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Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee Jumping in Nepal: When it comes to adventure, one should go bungee Jumping while visiting Nepal. Unlike Paragliding, Skydiving, Whitewater rafting, and trekking you obviously should give it at least one try.

Bungee Jumping is the kind of adventure where you don’t have to take special training, nor do you have to prepare. You just have to book your jump and simply enjoy the bungy trip.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Interested in Bungee Jumping in Nepal? Actually, there are three spots for Bungee Jumping in Nepal. One is at Bhotekoshi, one at Pokhara, and another one at Kusma.

You can enjoy all of them or you can choose one spot for the Jump. It’s up to you to decide. These places are not far away from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

Now let’s explore these three Bungee places in detail.

Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi

Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi: Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi

The Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi is ranked one of the world’s longest Bungee Jumps. It’s Asia’s 3rd highest Bungy jumping site. The height of Bungy at Bhotekoshi is 160 meters.

It is a 3 hours ride from Kathmandu. The Last Resort organizes the Bungee Jump and is also famous for hosting other adventures like swing, canyoning, rafting, etc.

Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping Price

Naturally, Bhote Koshi is the god-gifted place for Bungee. It is well-developed and located in the perfect place. There is no best season for travelers to take part in this exciting event.

You can book your ticket all season. The bungee expert from New Zealand designed the Bungy Jumping spot.

The price differs for Nepalese, the adventurer from SAARC countries, and people from any other country.

Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping Price for Nepali

Activity Day TripsPrice (NPR)
Bungy or Swing Day TripRs. 8000
Bungy & Swing Day TripRs. 10200
Tandem Day Trip (per couple)Rs. 13000
Canyoning Day TripRs. 6500
Rafting Day TripRs. 3800
Bungy & Canyoning TripRs. 11500
Go & See Day TripRs. 2200
Overnight PackagesPrice (NPR)
Relax at the Resort (1 Night)Rs. 5200
Relax & Bungy or Swing (1 Night)Rs. 11400
Relax & Tandem (1 Night) (per couple)Rs. 18700
Relax & Rafting (1 Night/1 Day)Rs. 8140
Relax & Rafting & Bungy (1 Night)Rs. 14400
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/1 Day)Rs. 9000
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/2 Days)Rs. 18300
Relax & Canyoning & Bungy(1 Night)Rs. 14400

Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping Price for SAARC Nations & Chinese

Activity Day TripsPrice (NPR)
Bungy or Swing Day TripRs. 9900
Bungy & Swing Day TripRs. 12300
Tandem Day Trip (per couple)Rs. 17500
Canyoning Day TripRs. 6000
Rafting Day TripRs. 4000
Bungy & Canyoning TripRs. 12700
Go & See Day TripRs. 2200
Overnight PackagesPrice (NPR)
Relax at the Resort (1 Night)Rs. 5600
Relax & Bungy or Swing (1 Night)Rs. 12000
Relax & Tandem (1 Night) (per couple)Rs. 20300
Relax & Rafting (1 Night/1 Day)Rs. 8250
Relax & Rafting & Bungy (1 Night)Rs. 15000
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/1 Day)Rs. 9900
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/2 Days)Rs. 20000
Relax & Canyoning & Bungy(1 Night)Rs. 15200

Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping Price for Foreigners

Activity Day TripsPrice (USD)
Bungy or Swing Day Trip$108
Bungy & Swing Day Trip$137
Tandem Day Trip (per couple)$180
Canyoning Day Trip$80
Rafting Day Trip$50
Bungy & Canyoning Trip$150
Go & See Day Trip$22
Overnight PackagesPrice (USD)
Relax at the Resort (1 Night)$60
Relax & Bungy or Swing (1 Night)$128
Relax & Tandem (1 Night) (per couple)$225
Relax & Rafting (1 Night/1 Day)$90
Relax & Rafting & Bungy (1 Night)$170
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/1 Day)$100
Relax & Canyoning (1 Night/2 Days)$175
Relax & Canyoning & Bungy(1 Night)$170

Photos and Videos Rate in BhoteKoshi

The real cost for the Video at The Last Resort for Bungy Jumping in Bhotekoshi is as follows.

