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Searching for gaming jobs online? Follow these steps to get your dream career

Searching for gaming jobs online? Follow these steps to get your dream career

For this week’s post I have interviewed two experts, Emmi and Joanna, who know everything about gaming jobs. The girls have recently founded a gaming recruitment agency and their clients and candidates are keeping them very busy. This article will give you simple steps to follow, if you are searching for gaming jobs online at the moment or if you would like to apply for any of the betting world vacancies you find here. These tips given by Emmi and Joanna are very useful also if you are looking for a job abroad. Some of these tips apply to a wide range of roles within the gaming industry, whereas some are more specifically  about the iGaming sector, which is also known as the online casino and betting industry.  I recommend reading their interview especially if you are considering your career options because of Brexit. If you speak more than one language fluently, your options increase immediately. I have also written a post for those people who are considering to move out of the UK because of Brexit, you can read it here.


Want to work abroad? This is your chance


gaming jobs online: Joanna from Magic Mondayz

Joanna from Magic Mondayz



Gaming jobs online: Emmi from Magic Mondayz

Emmi from Magic Mondayz


Even if you have not browsed gaming jobs online before, I want to introduce you to various different roles that are on offer even if you don’t have any previoius gaming experience.I asked them about many of the betting world vacancies and the technical jobs gaming companies are recruiting for at the moment, such as database jobs and developer roles. At this point I want to mention that this is not a paid or a sponsored post, which means that the recruitment agency I am about to introduce to you is not paying me to write this article.

The gaming recruitment experts – Joanna and Emmi from Magic Mondayz


Joanna and Emmi have recently founded a highly specialised recruitment agency called Magic Mondayz. Both of the ladies have built up lots of industry experience in HR and recruitment agency roles, before venturing off together to start a specialised gaming recruitment agency. As both have also worked on the hiring side in different gaming companies, they have got to know many hiring managers personally and they have also experienced the company culture first hand. This is why Joanna and Emmi are the right people to talk to, if you are interested in working for a gaming company. First I will tell you a little bit about the types of roles you can find in the gaming sector, if you don’t have experience in the industry. After that, we will start the interview with Magic Mondayz!


Looking for online gaming jobs or interested in gaming apprecticeships or other entry level gaming jobs? You can get in touch with Emmi and Joanna from Magic Mondayz to get started.

Left: Joanna, right: Emmi


Marketing jobs in gaming


Game companies are looking for enthusiastic applicants for different marketing positions all the time. Especially if you have previous marketing experience and you have played online casino games before and you can consider moving to Malta, which is an English-speaking island in the Mediterranean, you should consider a CRM Executive role. Usually CRM Executives climb up to marketing from a customer support role, where they can learn about gaming first. The CRM team is responsible for creating and sending newsletters to the customers. The CRM teams use marketing tools, data analytics and Excel spreadsheets to determine which customer gets which newsletter or offer. Online casino marketers send newsletters to their customers about new game releases and bonuses they can claim.

Entry level jobs in gaming


There are also lots of entry level jobs in gaming up for grabs. If you don’t have web development or data management skills for example, you can apply for a customer support role or even a content writer role, especially if you speak more than one language.

Want an online gaming job? Find out how to get your new job in gaming now.

Betting world vacancies and sports betting jobs


There are numerous career paths you can take In the world of online gaming. Maybe  you are searching for gaming jobs online at this very moment. Where are looking from? Are you searching for jobs in Europe on CareerJet Malta or Indeed Barcelona, for example? Although both of these international job search platforms offer a large selection of roles out there, I have found a few downfalls using these platforms when I was looking for gaming jobs online.


Firstly, they don’t often offer any information on the salary level. Especially if you are considering to live and work in Spain, the UK, the USA, Australia, Malta or any other country, this is a big step in your life that you should not take without a better understanding of what the cost of living in your new home country will be. I have also found that sending your CV through CareerJet or Indeed is as good as sending your application to a digital shredder somewhere in the cloud. Many of us never hear a single word from that application ever again. This is one of the many reasons I recommend using a specialised recruitment agency, when you are looking for gaming jobs online. When you search for online gaming jobs, you will find agencies that cover a broad range of roles as well as highly specialised recruitment agencies, like Magiz Mondayz. You can get in touch with the recruiters Emmi and Joanna especially if you are interested in any of the following:


  • Marketing jobs in gaming companies and specific video game marketing jobs
  • Content management jobs and content writer jobs for gaming sites such as the Onnenapila (this example site is in Finnish), which publishes articles on casino bonuses and game strategies
  • Data management jobs / database jobs / SQL jobs
  • Web Developer roles
  • Web Designer roles: the affiliate marketing websites, such as the Finnish that is currently being built, have a great need for creative WordPress and other CMS Designers, as the volume of new newbsites being created is high
  • Full Stack Developer roles
  • Sports betting jobs
  • Online casino jobs, also known as iGaming jobs
  • Gaming apprenticeships or other entry level gaming jobs
  • Jobs in Europe or specifically jobs in Barcelona or Malta for English speakers

Love sports?


