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Life in the USA for a foreigner

USA is one big, wonderful and diverse opportunity for those who can live and work there legally. However, making arrangements for your US relocation are not a simple steps to take. Even if you are lucky enough to find an employer to sponsor your work visa application, there are still no guarantees. At the same time, applying for the visa is a big cost to your employer. Typically those moving to the US for work obtain short term visas that are approved on the basis that the person will not switch to another employer. It is however possible, but this new employer must become the sponsor of the work visa for the remainder of the time.

Entering the Green Card lottery is also a process that cannot be taken too lightly. It literally is a lottery but everyone will pay the fee upon submitting the comprehensive application.

Upon arrival to the country, the U.S. Customs and Border Control make sure to check that your story adds up. More times you have spent on the US soil recently, the more questions you face on re-entry. The questions may include, for example, who you work for, what do you do for a living, why did you spend such a long time in the country last time (they can see 12 months back on their system and will add up your previous duration of stay). Personally I have been asked who paid for my trip and if this boyfriend of mine was American. Oddly, the next question was whether I was wearing comfortable shoes, as I’d be doing a lot of walking in Las Vegas…  Some border control officers are chatty and in high spirits whereas others can make you wish you had never attempted to enter the United States, although you never did anything wrong. You just hope to get the nice on whilst queuing up. You will be asked to provide your fingerprints at this point. If you have visited the USA in the past with the same ESTA (Visa waver), you can also use the immigration kiosks, which will make your arrival a whole lot easier.



You can apply for an ESTA, also known as the VISA waiver program, if you are a national of an eligible country. You should never pay an external agent to deal with your application as all you should be paying is around 12 US dollars for the online application. If you fill in the details, such as your host’s address and contact details, you can get the confirmation in a matter of seconds. But should you leave these blank, you may have to wait for days as your record gets checked manually. 



Living in the USA as a foreigner

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