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There are a lot of wives’ tales about growing taller. Stretching, hanging from a bar, and even pills. One such theory many believe in is jumping to actually make you taller? Yes! The act of jumping to make you taller is believed by many to increase height.

Does jumping make you taller? The act of jumping as high as you can or even jumping rope alone does not make you taller. Where people get confused is that it is not the activity that makes you taller it is the exercise that helps with healthy joints and muscles which aid in helping a child or teenager grow. An active lifestyle while maintaining a healthy diet plus good genetics all can help reach your maximum genetic potential in height.

Many people in the country of China also believe playing basketball makes you taller. If you want more on this topic, click here to view Can playing basketball make you taller?|What the Science says In the link you will find information that will help you in understanding what’s possible when it comes to becoming tall.

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Jumping to make you taller

From first-hand experience growing up, I love to dunk, I would jump and dunk on lower rims all of the time, practicing my favorite dunks that I just saw in the slam dunk contests from the NBA. I am eventually able to jump fairly high for my height, dunking on almost 9 feet by the time I reached the age of 14 at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall.

But jumping alone is very doubtful that it made me any taller, you see my brother who is two years older than me, barely did any jumping or played any sport or involved himself in any activity when he was younger. His activities were video games, and lots of them, he was the lazy type and still is. But I was athletic, my brother wasn’t. Who do you think is taller?

He is by an inch. I’m 5’9 he’s 5’10, Is it safe to say that jumping does not make you taller? Well, no I wasn’t a test subject, I was just one case. But I did many things that are supposed to help with growing taller, I just didn’t know it at the time. Maybe it did help me grow taller and If I didn’t do those things I may have been shorter, who knows.

I didn’t eat healthily but neither did my brother so we are equal in that category. I did drink a lot of milk as I was told it makes you grow taller, my brother didn’t, more on that later. I didn’t grow up obsessing to be taller, I was the middle of the pack when compared to my classmates. Even if I obsessed with what could I have done, there isn’t any new research in the matter now than there was back then. Meaning there have been no real big scientific breakthroughs that suggest doing this.

There are countless pills and supplement on the market that grantee to grow taller, and that is one thing I regret is not taking a multivitamin as a kid. I am sure that could have helped in my overall health for the lack of a good diet. Would it have made me grow taller? Who knows, but it would have been good to take.

What will make you grow taller?

  • Stretching
  • Eating healthy
  • Exercise
  • Good genetics
  • Good posture

This is all fine and dandy but the list above is useless if your growth plates in your femur have closed. The growth plates are also known as the epiphyseal plate and are the area at the end of the long bone. Each of these long bones has two growth plates at each end that are responsible for growth in adolescent children. Once this soft tissue hardens, that means that you are done growing. The epiphyseal plate is responsible for how long that the long bone will grow.

Even after doing everything right, it is still possible to not grow any taller. A friend of mine is 6 feet 4 inches tall and plays basketball, he has a younger brother who is 5 feet 7 inches tall were talking about 30-year-olds now all done growing. A nine-inch difference in height. if you were wondering if they have different dads from what they tell me is no, they have the same dad. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. They were both physically active and were much alike growing up. For the smaller brother unfortunately it just didn’t happen that he would grow to be tall.


Short people hate this word and you may even see this and completely disregard this section cause you don’t want to hear it. I am always baffled that we were able to go to the moon but we haven’t found a cure for baldness or height. We made all types of transportation vehicles, cars, planes, boats etc. and it was only in the early 2000s when Hanes clothing line came out with the first tagless tee-shirt…How is it we haven’t figured this out yet?

Back to genetics, this is really the deciding factor, there are many cases even in the NBA, Michael Jordan is a classic example of a growth spurt growing from just under 6 feet to 6 feet 6 inches tall in his senior year of high school when his brothers were all under 6 feet and even his father. Michael credits the height growth from hanging from a bar and stretching himself out that way, Jeremy Lin went through the same thing and said he hung from a bar also. Maybe we all should just hang from a bar so that our limbs dangle and gravity is pulling them to the floor and stretching us out.

Is hanging from a bar going to work? I don’t know but researchers say it’s very good for posture and help with getting back the height you may have lost due to the compression of your spine. You may have heard you are taller in the morning than you are before bed. Lying down or hanging from a bar can recover the height you have lost from your spine being compressed due to gravity while doing your everyday activities throughout the day.

The research available says that hanging from a bar will not result in growing taller but recover any height you may have lost. Smaller individuals can lose up to a quarter of an inch before bed and taller individuals up to half an inch. Not much really.