If you are into sports, why not become a Sports Content Writer for online betting companies? You would be surprised to see how big the demand for people following sports is in the iGaming job sector, particularly in Malta. Some of the coolest iGaming jobs in Malta I have seen include watching matches and tweeting about them via the sports betting company’s Twitter account.

Gaming recruitment expert interview

How Recruitment Consultants can help you find a good job abroad and get the offer


Magic Mondayz: betting world vacancies, gaming jobs online, sports betting jobs, online casino jobs and many more

Joanna and Emmi working from Tallinn, Estonia


Joanna: Most Recruitment Consultants have a big network of companies they work with, they know the culture and the environment and can easily assess where you can fit best. They will also guide you through the whole process, get to know you, introduce you to the hiring managers and coach you for the interview. Recruitment Consultants usually know what the particular company is looking for and can guide you accordingly, in order to increase your chance to get an offer.



What does “internal recruiter” mean?


Emmi: An internal recruiter is the person responsible for the hiring process in a specific company. An internal recruiter works inside the company and normally screens candidate’s CVäs, is responsible for 1st stage interviews, liaises with the hiring managers, schedules interviews and is overall responsible for coordinating the hiring process. They are employed directly by the company that has the open positions and are physically based in the company’s office. Joanna: It’s the person coordinating the recruitment process internally in the company. Usually it’s not only going to be a someone who conducts one of the interviews but also your first point of contact in case of any questions regarding the relocation in case you apply directly on the companies website.


What is the role of a “recruitment consultant” in an agency?


Joanna: From my perspective, a Recruitment Consultant is kind of the first friend you will make while searching for the job. Perhaps it doesn’t sound very professional, but this is how I see it. Candidates trusts us with their career choices. Therefore, we need to do our best to create a good relationship with them and show them that they can rely on us, which is much easier if you treat each other like friends. Jobs for gamers, jobs in Malta, jobs in Barcelona for English speakers and much more Recruitment consultants screen the candidates and then spend a lot of time to get to know every single person in order to figure out which company can possibly be the best fit for them. They assists candidates throughtout the whole process and sometimes are also the first people they meet when they arrive to the new destination.   Emmi: A recruitment consultant who is working in an agency is recruiting for multiple different companies at the same time. They work together with variety of companies that have open positions. A recruitment consultant is not on the payroll of any of the companies, they are employed by the agency. A recruitment consultant’s place of work is the agency’s office, so they are not physically based in any of the companies premises, but are in close contact with them throughout the process.


What “secret weapons” can the Recruitment Consultant use to get my job application forward? Can the recruiter maximise my chances of getting the offer I want?


Joanna: Definitely working with a recruiter can maximize your chance to get an offer but I don’t really believe in ”secret weapons”. We know all of the clients we work with in person and know their expectations. This helps us to ensure that both sides find their perfect fit. We can also coach candidates in the preparation for interviews and give them all of the information they need to know about the company. This helps the job applicant feel confident when entering the interview room. But at the end of the day, its up to them to make the best first impression. We are just the bridge that matches people with the best opportunities and we can coach you and tell you what the client expects. But we really believe in honesty and want you to be yourself during the interview. That’s the only way to find out if a particular job is the right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to show your personality or ask questions. If you don’t have a good feeling about the job after your interview, just take your time and wait for the right opportunity to arrive.


I want to change careers but I don’t have the required experience or education. Can I still find a job abroad?


Emmi: It’s never too late to change careers. I personally know people who were very ”well-off” in their native countries, working in stable jobs and managerial positions, but wanted some change in their life! They moved to a new country and started in a new industry, completely from scratch. It’s normal that candidates start from an ’entry level’ position ( ie. entry level gaming jobs), such as Customer Service, to learn the new industry hands-on and work their way up. We recruit for positions on all levels and there is something for everyone for sure. Joanna: Of course you can. In order to apply for the entry level iGaming jobs, all you need are language skills and an awesome personality. Most of the candidates who start their adventure within the iGaming industry, don’t have any previous experience. These applicants start in Customer Support to learn about the industry, get some training and then work their way up. 

Betting world vacancies, gaming jobs online, jobs for gamers and more.

Do you guide candidates on how to prepare for an HR interview?


Joanna: We are quite lucky when it comes to that, because we both used to work in HR in the online gaming industry and we have conducted hundreds of interviews ourselves. We know exactly what the HR interviewer wants to know about the candidate and we make sure that our candidates are well prepared.


What types of roles does your recruitment agency, Magic Mondayz, recruit for?


