Bungee Jumping Price in Nepal 2021

The Bungee jumping is an Adventure sport for the people who dare challenges and Nepal is a perfect spot for the jump as the country is blessed with naturally built Bungee site.

Bungy jump in Nepal is quite famous adventure activity adored by many native youngsters and foreigners.

This tiny nation is not only well recognized for Everest and birthplace of Buddha; it possesses suitable environment for wide dimension of adventures activities to make adrenaline junkies vacation memorable.

There are three spots for Bungee Jumping in Nepal. One is at Bhotekoshi, one at Pokhara, and another one at Kusma.

Now Let’s See Bungee Jump places and Detail

Bungee Jumping at Kushma

Bungee Jumping in Nepal is one of the most popular adventurous activities. The world’s second-highest, most exciting and thrilling Bungee Jumping lies in the Kushma Parvat district of Nepal.

Along with the astounding panoramic views in the Kaligandaki gorge amidst the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains, lies the Kushma’s suspension bridge from where the Bungee Jumping is into operation.

The bungee Jumping spot resides in the 520 m. long suspension bridge which connects Kushma of Parvat to the Balewa of Baglung. The total height of Bungee Jumping is 228 m.

Bungee Jump in Kushma, Kushma Bungee Jump, Bungee Jump in nepal

Making it the world’s second-highest natural Bungee jumping paradise. It is the tallest bungee Jumping of Nepal. Kushma Bungee Jump is popular as Asia’s highest natural bungee swing.

Based on the gorge of the Kali Gandaki river, Bungee jumping in Kushma is one of the most adventurous activities comprises of the mind-blowing natural settlement.

Kushma Bungee Jump Price:

Bungee Jump cost NRs. 6300

Canyon Swing Cost NRs. 6300

Tandem Swing Cost NRS. 9500

Canyoning Cost NRs. 4600

Additional Charges: NPR 1,500 (Photo and Video)

Contact for Reservation: +977-986-0719801 – WhatsApp/Viber, Email: [email protected]

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Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi

Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi is ranked among one of the world’s longest Bungee Jumps. It’s Asia’s 3rd highest Bungy jumping . The height of Bhotekoshi bungee Jump is 160 meters.

The bungee at BhoteKoshi River is operated by The Last Resort located on top of a gorge to the Tibetan Border. Luxurious safari tents are set in lush gardens for a peaceful stay in an exotic setting.

bhotekoshi bungee jump, bungee jump in bhotekoshi

The Bungee bridge happens to be the only privately-owned bridge in Nepal. It has been specially designed for bungy jumping with a 4x-safety factor and has a loading factor of 41,500 kg or 4.5 tons according to Swiss measurements.

Anyone who wants to take a taste of bungee jumping should not have any of the health problems mentioned below:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Epilepsy
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Addiction to alcohol or drugs
  6. Orthopedic problems
  7. Psychological problems
  8. Neurological problems

Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump Price For Nepali Citizenship and Other Foreigners:

Bungee Jump cost NRs. 6300

Canyon Swing Cost NRs. 6300

Tandem Swing Cost NRS. 9500

Canyoning Cost NRs. 4600

Additional Charges: NPR 1,500 (Photo and Video)

Contact for Reservation: +977-986-0719801 – WhatsApp/Viber, Email: [email protected]

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara

Pokhara is a famous tourist area, and almost every person visiting Nepal will not miss this place. Pokhara is the place gifted by God and famous for different kinds of Adventure. Now, to make it more adventurous, you can do bungy jump in Pokhara.

Pokhara Bungee Jumping is the highest water touch Bungee in the world. This bungee jumping is made from a tower which is at the height of 80 meters from where you dive to the pond 18/20 meter deep.

Bungee Jump in Pokhara, Pokhara Bungee Jump, Bungee Jump, Bungee Jump in nepal

Bungee jumping trip in Pokhara. You can get full enjoyment there doing Bungy jumping, making videos, taking pictures and viewing nature around you.

