Jumping Dream Meanings

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Jumping Dream Meaning: From 18 Different Sources

1. Word play Jumping the gun /jumping the line

2. Shortcut; Matt. 8:9.

Having to hurry from one thing to another while avoiding obstacles; see “hopping”

In certain religions, spiritual ecstasy is induced by jumping. This is a way of employing physical action in order to reach spiritual realms, and has this significance in dreams.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Repetitive movement of any sort in a dream usually indicates the need to reconsider our actions, to look at what we are doing and perhaps to express ourselves in a different way. On a psychological level, jumping up and down in a dream may indicate being caught up in a situation without having the power to move either forwards or backwards.

Material aspects: The act of jumping can be somewhat ambiguous in a dream. It can indicate either jumping up – attempting to attain something better for ourselves – or jumping down, which can mean going down into the unconscious and those parts of ourselves where we may feel we are in danger. Jumping on the spot can indicate joy and has the same significance as dance. You might also like to consult the entry for dance / dancing.

To jump or leap over hurdles, even mountains, in a dream may indicate that the dreamer is experiencing great successes in waking life.

The greater the leap, the greater the achievement.

Vision: Jumping hurdles: the chances for professional advancement are good. Jumping over a ditch or hedge: you will be able to overcome all obstacles in your path.

Depth Psychology: Dreams about jumping mean that you are a risk-taker and grab at opportunities before thinking of the consequences. It might be a suggestion to tackle your problems in one courageous leap, or that you’re afraid of the challenges you might have to face.

(Bounce; Hop; Leap) To see oneselfhopping on one leg in a dream means moving from an old place into a new one. Ifone takes a broad leap with onejump in his dream it means travels. Hopping on one leg because of an illness or an impairment in a dream means loss of halfof one’s money or property and finding it difficult to sustain one’s needs with the balance. Playing football or hopping with a ball, or jumping while performing acrobatic exercises, or gymnastic feats in a dream means profits or benefits for someone who is used to play such games, or participates in such training. Otherwise, it could mean facing dangerous or , severe adversity. In a dream,jumping from place to place also means false news, fabricated accusations, changing moods with one’s friends, or finding oneself bored with them.

If one jumps over a wall in a dream, it means that he will change from a believer into a disbeliever or follow the advice of a disbeliever.

(Also see Jump)

Jumping over things as a strong feature in a dream means you will have great success in your real life endeavors.

To dream that you or someone jumps off a building, suggests that you are learning about and acknowledging aspects of your inner self. This dream may also symbolize your fear of not being able to complete or succeed in a task.

Another of the many obstacle dreams. You will meet difficulties, but will overcome them if you persevere.

1- The act of jumping can be somewhat ambiguous in a dream. It can indicate either jumping up attempting to attain something better for ourselves or jumping down, which can mean going down into the unconscious and those parts of ourselves where we may feel we are in danger. Jumping on the spot can indicate joy and has the same significance as dance (See Dance).

2- Repetitive movement of any sort in a dream usually indicates the need to reconsider our actions, to look at what we arc doing and perhaps to express ourselves in a different way. On a psychological level, jumping up and down in a dream may indicate being caught up in a situation without having the power to move either forwards or backwards.

3- In certain religions, spiritual ecstasy is induced by jumping. This is a way of employing the physical in order to reach the spiritual.

If you dream of jumping over any object, you will succeed in every endeavor; but if you jump and fall back, disagreeable affairs will render life almost intolerable.

To jump down from a wall, denotes reckless speculations and disappointment in love.

If you jump up, the image symbolizes your desire to rise up and reach a better social or professional position. So, you should be more energetic and not act according to the will of others. In contrast, dreaming that you are jumping into nothing indicates that you should meditate more consciously before taking on a certain initiative, as although you dare a lot, sometimes you complicate your life by lacking of prudence. (See DIFFICULTIES and CLIMBING)

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According to superstition, if you stumble as you jump, you will overcome difficulties, and will eventually reach success.

