A Tale of Four Bungy Jumps

Prior to this trip, we would never have gone bungy jumping. That’s just for crazy people, right?! But as we passed bungy jump locations around the world, the idea grew on us. Once in Queenstown, the birthplace of bungy jumping, the idea didn’t sound so crazy anymore.

How could we circle this globe, trying to experience as much of the world as possible, and not go bungy jumping?

Little known fact, it was really Tyler who put us up to this. He has been so excited about bungy jumping since the start of the trip and he was the one looking into the perfect spot for us to get our crazy on even before we arrived in Queenstown. Thank you Tyler, for getting us all to face our fears and do something that none of us would ever regret.

And here lies the tale of four bungy jumps, described from each of our point of view. In order of jumps I will tell our family’s story of what it is like to attach ourselves to a rubber band and throw ourselves off of insanely high bridges and ledges.

Julie’s Story

I was the first of our family to make the leap. No surprise, I am usually the guinea pig, the one who makes sure that it is safe for everyone else.

The Kawarau Bridge was the site of the first commercial bungy jump by AJ Hackett in 1988. This place has been responsible for throwing people off of bridges for almost thirty years.

We arrived on a drizzly day, more just to be spectators rather than actual participants. As I watched a young man have a rubber band tied to his ankles and then calmly jump 43 meters to the river below, I decided that it would be a good idea for me to do it as well.

Sounds like fun, right?!

Kawarau Bridge New Zealand

I paid my $195 NZD (about $150 USD) and signed up for a 2:30 time slot. I had a little less than a half an hour, just enough time to go to the bathroom two more times and jump around like a nervous wreck. Oh, what have I gotten myself into?

At 2:30 all four of us walked out onto the Kawarau Bridge. I was very, very nervous but trying to act cool. Tim, Tyler, and Kara were very excited for me and I think that Kara was a little in awe about what I was about to do (so was I. ).

I was helped into my harness and then I watched as two younger women in front of me jumped off of the bridge like it was nothing. And then, OMG, it was my turn. Time to really get scared.

Tim took Tyler and Kara back to the viewing platform while my legs were tied together at the ankles and the bungy cord was attached. Meanwhile, the song “America Pie” was playing on the radio. Let me tell you, it was even more nerve wracking listening to the lyrics “this will be the day that I die” as I was getting prepared to jump. Holy shit! I am going to jump off of a freakin’ bridge. The reality of what I was about to do really sunk in.

Prior to signing myself up for this insanity I had some idea of how high we were off of the ground but that was not enough to prepare me for my first view from the jumping platform. There was a little yellow raft floating in the river that was going to scoop me up after my jump and it looked so, so far down. Instantly, I was terrified and wondering “how can I get myself out of this?”

Standing on that platform, there was nothing about this that seemed fun anymore.

The Jump Master, who was incredible, eased me out to the edge of the platform. In my mind, I remember clinging onto him and saying over and over again that I couldn’t do this. I honestly believed I couldn’t. The Jump Master calmed me down and had me wave to the cameras. Oh my God, I know what I am going to have to do in a few seconds and I don’t know if I can do it! In my head I was screaming “No! No! No!”

As he had me look out in the distance to another bridge, I made the decision that I was going to do this, no matter how terrified I was. There’s nothing like peer pressure and my own personal pressure to gear me up and get my mind right. Time to jump off of a bridge with a rubber band attached to my ankles.

The Jump Master counted down… 3… 2… 1… and, even amazing myself, I made the leap. I soared out as far as I could, figuring if I am going to do this, I am going to make it the best bungy jump ever.

Immediately, the sense of falling was overwhelming. I had planned on not screaming, but some crazy, primal scream came out of my mouth. At that moment I had never felt so scared in my whole life. There is just nothing normal about jumping off of a bridge, which I just did.

Kawarau Bungy

Kawarau Bridge Bungy

The river below was rushing to my face and my stomach was still up at the platform. Then, relief! The bungy cord tightened and I could feel myself being yanked up and away from the water. I did it!! I started laughing hysterically and was congratulating myself on my craziest accomplishment ever. One second I was scared out of my mind and the next I was laughing like a little girl.