Pokhara is a lovely place in Nepal. As well as the capital of the touristy city for the traveler. Nepali people travel to Pokhra then they never forget.

They love to return again. Pokhara is a gateway to the Annapurna region trekking and ending point of Annapurna region trekking

Price of Bungee Jump in Pokhara:

USD 68 for Foreigner

NPR 7500 for Indian Citizen

NPR 4000 for Nepali Citizen

Additional Charges: NPR 1,500 (Photo and Video)

Contact for Reservation: +977-986-0719801 – WhatsApp/Viber, Email: [email protected]

Where is the Kushma Bungee Jumping Site?

Kushma Bungee Jumping Site lies in the Kushma, Parvat, Nepal. Kushma bungee jumping site is the finest destination and only 60km away from the famous tourist city, lake valley Pokhara and 262 km away from the capital city Kathmandu.

You can get to the Kushma Bungee jump directly from Kathmandu and Pokhara through public vehicles, private and luxury vehicles. Many people love to drive motorbikes from Pokhara, which is a bit scary and less safe than traveling via four-wheeler. You can contact luxury holiday Nepal for a private tourist vehicle with a driver and an airplane flight.

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Best time to visit Kusma Bungee Jump?

Bungee jumping in Kusma can be done around the year, however, some of the months are too suitable for the views and scenery and some months are not so similar and convenient for the adventure seeker.

Normally, the monsoon season is considered as the least suitable for the jump, which starts in June and lasts until August. The remaining seasons like Summer, Spring, and Winter are the most suitable for the Bungee jump in Kusma.

What is the Cost of Kushma Bungee Jumping?

The price of the Kusma Bungee Jumping is now available publicly since it came into operation from the end of October 2020. The cost of Bungee Jump for Foreigners and Nepali are listed below.

The cost includes the cost of activity, life insurance, and all the government taxes and charges. Additional charges for photos and videos are also listed.

Bungee Jumping In Nepal: 2 Places To See The Adventurous Side Of The Country In 2022

Bungee Jumping In Nepal

Nepal is the land of hills, rivers and temples. From the scenic views of the Himalayas and melodious sound of the river water to the sanctity of the temples and abundance of wildlife, there is so much to experience in Nepal that a single visit will fall short to absorb it all. It has something for every kind of traveler and you will never feel disappointed. Apart from that, it also offers delicious dishes and plenty of shopping sites. If you are looking for some thrill in the country, then go for Bungee Jumping in Nepal. Out of all the activities in Nepal, it is one that has gained popularity in the last few years at a fast rate. Both locals as well as tourists indulge in the activity to get thrilled from head to toe. Nepal offers great views and hence, it is perfect for such activity.

If you are also planning to visit Nepal and go for bungee jumping, then here is a little guide for the best experience.

Bungee Jumping In Nepal: 2 Best Spots

Nepal is adorned with beautiful views that make it a great place to indulge in bungee jumping. There are only 2 places that offer the opportunity to experience it. Also, bungee jumping rate in Nepal is not a concern when you want to treat yourself.

1. The Bhote Koshi Gorge

The Bhote Koshi Gorge In Nepal

Bungee jumping activity found its first ever spot at the Bhote Koshi gorge in Nepal. And now it is one of the most famous spots for bungee jumping in the whole world. The gorge is located near Nepal-Tibet border and has a height of 160 meters. What makes it special is the fact that is the highest bungee jumping in Nepal as well as the world. Flowing below the jump is the Bhote Koshi river which will give you the extra fun.

The jump is done from a suspension bridge which is Nepal’s longest suspension bridge. The bridge was specially designed by NZ’s famous Bungee consultant. Isn’t it simply amazing? Well, this is not it. The jump is done under the expertise of trained operators so that you have the perfect experience of jumping. Along with giving you a heart-throbbing experience, the bridge also assures your safety.