What about hanging upside down?

Nothing suggests that hanging upside down would be any better or help you grow taller. Hanging upside down is good for back problems, though you don’t want to hang upside down too long because blood flows to the brain and too much of it can make you pass out.

More on Genetics…

A father’s genetics will usually determine the height of the child. Tall men usually have tall children but they only get a percentage of their father’s height. The rest is up to the human body to determine the height. This is why it is important to do the following…

What about jumping rope?

Again I have been there done that, I was in a jump rope club from elementary on to junior high. Very doubtful the jump rope helped me grow very much, but I can’t discredit something that didn’t work for me. It may work for you. It does promote exercise which is important and promotes healthy bones and joints. As a basketball player you should be jumping rope regularly anyway, there are so many benefits with this one exercise.

Bad Posture Can affect your height?

I never had good posture I slouch over when I am on the computer sitting on a chair. This is where this could be the reason why my brother is taller than me. I specifically remember having bad posture, but it wasn’t anything people pointed and laugh at me about. But bad posture can hinder height growth, think about it your back is slouched over, the body is in a slouched position, which can prevent you from getting taller.

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There are many people who report that when they were able to fix their bad posture they were able to grow up to two inches in height because of it. So if your young and in the prime of your growth spurt get that posture fixed immediately.

Does Milk help you grow taller?

There is another belief that milk makes you grow taller. We all grew up believing that milk is healthy and it is but it was if it was this magical drink that made you tall, strong, and indestructible. We see ads to drink milk all the time on TV commercials and even leave it for Santa with some cookies as if to say that was his gasoline to get him through the Christmas night.

While milk does have a lot of calcium and calcium is good for the bones, studies prove otherwise that milk is a miracle worker for increasing one’s height. milk isn’t as helpful as a person would believe. There was a study done in 2018 that followed a handful of participants from birth to 17 years of age that drank milk every day. They discovered a height difference of 0.39 cm. For the little increase in height, there were too many variables that would need to be taken into account. Consistency of drinking the milk, daily diet, activity, and the individual, what works for one may not work for all. The study was a small one with no definitive answers.

Through my experience I grew up and drank a lot of milk and still do, I am still average in height and no taller than my brother who didn’t drink any milk. I don’t even know if he likes milk. I did everything right compared to him and still an inch shorter. Well, not everything, my posture suck, and I could have used a multivitamin.

So why do people believe jumping will make you taller?

The only logic I could come up with as to why people believe that jumping makes you taller is that it promotes physical activity and exercise which is important. Those that play professional basketball and volleyball require a lot of jumping in the sport and tend to have much taller players on average that play their respective game.

Or maybe they believe as they are jumping from the ground they are jumping against gravity as to say gravity is pulling them, stretching and pulling on their legs until they reach back onto the ground.

Can Jumping Make You Taller: Scientific Facts

Looking to add a few inches to your height? Being tall not only adds to your charm & attractiveness but also increases your athletic ability. Those extra few inches are really valuable when you are playing games like basketball where height affects your playing ability.

What you all are wondering right now is: Can jumping make you taller? Before we answer this question, let’s take a look at the various factors which determine a person’s height. These factors will help you understand why height varies from person to person.

Jumping Exercise

Factors that Influence Your Height

There are various factors that influence human height. Genetics is the main factor that decides your height. Combine good genes with a healthy environment and lifestyle, and you will have a recipe for good height in your hands.

Let’s take a brief look at the factors affecting your height.

Genetics & Hereditary Reasons

Your genetics plays a very important role when it comes to dictating your height. Your genetics are the primary determinant when it comes to determining how tall you will be. Scientific research shows that there are over 700 genes in the human body that influence height.

These genes control the production of growth hormones, which in turn determines your eventual height. Of all the factors influencing human height, this is the most powerful one.


We have all heard that you are what you eat and this is true in case of your height & development. Children who have a healthy, balanced diet grow to be taller than children with diets lacking in essential nutrients.

While all nutrients are equally important when it comes to healthy development, a diet that is rich in minerals, proteins, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D leads to height gain.

Living Conditions

The environment you live in also determines how tall you will be. Bad living conditions and a toxic environment have negative impacts on the mental health as well as physical growth of a person, especially during early childhood years.

A healthy & active lifestyle along with premium living conditions will allow a person to grow tall and healthy.

Adequate Sleep

We all know that sleep is important for humans to function properly and to the best of their abilities. However, what most of us don’t know is that the pituitary gland produces growth hormone at night – particularly during deep sleep.

