## How Much is Bungee Jumping at Soweto Towers?

Bungee jumping is an adrenaline-pumping activity that involves leaping from a high structure with an elastic cord attached to your ankles. It’s a popular activity for thrill-seekers around the world, and Soweto Towers in Johannesburg, South Africa, is one of the most iconic bungee jumping locations in the world.

### The Soweto Towers Bungee Jump

The Soweto Towers bungee jump is operated by Face Adrenalin, a reputable adventure tourism company. The jump takes place from the Orlando Cooling Towers, two decommissioned power station cooling towers that stand 100 meters tall. The jump itself is 70 meters high, making it one of the highest bungee jumps in South Africa.

### Cost of Bungee Jumping

The cost of bungee jumping at Soweto Towers is as follows:

* **Standard jump:** R890 (approximately $60 USD)
* **VIP jump:** R990 (approximately $67 USD)
* **Group jump (5 or more people):** R790 per person (approximately $53 USD)

The VIP jump includes a personalized video of your jump, a certificate of bravery, and a t-shirt.

### What’s Included in the Price?

The price of your bungee jump includes the following:

* Safety briefing and training
* All necessary equipment (harness, cord, helmet)
* Jump from the Orlando Cooling Towers
* Personalized video of your jump (VIP jump only)
* Certificate of bravery (VIP jump only)
* T-shirt (VIP jump only)

### Additional Costs

In addition to the cost of the jump itself, there may be additional costs to consider, such as:

* **Transport to and from Soweto Towers:** If you’re not staying in Soweto, you’ll need to arrange transport to and from the towers. This can cost around R100-200 (approximately $7-13 USD) each way.
* **Photography and videography:** If you want to purchase photos or videos of your jump, you can do so at an additional cost.
* **Souvenirs:** There is a gift shop at Soweto Towers where you can purchase bungee jumping souvenirs, such as t-shirts, hats, and keychains.

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### When to Go

The Soweto Towers bungee jump is open year-round, but the best time to go is during the dry season (April to October). This is when the weather is at its best, and you’re less likely to experience rain or high winds.

### Safety

Bungee jumping is a safe activity, but there are always risks involved. Before you jump, you’ll be given a safety briefing and training by experienced staff. It’s important to follow all safety instructions carefully.

### Conclusion

Bungee jumping at Soweto Towers is an unforgettable experience that’s sure to get your heart pumping. The cost of the jump is reasonable, and the experience is well worth it. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity in Johannesburg, bungee jumping at Soweto Towers is a must-do.

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