Prepare yourself for the jump and get ready to experience the highest bungee jumping in Nepal. Feel a drop in your heartbeat as soon as you look down. Do a reverse counting starting from 5 and jump. It is one of the most beautiful jumps in the world. Along with the jaw-dropping views you will feel like you are flying in heaven. You can also get very closer to the crystal clear water of the river below which is a totally blissful feeling.

Cost of Bungee Jumping in Nepal:

For Nepali people: INR 5500 per person

For Indians: INR 8200 per person

For Foreigners: INR 7200 per person

How To Reach Bhote Koshi Gorge:

If you are coming from Kathmandu, it takes 3 hours to reach the exact spot of Bungee jumping Nepal. You will be traveling via Araniko highway into the 12 kilometers of the Nepal-Tibet border. After crossing the famous friendship bridge, you will reach the suspension bridge for the jump.

Best time for bungee jumping:

Though you can indulge in the activity anytime of the year, September to May is the best time. The jump is operated only 4 days a week, that is, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday during the months of December to January and from September to November, you can enjoy it on all days except Monday.

Location: Arniko Highway, Listikot, Nepal

2. Hemja, Pokhara

Hemja, Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the most famous places in Nepal for indulging the most adventurous activities. Some of the activities that it provides are paragliding, zip flying, trekking and more. Bungee jumping was added to this list in 2014 and since then it has been the most famous adventure in Pokhara. The jump is called Water touching jump as you get to touch the water of a pond below the jumping spot. It is a unique experience you must have once in your life.

Located near a Tibetan camp at Kaski district, there is a steel cliff from where you will jump. It is as high as 80 meters and there is an artificial pond which is 20 meters deep. 30 to 40 people can indulge in the activity in a day. Once you jump, touch the water below which will leave your heart throbbing like never before. The views of the surroundings are truly mesmerizing which will add to the thrill.

Whether you are doing the jump with a friend or solo, it will be an out-of-the-world experience. After jumping from the cliff, you will float in the air for sometime and then splash into the water below. Once you are done you will be picked up by a boat. The experience will leave you awestruck!

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Cost Of Bungee Jumping in Nepal:

For Nepali people: INR 3490 per person

For Indians: INR 6500 per person

For Foreigners: INR 6890

How To Reach Hemja:

The jumping spot is located near the Pokhara lakeside. You can reach Pokhara lakeside easily by road. Once you reach the lakeside, take a cab and reach the jumping spot which is 20 minutes away from there.

Best time for bungee jumping:

Though you can do bungee jumping at Hemja throughout the year, October to February are the best months to do it. During these months, you will get a clearer view of the Himalayas and the waters.

Location: Highground Bungee, Hemja, Pokhara, Kaski district, Nepal

Operators For Bungee Jumping In Nepal

Operator of bungee jumping

Some of the best operators that offer the ultimate experience of Bungee Jumping in Nepal are Bungy Nepal Adventure, Highground Bungee Station, Bhotekosi Bungee jump, The Eco-Trek and Nepal Eco Adventure. The Last Resort is the most famous scuba diving operator in the whole of Nepal. It has been operating this activity since the last 20 years and has always made sure to give its guests a mesmerizing experience. So, choose accordingly and treat the thrill-seeker within!

  • Wear tight yet comfortable clothes and proper shoes for the jump.
  • The maximum weight for the jump is 100 kg.
  • People below 18 years of age will have to get consent of their parents to indulge in the activity.
  • Follow the instructions given by the experts to do the jump safely.
  • Get your jump photographed or recorded for beautiful memories.

“Those who don’t jump will never fly”, said a wise man. Now, that you know it all, you are set for bungee jumping in Nepal. So, take the jump that will change your way to look at life? If yes, then don’t look hither and thither and plan a vacation in Nepal right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bungee Jumping In Nepal

Where can you bungee jump in Nepal?