So even if you have genes predisposed towards tall height, you are getting a well-balanced diet, and your living conditions are invigorating, your height and growth rate will reduce if you don’t get ample sleep.

Health Conditions

For proper growth, the human body needs a healthy body. If a child is suffering from any illness or disease, it will hinder the growth and development of their body.


Height and growth are all influenced by exercise. Teenagers and children can boost their height if they exercise regularly. Sports such as basketball, jumping ropes, swimming, hanging, etc. help children maximize their growth potential.

Body Posture

For those of us who are beyond the growing age, correction of body posture is crucial for improving our height. A proper body posture allows a person to reach the genetically predetermined height easily. Moreover, a good posture diminishes spinal compression so that your spinal cord is straight and aligned.

Factors that Influence Your Height

Does Jumping Make You Taller?

Now that you know which factors influence height, you can better understand the answer to the question – Can jumping make you taller? Technically, jumping alone doesn’t make you taller – however, in conjunction with the factors that we have discussed above, jumping does make a difference when it comes to your height.

By the time you have fully grown – between the age of 18 to 25 – your epiphyseal plates seal and your bones ossify. After that, you can’t do a lot when it comes to increasing your height. Jumping will help you improve your posture which will give you the appearance of being tall.

Apart from jumping, there are also various other exercises that will help you maximize your height. Poor posture and therefore, spinal compression can make us lose almost 1% of our height.

Due to poor posture, the vertebrae collapse, and the spinal cord starts to curve gradually. Exercises such as hanging, stretching, jumping, etc. reverse the spinal compression and help you gain good posture.

Therefore, if you were searching for a way to increase your height, you can correct your posture by jumping and exercising, and add a few coveted inches to your height.

How Jumping Makes You Taller?

When it comes to increasing your bone length, jumping ropes or jumping, in general, will not do that. However, jumping makes you taller by helping you unlock your maximum height potential easily.

For instance, when you are jumping a rope, your head is in a neutral position while your shoulders, torso, and back are held in an erect position. Moreover, your body centres itself over your feet to maintain balance.

These movements combine to adjust and improve the overall spine alignment. Furthermore, jumping increases your heartbeat which increases blood flow in your body. Moreover, when you are jumping, your legs are continually stretching and exercising.

This movement increases muscle & ligament flexibility. If you jump during your teenage years and puberty, it will increase your bone density & mass as well. Due to the constant knee bending throughout jumping, the muscles in your calf are expanded vertically.

Moreover, since jumping is a high aerobic activity, it will reduce your tummy fat as well. With a slim body, you will look taller. If you combine jumping with a balanced diet, sleep, and peaceful living conditions, you can improve your height.

How to Improve Your Height by Jumping?

We have established that jumping does aid in improving your overall height. However, we have some useful tips and advice for you before you start jumping.

  1. You have to be practical – you will not start to sprout inches by jumping ropes for a day or two. Go slow and don’t push yourself.
  2. Keep jumping for at least 6 months before expecting to notice any difference. There is no ideal number of jumps but it is better to start with 20 jumps per day and then gradually increase the number of jumps as your stamina increases.
  3. Like every other exercise, you need to get the right equipment before you start jumping. A nice, good-quality, comfortable jumping rope is something that will make the whole process easier for you.
  4. Getting a short trip will make it hard for you to jump while a long rope will cause you to trip & fall. Moreover, we recommend that you get a jumping rope made from soft materials such as plastic or foam to avoid hurting yourself.
  5. Furthermore, it is better if you get a nice, comfortable pair of trainers so that your feet don’t get sore.
  6. That bad posture didn’t occur on its own, right? Start paying attention to the tiniest details – take a look at your posture when you are commuting to & from work, when you are sitting at your desk, or eating your food at the dinner table.
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If you don’t fix these daily habits, it will be hard for you to correct your posture and add a few inches to your height.

Do’s & Don’ts of Jumping

We know that increasing your height is important to you. What you need to keep in mind is that nothing is more important than your health and well-being. Therefore, you need to keep a few do’s and don’ts of jumping ropes in your mind before you begin.

  • Make sure that your heart rate is steady and your breathing is regular. If you lose your breath while jumping or you feel like your heart is beating too fast, you need to take a break and have a few sips of water.
  • Calm your nerves and when your breathing & heart rate slows down, you can get back to jumping.
  • Take short breaks after every 10 minutes and hydrate yourself. Keep a water bottle by yourself.


