Brave the EdgeWalk

There are thrills. And then there’s walking 116 storeys above Toronto with nothing but a harness securing you. This is EdgeWalk, the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk and the first of its kind in North America. For everything from unique date ideas and graduations to parties and team achievements, mark major moments with a Walk in the clouds and get inspired like nowhere else!


Two people leaning backwards over the edge with the City of Toronto below

Do you have what it takes?

EdgeWalk isn’t for the faint of heart. But of all things to do in Toronto, no other experience can reward you with the best view of Canada’s biggest city and the knowledge that you have been truly on top of the world. Are you ready to step up and touch the sky?

Group of seven people balancing on the edge of the walk. The city below them and clear skies behind them


For graduation celebrations, EdgeWalk gets high marks. Treat the student in your life to an unforgettable walk among the clouds to get them inspired for their next chapter!

Group of five people with the backs leaning over the edge. Clouds and blue sky behind them.

Team building

The usual team-building activities have nothing on this extreme adventure. Reward your team for a job well done, bring them closer together and perhaps inspire some amazing ideas by sharing the thrill of conquering EdgeWalk together.

Four people, side by side leaning back over the edge. Far below and behind them is the city of Toronto on a clear summer day


Whether for celebrating birthdays, pre-wedding festivities or any other kind of party, EdgeWalk always takes it to the next level. For a full CN Tower experience, add in dining at 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower.

Two people with thumbs up and smiling with the city of Toronto far below on a bright but cloudy summer day


Get the family or old friends together for a reunion high above the city, and give them a memory they won’t soon forget.

Two people kissing while leaning backwards over the edge. City of Toronto far below.


Marriage proposals, life milestones, sports victories … for all kinds of special occasions, EdgeWalk heightens the feeling of every moment shared together.

group of 5 people on edgewalk, one participant using a wheelchair

Give the gift of EdgeWalk

Need a unique gift idea? Here’s one you won’t find anywhere else: an EdgeWalk gift certificate! Valid for one year from the date of purchase, our gift certificates give the lucky recipient the freedom to choose when they want to experience the thrill of Canada’s tallest urban adventure.

Common questions

We’ll meet you at EdgeWalk base camp on the ground level to give you a full orientation before we ascend to the Summit Room, two storeys above the Main Observation Level. There, we’ll strap your harness onto the rail and you’ll be on your way. Starting at the south side of the Tower above 360 Restaurant, you will follow your guide around the circumference of the building before returning. The whole experience takes about 90 minutes from start to finish, with 30 minutes spent on the EdgeWalk.

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Once you’ve completed your Walk, you’ll also receive a certificate of achievement, video, two (2) printed photographs of your Walk and a ticket to visit the rest of the Tower, including SkyPod!

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled EdgeWalk. Upon arrival at the entrance plaza, please bypass all ticketing lines and proceed directly to the Main Entrance. A team member will direct you through a brief security and health screening. Please allow enough time to gain access to the building, check in with our front desk staff and complete a waiver. In order to expedite entry, please consider travelling light and avoid bringing any unnecessary items or bags. Walkers aged 13-17 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian at the check-in process to provide written consent.

We’ll provide you with a Walk suit to be worn over top of your clothing. Depending on the weather, we’ll also provide hats, gloves and jackets, but you’ll want to dress appropriately for the conditions.

We also ask that you wear running shoes or similarly enclosed, lace-up footwear. If you didn’t bring a pair with you, we can provide you some to use during your EdgeWalk.

Just yourself, your clothes and your eyewear. We’ll provide a lanyard for eyeglasses and sunglasses, but all other items—wallets, keys, phones, removable jewelry—must be left inside the Tower in one of our available lockers. Any essential medications must be taken before or after experiencing EdgeWalk.

Our EdgeWalk guides are equipped with cameras, and all Walkers receive a complimentary video and two (2) printed photos of their experience. Personal recording devices of any kind are not permitted during the EdgeWalk.

EdgeWalk tickets are valid for a specific time and date. While they are not refundable, changes to the date and/or time of the reservation are permitted to be made 72 hours or more in advance of your Walk, subject to availability.

Safety is incorporated into every aspect of EdgeWalk’s design and operation. EdgeWalk staff are trained to secure your harness properly, and we regularly perform safety reviews and maintenance to ensure that we not only meet all applicable standards but exceed them. We also will not conduct EdgeWalks during electrical storms, dangerously high winds or other extreme weather conditions.

We want to make the thrill of EdgeWalk available to as many people as possible. That’s why we offer a specially designed one-piece wheelchair, which allows participants who meet our criteria the opportunity to participate. The existing safety equipment harness and overhead trolley system are exactly the same—we have adapted the Walk suit for easier dressing, and the wheelchair has its own attachment to the overhead trolley.