If you jump down from a wall in a dream, you will rush headlong into an unwise business venture and live to regret your impulsive actions in a love affair.

If you dream of jumping over a chair or other piece of furniture, you will overcome a serious obstacle.

Making great or sudden progress.

Acting quickly or hastily.

A risky jump can represent a risk you took in real life, that you’re considering, or that you were imagining during the dream.

See also: Jumping Off; Falling; Diving

The act of jumping up in a dream can suggest trying to better ourselves. Jumping down can signify going down into the unconscious and those parts of ourselves we have yet to discover. Jumping on the spot is similar to dancing and signifies joy.

If you made a perfect jump, this could suggest that you have made or are about to make a quantum leap in the form of an important decision.

If your jump misses the mark, however, you may have made the wrong choice or are about to make it.

Joyfulness and glee.

Successfully overcoming an obstacle (see Acrobatics). Nervousness and anxiety (e.g., “being jumpy”). Leaps of faith.

Avoidance or hasty movement (“jumping bail” or “jumping on the bandwagon”).

A visual representation of life’s ups and downs, some of which you may presently be experiencing.

Jumping Off | Dream Interpretation

7 dream symbols found for this dream.

Bungee Jumping

The act of jumping off a cliff tied to a bungee cord may be an indication of your bravery in facing some challenge in life. Taking a jump supported by a bungee cord may- point to taking a risk that will allow you to bounce back even if the effort is not a complete success. . bungee jumping dream meaning

Ariadne’s Book of Dream

Bungee Jumping

To dream about bungee jumping means that you are able to rebound from disappointments and defeats. It is vital to realize that you were willing to gamble in the first place. . bungee jumping dream meaning

Dream Symbols and Analysis

Bungee Jumping

To dream of a pleasurable experience bungee jumping suggests that you have a strong personality and the ability to succeed in life. If you are scared of jumping, or have an unpleasurable experience, this symbolizes your feeling that you’ve been deserted by a close friend or someone you liked romantically. . bungee jumping dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Jumping Jack

Vision: Looking at a jumping jack is a sign of instability—at work and/or financially. Seeing yourself as a jumping jack: what is missing? Make an honest account of yourself. What happened to you—are you “spineless”?Depth Psychology: The jumping jack stands for insecurities and feelings of inferiority. You are afraid that people around you won’t take you seriously, that you’re only a toy in the eyes of others. Have you made a fool of yourself lately? Who in your relationship is the “jumping jack”? What about your assertive- ness? See Clown, Fool. . jumping jack dream meaning

Dreamers Dictionary

Jumping Jack

Strangest Dream Explanations

Jumping Off

Giving up, quitting, leaving, or abandoning (such as jumping off a bus full of people). The end of a process or beginning of a new one. Avoidance. Jumping off to avoid a dangerous situation can represent escaping from a perceived or feared threat (or a desire to do so). Jumping off for fun (such as bungee jumping or skydiving) can represent excitement or freedom (or a desire for it. ) See also: Jumping; High; Falling. jumping off dream meaning

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


To dream of a jumping-jack, denotes that idleness and trivial pastimes will occupy your thoughts to the exclusion of serious and sustaining plans. . jumping-jack dream meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream About Bungee Jumping?


A dream about bungee jumping might indicate the need to take some risks in life. It’s not your fault that the safety nets are there, but it is important for a successful jump to have them as backup plans just in case something goes wrong. Maybe this dream means that you should start taking more calculated chances and put yourself out of your comfort zone before anything bad happens or worse yet, stay stagnant forever – which would make anyone feel like they’re at a dead-end! You may also want to think about what obstacles will happen after each leap so do everything possible beforehand to prepare for those challenges.

Dream about getting ready to bungee jump

Learning to bungee jump

Dreaming that you are learning to bungee jump and receiving coaching courses foreshadows a chance or scenario in which you have nothing to lose. If things go wrong, there is no need for regret as this will be your last chance! Follow all instructions carefully so that it can lead up to an experience of a lifetime.