ClientsRate (NPR)
NepaleseRs. 2000
SAARCRs. 2300
ForeignersRs. 2500

The video cost for Nepalese clients is NRS 1800, NRs 2300 for SAARC nationals, and NRs 2500 for other foreigners. ­­­­­­­­­­The video cost includes a video of Bungy, 4 photos, and a cool The Last Resort t-shirt.

Bungee Jumping at Bhotekoshi Eligibility

  • The weight of Bungee Jumpers must be between 40 kg to 98 kg.
  • Your age must be 18+ for Bungee Jumping.
  • If your age is below 18 then your parent must sign the waiver to get a ticket and the weight must be at least 40 kg.
  • A person with steel in the body isn’t allowed.
  • Pregnant women aren’t allowed to Bungee.
  • If you have heart disease or high blood pressure then you are not allowed.
  • A person with a ligament injury isn’t allowed to Bungee Jumping.

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara

Pokhara is a famous tourist area, and almost every person visiting Nepal will not miss this place. Pokhara is a place gifted by God and famous for different kinds of Adventure. Now, to make it more adventurous, you can do a bungy jump in Pokhara.

It’s Nepal’s first and only tower bungee operated by HighGround Adventure. HighGround Bungee is 70 meters vertical drop with 3 seconds of free fall. Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is newly compared to Bhotekoshi Bungy, but the thrill is no less than that of The Last Resort.

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You can check the video below of the Bungee Jump of Pokhara

Pokhara Bungee Jump Safety

The first rule of physical operation is safety. Safety should be taken as the top thing to consider. Here, HighGround takes care of your safety with highly qualified jumpmasters from Europe.

They have a high standard of safety with the latest technologies. You can always be confident about their setup, and you can jump fearlessly.

Eligibility for Bungee Jumping in Pokhara

There are specific criteria to participate in Bungy Jumping in Pokhara.

  • Jumpers’ age must be 13 and older only.
  • Children between 13 to 15 age must be with their parent or guardian to sign the waiver.
  • Jumpers must weigh between 35kg and 125 kg.
  • No alcohol should be consumed during the ride.
  • Secure closed-toed shoes are a must.

Bungee Jumping Photos and Videos in Pokhara

As stated in Boucher made by HighGround Adventure

  • Videos and Photos can be purchased at the bungee Station.
  • Photos are taken from the best vantage point.
  • Videos are shot in Full HD 1080.
  • Free T-shirts on the purchase of any souvenirs.

The price of a Bungee or Zip Flyer pictures & video package with a T-shirt in Pokhara will cost you around Rs 1500 & Rs. 2000 for Tandem Bungee.

Bungee Jumping Location in Pokhara

The location of Bungy Jumping in Pokhara is not far away from the central city. It is located 25 mins away from the scenic town of Pokhara.

Location: Hemja, Near Tibetan Camp, Pokhara

Service: Available Everyday

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Price for Nepali

The cost of bungee jumping, zipline, and other activities for foreigners is as follows:

ActivityCost (NPR)
ZiplineRs. 5500
Superman ZiplineRs. 7000
BungeeRs. 4500
Couple Bungee (Tandem)Rs. 8800
Sky ScreamerRs. 2500
ATV Fun TrailRs. 4800
ATV Epic TrailRs. 6800
Addon: ATV Pillion RiderRs. 2000

Pokhara Bungy Jumping Price for Foreigners

The cost of bungee jumping and other activities for foreigners is as follows:

ActivityCost (NPR)
ZiplineRs. 7500
Superman ZiplineRs. 9000
BungeeRs. 4500
Couple Bungee (Tandem)Rs. 8800
Sky ScreamerRs. 2500
ATV Fun TrailRs. 4800
ATV Epic TrailRs. 6800
Addon: ATV Pillion RiderRs. 2000

Bungee Jumping at Kushma

Kushma, located in the Parbat district is the world’s second-highest and number-one Bungee Jumping Spot in Nepal. If you want to get a thrilling and exhilarating experience then you definitely have to book the Kusma bungy.

