9 Highest Bungee Jumping Facilities In The World

A large number of travelers and tourists are on the lookout for adventure wherever they go. Rafting, Snorkeling, Surfing, Ziplining, Bungee Jumping, you name it and they do it. Bungee jumping has always been one of the most thrilling of these adventure sports since some adventurers began jumping after tying a cord to rocks on heights in 1972. The first bungee jumpers were arrested for this, and after on, many people took up the hobby, jumping from heights and even it air balloons.

If you also want to bungee jump, all you need to do before your jump is to get a cord and safety harness secured onto you and you’re ready to go, but safety should be your utmost priority when jumping. Also, you need to be at least 18 years or older to be eligible for bungee jumping.

If you love to do bungee jumping, you might be looking for the list of highest bungee jumping points in the world. So, we curated this list of biggest bungee jump in the world where you can go and fight with your fear of heights.

Biggest bungee jump in the world

Below is the list of Highest Bungee Jump in the world. If you are a daredevil and want to try one of these biggest bungee jumps, check this list.

RankBungee Jumping FacilityHeight (Meters)
1Baling Bridge Bungee Jump, China370.25
2Macau Tower Bungee Jump, China233
3Kaligandaki River, Nepal228
4Verzasca Dam Bungee Jump, Switzerland220
5Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jump, South Africa216
6Europabrücke Bridge, Austria198
7Niouc Bridge, Switzerland189
8Kölnbrein Dam Bungee Jump, Austria169
9Vidraru Dam, Romania166

1. Baling Bridge Bungee Jump, China

Baling Bridge Bungee Jump

At 370.25 meters, the bungee jumping facility on the Baling River in Guizhou, Southwest China is the highest bungee jump in the world. The jump also has a Guinness World Record for its height. It is located on top of the Baling River bridge, a suspension bridge which has a length of about two kilometers and is one of the highest bridges of China. During its official Guinness World Record Challenge in January 2019, six professional and six amateur jumpers jumped from the bridge.

2. Macau Tower Bungee Jump, China

Macau Tower Bungee Jump


The jump from the Macau Tower is the second highest in the world with a fall of 233 meters. Located in China, this bungee jumping facility boasts of a new type of specially designed cord that is safer due to its design. Also, the facility provides night bungee if you want to take your adventure to the next level. Not only can you go for a night jump, you can also go for a second jump for a lesser amount and get videos and photos of your bungee jump. The Macau Tower is also home to a cinema screen, a few eateries and another adventure called Skywalk which means you can combine your bungee jumping with many other activities and enjoy to the fullest.

3. Kaligandaki River, Nepal

Kaligandaki River, Nepal bungee jumping

Image by The Cliff

Located at the top of the Kaligandaki River in Nepal, this bungee jumping is sure to get the adrenaline rushing in your veins as you leap into the air for 228 meters. It is the third-highest bungee jumping facility in the world that owns and operates by the company named The Cliff Pvt. Ltd.

The name of the bridge is called THE SKY BRIDGE. This bungee jumping in Nepal is a part of this 520-meter suspension bridge over the gorge of the Kaligandaki River that connects the district headquarters of Parbat- Kushma with Balewa of Baglung.

One at Kaligandaki, you can also go river rafting to fill your trip with even more adventure. The facility is 162 kilometers from the capital of Kathmandu.

Note: Thank you The Cliff for providing us the image and precise information about this bungee jumping.

4. Verzasca Dam Bungee Jump, Switzerland

With a height of 220 metres, the Verzasca Dam is the highest in Europe and fourth highest in the world. It is the bungee you see James Bond jumping off in the 1995 movie: GoldenEye. The facility was leased to a bungee jump operator soon after the movie released and about 10,000 people had jumped from the dam until 2006. It is one of the most popular places for shooting adventure scenes in movies and tasks, being the location for shooting an episode of the 14th Season of the show ‘The Amazing Race’, the climax of the Indian movie ‘Dhoom 3’.

5. Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jump, South Africa


The highest jumping facility in the African continent with a fall of 216 meters, and is constructed above the Bloukrans River. The Bloukrans Bridge lies in the Tsitsikamma area of South Africa’s Garden Route, on the N2 highway at the border between the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape.

Since it began operating in 1997, it has been accident-free and the location of various bungee jumping world records. The oldest person to bungee jump undertook the adventure here at the age of 96, as did Scott Huntly who bungee jumped 107 times from the bridge in only nine hours. Veronica Dean-Boshoff jumped nine times in one hour from the bridge in 2002.