I bobbed around for awhile, so pleased with myself, and then was pulled onto that little yellow raft that just moments ago seemed so far away. Afterwards, I had the biggest adrenalin rush ever and was so very proud of myself.

I have learned that it is normal to be afraid, but I do not let my fear stop me from doing the things I really want to do. If I had let fear stop me, we would not be taking this year long trip around the world.

Tim’s Story

So here I am on the Kawarau Bridge sitting on a wooden platform next to the jump zone. I’ve got a backup safety harness around my waist and the jump master is preparing my legs for the connection to the bungy cord. Snoop Dog is playing in the background and the other workers are preparing everything for my leap of faith while they are grooving to the music. There was a laid back, but yet party type of vibe in the air.

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I look down at my hands and I’ve got 78 written on my left hand, which is my weight in kilograms. And I’ve got 54 written on my right hand, which is my jump number. The body markings reminded me of my first Ironman race, which uses body markings for your race number and age. I recall nervously standing on the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida looking down at my feet and visualizing my race strategy in my mind over and over again while waiting for the race to start. And here I am now nervously looking down at my feet and visualizing how I plan to jump off of this perfectly stable bridge.

The jump master started giving me instructions but I was too nervous to comprehend any of it so I asked him to repeat it and it was still a blur. He helped me stand up and I hopped over to the jumping ledge. On my right I saw a metal handle so I grabbed it so I wouldn’t fall off the ledge. Which is kind of funny since I was about to jump from the very same spot. I guess it was a natural reflex.

The jump master had me wave at a camera for a photo, wave to Julie and the kids on the viewing platform, and then he counted me down. As I looked down at the river below I hear “3, 2, 1, Go for it!”. My grip on the metal handle tightens and I look over at Julie and mouth the words “Oh Crap”! I wasn’t sure if I could really jump. Something in my brain said No Way!

I knew if I was ever going to bungy jump then this was the perfect place. The safety precautions they took were top notch, the water below gave a false sense of extra security, the coolness factor for jumping from the first commercial bungy site in the world was off the charts, and the adrenaline rush is supposed to be wild. So if I was ever going to do it then it was now.

The jump master stood behind me and said let’s try again. He had me let go of the metal handle and hold my arms out straight in front of me so I couldn’t grab the handle again. Then he had me look out straight ahead at another bridge in the distance instead of looking down.

Then he counted me down again. I hear “3, 2, 1, Get Crazy!” I bent my knees and jumped. It was over in flash and at first everything was a blur, like my brain blocked out the moment. It took a minute before I could actually process what just happened.

I remember the act of jumping from the bridge was scary but the fall itself wasn’t scary. But there was still a sense of relief when you feel the recoil of the bungy. The bungy recoiled me a couple of times and swung me around as my motion slowed. I was so happy that I yelled out “Flying like Superman!” for the kids to hear as I swung upside down. I had used that line earlier in the trip when we were ziplining in Thailand and the kids loved it.

I never did get the adrenaline rush that I heard so much about, which left me with a slight sense of disappointment. Enough that I considered a second jump, but ultimately decided to keep my feet on the ground at least for the rest of today.

Tim Rivenbark

Bungy New Zealand

Tyler’s Story

As a little background, Tyler jumped from a different location than Tim and I, at the Ledge Bungy overlooking Queenstown. Tyler was 12 years old and almost 2 kg under the minimum weight for a bungy jump, so for the 24 hours before his jump he was eating like crazy. When we arrived at the Ledge Bungy, we still didn’t know for sure if Tyler would be allowed to jump. And here is his story from his perspective.

On the cable car up the mountain I was really nervous, excited, and just could not get the jump off of my mind! For the whole day so far I have been really shaky because of the upcoming jump. Trust me, you see what Mom and Dad did and you’d be really nervous too! A couple of bathroom breaks later, we were being weighed in [Tyler made weight with lots of food, Powerade, and my sweatshirt] and ready to bungy! Two people later, I was on the edge and smiling at the cameras!