In Nepal, you can bungee jump in two places: Bhote Koshi Gorge and Hemja, Pokhara. Bungee Jumping in Nepal is one of those activities that have gained wide popularity in the last few years at quite a fast rate. Nepal offers quite a lot of great views so it is perfect for Bungee Jumping here.

What is the cost of Bungee Jumping in Bhote Koshi Gorge?

It has different prices for Nepalese and Indians and Foreigners. For Nepalis, it is INR 5,500 per person. For Indians INR 8200 per person. For foreigners, it is INR 7200 per person.

Is it safe to bungee jump?

The bungee jump is safer than skydiving. But then, in fact, they are performed very safely. Hence, it can be safe if it is performed properly. So, it is a fun exercise and you need to get used to it quickly. There are various spots for bungee jumping in the world where you can get an adrenaline high.

How far is Bhote Koshi from Kathmandu?

The distance from Kathmandu to Bhote Koshi is 64 km. Well, it takes 2 hours and 9 minutes to drive the 129.5 km of road distance from Kathmandu to Bhote Koshi Power Plant.

Is there a weight limit for bungee jumping?

Well, you cannot be more than 100 kg if you want to bungee jump. The Bungee America has a 265 lb maximum weight limit. The jumpers whose weight is more than that have to pay a special fee.

What is the price of bungee jumping in Nepal in Pokhara?

You can do bungee jumping in Pokhara. You have to pay INR 5,000 if you are a Nepali and the rest of the foreigners need to pay the price of $100 per person. For video and photographs, you need to pay $15.

What is the best time for bungee Jumping in Nepal?

Though you can do this at any time, September to May is the best time. Since the jump is operated for only 4 days a week and it is on Saturday and Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. You can enjoy the jump in from September to November. You can enjoy it on all days except Monday. You can enjoy bungee jumping in Arniko Highway, Listikot, Nepal.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal with History, Price, and Location

Bungee Jumping in Nepal is no longer a completely new arrived adventure game. Bungy jump in Nepal is quite famous adventure activity adored by many native youngsters and foreigners. This tiny nation is not only well recognized for Everest and birthplace of Buddha; it possesses suitable environment for wide dimension of adventures activities to make adrenaline junkies vacation memorable. The glory of Nepal has been introduced differently in the world since its natural beauty and the geography is amazing.

Bungee Jump in Nepal, Bhotekoshi

Those who want to try Bungee jump should not have any one of the health issues outlined below:

  • High or Low blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Pregnancy
  • Psychological problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Neurological problems
  • Asthma

History of Bungee Jump

A tale indicates that bungee jumping first shown up on the Pentecost island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific region. In accordance to this story, one of the natives, a man named Tamalie, was used to harass his wife, so she decided to run away and choose to hide at the nearby forest of the village.

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Mr. Tamalie her husband, yet somehow he noticed her on the tree and then climbed after her. As he was climbing, she chained up lianas (wooden vines) around her legs. Soon after, when her husband tried to catch her, she dives onto the ground and survived.

Bungee jump History

The Tower, Pentecost Island photo via: Paul Stein

Instantly Tamalie leaped after her but he lethally stroked on the ground and passed away since he didn’t have any supportive measures to protect himself. This incident made hurt to male members of that village.

From that date, gents in the village began rehearsing land diving from the wooden tower with the support of lianas, so a female can’t deceive males anymore. Gradually this practice turned into the cultural ceremony, every jumper has to perform ritual bath before diving from tower to show courage and masculinity of the male members in that village.

History of Modern Bungee Jump

No doubt, the land diving ceremony of Pentecost is the precursor to modern Bungy jumping. During the course of the 2nd World War, the Europeans approached at Vanuatu island and found out natives, their custom, and tradition of land diving.

Once the westerner youth came to know about this ritual, the history of modern bungee jumping commenced at 1st of April, 1979. When the members of Oxford Dangerous Sports Club carried out a couple of jumps from the 76-meter high Clifton Bridge in Bristol, Great Britain. Consequently, main performers were jailed for a few days, since such types of activities were illegal at that time.

