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Who are the endless adventure?

This is a question our experts keep getting from time to time. Now, we have got the complete detailed explanation and answer for everyone, who is interested!

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How old is Kara and Nate?

Kara and Nate are an American vlogging family from Nashville, Tennessee. The family consists of a husband and wife known as Nathan “Nate” Buchanan (born March 20, 1989 (1989-03-20) [age 32]) and Kara Buchanan (born February 27, 1991 (1991-02-27) [age 30]).

Are the endless adventure married?

We’re Eric and Allison, the husband-and-wife duo bouncing between countries and Airbnbs with only our backpacks and a knack for adventure. We vlog our travels and hope to inspire others to find their own adventure. . From financial struggles to the hectic nature of day to day travels, you’ll find it all right here.

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How much does Kara and Nate make on YouTube?

So what is Kara and Nate’s net worth? The traveling duo reportedly has a net worth of $600,000 from their YouTube channel alone. Not too shabby! “It all started with an idea to take 1 year off before our lives got too serious, and we thought daily vlogs would be a fun way to document it,” their channel bio shares.

Who are the travel beans?

Emma Cox – YouTube Vlogger / Content Creator – Travel Beans | LinkedIn.

Where are travel beans from?

Travel Beans is at Dorset, UK.

The Beans are back and exploring the UK again! Can you name any of the places we visited?

Did Nate break up Kara?

Two years later, Nate and Kara decided to quit their regular jobs, get rid of their apartment, and put their items in storage to do a year of travel before really settling down. . The pair has been full-time traveling since 2016, and they have no plans to settle down again yet.

What was Kara and Nate 100th country?

Kara & Nate are a couple of Travel Vloggers who dedicated the last 4 years to explore the world together. This Travel Couple shared their ups, downs, and everything in between via regular VLOGS on their YouTube Channel.

Where are Kara and Nate now?

Kara and Nate is in Nashville, Tennessee.

More we’ve gone home to Nashville a lot more than usual lately, and it’s because we’ve been dealing with Nate’s skin cancer diagnosis for months now. We are so happy to say that it has all been officially removed ?? but there was a lot of fear and uncertainty for awhile.

What VPN does Nate use Kara?

Kara and Nate personally use Surfshark VPN while traveling, and they are also one of their Youtube channel sponsors.

How many states have Nate and Kara?

Many U.S. travelers dream of seeing all 50 states, but this middle Tennessee couple had bigger plans. Instead of 50 states, Kara and Nate Buchanan initially aimed to visit 100 countries. They began documenting their travels and have grown their YouTube channel since to more than two million subscribers.

Why did Kara and Nate get fined?

Travel Vloggers Kara and Nate Fined $1000 For Video Made In National Park. . An anonymous complaint was filed against them for a video they posted of them in a national park. Since their YouTube showcased that they were profiting from their content creation, they were therefore filming for “commercial” use.

Are Kara and Nate done traveling?

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we’ve been traveling the world full-time for the last 4+ years and documenting our daily adventures on our YouTube channel. In December of 2019, we completed our goal of visiting 100 countries!

What do Nate and Kara do for living?

Kara and Nate Buchanan are husband and wife, and full-time travel YouTubers on a mission to visit 100 countries by 2019. . Check out how they use it to earn a full-time travel living! Want to learn how to travel (long-term or full-time) in a financially sustainable way yourself?

What Kind of Van Do Kara and Nate have?

Kara and Nate Buchanan bought a converted sprinter van for $40,000 in March to travel across the US during the pandemic. They needed to be able to work from their tiny home on wheels, so they purchased a van with a bed that transforms into a workspace.

How do Nate and Kara afford travel?

Kara Buchanan and Nate Buchanan: YouTubers Kara Buchanan and Nate Buchanan set off last year with a goal of visiting 100 countries by 2019. They support their travel by vlogging daily on their YouTube channel and other related activities.

How much did Kara and Nate spend on their van?

So the couple adapted by purchasing a $40,000 converted sprinter van in the US for their travels. They bought a van with a full bathroom to be self-sufficient amid a pandemic. After purchasing the van in Atlanta, Georgia, Kara and Nate took it for a test trip to the Smoke Mountains in their home state of Tennessee.

What is a Sprinter van?

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a light commercial vehicle (van) built by Daimler AG of Stuttgart, Germany as a large van, chassis cab, minibus, and pickup truck. . They are now primarily marketed by Mercedes-Benz.

What video editor Do Kara and Nate use?

The only program I have ever used to edit video is Adobe Premiere Pro.

How much do travel Youtubers make?