Then, I backed up, prepped myself, and they gave me the countdown. 3… 2… 1… Bungy!!

Tyler Bungy

Tyler Rivenbark Bungy

Ledge Bungy Kids

When you first jump over the edge, you freak out at the thought of jumping off. You’re falling through the air, stomach gone, and hurtling toward the ground below. It was really foggy so I couldn’t see the ground, but it was still scary!

When I jumped off I meant to do the Superman but I ended up doing a cool looking flip! The wind was crashing against my face and everything was crazy! And all of a sudden, I stopped, and was flying up through the air! The fear passed and on the small swings I had a great time. Then, they pulled me back up and then it was Kara’s turn!

This is Julie again. By the way, Tyler was amazing. He ran and jumped off the platform without hesitation, did a front flip, and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Tim and I were amazed at his bravery.

Kara’s Story

Kara did the bungy swing (she was 10 years old). She did not weigh enough for the bungy jump. She had to dangle in midair and then pull a ripcord that released her, letting her fall at least 30 meters and then swing out over the trees. It was just as much of an accomplishment as bungy jumping. Kara was fearless and liked the first time so much she went back for seconds. And here is our final story…

On the morning of the day that I was going to go bungy jumping I kept feeling excited and scared! It was also like that the night before.

When I was just about to do it I felt SO SCARED, NERVOUS, AND EXCITED!!

I pulled the strap and I felt myself go flying! I lost my stomach, wind was flying in my face, and I did not know what was going on. I was so scared that I could not even scream! That is because I was hanging safely in midair and then, before I knew it, I was going SUPER FAST! After that, it was lots of fun. WHEEEE.

Ledge Swing

Kara Rivenbark

Afterwards, because I was too scared to scream, the crew thought I was really brave to not scream, when it was the opposite. Cool!

I hope you enjoyed our tale of four bungy jumps. We certainly had a good time coming up with crazier than normal material for the blog!

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More Information about New Zealand

BEST OF NEW ZEALAND: There are many wonderful things to do in New Zealand, such as visiting the Milford Sound, bungy jumping and jet boat riding in Queenstown, touring the Marlborough wine region, visiting Aoraki/Mt. Cook, and hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

MILFORD SOUND: The Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places to visit in New Zealand. Learn how to visit it, and hike to Key Summit, in our article How Day Trip from Te Anau to the Milford Sound.

NEW ZEALAND ROAD TRIP: With 3 weeks in New Zealand, visit the highlights on a road trip to the North Island and South Island. If you have less time, you can shorten this itinerary by spending 2 weeks on the South Island.

Planning a trip to New Zealand? Read all of our articles in our New Zealand Travel Guide.

Bungy Jumping Queenstown

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How Do You Get Back Up After Bungee Jumping? (How to Get Off)

how do you get back up after bungee jumping

It’s one thing plucking up the courage to do your first bungee jump, but once you’re over that fear, what about the coming back up again? How they get you back up after a bungee jump is actually pretty simple. But did you know, you can also be lowered down too? Here’s what both coming back methods involve…

How do you get back up after bungee jumping? How you get back up (or down to the ground) after bungee jumping will depend on the bungee jump mechanism and location. Some bungee operators will pull you back up to the platform using pulleys and ropes, whereas others will gently lower you to the ground.

Different ways you can get off a bungee jump

There are two different ways in which bungee jumps will work.

  1. Some will lower you down to the ground gently after a jump.
  2. Others will pull you back up to the jumping platform.

For example, if you’re bungee jumping off a bridge over water, a lot of the time you will brought back up to the bridge platform if there’s no boat. If you’re bungee jumping from a crane, they will most likely lower you down gently onto an inflatable mat.

how you get off a bungee jump

You can get back after bungee jumping with either lowering down or pulling up.

Here’s some more detail on each method used for getting you back up or down after a bungee jump, with a video of each one showing you how people get off.