Kusma Bridge - The Cliff Nepal

The Bungy at Kusma has a height of 228 meters and it is operated and maintained by The Cliff Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

The Cliff Nepal also offers a Canyon Swing at Kushma which is the world’s highest swing. The swing height is 748 feet i.e 228 meters.

Swing at Kusma The Cliff Nepal

Kusma Bungee Jump Price for Nepali

If you are searching for Bungee Jump and Swing Prices for Nepali then here is the complete list of the activities and the price list.

ActivitiesPrice (NPR)
Bungy Jumping at Kusma (per person)Rs. 7000
Canyon Swing at Kusma (per person)Rs. 7000
Bungee and Swing (per person)Rs. 10500
Tandem Canyon Swing at Kusma (per couple)Rs. 12000
Sky Cafe (Includes coffee or juice, food platter, video)Rs. 2500
Sky Cycle (With video)Rs. 3000
Sky Gliding (With video)Rs. 1200

If the same person wants to jump for the second time then the price is Rs. 3500, for the 3rd time the cost for a jump at Kusma is Rs. 2500, and the fourth one is free.

The above offer is valid for 1 year from the booking of the first jump and is available only for the same person.

The price for photos and video at Kusma Bungee, Parbat is Rs 1500 including a T-shirt but this is completely optional. The video packages include video, photos, and a free T-shirt.

Kusma Bungee Jump Location

Video Packages

ActivitiesPrice (NPR)
Bungee or SwingRs. 1500
Bungee & SwingRs. 2700
Tandem SwingRs. 2000
Second JumpRs. 1200
Third JumpRs. 500
Fourth JumpRs. 500

Stay Packages at Kusma, The Cliff Nepal

Stay and ActivitiesPrice (NPR)
Stay in Deluxe (Per Person)Rs. 3500
Stay in Deluxe (Single Supplement)Rs. 5000
Stay in Standard (Per Person)Rs. 2500
Bungee and Stay in Deluxe (Per Person)Rs. 9999
Bungee and Swing Stay in Deluxe (Per Person)Rs. 13450
Tandem Deluxe (Per Couple)Rs. 17999
Bungee and Stay in Standard (Per Person)Rs. 8999
Bungee and Swing Stay in Standard (Per Person)Rs. 12450
Tandem Standard (Per Couple)Rs. 15999

Deluxe Tent can accommodate two persons and has an attached toilet and hot shower. Standard Tent can accommodate four persons. Toilet and shower are on sharing basis.

Kusma Bungee Jump & Swing Eligibility

  • For Bungy at Kusma, the weight must of a minimum of 40 kg and a maximum of 110 kg.
  • For Canyon Swing, the weight must be a minimum of 40 kg and a maximum of 120 kg.
  • For Tandem Swing at Kushma, the maximum total weight must not exceed 120 kg.
  • The minimum age for Bungee and Swing at Kusma is 12 years and older only.
  • A person under the age of 18 must be with their guardian to sign the waiver.

Jump off to the world’s deepest gorge Kali Gandaki River and escalate your thrilling experience at Kusma Bungee Jumping and Swing Center.

Booking Your Bungee Jumping in Nepal

You can book your Bungee via the official website. But in most scenarios, Bungee Jump booking facilities are provided by local companies who may already have the experience. You don’t have to worry about anything regarding the booking date.

For booking, WhatsApp us or call us at +977-9808211139 or email us using our contact form.

Bungee Jumping Tips

If you are visiting and doing bungee jumping in Nepal for the first time then please follow these bungee jumping tips.

  • If you have suffered from heart disease, High Blood Pressure, or any highly risky disease then it is better to avoid jumping.
  • It is not recommended for the pregnant Traveler.
  • Be on the spot as early as you can to avoid the queue.
  • At least be with your friends or relatives. Don’t go Alone.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Don’t wear it as if you are going to a fashion show.
  • Be prepared Mentally.

How much does Bungee Jumping cost in Nepal?

