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Adventure Travel Insurance

What is the need of Adventure Travel Insurance?

There are many varieties of travelling, as well as there are many types of destinations. While some people choose to go to a relaxing beach, others prefer climbing dangerous mountains or swimming in thrilling waters. For those who travel a lot and make adventure travels primarily, and/or like adventure sports, a special insurance is strongly recommended. For safety reasons, thrill-seekers are advised to purchase the so-called Adventure Travel Coverage with which they are safe from the financial point of view.

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Why is it important to have an appropriate insurance cover when travelling?

Travel insurance-specialists say that many irresponsible travellers without insurance happen to have serious accidents which are too costly for them due to the medical treatment bills. Therefore such people enter into a painful financial pitfall.

Or it is not necessary to go so far: it may happen that one loses his/her personal belongings and thus cannot continue the deserved holiday. In order to forestall such troublesome or inconvenient situations, purchasing Adventure Travel Insurance is essential. This insurance product provides one with the piece of mind of being sure one is covered for all types of activities one fancies to do.

What do such insurance products provide protection for?

These policies ensure coverage for a wide range of adventure (but not only) activities. But this is only the standard package. There are more additional options that may be chosen to be covered for extra money. Which are the automatically covered activities whose coverage is attached for free of charge to the adventure travel insurance? One is covered for badminton, baseball, basketball, cricket, tennis, golf, water polo, bungee jumping, canoeing, cycling, jogging, marathon, parascending, scuba-diving, swimming, water-skiing, windsurfing, yachting and many others. For these activities adventure travel insurances provide a free coverage.

What should one know about eligibility and about the application procedure?

In order to get such an insurance, one needs to specify the residence, the policy-type (which may be single-trip or annual multi-trip), the destination , the trip-dates, as well as the group-type (individual, couple, family, or group). Finally, one may ask for additional packs, for instance for winter sports-cover, for water-action pack, or for other specific activities-pack.

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What should be known about the adventure travel insurance typology?

As we have already mentioned, there are single or annual multi-trip travel insurances. The former is useful for those who make a single trip only throughout the year. This trip can range from 3 days to 183 days. What is important here is that business-trips coverage is included as well, and that children under 18 may go for free. Some other characteristics are the possibility of baggage-declaration for saving reasons as well as the excess waiver possibility. The price of such coverage is considerably low, and the application-procedure is quite simple. Moreover, most of the times the insurance company provides insured people with 24/7 customer support and emergency-assistance service.

But what should those people choose whom one trip is not enough yearly?

For those travelling twice or more in a year, an annual cover is definitely a better choice. This product is very flexible, and it provides coverage for every trip, helping the traveller to make considerable savings. Moreover, if one chooses the right product and the right company, he/she can find insurance with no restriction regarding the maximum trip-number one is allowed to make or one is covered for.

For saving purposes, annual cover has the options of baggage-declaration and the excess waiver opportunity, as well as children who are under 18 can go free with this adventure travel insurance-type as well. Finally, for those who make “active trips”, it is very useful to know that the coverage of many activities and sports are included in the price. Also, one can include a 17 days long winter sports-cover each year, also for free of charge.

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All in all, for those who would like to make an adventurous journey with the piece of mind of being safe, and want to have coverage for medical emergencies, legal costs, personal belongings, travel delays, and personal liability, purchasing Adventure Travel Insurance is a must!

Adventure Travel Insurance – What You Should Know Before You Buy

Adventure travel insurance

You may be asking yourself, “What the heck is What the heck is adventure travel insurance, and why would I need it?”

In a nutshell, adventure travel insurance covers you if you indulge in activities that many would perceive as being overly risky.

For instance, if chumming the water before swimming with sharks is your idea of a good time then your insurance carrier might take issue with paying a claim should you get hurt.

Paragliding, mountain climbing, spelunking and many other traditional adventure travel activities may give your health insurance carrier pause when hit with a claim. And if you get hurt at all while outside of your country there’s certainly a chance you wouldn’t be covered anyway.

