Are Team Building Hiking Trips Worth It?

Team building days – or even weeks if you prefer – can be highly beneficial to any business. They should, when done well, enable your team to work more effectively and productively together, and at the very least they are a break away from the norm which can be enough to reinvigorate your employees.

Trying to choose what to do in your corporate team building can be hard. Most of it will have been done before and might be boring to your team, which defeats the object of organizing such an event in the first place. Something that is different, however, is a team-building hiking trip. Read on to find out whether it’s worth booking this kind of adventure.

Are Team Building Hiking Trips Worth It

Problem Solving

One of the biggest reasons why hiking as a team is a good idea is that it will force your employees to problem solve. They will need to work out the correct route, find somewhere to camp, organize food, and much more. Working together, this will become a much better experience, and it will allow everyone’s various skills to come to the fore.

Of course, you can ensure everyone is safe at all times by using travel risk management solutions that allow you to track your team, but otherwise, they will be on their own, and they will have to work together to make the hike a positive one. This kind of bonding experience will then carry over into their work environment once they get back home.


corporate hiking trip

As a business owner, you want to know which of your employees has the most potential when it comes to leadership. You can then offer them promotions and more responsibility when the time is right.

A corporate hiking trip will give you the perfect opportunity to see who is a leader and who prefers to follow. On a hiking trip, natural leaders will emerge – they will take charge, and even if they don’t have all the skills that are needed, they will know how to use their team in the best way to get results. Once you know who the leader is, you can act accordingly when you need to.

It’s Fun

Hiking is fun

Life shouldn’t be all about work. In order to have a full life and a good work-life balance, everyone needs to have some enjoyment too. If all anyone ever did was work, there would be a lot of burnout and far less productive.

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your team, and you need to ensure they are well and happy. By offering them the chance to go on a corporate hiking trip, you are providing their well-being is positive. Hiking is fun, and it’s a great way to get out of the office for a while and do something different. No one will have to think about work, and it could be just what they need to re-set and become more productive. This, of course, will benefit not just them but the business as a whole.

Four Hiking Team Building Activities

Hiking in group

You’ve probably heard this mantra quite a bit lately: Teamwork makes the dream work. But, where does one even start in building an effective team? You have to meet others with whom you share a common interest or goal, get them all to meet with one another, and, most importantly, grow team spirit and rapport. Essentially, you need team-building activities, like hiking.

Hiking is indeed an excellent activity, whether you’re alone or with a group. Just being out in nature, with no urban distractions, is a great way to get many things done, especially in terms of problem-solving and communication. As trails aren’t always easy to navigate, communication and problem-solving can go a long way. Read on as we give you four great team-building activities to utilize while you and your team are on a hike.

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Whether you’re going on a quick day hike or a multi-day backpacking trip, you’ll need a reliable hiking backpack to help you carry and store your hiking gear. If you’re not sure about which pack you should get, check out our article about the best hiking backpacks to see which ones are our favorites.

Craft and Work Through Imaginary Scenarios

As beautiful as nature may be, it comes with various perils. There are all sorts of wildlife and bugs to worry about. You may have to figure out how to cross particularly rocky, rugged terrains or getting safely across the water, for that matter. That’s to say nothing of the weather, be it staying hydrated under the summer heat or maintaining your body’s heat during the winter.

Most importantly, as a team, it is expected you each look out for each other. So, what better way to build a team than to imagine that you are in these scenarios? It’s the perfect way to develop your team’s problem-solving skills!

  • Role play that one of the team members has been badly hurt in a fall, and see how your team handles the situation.
  • Find a solution to cross an imaginary stream.
  • Work as a team to set up camp with limited supplies.

Choose an easy trail for your team to traverse, just to be fair, as everyone’s hiking skills differ. By working through these problems together, teams get stronger and may even prepare for difficult situations.

Pre and Post-assessment as a Team

Get with your team before and after the experience to open up to each other about concerns and discuss past hiking or other outdoor experiences. This is also your chance to share key details of the hike and its expectations and challenges for the team, for instance:

  • How long is the hike?
  • What kind of terrain should people expect?
  • Will there be overnight camping?
  • Does anyone have any conditions that may impact their physical skills?
  • What’s the weather like?

These questions need to be asked, and people need to feel comfortable doing so. If it’s hard to get people talking, have some prepared questions ready that you can use to get the conversation started. Encourage people to share stories and ask questions.

Before starting a hike, everyone should feel free to express their potential concerns. Accommodations should be made for those who are more at risk. At the end of the hike, everyone should share how they feel and discuss any difficulties they had on the hike.

These discussions build communication, trust, and rapport amongst your team members, on top of acknowledging that everyone in the team is different.

Hiking with a group is great and is always a unique experience. But there are things your group must consider to ensure a successful group hiking trip. Lucky for you, we have an article that details everything you need to know about group hiking.

Get to Know Each Other Through a Scavenger Hunt

I think we all can agree that team members need to know each other in order for said team to be effective. With that in mind, they need to get to know each other beyond the purpose of what their team is.

In regular work environments, some team members may not even talk to one another much, if at all. But while hiking, there won’t be any city distractions in the way, such as noise, pollution, traffic, and so on. It’s just you, nature, and the rest of the team. With that being said, what is a better way to get to know each other once there?

Get together a scavenger hunt list of natural materials that may be found in the area where you are hiking. You may even include some common items that may be found by the team members. Then, randomly form a few teams, set a time and place to meet, and get started!