How do you come back up after bungee jumping?

How they get you back up after a bungee jump will depend on the bungee operator’s set-up. It will either be a manual return method, or an automated pulley system.

Manual return method

In some places in Thailand I’ve seen it work like this:

  1. Person bungee jumps off a bridge.
  2. After a few bounces, the jump is completed.
  3. Rope is then lowered down to the person.
  4. Person then clips the rope to the bungee harness with a carabiner.
  5. Team of operators then pull the person back up to the bridge or platform.

Automated return method

In the United States I’ve seen more complex mechanisms where it’s an automated system for getting you back up after the bungee jump.

  1. Person bungee jumps off the platform.
  2. After a few bounces, the jump is completed.
  3. A ring with a rope attached to it comes down the bungee cord.
  4. The rope connects to the bungee cord and locks using the ring mechanism.
  5. The automated pulley system is activated, pulling the person back up.

Watch an example of the automated rope and pulley return method

In the video below you can see an example of the Nevis Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand (see website). At 134 meters, it’s the highest in New Zealand, and the third highest in the world.

Watch from about 4 minutes and 15 seconds in and you will see the girl being pulled back up to the jumping platform with a rope and pulley mechanism.

How do you get down to the ground after a bungee jump?

So that’s how to get back up from bungee jumping, but what about jumps where you need to get back down to the ground afterwards?

It’s pretty simple and works like this:

  1. Person bungee jumps off the platform.
  2. After a few bounces, the jump is completed.
  3. The operators then extend the bungee cord to gently lower the person to the ground.

The bungee cord is attached to a rope which is run through a series of pulleys to make it safe. There is a rope brake which will help to slow the lowering to the ground, where an operator will meet you to remove the harness and bungee cord.

This method can either be manual or automated using machinery. I know which I would rather rely on!

Watch an example of the lowering do the ground method

In this video you can see a bungee jump from a 200-foot crane platform. If you watch the video from around 1 minute 30 seconds you will see the person being lowered back to the ground after the jump has finished.

How do you get off a bungee jump?

How you get off a bungee jump after you’ve been pulled back up or lowered to the ground is also very simple.

The operators on the jumping platform or on the inflatable mat on the ground will disconnect the safety harnesses, which can be around your feet or whole body.

How many people die from bungee jumping?

You might be very apprehensive about your first bungee jump. It’s not at all surprising and you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t. Everyone is scared about their first jump.

But let me put you mind at ease. Bungee jumping is statistically very safe, particularly when compared to other extreme sports. I did some research to see how many recorded deaths I can find, and it’s not actually that many. You can see what I found out bungee death statistics in this other blog post.


Ever heard the expression “what goes up must come down”? I am sure you have, but what about when it’s reversed? With many bungee jumps, what goes down will also come back up!

But, like I’ve said, it’s all to do with the particular bungee jumping set-up you’re taking part in. With some it’s not possible to pull you back up, cranes and some bridges over water being classic examples.

With others, it’s just a case of gently lowering you to the ground.

Me personally? I hate heights, so don’t really want to get pulled back up, I’d rather just lowered back to the ground as soon as possible!

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Abungee jumper falls for 1.3 s before the bungee cord begins tostretch. Until the jumper has bounced back up to this level, thebungee causes the jumpe

Abungee jumper falls for 1.3 s before the bungee cord begins tostretch. Until the jumper has bounced back up to this level, thebungee causes the jumper to have an average acceleration upward of4 m/s 2.
A) Howfast is the jumper going when the bungee cord begins tostretch?
B) Howfar below the diving platform is the jumper at thatmoment?
C) How long after the bungee cord begins to stretch does the jumperreach the low point of the drop?
D) How far below the diving platform is the jumper at the instantthe speed is zero?
Anyhelp on how to solve is appreciated!

