racing. EFI motors require less maintenance and oil changes than standard electric motors, but they are still more powerful than other models. If you’re new to paragliding, the Minari is a great option for beginners. It is also inexpensive, so you might be tempted by its cheap price. While most lightweight paramotors are equipped with a Top 80 engine, there are some safety concerns. Its open cage could lead to an accident, so safety features are important. However, even though this model is cheap and light, it is worth every penny. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a cheap, reliable paramotor. However, you need to take safety precautions while using this motor as well. This will ensure you get the most out of your paragliding experience.

Training costs

There are several training costs associated with paramotoring. The first and least expensive is the training itself. However, don’t get the wrong impression; training costs are not free. On average, you’ll pay $1,500 to $2,200 to learn how to safely and properly fly a paramotor. This includes the cost of paramotor equipment, training, and insurance. But the costs are well worth it once you have a safe, effective paramotor!

The training process is usually a classroom-based program, though it is possible to learn on your own if you’re comfortable with a classroom environment. In general, a typical PPG1 certification requires at least 4 full-day sessions and a remote ground school class. In addition, significant practice is necessary between training sessions. The overall cost of PPG1 certification is about $1500, though the exact cost will depend on the amount of practice you perform between sessions.

In addition to training costs, the paramotor must be airworthy. Many European manufacturers take certification testing seriously and must meet certain standards in order to fly in the country. In contrast, many US manufacturers skip certification testing. If you want to fly in Europe, you must have an airworthiness certificate. The wings of your paramotor need to meet specific standards. To make sure that they meet safety standards, you should check for this certificate before purchasing your paramotor.

In Canada, a PPG is required for flying a paramotor. To get this, you must complete a full PPG training course and pass an 80-question exam at Transport Canada. Complete PPG packages can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15000 CDN. Motors and wings will vary in price. You can expect to pay around $7000 for a small motor and $600 for a large paramotor wing.

You can also take a SkySchool Online Theory Course. This online course contains videos of the lecture and downloadable PDFs for further study. Although the course doesn’t replace training with a qualified Instructor, it can be a great way to learn the basics and improve your skills. Online courses are available all over the world and will cost you as little as $135. The course also includes a Course Tutorial and a copy of the APPI PPG training syllabus.

Equipment costs

As with many other expensive hobbies, paramotor equipment costs can add up quickly. Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used paramotor, there are many factors to consider. Whether you want to purchase a used paramotor or a brand new one, there is a wide range of prices available. Paramotors come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the exact model that is right for your budget. There are even a few ways to save money on paramotor equipment costs by buying used.

The cost of a new paramotor will be significantly higher than a used one. This is due to the number of money manufacturers spend on advertisement. However, unless they’re highly rated on SERPs, a new model will probably never sell. Despite the increased costs, some reputed brands come at a lower price. However, the quality of a used paramotor is lower than a brand new one.

While paramotoring is the cheapest form of powered flight, it’s also not a cheap sport, and that means it’ll never be cheap. The general rule is, that you get what you pay for. So, while cheaper paramotors are generally less expensive, a more expensive one will have more safety features and better flight performance. As with any sport, there are advantages and disadvantages to both the cheaper and the more expensive options.

Another big advantage of a paramotor is the ease of transport. Foot-launched PPG equipment can be carried in a mini-van or car trunk. Wheeled paramotors are easier to transport than a motorcycle and can be launched from almost any place. You don’t even need to get a hanger. As a paramotor pilot, you can add a reserve parachute or floatation for extra safety. There’s no doubt that paramotor flying is a thrilling and safe way to explore the great outdoors.

If you’re looking for a paramotor with a large thrust, you’ll want to look into a BlackHawk Talon 3.0 190. This paramotor has a 3.2-gallon fuel tank, which means you can stay in the air for 2.5 to three hours. BlackHawk also makes a 4-stroke model. They are more powerful than the 2 stroke versions, but they are also larger.

Buying a second-hand paramotor

Purchasing a used paramotor is an excellent option for those who aren’t ready to spend thousands of dollars on a brand-new model. It’s important to know what to look for, and there are a few things you should avoid to get a good deal. First, make sure the paramotor comes with a working harness. A harness is an essential part of paramotor safety, so make sure the paramotor is in good shape before you purchase it.

Make sure to ask the seller about the paramotor’s history and any parts that were replaced or rebuilt. Also, ask about the type of 2-stroke oil that was used for the paramotor’s engine. Second-hand paramotors should be kept away from gasoline as they could have harmful fumes. You should avoid buying used paramotors unless you are sure they are in top shape. Parajet has an open-door policy and will be glad to answer any questions you have about their product.

If you’re planning on flying to the UK, it’s wise to consider purchasing a used model. It’s important to remember that the cost of paramotoring equipment can range from $5,000 to $15,000, so you’ll need to find a model that is within your price range. If you’re unsure of the type of paramotor you want to buy, ask a trained professional to help you choose the right one. Lastly, make sure the weather is good for flying – windy or rainy conditions can cause equipment failure or make it impossible to control.

Modern paramotors were invented in the 1980s. They are powered by a small two-stroke engine, and the pilot is strapped to the motor with carabiners. The pilot controls the angle of attack with a hand-held throttle. The paramotor is most efficient when it can get to high speeds. However, it can also get in the way of a new paraglider’s takeoff.




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