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A scavenger hunt list might include any natural item or action, such as:

  • A yellow leaf
  • Something mossy
  • A smooth stone
  • Something green that isn’t a leaf
  • Spotting a bird and write down what it looked like
  • Taking a team selfie by the biggest tree you can find

You can have the teams bring the items back or take photos of them with their phones. It all depends on whether your trip is tech-free or not.

A scavenger hunt is always fun and encourages a team to work together to explore, problem-solve — and get back to the meeting place!

Build Leadership

All teams need leaders, and the potential to be a leader rests in everyone. Alas, how does one create, and more importantly, build a leader in the first place? There are so many different answers to that question and so many different ways to train one for leadership, which is where hiking comes in handy yet again.

If hiking in a team, a leader is definitely needed. The leader prepares the trip, determines the route, searches for and alerts team members about obstacles, and, most importantly, leads the way.

This is the perfect way to build a team leader. And best of all, if you decide to make hikes a regular thing for your team, the team leader can be changed every time. It is a great way to build everyone’s leadership skills.

Hiking helps a person unwind. Apart from the adventure, you can create a memorable bond with your company. This can also increase and leave a quality impression on your partner. So, is hiking a good first date? Read our article to know more about the pros and cons of this activity.


You most likely never thought hiking could be as versatile an activity as this before reading this article, especially in regards to building a great team. But as you can now see, not only is hiking a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors, on top of being good for your physical and mental wellness, but it can also do wonders for a fledging team.

Without the inner-city disturbances, it’s a fantastic way for everyone on the team to simply get to know one another, which improves trust and rapport. Whoever guides the team gets some vital development in the valued skills of leadership.

How to Be a Team Player to Your Spouse

Denise Limongello

Being a team player to your spouse can be hugely contributive to the success of your marriage.

So, what makes relationships work?

Many happily married couples often report “teamwork” as a critical ingredient to a happy marriage. Most of us would agree that we want to send a message to our partners that we are on their sides. Marriage is about becoming a team. Teamwork in marriage is a critical ingredient in making a marriage happy and successful.

Since being a team with your partner can dramatically improve your relationship with your spouse, you must read on to discover some effective ways to show solidarity and teamwork within your marriage and be a team player in a relationship.

Tips on how to be a team in a relationship

Eyes wide open

Studies show that people often retain more information when they make consistent eye contact with the person they’re listening to.

Taking the time to be an active listener can not only help you to retain more necessary information that your spouse is trying to communicate to you but can have enormous value in preventing future misunderstandings.

Not only is communication often improved, overall, from active listening, but it can assure your partner that you take him/her seriously.

Share responsibilities based on talents

Research indicates that couples often report more success at running a household when chores are delegated based on personality traits.

Rather than trying to delegate responsibilities, evenly, you might want to handle a more lopsided arrangement, as long as each of you is content and comfortable with what you’re being asked to do. Working together in a relationship requires aligning goals, enhancing compassion and mutual understanding.

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Individuals often report having an easier time forming productive habits if they perceive that they are successful at them.

Play simultaneously

Find ways to keep each other happy and enjoy your differences

Many married couples often report feeling pressure to enjoy the same activities as their spouses. Your varied interests, however, can often be enjoyed while in the presence of your spouse, even if the two of you are doing different things.

For instance, many happy couples report doing simultaneous activities like reading in bed while the partner watches TV on a headset, so as not to disturb the one who is reading. Being a team in marriage requires you to be creative.

There are a great many ways to get creative so that you can spend time in each other’s presence while doing different things.

Putting in the effort to find ways to keep each other happy and enjoy your differences, side by side, can definitely foster a sense of teamwork.

On how to be a team with your spouse, not wanting your spouse to compromise on their interests just because you’re doing something else can send a message that you want each other to be happy and are willing to work together to find a way to do so.

Team building activities for couples

Team building activities for couples

Several workplaces underscore the importance of team building activities to foster better team synergy and productivity. Whether it is the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate on projects and motivate peers, team building activities create a conducive work atmosphere.

Similarly, couples’ activities can work wonder for a marriage. There are several bonding activities for married couples that will reignite your interest in each other and spark fun and romance in your married life.

Options for team building activities for married couples are endless!

  • Mindfulness in marriage helps foster compassion, empathy, and harmony in a marriage. Doing yoga or meditating together could be your answer to the question, “how to work as a team with your spouse.”
  • Reap the benefits of traveling as a couple. At times, the humdrum of life gets to you and you are left sapped and unexcited about things and life in general. Traveling is an enriching experience and the most effective way to reinvigorate yourself, replenish your soul, calm your mind and recharge your relationship with your spouse. So, get out of your comfort zone and indulge in some adventure together.
  • Engaging in charitable or voluntary activity that is close to your heart is a great way to gain a perspective, get close to each other and underscore the significance of gratitude and contentment in life. Working for a cause can also bring a semblance of meaningfulness in life.
  • Learning a new form of dancing or taking up a cooking class together, can be highly contributive in improving the teamwork. You learn to pick subtle cues, responses and make a sincere effort to work in tandem with your significant other with all your enthusiasm.
  • Sex and intimacy can take a backseat in the scheme of things in life, leaving little or no room for enjoying physical and emotional intimacy with your partner. If your schedule is too tight for a spontaneous sack session, you need to pencil in a weekly date to have sex, scheduling sex is one of the best ways to try new things between sheets, experiment, and have fun with your spouse in bed while you log some quality time together.
  • On how to be a team with your partner, one of the coolest tips is to create a self-care routine for both of you, where you indulge in a massage session or create DIY spa at home.

These tips on how to be a team player in a relationship will help you create a team spirit in marriage, improve your sexual energy, see a playful side of each other, and allows you to learn, grow, and change together.




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