The cost of Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi for Nepali is Rs. 8000, Rs. 9900 for Chinese & SAARC Countries, and around Rs. 12000 for other Foreigners.
The cost of Bungy Jumping in Pokhara for Nepali is Rs. 4500, Rs. 4500 for Indians and other foreigners.
The price of Bungee Jumping in Kusma is Rs. 7000 for Nepali, SAARC Nationals, and all other foreign clients.

Is there an age limit for Bungee Jumping?

Yes, the jumper must be above 18 years but the person below 18 age must be with their parent or guardian to sign the waiver.

What is the weight limit for Bungee Jumping?

For Bungy Jumping at Bhotekoshi, the minimum weight should be at least 40kg and 98kg at maximum.
For Bungee Jumping in Pokhara, the weight must be between 35kg and 125 kg.

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What are the things to bring for Bungy Jump?

You must bring tight, closed-toe shoes with comfortable clothes for Bungee Jumping.


Note: The price of Bungee Jumping may differ. So please contact us directly through email/number or chat over WhatsApp for the detailed cost.

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The Complete Guide to Bungee Jumping

What is bungee jumping?

Bungee jumping put simply is an exhilarating adventure sport which involves jumping from a high platform – normally from a dam, bridge, crane or tower, connected to a specially-made thick elastic cord which recoils after a few seconds of freefall. Though the bungee platforms are usually from static structures, it is also possible, and highly thrilling, to bungee jump from hot air balloons, mountain gondolas and helicopters.

Practiced around the world, this activity is great to do in groups with friends or family, cheering each other on as you wait for your own turn to jump!

Some bungee sites have a minimum weight limit rather than a minimum age, so it’s a sport that can be tried by a range of ages, with no maximum age limit. Some bungee sites however have a minimum age, the average being around 14 years old, but this is dependent on each individual bungee.

A sport that requires minimal preparation on the participant’s part, requiring only a minimal level of fitness, good health, to wear appropriate footwear, and to listen to a safety briefing, this is a great sport that almost anyone can try!

You can ease into bungee jumping by picking the height that suits you best, depending on your threshold for tolerating heights. To compare various bungee sites from one another, take a look at our list of the World’s 10 highest bungee jumps! If you have your eyes set on booking a specific bungee jump or would like to know if there’s a site around you, make sure you check out all our bungee jumps around the world!

Bungee jumping over Nevis River, Queenstown, New Zealand

History of Bungee Jumping

According to a legend surrounding the South Pacific island of Pentecost Island, bungee jumping originated there. The legend says that a woman, fleeing her husband who was mistreating her, climbed a tree to hide, which her husband followed her up. Just as her husband tried to grab her, she tied vines around her ankles and jumped. Her husband jumped at the same time but hit the ground and died, so the woman was saved by the vines.

bungee jumping using vines

A man from the South of Pentecost Island bungee jumping using vines

Since this legend originated, the men of the island have practiced jumping from trees with vines tied around their ankles. This ‘land diving’ or Naghol, as it is known on the island, has become a tradition on Pentecost Island. It is practiced every year on Saturdays between April and June.

Modern history:

In April 1979, on ‘April Fool’s Day’ the Oxford Dangerous Sport Club tried jumping from Bristol’s Clifton Bridge in England. Illegally and moderately unpreparedly, a few members of this club attached elastic bungee cords to themselves and jumped – something they later did again at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. the following year.

This, along with other jumps, propelled the sport into the mainstream. In 1989, the now world-famous New Zealander A.J. Hackett opened the world’s first commercial bungee jumping location in Queenstown, New Zealand.

bungee jumping Europabrucke

Bungee jumping at Europabrucke, Innsbruck, Austria

What equipment is used in bungee jumping?

The amount of equipment required for this sport is minimal, with the participant only needed to bring appropriate footwear.

The bungee site will supply the specially designed braided shock cord you will be connected to, the leg and body harness you will be wearing, connected to the bungee cord and a helmet may be required at some destinations.