Preparing to bungee jump

If you dream that you are packing or getting ready to bungee jump, it implies that your current situation is not the way you want it. You feel like there is a void in your life and by doing something wild and crazy, you might be able to fill up that hole. However, dreaming about getting ready for bungee jumping signifies disappointment because your reality doesn’t match with what you anticipated.

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Dream about bungee jumping

Where you bungee jump

Where you bungee jump in a dream indicates the area of your life you are focusing on. For example, a dream about jumping off a bridge

signifies that you are at the end of something and want to make a leap into new territory. It also implies that you have some anxiety or fear in making this jump that is hindering you from moving forward with your life.

Bungee jump accident

A bungee jump accident in your dream indicates that you will be unable to recover from your failure. If you’re going through a lot of changes in your life, be aware. You might want to consider getting some insurance and people who can help out before taking any leaps of faith because once done it’s nearly impossible for anyone else but yourself or someone very close by, with their own parachute (or extensive safety net) capable of catching them mid-flight when they fall short. This is especially true considering how high up on the proverbial ladder one has climbed – there was no chance whatsoever at success without said human resources available nearby.

Bungee jumping cord

If you dream of bungee jumping cord, such a dream denotes your tendency to be over-cautious and or overly fearful. The dream may also reflect some sort of conflict between the conscious and the subconscious minds. If in real life you have actually bungee jumped before (and survived), then this dream represents a breakthrough of sorts where there is a need for flexibility as opposed to too much rigidity.

What Does It Mean When You Jump In Your Dream? (7 Spiritual Meanings)

what does it mean when you jump in your dream

Have you ever jumped in your dream? If you have, then you might be wondering what it means. Dreams are often a way for our subconscious to communicate with us, so the things that happen in them can be very telling.

There are different interpretations for this type of dream, varying from big changes in your life to achieving your goals. So, what does it mean when you jump in your dream? Keep reading to find out!

What Does It Mean When You Jump In Your Dream? (7 Spiritual)

What Does It Mean When You Jump In Dreams?

Dreams about jumping are common dreams and can be interpreted in several ways, depending on the context and other aspects of the dream.

Generally speaking, dreams about jumping are symbolic of aspects of your inner self that you want to express or explore, like stepping out of your comfort zone. Alternatively, this dream could signify great success or a premonition of something that will happen

Ultimately, the meaning of dreaming about jumping will be unique to you and will depend on your own experiences and feelings. Here are a few interpretations to help you decode your dream.

1. Be Prepared For Change

Dreaming about jumping could signify that your life is about to change drastically. This is especially true if you are jumping into a pool. This dream usually symbolizes big changes on the horizon. It could represent a new endeavor or big decision that you’re about to make.

Alternatively, it could suggest that you are about to embark on a journey that will lead to new beginnings. Whatever the case, dreaming about jumping into a pool usually signifies that significant changes are on the horizon.

It could also signify that you may have to make a quick decision soon that will hugely impact your life. You will have to take a leap of faith of some kind and make this decision without having time to think things through. If this is the case, take a deep breath, and prepare yourself for what is to come.

2. You Crave Adventure

If you dream about Jumping from a great height, such as skydiving, bungee jumping, or an unknown tall building, this signifies that you are craving adventure. Your life is starting to feel boring, and you feel like you are stuck in a rut.

Maybe you love your job, but you put so much time into it that you never take time for yourself. Jumping from a high place could also mean you have always been afraid to take risks and are ready for the thrill of new adventures.

Alternatively, this could mean you are too adventurous and may be addicted to taking risks. If this sounds like you, you should take this dream as a sign to be more cautious or suffer the consequences.

3. Your Progression In Life

Your Progression In Life

Dreaming about jumping up and down in one spot may symbolize feeling like a failure in some aspect of your life.