  • Don’t be hard on yourself – if you are out of shape and haven’t jumped in ages, it will be hard for you in the beginning. Therefore, we suggest that you start with 20 or 30 skips a day and then keep increasing this number as your stamina increases.
  • It is not a great idea to drink loads of water while you are jumping. To make sure your throat isn’t parched and you are hydrated, keep taking small sips of water during the breaks but don’t finish an entire water bottle.
  • If your trainers are uncomfortable, change them immediately. It would not do if you end up hurting your feet while trying to improve your posture and height.

Can Jumping Make You Taller: FAQ

Q. Will Jumping Rope Increase My Height?

A. If you are jumping ropes in your puberty, it will help you grow taller. Your muscles and ligaments will stretch & contract. Your body fitness will rise and your bone density will increase. If you are no longer in the growth phase of your life, you can still add a few inches to your height by exercising and improving your posture.

Jumping will decrease your spinal compression and this will improve your overall height.

Q. Are There Any Exercises Other Than Jumping That Increase My Height?

A. Yes, there are plenty of other exercises that will help you improve your height apart from jumping. There are various yoga poses such as cobra pose, dog pose, etc. which will help you reach your maximum height potential.

Apart from exercising, adequate nutrition and proper sleep will improve your height as well. A few of those exercises are:


Plank is a very simple exercise with plenty of benefits, It strengthens your glutes and cores. This is a great exercise for maximizing your health as well as enhancing your posture.


Another great exercise for improving your posture & strengthening your lower back is the Superman. Lie face down and extend your arms in front of you. Rise your legs, arms, and chest simultaneously. Hold for a few seconds, and then repeat.

Bird Dog

Bird dog exercise will stabilize your lumbar spine – your lower back – and will strengthen your abdomen as well. It is safe for people with back injuries as well. Get down on your hands and knees.

Extend the right arm out and extend the left leg as well. Keep them level with your body. Repeat with your left arm and right leg as well. Hold for 10 seconds.

Final Words

Can Jumping Make You Taller FAQ

From playing basketball to acing the looks department, being tall makes life a bit easier. There are a few ways that can help you add a few inches to your height – Jumping is one of them.

For those people who are in their teenage years and are still growing, jumping ropes is helpful in ensuring they reach their maximum height potential. Past your growth phase? Fret not for jumping ropes will help you even then.

Despite the nature of your genes and age, you can still add a few, coveted inches to your height. Jumping will avoid height loss due to spinal decompression and will help you align your spinal cord correctly. A win-win situation, we must say.

Be consistent and patient – it will be worth the wait, trust us. We hope that you enjoyed reading this comprehensive article. We would love to hear from you – get back to us with your suggestions, feedback, and queries.

Does Jumping Make You Taller? Or Is This Just a Myth?

Does Jumping Make You Taller - Or Is This Just a Myth

Adding a few inches to one’s height is always the one wish that we can’t grasp, no matter how tall a person might be.

It certainly doesn’t help either that there are a lot of myths surrounding this matter.

Most of what you might see or hear circulating on the net are a bunch of marketing ploys designed by people to get clicks or revenue by taking advantage of people looking for the magic solution.

Putting that aside, there seem to be a few methods that are believed to increase a person’s height. This includes skipping and jumping.

So now to get to the main question that brought you here: Can jumping make you taller?

Does Jumping Make You Taller?

Does Jumping Make You Taller

If you think that a jumping rope will do the trick, then I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. When you reach full physical maturity, your epiphyseal plates would have sealed, and your bones have ossified. That would be between 18 and 25.

Although it seems contradictory because you can actually make your hands bigger and force other bones to actually increase slightly in size – you can not make them lengthen.

Trust me I know this sucks because I am right on the borderline of being considered short. I sit right at 5’10 and trust me I know the feeling because it just seems like everybody is doing nothing but getting taller these days.. am i right?

When the epiphyseal plates seal, there’s nothing in your ability that will make you taller, and that includes jumping ropes. (1)

But what you can benefit from jumping ropes is fixing your posture, along with a few other things that will help you appear taller and actually might actually add a slight amount of height to your stance.

Yes, these are not the news you wanted to hear, I know.

But that aside, jumping ropes remain a great exercise and good tool to add to your height. There are also a bunch of other exercises besides jumping ropes that can give you a few inches to your appearance. We’ll talk about them in a moment. Before that, we should discuss the jumping rope.

Factors That Affect Height

These are the factors that can and do effect height.. Real height, not height appearance.


one of the major factors that determine height is Genetics

The main factor that contributes to determining your height is genetics.