Don’t be skeptical of the location if you don’t spot a harness, as some bungee sites simply connect jumpers to the bungee cord via the ankles, whilst others use a harness. You can rest assured, knowing both pieces of equipment keep you secure:

Bungee Cord: A specially designed and made cord made from tightly woven strands of rubber. With different strengths and thicknesses available, different bungee sites opt for slightly varying cords. This cord will have recoil when you reach a certain point before you reach the ground.

Harnesses: The harnesses are worn around the thighs, waist, chest, and shoulders, with the bungee cord connected at the front to both of these pieces of the harness.

bungee jumping Stockhorn

Bungee jumping Stockhorn, Interlaken, Switzerland

What will I do?


Arrive at the bungee site at least an hour before your slot, this will give you time to take in the surroundings, watch the people before you jump and get acquainted with the instructors and have a safety briefing.

Before the jump, you will be weighed so that the operators set up the particular rope you will use. After attaching your harnesses and rope and checking everything is secure and safe, you’ll then be ready to jump!

During the activity:

Relax, stretch your arms out, bend your knees and jump into the void. Enjoy the sensation of the freefall, it will only last a couple of seconds, and then the rope will be fully stretched and the elastic will recoil and bring you back up slightly and you will swing momentarily at the end of the rope until you are either lowered down to a specially-made landing area airbag, platform or even a boat sometimes (dependent on the location) or lifted back up to the spot you jumped from.


After having your harnesses detached from the rope and the harness subsequently taken off, you’ll be able to relax and think back on the incredible bungee jumping experience you’ve just had!

bungee jumping Sentosa

Bungee jumping Sentosa, Singapore

Who can do bungee jumping?

Bungee jumping is an inclusive, accessible sport, able to be tried by people with reduced mobility, amputees or visitors with partial paralysis. If you have any doubts about whether yourself or one of your group can participate in bungee jumping, it is highly recommended to speak to the staff at the bungee site that you intend to visit beforehand.

Min. and max. weights:

Rules vary for different bungees, but the general minimum weight for bungee jumping is 35/40kg. The maximum weight again differs between sites but is generally around 145/150kg.

Pregnant women:

Bungee jumping unfortunately is not recommended for women who are pregnant.

Health requirements:

Generally the participant must be in good health, if you suffer with epilepsy, joint problems or heart disease you may not be allowed to participate. It is worth checking with the bungee site you’re planning on visiting ahead of booking to see their individual policy on health requirements if you are unsure.

Other rules:

It is also worth noting that it is not advised for bungee participants to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as they may not be permitted to participate. This sport requires a high level of engagement and attention to the safety instructions provided by instructors.

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bridge swing Barcelona

Bridge Swinging near Barcelona, Spain

Variations of bungee

This exhilarating sport has a number of equally exciting variations such as bridge and canyon swings and sky jumping.

Bridge Swing: This is offered at a number of bridges around the world, bridge swinging is a variation of bungee jumping in that you still jump from a bridge but the type of rope is different and you swing rather than freefall.

Canyon swing: Similar to bridge swinging, though instead of jumping from a bridge, you jump from the side of a canyon. Canyon swinging is like cliff jumping, but you’re attached to a rope.

Sky jump: A sky jump is a controlled fall from a large height. The participant has a wire attached to them as they ‘fall’ at a controlled speed. Unlike bungee jumping, there’s no recoil of the wire and most sky jumps will end on a landing platform at the bottom of the tower that you jump from.

For more information about this exhilarating sport, check out our bungee jumping articles.

Is There A Weight Limit For Bungee Jumping?

Have you ever sought the thrill of bungee jumping? Is it on your bucket list? Are you ready to take the plunge?

If you are heavier than the average human, you may be a bit concerned about the weight limits for bungee jumping. How much do those bungee cords actually hold?

With this information, you will learn about the weight limits for bungee jumping so you can take proper action to keep yourself safe.

man attached to a bungee jump rope

What Is the Weight Limit For Bungee Jumping?

The average weight limit for bungee jumping is 265 pounds for most jumping opportunities. This amount can vary according to the company, but most stick with the national average.

If you weigh over 265, you may want to contact different companies to determine if they can make special arrangements for you. Some operators have sturdier equipment than others.

Why Are There Weight Limits for Bungee Jumping?