6. Europabrücke Bridge, Austria


With a height of 198 metres, Europabrücke bungee jumping facility has been built in Tyrol, Austria, on the 777-m Europabrücke Bridge. This bridge connects the lands across the Wipp valley. You can reach the speed of 100 km/h in just two seconds and the best part is that 16 year-olds can also bungee jump. You can also purchase a video recording of your jump for 29 euros. It is operational since 2002.

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7. Niouc Bridge, Switzerland


Another Swiss bungee jumping facility in the list of the nine highest, the Niouc Bridge bungee has a fall height of 189 metres. The bungee jumping facility is a part of the Bungy Niouc Adventure Park which offers many other adventures including ziplining, a ride on the giant swing, an 80-m free fall on the Rope Jump and river rafting. The Adventure Park is open on the weekends from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and various tickets are available according to the adventures you want to undertake on your visit.

8. Kölnbrein Dam Bungee Jump, Austria


This Austrian bungee jumping is the highest located bungee station in the world at 2000 metres above the sea level. With a height of about 169 metres, this Austrian bungee facility is not only popular for its spectacular views of the natural beauty surrounding the site. Bungee jumps can either be pre-booked or booked at the spot, but the pre-booking charges are lesser.

9. Vidraru Dam, Romania


Located in the Romanian City of Arges, this bungee jumping facility is built over an artificial lake that collects the waters of the rivers Capra, Buda and Lady’s. The lake has magnificent views and is a calm spot for you to go and release your stress by either bungee jumping or just enjoying the nearby mountains Fruntii and Ghitu.

Whether you love Bungee jumping or have always wanted to try it, you know more about the world’s biggest bungee jump that is the nearest to your place or the place you’re traveling to. You can get your own share of thrill and adventure by bungee jumping at any one of these places.

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Top 10 Highest Bungee Jumps in the World

The exhilarating adventure sport of bungee jumping is practiced around the world, from dams, bridges, buildings, and more. Bungee jumping is a great activity to do with friends. It’s also a great holiday activity, for a little top-up of adrenaline between city sight-seeing, exploring, and chilling on the beach.

Bungee jumping is an accessible sport, as, unlike many other adrenaline-filled activities, bungee jumping does not require participants to be especially physically fit or sporty.

And there are some crazy bungees out there! So just take a look at our list of the top 10 highest bungee jumps in the world, dotted across the continents, and get inspired for your first try…

#1: Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Bungee, China – 260 metres

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Bungee, highest bungee jump in the world

We get straight to the point and start with the highest commercial bungee jump in the world! This 430-metre-long glass-bottom bridge in China’s Hunan Province, is home to the world’s highest bungee jump. Opened in 2016, this stunning piece of architecture spans a vast canyon 300 metres deep, in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Masses of tourists from all over the world come to visit the site (and for some, to bungee). Head to the Zhangjiajie Bridge to get a glimpse of its UNESCO World Heritage area – the greater Wulingyuan Scenic Area that it is part of, through the bridge itself.

See stunning views of this gorgeous densely-forested mountain valley and the surrounding mountains as you jump from a platform connected to and just below the main glass suspension bridge, in a location you have to see to believe, (check out the video above).

Set within an area of stunning natural beauty, that is known for being the partial inspiration for some stunning landscapes in the 2009 blockbuster movie, Avatar. Whilst in the area, after experiencing this incredible adrenaline rush, check out the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain and the Bailong Elevator.

This bungee jump costs approx. CN¥3,000 (around 385€)

#2: Macau Tower, China – 233 metres

Macau Tower in China

Head to Macau, an autonomous region on China’s south coast, to try the world’s second-highest bungee jump. This glamorous resort city on the South China Sea is home to the Macau Tower which opened in 2001. And it is a popular spot for adrenaline seekers from around the globe, wanting to conquer one of the world’s highest bungee jumps.

After Macau businessman, Dr Stanley Ho Hung-Sun visited the Auckland Sky Tower, he was so impressed that he wanted one like it to be constructed in his city. The building itself is 338 metres high, however, the bungee platform is at 233 metres, all the way almost to the ground, where you will be lowered to at the end of your jump.

In summer, it is also possible to do a nighttime bungee jump, for an added thrill, seeing all the world-famous nearby casinos lit up as you free-fall. With incredible views of the Zhejiang River Estuary and the area of Taipa across the bay, this is a scenic jump if ever there was one.

On your jump, you may reach speeds of up to 200 km/h during a 4/5 second free fall before the bungee cord rebounds 30 metres above this location’s specially designed large airbag, which you will be lowered onto after your jump.