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Expert Answer

Assuming his initial velocity is zero
A)v = at
v = − 9.8 × 1.3 s
v = 12.74 m/s downwards
B) d = 1 2 a t
2d = -4.9 (1.3)
2d= -8.28 m
C)low point when velocity = 0
Vf = Vi + at
0 = -12.74 + 4t
t = 12.74 4
t= 3.185 s
D) distance after stretch
d = V 1 t + 1 2 a t
2 d = − 12.74 ( 3.185 ) + 1 2 ( 4 ) ( 3.185 )
2d = – 40.58 m +20.29m
d = -20.3 m
Total distance = distance free fall + distance after stretch
d = -8.28 – 20.3m
d = -28.6 m

Did you like this example?

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  • Questions are typically answered in as fast as 30 minutes
  • Personalized clear answers

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As part of your work out, you lie on your back and push with your feet against a platform attached to two stiff springs arranged side by side so that they are parallel to each other. when u push the platform, you compress the springs. You do 80.0G of work when u compress the springs 0.200m from their uncompressed length.
a) What magnitude of force must u apply to hold the platform in this position?
b) How much additional work must you do to move the platform 0.200m farther, and what maximum force must you apply?

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A tow truck pulls a car that is stuck in the mud, with a force of 2500 N as in Fig P5.27 The tow cable is under tension and therefor pulls downward and to the left on the pin at its upper end. The light pin is held in equilibrium by forces exerted by the two bars A and B. Each bar is a strut that is, each is a bar whose weight is small compared to the forces it exerts, and which exerts forces only through hinge pins at its ends. Each strut exerts a force directed parallel to its length. Determine the force of tension or compression in each strut. Proceed as follows Make a guess as to which way (pushing or pulling ) each force acts on the top pin Draw a free-body diagram of the pin. Use the condition for equilibrium of the pin to translate the free-body diagram into equations. From the equations calculate the forces exerted by struts A and B. If you obtain a positive answer, you correctly guessed the direction of the force. A negative answer means the direction should be reversed, but the absolute value correction should be reversed, but the absolute value correctly gives the magnitude of the force. If a strut pulls of a pin, it is in tension. If it pushes, the strut is in compression. Identify whether each strut is in tension or in compression.

Jones figures that the total number of thousands of miles that a used auto can be driven before it would need to be junked is an exponential random variable with parameter 1 20 .
Smith has a used car that he claims has been driven only 10,000 miles.
If Jones purchases the car, what is the probability that she would get at least 20,000 additional miles out of it?
Repeat under the assumption that the lifetime mileage of the car is not exponentially distributed but rather is (in thousands of miles) uniformly distributed over (0, 40).

A traveling wave along the x-axis is given by the following wave function
ψ ( x , t ) = 4.8 cos ⁡ ( 1.2 x − 8.2 t + 0.54 ) , where x in meter, t in seconds, and ψ in meters. Read off the appropriate quantities for this wave function and find the following characteristics of this plane wave.
What is the frequency in Hertz, the wavelength in meters, the wave speed in meters per second, and the phase constant in radians

Show: a) that the motion equation’s solution, x = asin wt:
m d 2 x d t 2 ˙ = − k x ˙ of the harmonic oscillator.
b) that w = k < m >
c) that the momentum is given by p = m w A cos ⁡ w t
d) the particle is stationary if and only if x = A
(To get the time when x = A, use the formula x = A sinwt. Then, use this time in an expression for the velocity.)
e) that the energy of a harmonic oscillator is 1 2 k A 2

Three cards are drawn in succession, without replacement, from an ordinary deck of playing cards.
Find the probability that the event a1 ∩ a2 ∩ a3 occurs, where a1 is the event that the first card is a
red ace, a2 is the event that the second card is a 10 or a jack, and a3 is the event that the third card
is greater than 3 but less than 7.

Source https://www.earthtrekkers.com/tale-four-bungy-jumps/

Source https://outdoorasaurus.com/bungee-jumping/how-do-you-get-back-up-after-bungee-jumping/

Source https://plainmath.net/13109/abungee-jumper-before-bungee-begins-tostretch-jumper-bounced-thebungee

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