Emmi: We are specialized in language jobs & igaming jobs (online casino jobs) but also recruit for a number of different positions. We recruit for jobs in Malta for English speakers, online gaming jobs, data management jobs, accounting jobs, marketing jobs, customer service jobs, sales jobs, payments & fraud jobs… And the list goes on:


  • Customer Support: Finnish / Swedish / Norwegian / German / UK
  • Fraud Analyst
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Programmatic Coordinator
  • Norwegian Content Writer
  • Nordic Affiliate Manager
  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • Senior BI Analyst
  • Finnish Sales Agent
  • Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Nordic Country Manager

Most of the positions are based in Malta and Estonia but we also have a few clients in Barcelona and Bucharest.


What language skills is your recruitment agency interested in?


Emmi: Many of our open positions require only English language skills, but we also work with Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Estonian, French and Danish speaking candidates.


Can you tell the average salaries for roles in the countries you recruit in?


Joanna: Sure, it will be hard to compile a full list for all available roles, but just so you to get a better understanding I will list a couple:

  • Entry level gaming jobs like Customer Support or Payments Analysts: 18.0000 – 25.000 Euro gross p.a.
  • Content Writer/Junior Marketing Coordinator/SEO Executive – 24.000 – 30.000 Euro gross p.a.
  • Junior Affiliate Manager 28.000 – 35.000 Euro gross p.a.
  • Senior Affiliate Manager 35.000 – 60.000 Euro gross p.a.
  • Mid level Software Developer – 40.000 Euro gross p.a.

It’s definitely worth mentioning that most of the companies also offer other benefits on top of the salary like a gym membership, lunches in the office and events.


Moving abroad costs a lot of money. Does the company help pay for my relocation?


Jobs abroad: gamejobs, datamanagement jobs, web developer jobs in Malta and more Emmi: Most of the companies we are recruiting for, especially in Malta, do pay for your flights and accommodation for the first 1-2 weeks, so you won’t need to worry about where you will stay while searching for your own place. Joanna: Yes, most of the companies understand that some candidates might struggle to cover all the costs by themselves and offer them relocation packages. Usually they cover the flights, two weeks accommodation and organise a pick up from the airport. Some of the HR Managers we work with actually go to the airport themselves to welcome the newbies even if they arrive middle of the night, which is pretty cool.


I searched gaming jobs online and see lots of support roles. What does “support role” or Customer Care Agent mean exactly?


Emmi: “What Agent” you might ask.. FBI Agent? 007 Agent? No, (sadly for some) Customer Care Agent, also known as Customer Service Representative, may sound like an odd job title. Basically, it’s just like any other customer service role but in an online environment. A Customer Care Agent’s primary task is to answer customer’s queries usually with email & live chat and in some companies via phone as well. On top of this, a Customer Care Agent can be involved in other tasks such as small translations, content, payments processing etc.. depending a bit on the company’s structure & size. Joanna: These are the stars who help to resolve customers queries and answer all their questions on a daily basis, mainly over live chat, email or phone. If you decide to start your career within iGaming as a Customer Support Agent, you will spend the first couple of weeks in intensive training to learn about the industry and the brands. This means that this job can really be a great start of your iGaming career for someone who doesn’t have any previous experience.


What happens if the job abroad doesn’t work out?


Emmi: From my experience, it doesn’t happen very often that the job is not what our candidates expect. This is why we take time in finding out the candidate’s as well as the company’s expectations. Joanna: It all depends on the reasons of course, but if you just feel like a particular job is not for you, we will definitely be there to help you to find something new as soon as possible.


How do I find reliable information on the cost of living in the new country?


How to find information on living costs in a countryJoanna: When I am relocating someone to another country, I always have a quick Skype session with them to go through this. It’s a good idea to join Facebook groups for expats in the place you are planning to relocate to. Most of the questions are being repeated all the time and if you search information in these groups, you will most likely be able to find all the answers. Emmi: There are different websites like Numbeo you can visit to compare cost of living in different countries. To get an idea on the apartment rent prices in a specific country, you can also join some groups on Facebook, ie. Apartments Malta, Barcelona Apartments etc. In these groups there are apartment ads from independent landlords as well as real estate agents.


How do I find an apartment in Malta, Barcelona or Berlin?


Jobs and apartments in Malta, Barcelona, Tallinn and BucharestJoanna: First of all, most of the companies will offer you to stay in the company flat for a couple of weeks when you arrive. This will give you some time to look for something suitable. You can either use real estate agents (most of the companies have good discounts schemes) or you can turn to Facebook and search in different groups. It’s definitely easier to relocate outside of the holiday season, especially if you are planning to go to places like Malta or Barcelona, because the prices in the summer can be almost double. Emmi: How quickly you find an apartment depends slightly on the time of the year. During the tourist season from May-August it can be a bit harder to find your own place, but there are always apartments available.