This bungee jump costs approx. HK$2,888 (around 310€)

#3: Contra Dam, Switzerland – 220 metres

Bungee Jumping like James Bond from the Contra Dam in Switzerland

The Contra Dam, also known as the Verzasca Dam or the Locarno Dam, takes the third spot, with a bungee jump at 220 metres. This popular bungee spot, located 10 km from the lake-side resort town of Locarno, offers incredible views of the surrounding Swiss Alps. Made famous in the opening scene of the 1995 Bond film GoldenEye, adventurers travel from far and wide to try this incredible bungee jump.

Opened in 1965, this amazing work of engineering was not a bungee jumping location until shortly after the release of GoldenEye, as the film made the location an attractive destination for the activity. This arch dam is a sight to behold, even more so when you are bungee jumping from its heights! Do as Pierce Brosnan and try the world’s third-highest bungee jump from the Verzasca Dam!

This bungee jump costs approximately CHF 195 (around €184)

#4: Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa – 216 metres

Bungee Jumping from the famous Bloukrans Bridge

At 451 metres long and 216 metres high, this stunning arch bridge, Bloukrans Bridge, is an incredible feat of engineering and a great place to try a bungee jump! Bridging the border between Eastern Cape and Western Cape, two neighbouring provinces on South Africa’s south coast, this bungee destination is just 30 km from the popular coastal resort spot of Plettenberg Bay and just under a two hours’ drive from the city of Port Elizabeth. This fantastic adrenaline spot is located on South Africa’s world-famous Garden Route – situated within this National Park’s 300 km stretch of stunning coastline.

Take your place at the centre of the bridge’s pedestrianized path, underneath the main vehicles-only topside of the bridge, get harnessed up and wait for your turn to experience the incredible thrill with this bungee jump from Bloukrans Bridge! With great views of the Bloukrans river, the bridge takes its name from, as well as of the nearby Indian Ocean and the greenery-lined surrounding deep valley sides.

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This bungee jump costs approximately ZAR 1,400 (around €81)

#5: Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, New Mexico USA – 206 metres

Bungee Jumping from the Rio Grande Bridge in New Mexico USA

Photo Credit: Daniel Schwen

Only available once a year, this is a bungee jump to tick off your bucketlist! Number 5 of the world’s highest bungee jumps offers a rare opportunity to see the surrounding New Mexico landscapes whilst free-falling over the Rio Grande River, flowing 206 meters below.

Bungee jumping at this location, the highest in the US, is an experience only a few get to participate in. The Rio Grande Bridge, also known as the Gorge Bridge, has no permanent bungee platform based there, but a number of touring bungee operators offer a select number of dates to try this activity.

This bungee jump costs approximately between 400-500 US dollars

#6: Europabrücke (Europe Bridge), Austria – 192 metres

Bungee Jumping from the Europabrücke near Innsbruck

This 777 metre long bridge, known as the Europa Bridge, or Bridge of Europe, opened in 1964 and is home to an incredible bungee! Spanning the Wipp Valley, around a 15 minutes drive south of the Austrian winter sports resort city of Innsbruck, this bridge is a sight to behold.

In 1993, Rupert Hirner dared to do the first-ever bungee jump from this impressive spot. Five years later, the first official bungee jumps were allowed from the bridge and thousands of adrenaline seekers have jumped from the bungee station since 2002.

Head to Europabrücke to bungee jump from 192 metres, reaching speeds of up to 120 km/h in free fall. With stunning views of the surrounding Tyrolean Alps and of the River Sill below, this is a fantastic spot to try this exhilarating sport.

This bungee jump costs approximately €179

#7: Niouc Bridge Switzerland – 190 metres

Bungee jumping in Niouc Switzerland

Spanning the river Navisence, is the Niouc Bridge, the current highest suspension bridge in Europe. At 200 metres long, this bridge is almost as high as it is long, and is referred to by many as the Spider Bridge, a reference to its unique criss crossing metal structure.

The views from this bungee jump are incredible, see the alpine valley of Val d’Anniviers and the surrounding Swiss Alps peaks, such as the world-famous Matterhorn. Bungee jumping from the Niouc Bridge is however not the only way of taking in the stunning scenery of this destination. Whilst in this spot, why not try ziplining along the Niouc Bridge or the Niouc Bridge giant swing!

This bungee jump costs approximately CHF 210 (around €165)

#8: Artuby Bridge, France – 182 metres

Bungee Jumping from the Artuby bridge in Verdon

This arch bridge is located near the famous water sports spot of the gorgeous Gorges du Verdon. Spanning the Artuby River and its namesake canyon, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region of France, just before it flows into the larger Verdon canyon, the Artuby bridge is an amazing destination for bungee jumping.