Maybe you feel like you haven’t accomplished as much as you wanted to by this point in your life, or maybe you’ve experienced a lot of disappointment and setbacks. Whatever the case, you feel like you are not progressing as you thought.

If you have always dreamt of finding love and having kids, jumping in your dream could signify that you are finally ready to take the next step in this area of your life.

Alternatively, it is often a sign of accomplishment if you dream of jumping and leaping forward. This means that you will reach your goals, whether they are professional or personal.

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In contrast, if you dream that you are jumping backward, it may be a sign that your decisions are preventing you from being successful. Maybe you are not making wise decisions with your finances, or somebody in your life is holding you back, such as a partner, a friend, or a family member.

4. A Dangerous Situation

When you dream about Jumping off a cliff or a ledge, It can indicate that someone may be trying to hurt you emotionally or physically. If you have this dream frequently, it is important to take a step back and evaluate your current situation.

Pay close attention to those in your life that may have a reason to cause you harm, and keep your guard up. It is also wise to look out for new acquaintances who seem charming, as things are not always what they seem.

If you dream about jumping over a snake, it means you dodged a dangerous bullet. Something terrible would have happened to you if you would have made a different decision, big or small.

This type of dream can also mean that you are letting your peers pressure you, especially if you dream that other people are watching you jump. You are so desperate to fit in with the group, that you could end up putting yourself in a life-threatening situation.

However, other people watching you jump in your dream could also mean someone close to you sees you making bad decisions and isn’t speaking up. This is either because they are scared that you will get upset with them or because they don’t have your best interest at heart.

5. Overcoming An Obstacle

Dreams about jumping over a wall may symbolize overcoming an obstacle in your life. This could be something as small as a difficult project at work or as major as ending an unhealthy relationship.

If you’re going through a bad time, dreaming about jumping over a wall can be a reminder that you will eventually overcome your current struggles.

Alternatively, the wall might represent depression or another mental health issue that feels insurmountable. In this case, the dream serves as a reminder that there is always hope for recovery. No matter what the obstacle is in your life, dreaming about jumping over a wall shows that you have the strength and determination to overcome it.

6. Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes

When you dream about jumping while you are blindfolded, it symbolizes that you are about to make a mistake. This mistake could be in your personal life or related to your work or studies.

The blindfold in the dream represents the fact that you do not see the situation clearly. You may be about to make a decision without all of the information or without considering all of the potential consequences.

If you can identify what the blindfold represents in your life, it may help you avoid making the mistake you are dreaming about.

If you dream that you are jumping from one place to another but miss the jump, it could mean you doubt yourself and your abilities. This dream may signify that you are so afraid of making mistakes that you could miss big chances and opportunities.

7. Letting Go Of Trauma

When you jump from a high waterfall in a dream, this usually signifies you are beginning to heal from past trauma. Maybe something bad happened in your life, and you have been holding on to the painful memories.

This dream is symbolic of you releasing the hurt and pain you have been clinging to, and you are finally beginning to move on.

Likewise, if you dream of taking a high jump, it could mean that you need to accept a major loss in your life, such as the death of a loved one or a divorce from someone you care about deeply.

Dream About Jumping With Other People

Dream About Jumping With Other People

Dreaming about jumping with other people can be interpreted in a number of ways. One possibility is that it signifies cooperation and teamwork. Alternatively, it could represent your desire to be part of a group or community.

It could also suggest that you care too much about what other people think of you.

If you dream of jumping with children on a trampoline, this could signify fertility. If you already have children, this dream means you must spend more time with them.

If you are working a lot, take a day off here and there to dedicate to your children and have a special day. If you dream you are jumping with children on the ground, you need to stop taking life so seriously and find your inner child.

Ultimately, the meaning of this dream will vary depending on the specific details and your own circumstances.

Final Words

Though dreams of jumping can be a cause of concern, they are usually just a symbol of things you need to work on in your life. The meaning of this type of dream will vary depending on what is happening in your current waking life.

If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments. We would love to hear about your own experiences with this type of dream!

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