NOMADasaurus makes anywhere between $100 and $1,000 a month from referrals on products like hotels and travel insurance, but Salem says some bloggers make much more. “We know people who make $5,000, $6,000, $7,000 a month, and that’s just in our industry,” he says.

Who owns peanut butter printing?

Nate Buchanan, founder of social enterprise Peanut Butter Printing, graduated from the University of Tennessee with his master’s degree in entrepreneurship at the end of 2012.

Does Kara and Nate have merch?

Many of you have asked about “Kara and Nate” merch. . So here it is! It’s only available for 10 days so get your sweatshirt t-shirt and/or most importantly coffee mug.

What Cruise did Kara and Nate take to Antarctica?

Today we boarded our first ever Around the World Cruise on the MSC Magnifica! It is a 119 day cruise and we are SO excited to be a part of it! In this video we board the ship and give a tour.

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Who is traveling with endless adventure

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Hello adventurers! We’re Eric and Allison Bieller and we’re traveling the world full-time!

To answer your questions – no.

We’re not rich. We don’t have a huge savings account or any inheritance. We don’t have a long history of traveling. We have no grand plan, timeline or bucket list that’s guiding us. And we’re not on some quest to find out who we really are. although we’re the first ones to admit that that’s definitely a byproduct of traveling!

Nope. We’re just two midwestern goofballs who moved to San Francisco after college, got fed up with our career-first lifestyles and decided we just wanted to live a more intentional life full of adventure. And for us, that adventure ended up being traveling the world and vlogging the the entire journey.

In our previous life, I (Allison) was in HR for an online clothing company and Eric was the co-founder of a funded, remote-working tech startup. By all accounts, we were “living the dream” in San Francisco with our steady jobs, two cuddly cats and a sunny studio apart.

But our lives felt really stale. We realized that all we did was work, hit up happy hours and then watch Netflix on our couch with our two furry children. While that was definitely great and fun, it left us feeling directionless and pretty lazy.

For years we’d kicked around the idea of selling it all and traveling the world. But after multiple bouts of getting hopped up on travel documentaries, setting hypothetical budgets and deciding we needed to buy an RV or build a tiny home or whatever other travel craze was currently popular, we’d inevitably get overwhelmed and give up.

Finally, we had an aha! moment.

Eric already worked remotely and a few people at my office had just started working from home. What if I could do the same?! So I told my team we wanted to start traveling and proposed that I work from the road while we did. And you know what? They said yes! Well, okay so technically they said no. BUT they’d let me keep my job until they hired a replacement which would likely take months… close enough, right?!


Literally one month later, we left San Francisco on a one-way flight and started our new life as traveling, digital nomads.

Since then, we’ve both left our companies – which was pretty scary. But Eric, being the badass that he is, immediately found some sweet contract positions which currently support us on the road. And while I’m still on the prowl for a new remote gig, I currently spend my time planning and focusing on The Endless Adventure.

Being digital nomads definitely isn’t the most glamorous. We’re working constantly and for every day of adventuring comes at least two days of hunkering down in coffee shops to get shit done.

But you know what? Those cafes are in Costa Rica and Iceland and Croatia and Hungary and anywhere that’s a cheap flight or train ride away.

Don’t get us wrong, this was the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make. It’s a decision that twisted our stomaches into knots. But we eventually found the courage to jump and just figure out the rest on the way down.

Our goals with this new life are really simple:

To share our adventures with the world and hopefully inspire others to break out of their comfort zones and travel more.

To provide an intimate look at our lifestyle of long-term travel. From budgeting to planning to the frustrations of day to day travel, we’re showing it all.

If you’d like to follow along on our journey, there are lots of ways you can do that!

  • We vlog our daily adventures and post fun travel tips on our YouTube Channel.
  • Follow our journey in pictures on Instagram.
  • Follow us on Twitter for 140 character doses of travel and adventure!
  • Keep up with The Endless Adventure on Facebook. for epic travel stories and fun travel tips.

Thanks for stopping by. We’ll see you on the road!

The Endless Adventure

Hi! We’re Eric and Allison. We quit our full-time jobs and sold everything to travel full-time. We make daily vlogs of our travels and feature travel tips, hacks and photography.

Meet the Woman on an Endless Adventure, Travel Blogger Allison

What happens when you stop dreaming about the life you could be living and actually go for it? Meet Allison Bieller, one-half of the duo behind The Endless Adventure, and a travel blogger exploring the world with her husband Eric. They left their comfortable jobs, beloved cats, and an apartment in San Francisco behind to pack their lives into a suitcase. The decision led them to pursue a life fulfilling their wanderlust callings in cities all over the world, including Berlin, Milan, Castellane, Brussels, and counting. You can tag along their adventure through their travel vlogs on YouTube!