Opened in 1946, this bridge offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys. At 182 metres high, with a jump length of 160 metres, bungee jumping from the Artuby Bridge is an experience of a lifetime. After your jump, you will be lowered down into the canyon below and get to see the bridge from a whole different vantage point. You’ll certainly be impressed by what you just did…

This bungee jump costs approximately €105

#9: Kölnbrein Dam, Austria – 169 metres

Bungee Jumping from the Kölnbrein Dam in Austria

Photo Credit: Franz Egger

Opened in 1977, this arch dam in the eastern Alps in Austria is around 85km north-west of the alpine city of Villach, and the perfect spot to head to for a bungee jumping adventure! Located just north of the Ankogel Group mountain range, this is a very nice area to visit, with incredible scenery to take in on your jump.

For your bungee jump from Kölnbrein Dam, you’ll be lifted from the top of the dam in a cage attached to a crane, positioned at the middle of the arch, from which you will jump from a height higher than the dam itself. Gain incredible views of the surrounding mountains and of the grassy valley far below, at this stunning Austrian bungee destination.

This bungee jump costs approximately €169

#10: Vidraru Dam, Romania – 166 metres

Photo Credit: Jaromir Kavan

Here we go for number 10 of the highest bungee jumps in the world and at the same time also the highest jump in whole Romania! Head to the Vidraru Dam, set within the Southern Carpathian Mountains, for amazing views and a thrill like no other.

Opened in 1966, this dam harnesses an incredible amount of hydroelectric power and is the reason for the creation of the artificial Lake Vidraru, as the creation of the dam stayed the Arges River. For incredible views of this stunning thick-forested mountainous area, check out this bungee! Just under a 3 hours drive from the country’s capital of Bucharest, it’s definitely worth a trip!

We have to add here that it is quite hard to find information on booking and prices on the internet for this bungee jump.

BONUS: The Last Resort Bungee, Nepal – 160 metres

Last Resort Bungee Jumps in Nepal

Photo Credit: Steve Hicks

This would be number 11 of the highest bungee jumps in the world. With 160 metres, the Last Resort Bungee in Nepal is only 6 metres shorter than number 10 on our list. We did not want to withhold this jump from you because it definitely is a bucket list activity.

The bungee site of ‘the Last Resort’ Bhote Koshi Bungee Jump is around a three hours’ drive from Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu. As you free-fall, off a suspension bridge 160 metres above the fast-flowing Koshi River, you’ll get stunning views of this gorgeous green river gorge in the heart of the Himalayas.

This location is also great for hiking, canyoning, and rafting. Due to the location’s remoteness and the distance between the capital city and the bungee itself, you can for an extra fee, stay overnight at their tranquil resort lodgings close to the bungee. A great way to meet fellow adventurers and get some relaxation time after your bungee activity, in this beautiful densely-forested mountainous region.

This bungee jump costs approximately US$108.00 (around €90)

Beyond the highest bungee jumps…

Maybe what you are looking for is not one of the highest bungee jumps in the world but one of the most exotic, one of the craziest bungee jumps in the world. For instance, the one and only bungee jump on Reunion Island, jumping out of a cable car over a mountain lake or jumping over the world-famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

For an ideal preparation and more information on this fantastic sport, check out all our bungee jumping articles and explore all our bungee jumping activities.

Top 10 Highest Bungee Jumps In The World

Bungee Jumps

If regular sports like football, cricket and badminton are not exciting enough for you, you have surely tried more adventurous things like scuba diving, rock climbing and bike racing. However, if that too is unable to sate your thirst for an adrenaline rush, then Bungee Jumping is the way to go. In this extreme adventure, jumpers are tied to a high platform by their feet and waist using a lone rope and jump from the platform. The rope stops the fall just short of the ground and gives the ultimate thrill. Here is our list of the highest and most extreme bungee jumps in the world.

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Highest Bungee Jumps In The World

1. Royal Gorge Bridge, United States

A bungee jump from the highest point in the world is every adrenaline seekers dream and this is perhaps the favourite spot. The bridge located in Colorado, United States was the highest bridge in the world for more than fifty years, till 2001. It is today the highest bridge in the United States. The jump is made from a height of more than one thousand feet into a gorge below and the freefall lasts for over five seconds. However, this jump is no longer open to the public but it remains the highest bungee jumping spot in the world. United states being the third largest country in the world has the highest bungee jumps in the world.