As an example, you may think you’re covered when taking a cruise down the California coast, but if you jump on a boat that’s flying a foreign flag, you may not be covered.

The solution to seeing if you’re covered, or not, is a simple common sense approach. Read your medical and life insurance policies or give your carrier(s) a call. They should be able to clear things up for you in a hurry.

And because we’re talking about adventure travel, let’s touch on some of the travel aspects of insurance policies.

First, before we get into the details, let me advise you to do the math before buying any travel insurance policy. You need to weigh the risk against the cost for each trip you plan to make.

Don’t just get into the habit of buying travel insurance out of habit. Make sure you need it and that it’s worth the added expense. For instance, why bother with trip cancelation insurance for a cheap $67 ticket on an economy flight?

However, if you’ve got a few grand tied up in a Safari trip coming up in a few months, wisdom would dictate that you buy cancelation insurance. A lot can happen over that period of time that could put your trip at risk. This is an exaggerated example, but you get the point.

Following are several types of travel insurance coverage you should consider before going on your next overseas adventure travel vacation.

Adventure travel insurance: We’ve talked about this one already, so if you have skydiving, or some other risky adventure lined up, think seriously about getting this additional coverage.

Health Care / Medical insurance: See if you’re covered by your current policy should you need it outside the country. If not, buy this coverage without question.

Trip cancellation (or interruption) insurance: Just do the math and follow conventional wisdom per the example given above.

Lost, delayed or stolen baggage insurance: Give this one serious consideration if you’re checking bags for overseas flights. If you don’t have this coverage, and you’re bags disappear, you may be woefully under covered by the legal liabilities of the airlines.

There are other types of insurance you can buy, but the four listed above will probably be your best bet for travel insurance needed by those with the spirit of adventure.

If you would like more information on adventure travel insurance you can check out some of the top travel insurance companies and see what they have to offer for people like you who live an adventure lifestyle.

However, before you decide on what you think you do need, go get your current policies, or call your insurance carrier, to make sure you don’t buy something you don’t need.

What is Adventure Sports Travel Insurance? – A Brief Guide

What is Adventure Sports Travel Insurance

What is Adventure Sports Travel Insurance – A Brief Guide

Everyone’s idea of a vacation may not be the same- while some want to relax on the beach, some want to explore off-beaten paths. However, some look forward to taking part in extreme sports and unleashing their daring side to the world. If you fall into the third category of people looking for ways to push up their adrenaline levels, you need to get adventure sports travel insurance.

With a growing number of people taking part in adventurous activities during their leisure travel, adventure sports travel insurance is gaining popularity. Why? Your standard health insurance may cover you in your home country, but it may not protect you when you’re vacationing abroad. When you take part in extreme sports, there is no guarantee that you will not be injured.

Accidents and injuries may crop up anytime, which is why travel insurance is a must nowadays. To know more about this, let’s get started.

What is adventure sports travel insurance?

Adventure sports travel insurance is an add-on to your health policy that provides coverage for medical emergencies that may occur while participating in a hazardous sport. This includes the cost of treatment, medical evacuation, urgent care, and hospitalization required for injuries sustained during a dangerous sport.

Suppose a traveler is injured while engaged in an activity covered under their adventure sports policy. In that case, the policy typically pays for medical expenses, medical evacuation if necessary and possibly accidental death or dismemberment, depending on the specific coverage chosen.

It may also provide medical evacuation to a facility better equipped to treat a specific injury than the hospital that the insured individual is initially sent to. In the event of death, the repatriation of remains may also be covered. However, the plans and the coverage varies, hence it is recommended to go through the brochure before choosing one.

What falls under adventurous sports?

What is Adventure Sports Travel Insurance

It varies per the plan you opt for. Typically adventure sports are categorized per the risk involved. Archery, tennis, swimming, cross country, track, volleyball, and golf are typically one category.