Tell us about yourself and how you found yourself on this endless adventure.

Hi! I’m Allison Bieller. I’m from a crazy, midwestern family of 9 and have been married to my high school sweetheart and partner-in-crime, Eric, for 8 years. I moved around a lot when I was younger – I’d lived in 6 different states by the time I was 15 – and I think that’s what ultimately sparked my interest in traveling.

After college, we moved to the bigger city of San Francisco to start our professional lives. After almost 6 years on the west coast, we found that despite having high paying jobs and an apartment downtown, something was still missing. We realized our lives have become predictable. We’d go to work, then happy hour, then eat dinner at home with our cats and go to bed. And it wasn’t the kind of funk we thought we could shake by moving to another city.

Traveling full time was something we’d fantasized about for years and making YouTube content is something we’ve always dabbled with. It eventually all just fell into place. We decided, why not travel and make vlogs about it?! That way it’s both exciting and creative – the things we were lacking most in our daily life. Plus, our moms would always know what we’re up to

And the Endless Adventure was born!


What was the hardest thing you had to let go in order to free yourself through traveling?

Definitely my cats! My husband and I actually spent a good bit of time trying to figure out a way to travel with them. We looked up flight costs and pet-friendly Airbnbs all over the states and Europe. Ultimately we realized it’d be far too stressful for all parties involved, so we ended up rehoming them. They now live with our friend who’s an awesome cat dad, which is really comforting! Plus he lives in an actual house, not a tiny studio like we did. So I imagine they’re having the time of their lives running from room to room and laying in all the sunbeams.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would you say?

This one’s tricky. There are so many things I’d love to tell my younger self to potentially do differently, but in the end, it all led to this part of my life where I’m literally living my dream.

I do wish that I could go back and give my younger self a dose of confidence though. I still deal with insecurities here and there, but back in middle school and high school I really held myself back. Who knows who I could have met, where I could have gone or what hobbies I could have gotten into had I just had a little more faith in myself and my abilities.


How has traveling with your husband affected your marriage? Do you ever feel the need to spend some quality time alone?

Luckily Eric and I have always had a really close relationship. Even when we weren’t traveling, we were pretty much inseparable. I think this definitely helped ease the transition from spending the majority of time together to spending all of our time together.

I will say it has been really interesting seeing pretty much every emotion, action and decision he makes on a daily basis. I feel like I understand him a lot more and at the same time I’m constantly in awe at how differently our brains work. I’m sure he’s finding my inner workings fairly entertaining as well

I don’t really ever feel the need to go off on my own. But I think having some time with your own thoughts is really important. For me, I get that when I work out and cook – both of which I do almost daily.


What is the scariest thing you’ve done and why did you do it?

Sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon. It was such a consuming, physical fear having your legs dangle over a 5,000 foot drop.

The whole experience was beyond words. I’d seen plenty of pictures of the Grand Canyon and had just done what I thought was a pretty big hike in Big Bend, so I really didn’t expect to be taken aback as much as I was. I think that’s why I did it. It was just so amazing and epic that I wanted to take it all in and for me that meant sitting on the furthest point and really trying to process the vastness.


What was your most favorite place to visit and why?

The Gorge du Verdon in southern France has definitely been a highlight for me. It’s actually referred to as the European Grand Canyon – I guess cats and canyons are my vices! It’s not quite as grand as the one in the states – only reaching about 2,300ft at its deepest compared to 6,000ft in the states – but the Verdon river is the real star. It’s this absolutely stunning greenish blue river that snakes through the canyon. There are a few man-made lakes throughout the canyon which really show off the color of the water. I was terribly carsick during our bus ride through the canyon, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it!!

We stayed in a little campsite in the town of Castellane which sits directly on the Verdon. It was such a perfect mesh of French culture and nature.


Tell us about the biggest lesson you’ve learned about the world through traveling.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that traveling is not scary. It’s exciting and frustrating and confusing, but it’s not something to be feared. Sure you want to be aware of pickpockets and try not to get screwed on prices at restaurants and markets, but that happens everywhere!

I think people have this misconception, and I had it to an extent before traveling, that the world is a big, terrifying place full of scary situations and bad people. But in reality, we’ve met all kinds of amazingly nice people from all sorts of countries and backgrounds. We’ve stayed at crappy campsites and in really nice Airbnbs. We’ve eaten really gross food and really delicious food. And you know what? We survived it all so far and had a blast!

Taking a step into the unknown is nerve-racking, but it shouldn’t keep you from experiencing the world. The experiences and realizations you have on the road will always top sitting at home and watching Netflix. And eventually, travel actually becomes just as comfortable as a stroll around your hometown.




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