James Bond: GoldenEye PLOT HOLE ruins iconic first scene with major location error

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James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) is coming to the end of his time as the iconic British spy in the forthcoming film No Time To Die. However he perhaps isn’t the best known version of the character. Throughout the 90s fans witnessed the arrival of Pierce Brosnan as the influential cinematic hero.

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During Brosnan’s spat of films, perhaps his most popular film was the 1995 flick GoldenEye.

GoldenEye witnessed Bond taking on a malevolent Russian corporation who were eager to take over the world.

The first iconic scene of the film sees Bond jumping off a dam and infiltrating some sort of off-the-grid nuclear bunker.

However fans have been looking over the film as a whole and have figured out something is amiss during the scene in question.

James Bond plot hole pierce brosnan

James Bond plot hole: GoldenEye was plagued with a huge error (Image: 20TH CENTURY FOX)

James Bond plot hole goldeneye

James Bond plot hole: Bond runs across a dam before launching himself off it in the Spring (Image: 20TH CENTURY FOX)


Fans will recall Bond jumps off the dam with a bungee cord before cutting his way into the soviet’s bathroom.

This begins his journey of meeting up with 006 (Sean Bean) and escaping on a plane.

However fans have noted that the outdoors section at the end of the scene doesn’t add up with the beginning of the film.

Speaking out on Movie Mistakes, one fan explained: “James Bond does his bungee jump down a dam that looks like it’s in the beginning of spring.

James Bond plot hole goldeneye

James Bond plot hole: Bond later emerges from the factory in snow (Image: 20TH CENTURY FOX)

James Bond appears in dramatic car chase in Quantum of Solace

“But when he emerges from the factory, it is dead winter with no dam in site, since they are on a mountain top.”

Upon rewatching the scene in question fans will see this is correct.

When Bond reemerges from the hidden factory, he is somehow on top of a mountain before jumping in a plane and flying away.

Of course, the hidden facility could have certainly included a long tunnel through the dam to the top of the mountain – but because viewers didn’t see that, it was a little jarring to watch.

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Thankfully, the rest of the film seems to make a lot more sense.

In the flick fans see Bond explaining that his password is Vesper Lynd’s (Eva Green) name.

However they pointed out that this is not the number Bond punched in earlier in the film.

Where Was ‘Goldeneye’ Filmed? Know All Details About The Shooting Location

‘GoldenEye’ is a James Bond flick starring Pierce Brosnan in the lead role. Read on to know where was GoldenEye filmed.

where was goldeneye filmed

Goldeneye, a Spy film from the James Bond Franchise, was released in 1995. This movie starred Peirce Brosnan in the titular role and was directed by Martin Campbell. The movie traces the adventurous journey of the factious MI6 agent James Bond. Bond faces a new challenge as a new terrorist gang called Hanus is hell-bent on starting a nuclear war. This new group is led by a former MI6 agent and ex-partner of Bond Alec Trevelyan. Alec wants to take revenge on Britain as he believes that his parents were not given protection and were betrayed by the country. Alec plans to use the weapon Goldeneye, which is a Soviet-era nuclear space weapon to destroy Britain. The story traces how Bond prevents this from happening and kills Alec. Read on to know where was Goldeneye filmed.

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Goldeneye Shooting Locations

Goldeneye had some gorgeous locations. Many famous and well-known sites around Britain and the rest of the world were used for goldeneye shooting locations. According to the website Movie-Locations, the teaser trailer had featured the bungee jump of Bond from the fictitious Russian Chemical Weapon facility. It was shot in Hittnau in Switzerland. The Tusker Dam use for this location.

The bond movies come with some exciting chasing scene. In Goldeneye, the rasing scene between Bond and Onatopp was seen in the hills near Monte Carlo. But, the location was shot at Thorne, which lies 20 miles north-west of Grasse. The rocky roads were perfect for recreating the scene.

The Casino De Monte Carlo seen in the Movie is a fictitious location. The Place Du Casino in Monte Carlo was the place where was Goldeneye filmed. The beautiful building at the 85 Elbert Embankment near the Thames river was also a prominent location among the Goldeneye filming locations. This futuristic building was used to recreate the MI6 headquarter and AgentM’s office at the Vauxhall Cross.

Some places in Russia were also used as Goldeneye shooting locations. St. Petersburg was the central location for the shooting. Other scenes were recreated at the LeavesdenStudios in Hertfordshire. The Rolls Royce Aircraft plant was used for shooting the Russian weapon plant shootings. The St Petersburg airport was played at the Queen’s Stand situated inside the Epson Downs Racecourse in Surrey. Other popular Goldeneye filming locations included Somerset House, St Sofia’s Greek Cathedral, Moscow Road Bays water, BramptonCemetery, etc.

Goldeneye review

The movie was a total reboot where the titular and essential characters were recast with new actors and it was a great success. Goldeneye in general received positive reviews from both the critics and the movie lovers. Rotten Tomatoes gave this spy thriller a 79% approval rating and praised the flick for its intricate screenplay. The movie also has an impressive rating of 7.2 out of 10 on the IMDB official website.

Bungee Jumping In South Africa: 5 Best Spots For Adventure Seekers In 2022

bungee jumping

A country with ethnicity, vibrancy, and vitality, South Africa boasts of endless diversity when it comes to magnificent coastlines or serene deserts, with wildlife thriving in its lands. With villages prospering and cultural heritage being reserved, the country’s roots are still deep and strong with beehive styled huts and archaic architecture.