There are essential reasons bungee jumping has weight limits. Without delving into too much scientific jargon, you need to know weight limits are essential for ensuring the bungee cord supports the weight of the jumper and the reduction of momentum.

If the bungee cord cannot handle the reduction of momentum, uncontrolled movement will result and could leave the jumper seriously injured.

In addition, weight limits are also critical because of the pulley system that lifts the jumper. For instance, a pulley system only needs 35 pounds of force to pull up a person who weighs 150 pounds. With each pound of jumper weight, the force required increases.

Each piece of bungee jump equipment has a weight limit. Accounting for the weight limit of the equipment components is essential for ensuring accidents are avoided.

person upside down bungee jumping

Is There a Minimum Weight for Bungee Jumping?

Many people talk about the weight limits for bungee jumping but do not realize there are also minimum weight requirements. You may not realize you have to be at least 90 pounds to bungee jump.

The reason there are minimum weight requirements is because of the force exerted on the jumper’s body. The more a person weighs, the less deceleration force they experience.

Someone who weighs around 100 pounds is going to experience 900 pounds of deceleration force. A person who weighs 300 pounds will experience 300 pounds of deceleration force.

If a person is too small, they could fly higher upon rebound and experience serious forces against their body, resulting in painful injuries, including broken bones.

young kid bungee jumping

How to Stay Safe While Bungee Jumping

Are you an adventurer at heart? Do you have no fear of heights? If you answered yes to these two questions, bungee jumping may be something you want to try.

The following tips will help you stay safe if you decide to take the plunge and enjoy an exciting jump into the unknown. Ensure the following before you take a jump.

  • Always follow the rules of bungee jumping. Follow the directions given to you by the operator.
  • Do not be offended if the operator asks your weight.
  • Always allow professionals to put your harness on, even if you have jumped countless times. Most bungee cord accidents and deaths occur because of improperly worn harnesses. Check behind the operator to ensure the harness fits correctly and is secured.
  • Choose an operator that has safety certifications.
  • Ensure the bungee cord is tied off in a safe and stable place.
  • Make sure the company uses an airbag, sling, or netting to prevent you from hitting the ground when bungee jumping.

bungee jumpers on a cliff

Do NOT Bungee Jump With the Following

  • Do not bungee jump if you are pregnant under any circumstances.
  • Do not bungee jump if you are well over the weight limit. Be honest with the operator.
  • You should not jump if you have abnormal blood pressure.
  • Do not bungee jump if you have circulatory system disorders.
  • Do not bungee jump if you have had a head injury.
  • Do not wear loose clothing.
  • Do not wear sunglasses, eyeglasses, contacts, or jewelry.
  • Do not bungee jump unless you have been through training.

What Is the Highest Recorded Bungee Jump in the World?

If you are considering bungee jumping, you may be wondering about the highest recorded jump. You may be surprised to hear about the highest jump on record.

The highest known bungee jump occurred on Macau Tower in Macau, China. The jump was carried out by Alan John Hackett. Unbelievably, he bungee jumped from a height of 233 meters. This jump earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Hackett’s jump was recorded as the highest commercial bungee jump. He jumped in 2007, and, so far, no one has beaten his record. The Macau Tower is undoubtedly an interesting place to jump from if you want to beat Hackett’s record.

What Is a Tandem Bungee Jump?

While some bungee jump operators will not allow it, there is such a thing as tandem bungee jumping. Tandem bungee jumping happens in the same way as a solo jump, but two jumpers are strapped together.

If you are scared to jump by yourself, a tandem jump can offer stress relief. You can enjoy the jumping experience with a friend, partner, or loved one.

When considering tandem bungee jumping, remember you should not go over the weight limit. Most operators extend the weight limit for tandem jumping to accommodate the two weights of the jumpers.

couple on a tandem bungee jump

Bungee Jump Safely

Weight limits have been put in place for specific reasons. Going over the weight limit could result in equipment failure, which could put your life in danger.

If you are over 265 pounds, ask the operator about special accommodations. Do not try to get past the weight limit by lying about your weight, or you could end up getting killed.




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