As years have passed, experts have been able to identify up to 700 different genes that influence different aspects of human growth. This explains why certain genetic conditions like Marfan Syndrome can affect the height of an adult.

Sorry to tell you, but your parents are going to be the ultimate deciding factor in determine just how tall or short you end up becoming.


Hormones are a factor that affect height

A number of hormones instruct the growth plates to generate new bone. These include:

  • Testosterone and Estrogen: These hormones play a role in growth during puberty.
  • Thyroid Hormones (TH): This hormone also factors in how tall you can get when you reach maturity.
  • Growth Hormone (GH): When it comes to growth, this hormone, as its name implies, is the most important of them all.


Gender can have an affect on height

You’re probably familiar with this fact. Males usually are taller than females. This is mainly due to the fact that they keep growing for longer periods.

When Do We Stop Growing in Height?

When Do We Stop Growing in Height

A significant part of human growth happens during puberty. But aside from that, the growth rate can vary from one person to another since boys and girls tend to go through puberty at different periods.

The average of male growth is about three inches every year during puberty. As for girls, they grow only around one or two inches during the first couple of years that follow their first period. This explains why men are usually taller than women.

As for the maximum height that you can achieve during puberty, well, that depends on different factors. We’re talking about mother’s nutrition during pregnancy, activity level, diet, and genetics.

The National Health Service states that girls usually reach the end of their main growth stage at the age of 14 or 15. As for boys, they can keep growing until the age of 16.

Although we do keep getting slightly taller in height but the main growth fizzles off around then.

Now you might be wondering about the reasons that stop us from getting any taller after a certain point.

Well, here’s the deal: We keep growing because our bones keep getting longer, and this is thanks to epiphyses, the growth plates that exist in our bones (obviously).

These growth plates mature as we go through puberty. Their growth comes to a halt, and at the end of puberty, they fuse. If and when that happens, you stop getting any taller, from there on, we slowly start shrinking as we grow old. Sad, I know.

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But, now, as I’ve said, jumping can counteract that by making you look taller.

So, I Really CANNOT Gain Extra Height Even If I’m Younger?

That’s correct. As you can gather from all the information, most factors that play a role in human growth are beyond our control. But aside from that, some factors can reduce or increase one’s growth in childhood and through puberty. This includes:

Physical Exercise & Stretching

the amount of Physical Exercise you get growing up through puberty can have an effect on how much you grow and how tall you can get

It’s essential that you practice physical activities on a regular basis at a young age.

Sports like the jumping rope are very important as they allow your bones to remain healthy and strong, which is critical for normal physical development.

Stretching can also aid in helping you to lengthen out your bones that have been compressed all day through walking and exercise.

this is why many believe that swimming can make you taller because it’s a sport in the water that allows you to release tension on the bones while still being active.

Of course, this won’t make you any taller, but it can definitely help reach the maximum adult height that you can attain.

Additionally, jumping rope will allow you to build a well-shaped and muscular physique. This can hugely make up for a short posture.


the amount of sleep that you get everyday during childhood through puberty can effect your growth and height

Sleep is extremely essential as you experience most of your growth during sleep. SO you should get a significant amount of sleep every night to reach your maximum adult height.

If you have ever wondered why you wake up weighing less, then take a look at this post i wrote on why you weigh less in the mornings.

Good Nutrition

Getting Good Nutrition when growing up can affect your growth and how tall you can get

Here’s an obvious factor. If you’re not eating well, you’re not reaching your full height potential. You must have a well-balanced and varied diet to reach the maximum adult height.

Sometimes this can be challenging as heck because not all of us have time to cook super nutritious meals everyday. But the good news is your don’t have to. You can supplement with a good low fat low sodium protein powder or meal replacement that is packed with more nutrition that you would even get if you cooked them yourself.

My favorite by far is Kachava’s meal replacement, you can check the flavor (chocolate) and see the exact one I get by clicking here or you can read my full review here to see if its for you or not.

Why Jumping Can Make You LOOK Slightly Taller

Why Jumping Can Make You LOOK Slightly Taller

Now jumping ropes will not help your bones grow any longer or increase your height in any shape or form. But what they will do is allow you to stand in a good posture. One needs to look as tall as they can be to have a good posture.

Keep this mind; a fully-grown adult can’t increase their body’s length if their bones fully ossify. In other words, if your epiphyseal plates seal up, your bones cannot grow any further. So if you want to be taller, you can only make yourself look taller.