Accessible EdgeWalk experiences will be available daily and must be booked by telephone. Please call 416 601 3833 to discuss your specific needs and arrangements.

Sea Needle

This page details how to get through the Sea Needle, the fourth and final area of the Downtown Bikini Bottom level in Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated.

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Golden SpatulasLost SocksBoat Wheels
#7 & #812

Checkpoint 1

As soon as you get inside, Mr. Krabs will explain what you need to do: smash all the Tikis outside the Sea Needle! There is more to collect here, so to start head out the West door marked with a W above it. Trip the Checkpoint and then jump out the window and grab the Bungee Hook. Destroy all the Tikis here. Once you’re done, fact the window and head right, destroying the two Tar-tar Robots along the way. Just be careful of the gaps so you don’t fall down like you’ve been whacked by a giant ear-cleaner!

You should now be at the Checkpoint in front of the North window. Jump out the window onto the Bungee Hook once again to destroy all the Tikis. The Thunder Tikis are best destroyed by aiming for the Floating Tikis underneath them! This is also how you get rid of the Stone Tikis. Just don’t touch the Thunder Tikis directly: if you die, all the Tikis will come back and you’ll have to start all over again! If you’re having trouble aiming, remember that SpongeBob will naturally descend all on his own; get close and then Dive for a surer hit!

Once you’re done, go into the hallway towards the center of the Sea Needle to find Boat Wheel #10 above a Floor Button. Bubble-Bounce it to open the North Door back to the central room where Mr. Krabs is.

Return to the North Window and turn right to jump over the platforms and destroy the Chuck Robot along the way, with a Checkpoint on the other side. Destroy all the Tikis using the Bungee Hook once again, then exit it, turn around and go down the hallway to grab Boat Wheel #11 above a Floor Button that opens the East Door.

Assuming you’ve hit all the Tikis here, return to Mr. Krabs in the central room and he’ll give you Golden Spatula #7!

There’s one extra thing to do if you don’t mind being cheeky! The final Lost Sock is found here, and it’s unique because you can actually grab it early! First, Head to the center of the Sea Needle and use the Bus Stop to switch to Sandy. Now exit and head to the West window. There, face left into the floorless hallway. What you’ll want to do is Lasso Glide out to land on a sagging piece of floor just in front of the South corridor. Jump into the corridor from there, Lasso the G-Love Robot, and grab Lost Sock #9!

Downtown Bikini Bottom

That’s everything you can do right now in the Sea Needle, so exit back to the Downtown Streets and return all the way back to the start of the level and talk to Mrs. Puff. Since you found all 11 Steering Wheels, she’ll give you Golden Spatula #1!

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Back in Bikini Bottom

You can’t do any more in Downtown Bikini Bottom without the Cruise Bubble, so exit back to Lower Conch Street. You should now have enough Shiny Objects to trade 6,000 of them to Mr. Krabs for Mr. Krabs Golden Spatula #2, as well as enough Lost Socks to get Patrick Golden Spatula #2!

If you’ve been collecting as many Golden Spatulas as possible, you should now have more than the required 15 to access the Poseidome and unlock Upper Conch Street. We’ll stay the course for now to collect as many Golden Spatulas as possible, however players having a hard time may want to consider it, as Upper Conch Street has another pair of Golden Underwear for extra health!

Cruise Bubble Revisit

This section is for when you’re returning here with the Cruise Bubble move. You get it by collecting 40 Golden Spatulas, beating the boss in the Industrial Park, then talking to Bubble Buddy in Bottom Feeder Lane.

To get to this area quickly, enter the Pause Menu and select Golden Spatula #8 for this level, titled “Come back with the Cruise Bubble”. This will warp you straight to where you need to go!

The trouble is, you’re on the wrong side! Turn left and head through the West corridor, then straight through the middle and through the East corridor, defeating the G-Love Robot along the way. At the end of the corridor, turn right to face the section with no floor and fire a Cruise Bubble. Guide it around the bend until you hit the Button hanging from the ceiling.

That will have spawned in some Swing-Hooks, as well as the Golden Spatula! Head back to the West side of the Sea Needle and then use the floating platform to grab Golden Spatula #8! Now go back to the center of the Sea Needle and use the Bus Stop to switch to Sandy, then head down the West corridor. Turn left and ride the platform out, then grab onto the Swing-Hook. Jump off it and Lasso Glide to the left to land in the South corridor! Defeat the G-Love Robot, then grab the Purple Shiny Object and Lost Sock #9! (if you didn’t get it as Sandy during your first visit)




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