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This is how you can get a short city break in Turkey

It is no wonder that the Turkish Airlines has been awarded as Europe’s best airline in 6 consecutive years. They have invested in customer service and their tickets include features other airlines will not offer. In this article, I will tell you how to score a free, short city break in Istanbul or another big city in Turkey, whilst travelling. The presumption is that you are already planning to travel somewhere and are looking at different route options. Choosing to transfer in Turkey can land you a free hotel night, paid by the airline and their partners. What makes this offer even more appealing is the fact, that Istanbul has been listed as the 5th cheapest European capital city destination. 

Here’s what you need to know about this deal.

Who can get a complimentary hotel night

Turkish Airlines offer a complimentary hotel stay to those economy class passengers, whose flight connection is over 10 hours long. If your transfer is only 9 hours long, you are unfortunately out of luck and will not qualify for the hotel room. However, if you are flying in the business class, a 7+ hour transfer lands you this hotel deal. If you are an occasional business class traveller, arranging your flight route via Turkey can really offer extra value for your money.




How does the Turkish Airlines complimentary hotel deal work

When you have arrived in Turkey and proceeded past the customs, look out for the Hotel Desk to collect your complimentary hotel night. The staff will make the hotel stay arrangements for you, so you can just head to your room and relax or go explore the city. If you land in Istanbul, you need to walk past the customs first and then walk right. Look for the Starbucks, the hotel desk is right next to the cafe.

The small print of this deal

I wouldn’t write about this offer if the small print tried to trick you in any way or if I didn’t think it was good value. Here’s all you need to know about your free city break offer. Your first and the connecting flights must be international flights with Turkish Airlines. You need to have bought the shortest available connection to qualify for this deal. This means that if there is a way to reach your destination quicker with this airline, you can’t use this offer. The complimentary accommodation will be for maximum of 2 nights, which I find more than reasonable. And it is highly recommended that you arrive in Turkey with a Valid visa – if not, you will need to spend your night at the airport. I found a great resource for those of you, who need a visa in order to visit Turkey. Naturally you will need to have your passport and travel tickets in and out of Turkey. Check out this blog called A Mary Road to see what else you need to provide. This post explains exactly what you need to obtain a visa to Turkey. 

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