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Oh for the love of God… Not this again

I think it´s best to start this blog post by explaining our situation. We are a couple from Northern Europe, who have spent a varying number of years in the UK. A while ago we moved from two cities in the UK to New York. However, we found that commuting two hours per day, stuffed in a Metro like a sliced tomato in a BLT sandwich, was no fun. So it was time to pack and go. We moved back to Europe again. We have now enjoyed the Mediterranean island of Malta for almost a year, but to our horror we are nw getting the “10 month itch” again. And so we decided to fast forward our next international move date from October to June. We both agreed on the reason for another international mammoth move: “Why the he** not?”


The trip that requires creative packing

Just when I would need to be home arranging the house move, I’m taking off to travel through 6 countries, all on low budget. The challenge is that my trip includes very differing locations, weathers and events. This means that I have to be creative with how I pack for the trip. I must also resist the temptation to pack things that I’m not 100% sure I would desperately need.

So the first destination on this “Grande Tour” is a one-night stop over in Istanbul, Turkey. I mentioned Istanbul in my blog post as one of Europe’s most affordable capital cities to visit. The idea is to pack the overnight essentials in my hand luggage, so I can leave everything else in the big suitcase, which stays with the airline whilst I stay in the city. This leg of my journey should therefore be relatively easy.

Next up is one of the Northernmost countries, Finland. I will arrive at the Malta airport wearing shorts and flip-flops and will dress up in my Michelin Man jacket shortly after. My weather app suggests that the degrees in Finland may plummet down to +4C, which is in 39F. Can you see why I’m dreading the moment when I book the airport taxi? That is exactly the moment when I will find out whether lifting those weights at the gym helped me shut my suitcase zip and wrestle the beast downstairs, or not.

Next, I need to have a quick stopover in Stockholm, Sweden, as this is one of the few countries in Europe that sell Snus tobacco legally. Having showed my face in this beautiful kingdom of the North, I head to the UK next. Where exactly, I don´t know yet. I´m meeting my partner and attend an event they are creating, which should take place somewhere in the North of England. From the hot, sunny climate of Malta, I have run past a couple of Nordic and Scandinavian countries and are about to land the soil of a not-so-tropical, drizzly island.

But what´s this? Am I about to get lucky with the weather? No rain and +23C (73F) degrees in London? I checked the weather app and felt my mood elevate.


Check out how warm it is in London (Lontoo)! I'm sure I'll enjoy the parks and beergardens in the North of England too!

Check out how warm it is in London (Lontoo)! I’m sure I’ll enjoy the parks and beergardens in the North of England too!



To make absolutely sure, I added the Northern city of Leeds on my weather app and stared at the forecast. Surely the Leeds weather could not be far behind. It was a good idea to pack those flip-flops, after all!


…You MUST be kidding me.


Leeds is 12 degrees colder than London! Good bye, beer garden...

Leeds is 12 degrees colder than London! Good bye, beer garden…


By this time, I have gone from flip-flops to woolly shirts to rain jackets and rubber boots. What could possibly be next?

From the UK we continue our tour to Barcelona, where we will spend 3 weeks looking for an apartment. Finally we can bring out the sunglasses again! By this time, I have worn the same outfits for a month and have another month to go, before heading back home. I´m sure we will enjoy Barcelona to the fullest, but I cannot buy one thing there for myself, as anything we buy will have to be carried in a suitcase to our next two destinations, to Malta, and then back to Barcelona again, before I will own some storage space to put our socks and shirts in.

Before we know it, it is time to take off to the country number five.


Bucharest – Romania

We have been invited to a wedding in Romania, which I’m sure will be fabulous! It’s our first time there and from what I’ve learnt, Bucharest is the most affordable capital city destination in Europe. I think I even thanked my friend for marrying there! We will also travel up to Transylvania for a few days. I must remember to pack my camera and get some amazing photos to share with you!

With the un-arranged international move looming over our heads, we should feel a sting at the back of our minds by now, as it is getting really close to our moving date, and we still have the whole apartment to pack. By this time, we have only 1-2 weeks left to arrange the removal or courier company, make a ton of calls, pack up the whole apartment and leave the country. To be fair, we have done it in a matter of couple days before, so this should be a piece of cake, right?


Calling for reinforcements

When I’m typing this, it becomes more evident that I’m facing a mammoth task of packing the right things for hot and cold, a funeral and a wedding. I will also be zigzagging with the suitcase all across the continent, yay! Honestly, there’s nothing less appealing to me than dragging that suitcase and getting lost in the city centre, whilst trying to navigate around the city with limited wifi access. I think it’s time to call for reinforcements. I’m calling this company called SendMyBag that will deal with my monster suitcase for me. I just need to get myself from one country to the next, and my suitcase will follow from door to door. The reason I’m using them is that their services may be the same price as Ryanair’s luggage fees anyway, but it saves me a ton of hassle. Have a look at their website here – getting a quote for your luggage or parcel should take only seconds. These guys saved me blood, sweat and tears many times!


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