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For those looking for a rush of adrenaline, bungee jumping may seem like a daring idea. But for one man, it was the ultimate thrill. In May 2020, South African adventurer, Carl Meyer, jumped from a record-breaking height of 764 feet and made history. This is the story of how he achieved this high-flying feat and entered into the record books.

Risking It All

Bungee jumping requires bravery and a willingness to take risks, and Carl Meyer had both. He was determined to push himself to the limit and set a new world record. He chose Macau Tower in China as his launch-site and began to plan his jump. He underwent rigorous training to ensure he was physically and mentally prepared for the challenge and put his trust in the bungee cord and safety systems provided by the tower.

High-Flying Feat

It was time for the big day. Carl Meyer was ready to jump. He launched himself from the incredible height, and for 3 minutes and 25 seconds, he descended and enjoyed the spectacular views of the cityscape below. During his descent, he enjoyed a number of thrilling activities, such as backflips, barrel rolls and somersaults, before finally bouncing back up. After 7 bounces, he was safely brought back up to the tower, where he was finally able to release the pressure of his intense adventure and celebrate his record-breaking achievement.

Bungee Jumping Into History

Carl Meyer’s jump was so incredible that it earned him a spot in the Guinness World Records as the longest bungee jump in the world, clocking in at an impressive 764 feet. This was an incredible feat that showed just how far adrenaline junkies are now willing to go. Carl Meyer is a true inspiration and testament to the power of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

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Carl Meyer’s amazing feat shows the true power of pushing yourself and just how far people are willing to go to test their limits. His success is a testament to his physical and mental strength and he will remain an inspiration for daredevils for years to come. From training to the massive jump, Carl Meyer’s story will remain an adventure that will long be remembered.