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Can you guess where this building is?

And what’s inside it?


I asked my Twitter followers if they can tell where this building is. And moreover, if they can guess what’s inside it. If you think you may know the right answer but are not 100% sure, I will give you a couple of hints first, to solve this problem I put together with Veikkaajat and Uhkapeluri.


  1.  It is in a warm climate, but the temperature drops drastically in the winter. I have had a great time by the pool side in this city in September.

2. In this city, you will find world-class entertainment. As a matter of fact, many of the stars on MTV have performed concerts or held resident shows here, that can run for months or even years. For many of the artists, it’s also their “last resort”.

3. If you haven’t guessed the answer by now, I’ll post another picture for you.


Does the Egypt theme give the answer away? Could it be a casino?

Does the Egypt theme give the answer away?

4. Think of all the places in the world where the architects could be this crazy to mix such a modern structure with a sphinx imitation. And for sure, it’s not in Egypt.

5. Okay, I’ll post one more picture, which hopefully reveals which city this building is in. And then you should be able to guess what’s inside this building, too. But keep reading on.


Welcome to Las Vegas, the casino capital of the world!

Welcome to Las Vegas sign in the capital of casinos.

…And the answer is…

Drumroll please…


The black pyramid-shaped building is one of my favourite buildings in the world. It is the Luxor Casino in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. The Luxor Casino sits at the top of the “Strip”. When you first fix your eyes on it from the landing plane, it does stick out from the rest on the Strip. Inside, casino goers sit side by side at the poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat tables, hoping for that win of a lifetime. Free beers are served to those playing at the slots machines, that can vary from Game of Thrones themed ones to the Big Bang Theory or even Golden Girls.


I did say that the casino capital, Las Vegas, is a kind of “last resort” for many artists. By this I meant that in many cases, you haven’t heard a peep from these singers in a decade or two. With some, you didn’t know they were still here, let alone performing. At the time of writing this article, tickets for the shows of Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys, Cher, New Kids on the Block, Billy Idol and Britney Spears were being advertised.


Although I’m not a big gambler myself, I know that increasingly people are enjoying playing at online casinos. If you are intrigued to try, and are over 18 years old, I’ve heard that this casino is particularly good for US customers or this one for the European customers. You usually also get some free stuff when you join. But do play responsibly. Enjoy the free drinks if you are headed to the slot machines of Las Vegas but remind yourself what time of the day it is – as you won’t be going to Vegas casinos to enjoy the sunshine!


Now, if a picture of Ricky Martin’s comeback doesn’t cheer up your day, I don’t know what will.


Guess what: Ricky Martin will headline in the casino capital, Las Vegas

Ricky Martin will headline in the casino capital, Las Vegas

Thanks guys!



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