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Fly to Romania for 3£

Ryanair has released their early bird tickets and if you would fancy a holiday in this most affordable capital city next year, book now, as this price will not last!

The next £3 flights from London Stansted to Bucharest, Romania, are for January 2018. The return ticket prices start from £25. Flying to Romania and spending the weekend there may end up being cheaper than a night out in London!

Bucharest was recently named as the cheapest capital city holiday destination in Europe. Read all about it here but book first and thank me later! Buy your flight first to avoid disappointment – next time you check the flight, the price may have crept up to, say £5! We all want to avoid that, don’t we?

Bucharest is situated in southern Romania and is the capital city and the commercial and cultural hub of the country. The incredible, communist-era Palatul Parlamentului government building has 1,100 rooms. For nightlife, head to the historic Lipscani district. I will also write blog posts about this old and magnicifient city in late May, when I travel to Transylvania via Bucharest.

If you are going to do some shopping, and I bet you will when you see the prices, I recommend using a company called SendMyBag to avoid the suitcase hassle at the airport. Ryanair can charge you up to £50 for a single 20kg suitcase, but SendMyBag will deliver your suitcase door-to-door for £48. This way, you don’t have to drag your luggage around on your holiday, choke at the check-in counter when you have exceeded your weight allowance and get quoted an astronomical extra charge. No more dragging the suitcase off the belt, opening it up, stuffing all of the heavy items in your carry-on bag and wearing three woolly jumpers, one on top of another. You can also forget re-packing the suitcase again at the airport, so that everyone can see your underwear flying around in the process. The courier will collect your luggage from the address you give them and deliver it back to your home. I have used this service multiple times and each time the service is first class. If you choose to book a SendMyBag courier, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

How you can get your stuff delivered easily

All you need to do is to click here and type in your current location and the destination. Then just follow the easy peasy steps. The booking process should take under 10 minutes.

Here are some amazing pictures of Bucharest.

Bucharest: Lipscani Street

Bucharest: Caru Cu Bere

Caru’ cu Bere, one of the oldest beer houses in Bucharest. Established 1879. We can drink to that!

Bucharest: Palatul Parlamentului

Palatul Parlamentului with its 1,100 rooms

Bucharest by night. Photo: Andrei-Daniel Nicolae

Photo: RitaE

Bucharest: CasaDeDepuneri

Photo credits:

Andrei-Daniel Nicolae

George M. Groutas


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