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Many of us have been fortunate to kick off the Suomi 100 celebrations long ago, but for many of us, the real deal is on the 6th of December. This is the official date when Finland as an independent country turns 100 years. Depending on the celebrating crowds, some take a moment to appreciate the values Finns have created together – democracy and equality, some Suomi 100 party goers will settle for “torilla tavataan” and “Poika saunoo”. If you are in charge of organising the Finnish Independence Day party, my complete party organising check list may help you get through the Suomi 100 event. If you are the lucky one in charge for decorating your own Suomi 100 party, there is just too good stuff online to pass.

Next, I will show you my favourite Finland related decorations and also the treats like sweets, snacks and drinks we Finns living abroad have learned to miss. I will finish by sharing ideas for the perfect rye bread starter, along with where you can buy real Fazer rye bread, if you live abroad. As the selection online and Amazon in particular has grown massively over the past years, I had no trouble getting a list of must-have items on this list!

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    Suomi 100 party planner’s check list

    • Typically 80% of the people you invite, will attend a party. This means that you should invite roughly 20% more people than you think you can fit in the venue comfortably
    • Get your playlist together. If you don’t want to be interrupted by ads that could spoil the mood, get a free Spotify Premium trial
    • Put the menu together: try to come up with items that only require heating or a bit of attention, as you don’t want to be chained to the stove on the day of the event
    • Compile a shopping list and make an order at your bakery, if necessary
    • Recruit helpers so you can rely on some assitance before and after the party
    • Prepare all those dishes, that can be frozen and will fit in your freezer
    • If you are hosting the Suomi 100 event at your house, you may want to give the whole house a good clean
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    • Setting the stage is important. Ensure there is enough seating but so that the chairs don’t block any walkways. But don’t worry about the chairs too much – if all of your guets are not sitting, this will also encourage them to get to know one another and getting the conversations going
    • By designating a side table for dessert, you don’t need to start clearing the buffet table in the middle of everything, especially when some of your guests have arrived late and may still be refilling their plates
    • Make sure you have enough serving dishes for the catering
    • Stock up the bar and get enough ice. if you want to serve Finnish drinks, have a look at the Koskenkorva options and how to order them by clicking the Koskenkorva image above. You can find all varieties – including Minttuviina and Salmiakki online

    Decorating the Suomi 100 venue, rally car or water fountain at the local square

    Now it’s time to order your decorations, so they arrive on time. You don’t want to miss the mark, as on the 7th of December Finnish flag cupcake decorations are of little help!

    I just love flag bunting. It completely transforms a room to a party venue. It can also transform a local water fountain to a party venue, but I don’t think there is an ice hockey match Suomileijonat can win on the 6th so it may be clever to stay out of the fountain after all. The more flags you have hanging up in your Suomi 100 venue, the clearer it is that soon we shall all watch “kättely”, an endless string of politicians, business people and even some celebrities wishing the president couple happy Independence Day.

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    The day before the Suomi 100 party

    • You may want to leave a note to your neighbours to inform them about the party, especially if you expect the guests to stay late or take up a lot of parking space outside
    • If you don’t want your guests to see your personal medication, clear those out of the way
    • Make space in your closet for jackets – leave empty hangers
    • Next up is one of my favourite parts or party-organising: putting the decorations up! Below you can find some party decorating ideas. I love Finnish flag bunting – as cheesy as they are, they still transform the look of the space quickly and cheaply
    • You can get adorale Finnish flag cupcake decorations on Amazon (see above)

    On the day

    • Make sure you are not tied to the kitchen, when the guests arrive. Ask friends to help and greet each guest individually
    • Although we may think logically, that a tidy house is nicer for the guests, leave cleaning to the minium, when you have guests. If you go around collecting bottles and paper plates into a bag, you may come across almost as passive-aggressive and you may send out a message between the lines that the party is over and the guets have overstayed their welcome

    What to serve at the Finnish Independence Day event

    Now this must be my favourite part by far. In the recent years, that I have lived away from Finland, the online selection of Finnish foods and treats available on Amazon has grown massively. There you find just about anything you can think of from Fazer chocolate to Fazermint, Geisha, Dumle, soft liquorice, salty liquorace, rye bread and even salmari. Who would have guessed you can find all kinds of Koskenkorva vodkas on online? Some restrictions may apply. Seeing some of these treats stirred up a warm and fuzzy feeling inside – Amazon sells Turkinpippuri in those tins we used to only get from the boats sailing to Stockholm or Tallinn! This is such a retro treat, taking me back so many years! And to top it off, I have also ordered real Fazer rye bread on Amazon, which I will serve with salmon and cream cheese on the big day. For the perfect rye bread topping recipes, keep on reading!
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    The perfect rye bread topping ideas for Suomi 100

    Rye & Delicious Salmon

    • Toast the rye bread
    • Smear lots of cream cheese over it
    • Top the rye with salmon
    • Add cucumber, chopped tomatoes and finely sliced red onion
    • Squeeze just a bit of lemon juice over the salmon
    • Add some chopped chives

    Rye & Delicious Shrimp

    • Smear the rye bread with a generous amount of mayonnaise
    • Add a layer of sliced, soft boiled egg
    • Place the cooked, cold shrimp over the eggs
    • Add a sprinkle of dill or small chopped chivers

    Run-up to Suomi 100

    Want to start getting in the high spirits early, so you don’t miss a thing? Or would you prefer to make damn sure anyone and everyone does not forget where you are from? Then you need to seriously consider hoisting your own Finnish flag on your work desk!

    Two weeks prior to the 6th of December, your spouse, regardless of their nationality, is allowed to wear only one particular outfit. No, in this case I don’t mean Formula 1 driver’s suit, unless you are married to Kimi Räikkönen. Your family must from now one wear the Finnish flag. A savvy saver cuts out one for their furry, four-legged friends too, so the postman or the neighbours know he or she on the Finnish winning team! Want to read about funny Finnish menu translations? Click here! 

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