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Dreaming about living abroad? If you move to this village in Italy, the Mayor will pay you 2000€ and lower your rent to 50€


  • The Mayor of the mountainous village of Bormida in Liguria, North West of Italy, is worried that his village’s population is dwindling down, as many of the local residents are moving away for work
  • A cash reward of 2000€ is offered to those who move to Bormida
  • Besides bagging the cash incentive, the rent of new residents will also be lowered to as little as 12,50€ per week (50€ per month)
  • The nearest big city is Genoa, 86 km away (over 50 miles)
  • The beach is a 45 minute drive away
  • As Britain is preparing for Brexit, the timing of this relocation offer couldn’t come at a better time for those EU citizens living in the UK who are looking for their next home country, as living abroad is a way of life for them

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Bormida, Liguria, Italy

The village of Bormida in Liguria, Italy


Why living abroad and stepping off the career ladder can be the best decision of your life

Living abroad is something many dream of. Yet, most of us don’t end up following through with the plan. This small Italian mountain village is trying to make that relocation decision easier for you. The Mayor of Bormida, Daniele Galliano, shared his idea of offering a cash reward and lowering the rents of newcomers to the village on Facebook. Currently Bormida’s population stands at 394 inhabitants.   This initiative should see the first new tenants move in next year, once the local council has agreed on the details. Based on the answers the Mayor has received, many prospective applicants don’t even need to get the 2000€ to move in – the quiet way of life and the fresh mountain air near the coast of Italy seems rewarding enough. And the proximity to the nearest Michelin star restaurant – Locanda dell’Angelo in Millesimo, is only 21 km (13 miles) away. The perks of living very close to the Italian coast are hard to beat – the sunshine, the sandy beaches and the most amazing sea food and local wines are something most of us dream of. Also, you wouldn’t be too far from the fabulous Cinque Terre. Why not plan your itinerary using this cool Cinque Terre guide I found! With my tips below, you could also be making a freelancer career for yourself, enabling you to relocate there long term and to travel to the most spectacular sites around the country at your own pace.    Are you looking for tips for your next trip to Rome? Here are some great photos from Rome that will inspire you!

Dream, Work and - Cinque Terre is 2,5 hours away from Bormida, Liguria in Italy

You can have a day trip to Cinque Terre from your new home village Bormida, Liguria in Italy


Learn new skills or a new profession when living abroad


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Downshift or study for a new profession in Italy

This opportunity to move to Bormida, Italy, is ideal especially to those who are able to work remotely. It is also a very affordable location for anyone studying online, as the rent would only set you back 50 euros a month for a smaller apartment and maximum of 120 euros for a large house. If you have been looking for a way to step off the career ladder and take some time off to figure out what really makes you happy in life, this “living abroad” offer from the Mayor of Bormida couldn’t come at a better time. As the living costs are so low, you would only need to work a fraction of that time you may be working now. Once you have freed up time in your meetings calendar, you could be trekking on the mountains or driving down to the beach and enjoying the sunshine and other good things in life.   If you are thinking of moving abroad, you may also like this post where I give a less known but a good option for the list of locations. Although the post’s title suggests that it is aimed at anyone looking to move out of the UK due to Brexit, the post will apply to many nationalities around the world.   Dream Work and Travel: Cheap hotels in Italy Read also: This is how you can get a free city break in Turkey


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