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Spotify Playlists by

Spotify Playlists by

My Spotify playlists for travel, work and parties!


Here’s my first playlists for you, my dear readers!


Playlist: Freelancer’s Focus


This list is perfect for focusing on your work, relaxing and even falling asleep on a long flight. If you like it, please take a couple of seconds to share it so others can enjoy it too!



Dream, Work And Travel: SendMyBag

With this service you can travel with your hand luggage as SendMyBag carries your luggage or parcels from door to door





Playlist: TravelTracks


This list is great for those moments when you want to shut out the world outside and just relax.


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10 pictures of cats that want to help you meet the deadline

10 pictures of cats that want to help you meet the deadline

These cats are here to help you get work done


You know that feeling when a deadline is creeping closer and you decide to work from home so nothing and no-one will distract you? But you forgot to take one thing into account.


Your cat, who has other plans for you.


Here’s 10 amazing pictures of cats trying to help you meet your targets.




Dream Work And Travel: Cats.









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Lisa Omarali

Kae Wen Wong


Mr Thinktank

Stephen Woods

Christopher Bowns

Jonas Löwgren