Bungee Jumps

Image Source: thirstforadrenaline

2. Macau Tower, China

This is currently the highest bungee jump open to the public and is located in Macau China. It is operated by AJ Hackett and has specially designed equipment that prevents the rope from swinging back and forth to avoid crashing into the tower. The jumpers take off from the platform at the top of the tower and fall for over 750 feet before stopping a mere 96 feet from the ground. Hackett also offers a Skyjump for those who do not want to take the plunge directly. This is a tethered descent from the same height to the ground but is slower than freefall. China also known for its extraordinary and terrifying skywalks around the world.

Bungee Jumps

Image Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/3wOpHR4XMgE/maxresdefault.jpg

3. Contra Dam, Switzerland

The 1995 Bond film Golden Eyeshot this location to fame and since then the Contra dam has been one of the most popular bungee jumps destinations in the world. Like Pierce Brosnan’s Bond, jumpers have the option to plunge down 720 feet along the wall of the dam and can also try the night jump that gives them the opportunity to plunge into absolute darkness. The location is currently leased to Trekking Team which offers a number of different jumps with the top of the line gear. Switzerland also tops the list of happiest countries in the world.

Bungee Jumps

Image Source: Ticino

4. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

This bridge is the tallest single-span bridge in the world and has been used for bungee jumping since 1990. It was one of the first bungee jumps destinations in Africa and remains popular with tourists around the world. A special walkway has been built along the arch of the bridge and the jump takes place at the highest point on the arch. A stunning view of the surrounding area is an added bonus for those who agree to take the step over 700 feet down. The walkway is also open for other tourists who just want to admire the view unlike any other.

Bungee Jumps

Image Source: gobeyond

5. Europabrücke Bridge, Austria

If trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking are too mainstream for you, the Alps also offer some of the most thrilling bungee jumps sites in the world. The Europabrücke Bridge is known for its stunning vistas of the forests and mountains and is one of the tallest bridges in Europe. The jump site is operated by Rupert Hirner Bungy Jumping and the jump is more than 600 feet tall. Once you have tried the regular jump, there are also other options like the rocket jump and bungee running. Austra listed on 5th spot among happiest countries in the world, However it is famous one of the best tourist location inthe world. Also, please read about famous bridges in the world.

Bungee Jumps

Image Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/zUpgxj3aQMg/maxresdefault.jpg

6. Niouc Bridge, Switzerland

Another location that presents the wild side of Europe, this bungee jump off the world’s highest suspension bridge is a unique experience altogether. Because the bridge itself is a bit shaky due to its architecture, the excitement is even higher. The view during the 623-foot fall is breathtaking. The blue waters and lush mountains on either side make this jump a staple on any bungee aficionado’s list. There are several other activities atop this bridge on the Navizence River like the Giant Swing where the drop is an arc rather than a free fall.

Bungee Jumps

Image Source: highestbridges

7. Kolnbrein Dam, Austria

The second site in Austria where the jump is off a dam wall, this dam located in Carinthia is one of the highest dams in Europe and was inaugurated in 1979. However, bungee jumping off the dam started only in 2010 when a skywalk was built to access the middle of the dam wall from where people can take the plunge of 555 feet.

Bungee Jumps

Image Source: boomsbeat

8. Vidraru Dam, Romania

The third dam on the list of highest bungee jumps in the world, this dam is one of the largest in Romania and the jump is the highest in the country. Tourists from all over the world come to jump off this site and fall an exhilarating 545 feet down.

Bungee Jumps

Image Source: boomsbeat

9. Last Resort Bridge, Nepal

This jump is the second highest in Asia, after Macau Tower in China. Done from the longest suspension bridge in Nepal and one of the longest in the world, it has a height of 160 metres, more than 500 feet. The bridge is a part of the Araniko highway that runs over the Bothe-Kosi River. From the high platform, jumpers can get a panoramic view of the Himalayas and the beautiful river that flows underneath.

Bungee Jumps

Image Source: nepalguidetrekking

10. Perrine Bridge, United States

The second highest jump in the United States and the highest to still be open to the people, this jump is located in the state of Idaho. The Perrine Bridge is part of Highway 93 and was built over the Snake Canyon River. A platform 485 feet high was constructed to enable jumpers to plunge off the bridge and the view of the deep canyon and river thundering from below makes it one of the most thrilling jumps in the world. The United States is also famous among tourist for its natural swimming pools in the world.

Bungee Jumps

Image Source: https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/AAEAAQAAAAAAAAniAAAAJGI5N2FhNTI5LWI4YTUtNGE4ZC05NDliLThjYjBjMGE2MDc2YQ.jpg

Bungee jumping is one of the most extreme sport that can be done without training. However, because of the potential risk involve in adventure sports, it is always a good idea to check the credentials of the operator and the quality of the equipment being used. If this list has got you pumped up and ready to go on your next adventure, pack up your bags and rush to the nearest jump site.

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