But not to worry because this can be done and hey, attractiveness is nothing but an illusion. Remember that.

How can jumping help with that?

When you use the jumping rope in a correct way, your head is held in a neutral position, your torso becomes erect, and your shoulders are held back.

To maintain your balance as you jump, the body is forced to be centered right over your feet. Combine all these factors, and you get yourself an exercise that forces your spine to hold a healthy form that corrects the posture.

But keep in mind, if you’re just going to jump the rope once or twice a month, you’re not going to have any real effect on your posture. You must use the jumping rope on a regular basis. If you aim to fix something like a bad posture, you’ll have to realize that consistency is key.

This, of course, means that you might have to make some changes to your daily routine. You’ll have to keep track of your posture as you sit at a desk, when lying in bed or when commuting from one place to another.

Doing all of these things, assuming an incorrect posture is what causes a bad posture in the first place. If you don’t fix them, no amount of jumping jacks will make you “taller.”

But jumping rope isn’t the only option you have. You can also benefit from a bunch of other exercises and stretches that’ll help you correct your posture and seem taller. Here’s a list of them:

How Much Skipping Should I Do Every Day?

If this will be your first time skipping, then maybe start at a low number. Doing around 50 a day for 2 to 3 days would be a good start. As you get used to it, you can bump that number up to 75 and 100.

If you get comfortable with the intensity and believe that you can go further, increase the number to 300 skips a day. If you keep at it at a consistent rate for around 3 to 6 months, you’ll start noticing changes in your height.

But keep in mind that you have to maintain your heart at a steady rate as you skip. If you ever start feeling out of breath, you should stop the workout immediately.

Drinking more water while you skip is also very essential. Skipping will lead you to get dehydrated quickly. But do not drink water during the exercise or right after it, that can be quite dangerous.

But do keep a water bottle with you and make sure to stay hydrated after you are finished. You can check out the motivational water bottle that I like to use for my workouts here.

What Do I Need to Start Skipping?

First things first, get a suitable rope for your height. Skipping ropes differ. It should not be too long that it makes you trip, and it shouldn’t be too short as it will also cause you to trip and fall. It should be a good match for the length of your body from head to toe.

So when you get yourself a new rope, please test it out a few times before you choose to use it.

A good investment would be choosing a rope made up of soft material like an elastic or foam rope. If it ever touches your body, which it certainly will a few times, you don’t want it to hurt you in any way.

So skip safely, fix that posture, and look taller!

Other Exercises That Can Help Correct Your Posture to Make You Look Taller

There are many exercises that can help you appear taller but helping to decompress your bones and allow your spine to stretch out and lengthen. (2)


Jogging can help you correct your posture and look taller

If you’re eager to make your legs taller, then jogging isn’t an exercise that you want to miss out on. It makes your leg bones stronger, and it helps them grow naturally. It can help you make a significant increase in height, especially if practiced during puberty or right after it.


Swimming can help you look taller and correct your posture

Swimming is one of those exercises that basically work the entire body.

You’ll have to use your core, arms, and legs to the max, and that will force you to develop a lot of muscle strength. And if you want to avoid all the heat and sweat that comes from the usual workout exercise, then swimming is an ideal option.

Go for the breaststroke as it is the best style for increasing one’s height.

Toe Lifts

Toe Lifts is an exercise that can help in correcting the your posture and making you look taller

All you have to do is stand on your toes as you reach up simultaneously, stretch the leg muscles, and keep a straight back.

If you feel out of balance and need some support, you can always stand near a wall and put your hands up as you attempt to reach the ceiling.

It’s a good exercise because it requires no equipment and you can do it anywhere at home.

If you have smaller calves this can also be a way to help increase the size of your calves.

Pelvic Shift

I bet that all of us these days spend too many hours just sitting around, either at work or at home. Well, unfortunately, that’s no good for our height.

Growth is affected by the changes in the spine and muscles around it caused by sitting for too long. However, doing the pelvic shift can counteract that as it increases the curvature of the lower and upper spine and makes you look taller.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Lie down on a flat surface with your shoulders flat on the floor
  2. Stretch your arms down on the sides, palms down.
  3. Bend your knees and keep your feet as close to your butt as possible.
  4. Arch your back to lift your pelvis off the ground
  5. Tuck your butt and maintain your position by supporting your weight with your shoulders and legs.
  6. Hold this for around 30 seconds at least, then repeat.

Single Leg Hopping

This can be a fun exercise that’ll also increase your height. It can strengthen your ab muscles and train your lower back muscles thoroughly.




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