This incident became a turning point to be spread all around the world. Later Us army tried it with the help of a ribbon cord. After a few years later, in 1988, A. J. Hackett (Kiwi Adventurer) established the first commercial Bungy jumping site in New Zealand.

10 Best bungee jumps in the world with Name and Height

No.LocationsHeight (in meters)
1China, Macau Tower, Macau233
2Switzerland, Verzasca Dam, Ticino220
3South Africa, Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape216
4New Mexico, Rio Grande Bridge, Taos206
5Austria, Europabrücke Bridge, Innsbruck192
6Switzerland, Niouc Bridge, Val d’Anniviers190
7Italy, Altopiano di Asiago, Vicenza175
8Austria, Kolnbrein Dam (Kölnbreinsperre), Carinthia169
9Nepal, The Last Resort, Bhote Koshi River160
10Italy, Ponte Colossus (Veglio-Pistolesa Bridge), Biella152

src: best bungee cnn

History of Bungee Jumping in Nepal

When we talk about bungee jump in Nepal, we take the name of Bhotekosi, because this game is played in Bhotekosi canyon of Nepal. The Last Resort was the first adventure company to import Bungy adventure in Nepal. For the purpose of launching Bungy in Nepal, in 2001, this resort has built the suspension bridge in the river. The bridge, which was constructed at a cost of around 4.5 million.

The last resort is the joint venture co. of businessmen from Nepal and New Zealand, in addition to bungee and swing, it is conducting adventure sports such as canoeing, high-ropes, rafting, mountain bike, and so forth in Nepal.

Bungee Jumping Locations in Nepal

To my knowledge, there are two bungee sites in Nepal, which are currently operating, one is nearby Kathmandu valley and next is in beautiful Pokhara. Similarly, 2 more jumping sites are in under construction. Some of the adventurous Bungy locations of Nepal are summarized below.

Bhote Koshi bungee jumping (Nearby Kathmandu valley)

Believe it or not, Nepal is the habitat for one out of the Top 10 Bungee Jumps across the globe. It is the 1st bungee spot of Nepal, located at Tatopani, close to the Nepal-Tibet (China) border above the roaring canyon of Bhotekosi river. Bhote Koshi bungy is one of the longest free fall sites in the world. The gorgeous Bhotekosi river beneath to the suspension bridge is the wildest and a superfast river of Nepal.

This river enhances the thrill of the free fall since the edges merely few feet above the watercourse. The entire arrangement of bungee swing/jumping, rafting, canoeing and etc. in Bhotekoshi river is managed by The Last Resort. The bridge is placed 160 meters above the river gorge which is among the tallest foot suspension bridges on the planet.

This diving site was designed by veteran bungee specialist of New Zealand. To ensure safety, some highly skilled western jump master operate here.

The distance from Kathmandu to Bhote Koshi is approx. 95 kilometers.

More Information

Location: Tatopani, Near to Nepal Tibet boarder.

bungee jumping price, Per Person

For foreigners’ $ 108.
For Chinese and Indian Citizen Rs 8200.
For Native Rs 5500.

Bungee in Pokhara

It is also known as Hemja Bungy jump since the site is located at the beautiful VDC called Hemja of Pokhara Valley. Company HighGround Adventure has launched and manages it. Moreover, this is the first tower Bungy of Nepal. The company is also operating zip flyer from Sarangkot to Hemza.

More Info about Pokhara Bungee.

Height: 80 meters.
Location: Hemza, 20 minute far from Pokhara Lakeside.

Price for Pokhara Bungee, Per Person

For foreigners: $ 82.
For Nepalese Citizen: Rs 3500.

New bungee in Pokhara

It is still under construction; Prototype is given below;

Prototype of Pokhara bungee

Bungy Nepal Adventure Pokhara

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