While the other category includes ballet, basketball, cheerleading, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, football (no division 1), gymnastics, hockey, karate, lacrosse, polo, rowing, rugby, and soccer.

Other sports that are covered are bobsledding, bungee jumping, canoeing/kayaking, canopying, cave tubing, hang gliding, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, jet skiing, motor scooter, motorcycling, mountain biking, piloting any non-commercial aircraft, scuba diving, snow skiing, snowboarding, surfing, trekking, water skiing, whitewater rafting, windsurfing, zip-lining, and more.

Remember that professional and semi-professional sports are always excluded. Any athletic sport not expressly covered is excluded from the policy unless the activity is non-contact and engaged in by travelers solely for leisure, recreation, entertainment, or fitness purposes.

Why should you purchase adventure sports insurance?

Adventure sports travel insurance can help in different ways. Let’s have a look.

It helps you cover a medical emergency

If your adventure vacation includes cycling or hiking trip, you are still facing a higher risk of injuring yourself. This is where medical attention comes into the picture. Many people don’t realize that their domestic health insurance won’t be accepted in foreign countries. Instead, hospitals would charge you. That’s why it’s so important to have a travel insurance policy with an adventure sports rider to keep you financially protected.

It provides medical evacuation

Travel insurance can cover medical evacuation from a remote area. If you get injured when you are far from a major city, the cost of a medical evacuation in a foreign country can be overwhelming. If your adventure vacation takes you to a remote area, or if your injuries are severe, these costs can dramatically increase. Emergency transportation benefit is a vital aspect of travel insurance. They can arrange and pay for transportation to the nearest qualified hospital if local medical facilities cannot offer correct treatment for wounds or injuries.

It provides trip cancellation benefits

Travel insurance can cover your expenditure if you have to call off your vacation. Unless you opt for a trekking holiday close to home, an adventure tour isn’t cheap. Trip cancellation benefits offer protection for your vacation investment. If you have to cancel your trip unexpectedly for a covered reason, travel insurance can reimburse you for your non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs up to a specific limit as mentioned in your plan.

It protects your belongings

Travel insurance can protect your gear. Hiking boots, ski goggles, gloves, cycling jerseys, performance clothing– you may pack a lot of things for your adventure. What if your jersey gets damaged, stolen, or never shows up? This is where the loss of personal belonging benefits kicks in. Your insurance plan can reimburse you for the actual price, actual cash value, repair, or replacement- whichever is less, based on the limits. However, you will have to give original receipts of the lost or stolen items, or they will not be covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I buy a sports travel insurance policy?

To buy a sports travel insurance policy, you will have to contact the insurance company or broker and explain your requirements. Or you can also visit the website of insurance companies to have a look at the policies by yourself.

2. When should I buy a sports travel insurance policy?

Depending on the plan you opt for sports travel insurance policies can be bought up till one day before travel. However, it is not a good idea to wait till the last minute. Ideally, you should buy a sports travel insurance policy once you finalize your travel dates. If you would like to opt for Trip cancellation, it is a good practice to buy the policy as soon as the initial deposit has been made.

3. What are the best Sports travel insurance policies available in the market?

The best sports travel insurance policies are the one that has the maximum coverage of sports activities and minimum deductibles. Here are the names of a few of the best sports travel insurance policies:

    (with coverage from 5 days to 2 years)
  • Diplomat America (with coverage from 5 days to 364 days) (with coverage from 5 days to 364 days)
  • Diplomat Long Term (with coverage from 5 days to 2 years)
  • iTravelInsured Travel Sports


Choosing the right adventure sports travel insurance plan isn’t after all an overwhelming task. The key is to look for the right company and be clear about your requirements. Also, there’s no coverage for the individuals competing and winning a money prize. Check out adventure sports travel insurance plans from the Visitor Guard® – one of the best companies providing visitor insurances in the US.




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