Don’t be shy to ask the company’s HR for tips, as many companies have good connections that can help you with the apartment search. You can also join the Apartment search Facebook groups mentioned earlier. There are also other expats like you on these groups, who are searching for a flatmate to share an apartment with. It’s quite typical to rent a shared apartment in the beginning, where everyone has their own bedroom but the common areas are shared. It’s worth looking into this option too, and it’s a good way to make new friends in your new home country. If you want to use the help of a real estate agency, you should know that their fee in Malta, for example, is usually 50% of one month’s rent, but some companies have discount deals with certain agencies. The good thing about getting help from an agency is that they usually pick you up and drive you around to show you multiple apartments at once, so you can get a better insight on what’s out there quicker.


Any more advice on finding an apartment?


My advise would be to never rent an apartment without actually seeing it. It is also important to never ever pay any money up front before you’ve visited the apartment. Once you do find an apartment in Malta, the moving in happens usually quite quickly. The case is often that you find an apartment today, you move in within a couple of days. To read more about apartment scams, click here. 


Do I need a European passport or visa to get a job in Europe?


Joanna: Yes, you will most likely need a European passport to get the job. Visa/work permit are required for the Non-EU nationals, which makes the process a little bit more complicated. But Malta, for example, just introduced a quick work permit application process for more senior employees, so there are ways to get around it.


How do I find information on tax in the country I’m interested in?


Joanna: Ask your HR Manager or Recruiter, they will be able to provide you with all info straight away. Should you still have any doubts, just contact the local Inland Revenue Department. In most countries you can get all info over the phone. Emmi: For information on taxes in Malta you can have a look at: Maltasalary IRD For information on taxes in Barcelona you can visit: Salary Atfter Tax.


How do I make friends in the new country?


Jobs in gaming: making new friendsJoanna: It’s really easy to find friends living as an expat. I remember my first day in my previous job when I thought “oh my god, there will be 100 new faces and I won’t know anyone. How am I gonna deal with it?” The thing is that 90% of the people working in iGaming are expats, exactly like you. They know how it feels to be new in a new country, so they will make sure that you have a warm welcome. Companies also organise plenty of events on a monthly basis for the newbies, to make sure they blend in quickly. So yes, usually the first friends you make (after your recruiters) will be your colleagues. I usually also advice to be active and follow the expats groups in your new country. I really wouldn’t worry about that at all.



I’m interested in working abroad but I’m not 100% sure I have the guts to try. What should I do?



Joanna: Skype me or Emmi 🙂 We both have lived in 7 different countries between us and know exactly how it feels to move to another country or get a job abroad. We can have a chat, answer all of your questions and we can take it from there. Emmi: If you find yourself wondering whether to move abroad or not, you should definitely GO FOR IT. Some people are perfectly happy living in one place their entire lives, and that’s great, but if you find yourself wondering about life & work abroad, you have to do it. You don’t want to regret it when you’re 80 years old. Moving abroad when I was in my 20’s was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life… both for my personal life and especially for my career. 


I don’t have any savings. Can I still move abroad?


Joanna: I don’t think moving abroad without any savings is a good idea. The company will support you with the relocation but you will definitely need some money in the beginning to cover the initial expenses. These could be paying for the deposit of your flat, for example. I think having some savings will enable you to have an easier transition without unnecessary stress. Emmi: You don’t need to save for months to be able to move abroad, however it’s good to have a little bit saved up for the first month’s expenses ie. the deposit and first month’s rent for your apartment. There are a lot of furnished apartments for rent, so you don’t need to worry about buying new furniture either. Most apartmens even include things like kitchenware, towels & sheets etc. Magic Mondayz: Roles in Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Design, Fraud, and Tech.Some, if not most companies, also pay for your relocation flights, have a taxi to pick you up from the Airport and cover your stay in their company apartment or hotel for the first 1-2 weeks. Convenient, huh?


What kind of roles are you hiring for at the moment?


Emmi: Right now we’re hiring for roles in Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Design, Fraud, and Tech. You can have a better look at all the roles at: You can also send us an open application through the website, as we have new roles popping up every week! You will then be the first one to hear from us once something interesting that matches your skills comes up. Joanna: In general, Magic Mondayz specializes in language jobs and recruits for positions mainly in such fields as Customer Support, Marketing, Content and SEO but I personally really like IT recruitment so if any of our clients need help finding Developers or BI Analysts, I am always happy to jump in.


How can I get in touch with you?


Joanna: All of our contact details or on our Magic Mondayz website. Email and Skype are the best ways to communicate. Its enough to send the CV too. If your profile can be a good match with our clients, we will schedule a Skype call in order to find out more about you and your interests.


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