A rainbow nation, a safari superpower, a cultural divinity and an enticing land of dreams, that’s South Africa for you!

The main cities are known for a myriad of bars, clubs, and shopping districts with entertainment and modern-age charm. To get your adventurous juices flowing, this enthralling destination offers you to indulge in thrilling activities. You can experience sky diving, water rafting, and last but not the least, bungee jumping in South Africa.

There’s a certain magic to bungee jumping that is so much more than just being adventurous and jumping off a bridge – it’s a sense of satisfaction, comfort, and peace that you get in that 10 second fall of absolute chaos. Read on to know more about it!

5 Best Bungee Jumping In South Africa

South Africa can be considered as the ideal holiday destination. A land of dreams, hopes, and undying charm so falling in love with it is inevitable. Besides being a perfect holiday destination, it lets you get engaged in thrilling adventures. Read on to know the top experiences of bungee jumping in South Africa!

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1. Bloukrans Bridge, Storms River

Bloukrans Bridge

Bloukrans Bridge is the spot where you can experience the highest bungee jumping in South Africa. This exclusive and thrilling adventure awaits every adrenaline junkie out there. Standing 216 meters high, this bridge will give you chills right down your back. Being the kind of person who likes to live on edge, you’d only want to try it even more.

An exhilarating feeling after the 7 second free fall is assured. The professional staff here will take care of your safety and will cheer you up as you prepare yourself to plummet, making sure you are all smiles and excited before and after the jump. Buckles and loops and belts are what you’ll hold on to as you’ll be falling and suddenly the beauty of this picturesque location will hit you.


  • You can leave your shoes on the bridge
  • Watch the horizon and don’t look down
  • For safety reasons, each bungee cord is used for 100 jumps so you don’t need to worry

2. Bungee Mogale, Krugersdorp

Bungee Mogale

A minute of pure adrenaline rush that will help you overcome your acrophobia and just go for it. The Krugersdorp bungee jumping site is absolutely perfect if you’re a first timer and a little afraid but it’s just as good if this is even your fifth jump, for it never loses its charm.

Besides that, there are provisions of a 320 m foofie slide, bridge swing, burma bridge, and a combination of various other packages. You also get to avail the facility of top-notch accommodation as well as deliciously prepared dishes at a stunningly decorated restaurant and of course.


  • Make sure you jump with a reputable company with high safety and risk management procedures in place.
  • As the place is near cafes, don’t eat before your jump

3. Orlando Towers, Soweto

Orlando Towers

This place offer you an adrenaline intensive wild bungee set up between two cool towers of a power station, which is no longer in use. Hardly any distance from the N1 highway, it’s an ideal location. Being vibrant, modern, and out of the box, this location promises you to get surprised through the 100 m drop.

The assistance provided is kind and reassuring while maintaining a professionalism. With crowds cheering you up and the inner feeling of beating boundaries you’ve set for yourself, once the fall is done, you’ll never feel more content.


  • Make sure to use a reputable company for the jump. Your safety is so important.
  • Wear comfortable clothes – no skirts or dresses
  • Jump head first

4. Play At Height (Sandton)

Play At Height

Perhaps while you’re driving along the Witkoppen road in four ways, then do not miss visiting Play At Height at Sandton if you want to experience the best bungee jumping in South Africa. With additional activities such as abseiling and rock climbing, it’s your ideal destination to let your wild side out.

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The 360 panoramic views encompass the north rising higher with the Magaliesberg Mountains, the Southwest encompassing of the North cliff Ridge, Montecasino back facing the southern side and towards the east, a brilliant view of the new Mall of Africa. Undoubtedly, the sunset is the perfect time to be here.


  • Don’t believe the myths and listen to the jump master
  • Wear comfortable clothes

5. Graskop


This is a peerless fall from a height of 18-19 storeys of the foefie slide. As you take off much like a pendulum, the line will take you across the entire width of the gorge in a single sweep. As you jump off, catch the beauty of the spectacular Graskop falls, feeling like a free bird.

Besides this, there are various other activities. The sheer and vertical cliffs around Graskop and Sabie lend itself to exhilarating rock climbing and abseiling. Accompanied by some fun archery, a breathtakingly beautiful hot air balloon ride that makes you witness the scenic limitless sky. For a fun, active, and adventurous day, Graskop is an ideal place.


  • Keep your eyes opened to catch the glimpse of stunning valleys
  • The place offers numerous other adventure also such as archery

To have pure laughs and precious memories in your trip to South Africa, try bungee jumping without a second thought! With these perfect locations to fulfill your desire for bungee jumping in South Africa, your excitement and wild side will be fueled till satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bungee Jumping In South Africa

Where is the highest bungee jump in South Africa?

Bloukrans Bridge located on the Garden Route in South Africa is the highest bridge for bungee jumping in Africa and also in the world.

How much a bungee jump cost in South Africa?

A bungee jump in South Africa costs 150 Rand, that is, INR 740.

Which is the best place for bungee jumping in South Africa?

Bloukrans Bridge at Storms River, Bungee Mogale in Krugersdorp, and Orlando Towers in Soweto are the most popular bungee jumping spots in South Africa.

Is bungee jumping popular in South Africa?

Yes, it is one of the most popular adventure sports here.

Is it safe to for a bungee jumping in South Africa?

However, there had been incidents of misshapen at these spots, these jumping centres are hub for adventure freaks. You need to follow the guidelines explained to you by them and do take a fitness test before going for this adventurous expedition.

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